Best Eco Friendly Toys for 7 Year Old

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1. ScriMemo Colorful Electronic Educational Learning

ScriMemo Colorful Electronic Educational Learning

Each toddler's wooden puzzle is individually wrapped and packed in a beautifully designed gift box, it also comes with a bag for easy storage after the child has finished playing. It is the first choice of gift toys for toddlers. Unique design and easy to use. The lcd writing tablets allow your kids to draw, paint, and write on it, just like a natural pen on paper, with one button to'magically' erase to start a new face. The drawing tablets are very light and portable, which makes them easy to place in school bags, handbags, and travel bags. It is suitable for multiple occasions. Eco-friendly and eyes protection. The built-in battery of the writing and drawing tablets can be replaced without charging or plugging in. The writing pad can provide about 100,000 writings, avoid waste of paper and pencils, and this toddler doodle board without radiation, no glare, safe and comfortable even use for a long time, offers enough space for graffiti and free child's imagination, provide better preschool learning experience! Christmas present for kids from 3,4,5,6,8,10,7,9 years, great for children learning drawing. A good help for students to use math scientific formula. A good habit for drawing and writing can be developed with a toy. The handwriting pad can be used for family memos or to-do lists. Excellent education toy for kids. ScriMemo can be used as a drawing board, drawing board, magnetic drawing board, graphic board, magic children's board, light drawing board, and so on. It is a perfect gift for a birthday, a back to school gift, or any other occasion. After sales service is free. The ScriMemo team provides a 1-year warranty and 24 hour customer service. If you are dissatisfied with them or the writing tablets, you can contact them and they will give you a new one. They believe they can bring you the most satisfying buying experience.

Brand: Scrimemo

👤My students like writing on the tablets. They come with extra batteries and a wire to attach the stylus to the tablets, which is handy. The kids are having a hard time putting the stylus in the holding space on the tablets. I assume that the battery is the one that was needed when the tablet arrived- it won't erase by clicking the erase button, so it's the battery. I haven't been able to replace the battery because the screw is so small. They are a new tool that the kids like.

👤I am disappointed. This is not good quality. I would expect to see this at the dollar store. Spend your money somewhere else.

👤I got this for my kindergarten student. It's easier to get him to do the writing because he loves writing in colors. It has a lock on it that will prevent it from being erased or drawn over. It is very easy to carry and use.

👤The product is great. An extra battery is included. Push the button to turn it on and then push it again to erase. Don't step on it. Don't put weight on the screen, it's very durable. Good buy for 20.

👤I bought this for a child. It does not come with an extra battery, it is not bright at all. I bought a new battery because there was no time to replace the dead one before Christmas. He will get a small Christmas gift from it.

👤Light weight and easy to use. My child loves it. She was able to figure it out quickly. Is man durable? She stepped on the hood of the car and nothing happened. She takes it everywhere.

👤If it worked, it would be a nice product. Try to change the battery with the spare one and if you can find a tool that can open the battery, you can replace it.

👤My granddaughter loves coloring and we don't need to pack crayons or a coloring book when we are in the car with her.

2. Taco Burrito Popular Surprisingly Strategic

Taco Burrito Popular Surprisingly Strategic

Their containers are made with eco-friendly material and do not contain borax powder. Kids and adults are safe with quality-tested non-toxic formulas. It is certified by the ASTM. It is recommended for children 5 and up. Don't eat. TvB soared on the project, reaching the initial goal by 2,400%. A sensation at the game showcase. Basic game play is easy to master but the action cards can change the game. Up to the very last card! Alex dreamed up TvB at age 7, but this crazy, fun strategic food fight is a smash with kids and adults alike. It's ideal for ages 7-77. It is easy to learn and quick to play. The game runs for 10 minutes. It's optimal for a few players. A brilliant gift idea would make the perfect birthday gift for boys, girls, parents, adults, friends, or family as well as any board game or card game lover. It's great for birthdays, Mothers Day, and fathers day.

Brand: Taco Vs Burrito

👤I bought this game for my daughter who loves games. I was expecting a lot of gross foods, but I was surprised at some of the things. Those aren't foods people usually find in their fridges. We don't practice cannibalism. She was upset when I said we should take out those cards. I wonder if those cards are appropriate for kids. The rest of the game is funny, but I wish I had looked through the cards before I gave it to her.

👤This game is so funny and devious that it will bring out people's competitive nature. The round was closer to 45 because we kept reshuffling the trash pile. There is a It's very easy to play because the instructions are written on the cards themselves. We had a few scenarios where we had to change as the game went on, such as with the "Food Fight" action card. The deck has so many action cards that it was hard to draw ingredient cards for the Food Fight, so we decided that action cards are just null. Simple adjustment. There is a The game is easy to play and the gross ingredients appeal to a kid's sense of humor, making it perfect for family night. We had a blast and are all in their 30s. One friend started cursing after getting the third health inspector. Our other friend called me a "heifer" when I hit her with Tummy Ache. This was a faith-based group for graduate students. It's funny. I bought the expansion pack. We're looking forward to playing at the next monthly potluck. I might try to balance the deck with a few action cards, but that's my only negative from the whole game.

👤6 kids ranging from 20s to 9 could not comprehend it. We donated it after giving up. I can't believe it said a kid created this, we got it for taco Tuesday nights. There were cards that said puke-barf-boogers.

👤My husband and I play this game together. It is very easy to play. It is fun for a few rounds or a game night. There is a You collect disgusting foods for your taco and try to get the most points by the end of the game. Good for people with a sense of humor.

👤Absolutely love the burrito. I bought it as a gift. I bought this game to add to our collection because most of the games we play with friends are not for children. I did not have high expectations for this to be a game for adults. I was wrong. It is a hit with our group of friends. It becomes a major strategy game with adults. I bought it as a Christmas gift. It was well received.

👤The game is going well. It was fun to play the first time, but after a while it became boring. Not a lot of strategy to it. I thought it would be like exploding kittens. It was not as good.

👤I bought this game to play with my kids. We were looking through the cards and commenting on the silly food options they could put in their burrito. I didn't know what to say when my grandson asked what a human burger was. Is this option for cannibals who eat human flesh? I didn't want to explain the blood salsa. I said that we would play it later in the day. I think that the game oversteps what is silly and what is truly unacceptable in an effort to make the food options funnier. I wasted my money on it.

3. BUNMO Pop Tubes Sensory Toy

BUNMO Pop Tubes Sensory Toy

The set contains a bucket with a weight of 5.9" W x 5.5" H and a weight of 33.8 ounces. A small shovel, dolphin, starfish, sea turtle, and cotton mesh tote bag have capacities. Poppin' Pipes are fun and functional sensory toys that pop, stretch, and connect making them the go-to toy for playtime. The ideal stocking stuffers are for teens. Pop tubes are fun for little fingers but also exciting for children with special needs. Special needs toys like these sensory tubes provide stimulation. Are you tired of finding a pop tube under the couch? The BunMo Poppin' Pipes sensory toy kit comes with a bright fun storage box to make it easy to clean up. The perfect addition to your collection of toys. These sensory toys are physical therapy toys. The pop tube kits come in a variety of colors.

Brand: Bunmo

👤I look for toys that teach and are durable enough to last through the repetitive play experiences that my clients will encounter throughout daily and extensive use. The tubes passed the test. Over the course of a month, it has had therapeutic play sessions with 20 very active toddlers. There is a The tubes seem to be a better quality than the ones I usually get. Unless a child bites it, it will last a long time. The child can overextend the tube several times, which can be corrected by an adult. This item is very good. There is a I use it as a teaching tool because I work with children who have a difficult time coordinating their movements to deal with their clothing properly. The tubes have helped me teach children how to dress and undress themselves. There is a I connect the ends of the tubes to make a circle and then lay it on the floor. During this activity, the tubes will expand as needed. If you are working with large children, you can always connect another tube so there are more than one tube. The child should step into the circle, bend over, grip the tube, and pull it up to their waist. The child was allowed to fiddle with it until they could get the tube over their head. They may need some encouragement to get one arm out. I can either place the tube over their head or give it to them so they can put it on their own head. They learn to place one hand through the circle and the other through the other. You need to make them do this one at a time, while using their free hand to hold the tube. They will work the tube down to their waist and then down to the floor. They have learned how to put on a shirt and push their pants down. There is a This is a wonderful sensory toy with the sounds it makes and the feel of it. The child can turn it. With adult supervision, you can show them how small objects can pass through the tube. This toy can be used in many different ways. Your imagination can create a lot of things.

👤laceration to the face was caused by sharp edges. There is a The edges at the end of the tubes are so sharp that when my baby fell down on it, it left him with a gash in his face. The product is cheap.

👤My 2 year old is already enjoying them. He said they have a funny sound and he is practicing fine motor skills. One of them has a jagged edge that scratches when you touch it. I am probably going to file it smooth since my son is enjoying them, but I am disappointed with the quality.

👤I bought these for my one year old's birthday and they were a hit with him and his four year old brother. They have been used in a variety of ways. They wore them as accessories. They used them in the bath. They pop them as they watch a cartoon. They've been elephant trunks, helicopter blades, and swords. They brought them outside because they love them. If you spin them around, they make a cool sound. There is a If stepped on, they can be smashed. You can fix them by squeezing them short and reaching for a finger inside. I don't fault the toy for that. It can be difficult to get them dry if they are in water. Stand them up to dry and stretch them out so they don't get wet. Give them a spin to dry them out. I highly recommend them. The price is great for a toy that can be used many different ways.

4. Learning Educational Montessori Toddlers Halloween

Learning Educational Montessori Toddlers Halloween

Easter egg stuffers are ideal for Easter gifts, birthday gifts, trick or treat, and more. Miniature novelty toys are the best for carnivals, stocking stuffers, teaching aids, and home prize boxes. The large-size 3D wooden puzzle design is a safe toy for children. The large size is more suitable for Montessori toddler toys. Jigsaw puzzles are made of high-quality, environmental wood with non-toxic water-based paint and have no irritating smell. The wooden puzzle is easy to play with and will be of use to young children. Toddler puzzles building toys-cute animals: crab, tortoise, starfish. Toddler can develop patience, imagination, concentration, colors, shapes, and hand-eye coordination. PARENT-CHILD TIMEReject all screen electronic equipment, toddlers are most in need of the company of their families, strongly recommend this wooden puzzles for toddlers, learning and games for happy growth. Colorful and cute animal wooden puzzles, exquisite gift boxes, and easy-to-store storage bags are included. It is the best easter christmas gifts for kids.

Brand: Bigshu

👤My child loved it. She was trying to figure out the puzzle when we sang the song "head, shoulders, knees and toes". Bring one puzzle at a time. Too many will overwhelm them.

👤My son told me that I am not allowed to buy my granddaughter puzzles from now on. My granddaughter likes to throw the pieces instead of putting them in their correct places. She might be too young for puzzles. I gave them to her when she was 14 months old.

👤It was for my toddler. It did not come with a bag to put them in.

👤I thought the puzzles would be bigger but they work for small hands.

👤It was listed at the top as suitable for 2, and 3 year olds. I bought these for my granddaughter's 1st birthday, but the box says not for kids under 3. The pictures make them seem larger than they are. I wouldn't buy these for a baby.

👤I bought these for my niece as a birthday gift. The quality is better than I expected and they are an excellent baby gift. Will buy again.

👤It is part of my granddaughter's Christmas presents and she will love it.

👤Pieces were missing from the puzzles that were not individually wrapped. What a lie.

5. Preschool Activities Christmas Birthday Toddlers

Preschool Activities Christmas Birthday Toddlers

The best gift option. The toy is fun to play with. It is perfect for all occasions. It can be played with more than one child. The toys set contains 4 bases, 22 stem and leaf pieces, 8 flower cores, 16 brightly colored flower pieces and a watering can. Are you still unsure of how to choose a perfect birthday gift for your girls? A 3-6 year old girl toy is a perfect choice for a surprise. Girl toys age 4-5 set are the most suitable preschool activity which can help exercising your kids' recognition of colors and shapes, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and creativity. Environmental printing and odorless materials are used in this girl toys set, which are especially safe for 3 4 5 6 year old girls. If you have any problems, please contact them. You can add your little girl to the cart by clicking the button on this page.

Brand: Gojmzo

👤This item is half the size shown in the photo ad.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter and Lego garbage truck for her twin brother so they wouldn't have to drive it. He had his eye on the flower set while assembling his truck, and she liked putting together the flowers very much. He disassembled and re-built the flowers after she left.

👤My granddaughter has been playing with this toy for hours. The pieces are easy to assemble. Love the bright colors. If your child has a tendency to put things in their mouth, I would suggest that you use this toy under adult supervision.

👤I absolutely loved it. The quality is excellent. Highly recommended.

👤The type of product is fine, with the exception of the amount of pieces. Most of the pieces are green stems which are the worse pieces to have as they keep advertising in their pictures. The item should be priced around $8 to make it worth the purchase, you can find better lots with more pieces.

👤I haven't opened or used the item yet because it's a gift for my niece who is turning three. The box was completely demolished when it arrived. Hopefully the pieces are undamaged. The box was not nice.

👤My granddaughter loves flowers. She enjoys being challenged and has a great imagination. She had a gift dumped out on the floor and started making flowers with her mother. They can do this together. She can play on her own. It was smaller than I had in mind, but it was the perfect size. A good size for little hands to handle, no tiny parts for younger siblings to find, and quite unique.

👤It looks a lot nicer on Amazon.

6. Adventure Preschool Educational Parent Child Interactive

Adventure Preschool Educational Parent Child Interactive

Excellent quality and gift. The baby toys for 1 2 3 year old are made of premium plastic with soft edges and are 100% safe. A wonderful newborn, birthday, and Christmas gift! You will not believe how much this cat can do. A great gift and a big surprise! What are you waiting for? Pick me up and dance with me. There are many ways to play the car's track. There are 6 buttons to control and pass 8 different challenges, there is a main body, a track, a signal lamp, and a crane. The package includes 6 vehicles for kids to play in. The educational toy is a 2-in-1 single-track game where children can interact and share fun with their parents. Children need to do it themselves, guide toy cars through the obstacle and pass each challenge, without a battery. Stimulates kids' imagination and develops logical thinking. It is safe for your children to enjoy playing and learning, and it is made of high quality plastic material. Enjoy hours of fun and experience the thrill of victory. It's a perfect gift for kids to share the fun of playing with their friends and improve their teamwork. Birthday gifts for 2 3 4 5 6 year old boys and girls are car adventure toys.

Brand: Hony

👤I got this for my grandson. He loves it! When you watch the video, keep in mind that it is for ages 3 and up.

👤I like the game. The cars are a little light so sometimes they don't do what they are suppose to do, but I love this product and recommend it.

👤My granddaughter is a fan. She was born with Down Syndrome and had to put the complete action buttons to work. She went every morning for weeks. Still pulls it out. I am happy with the purchase.

👤My daughter is 2 years old and I got this for her. I think it was a little advanced for a young child. It took my help to make it work for her. She doesn't want my help because she is independent. Go figure! My children and their children love playing with it. It's like a toy that keeps their attention. Unless you have a larger container to store it in, I knocked a star off. To fit it in it's original box, you have to disassemble little pieces and keep track of them. It's not the highest quality plastic and one of the pieces broke after it dropped and hit one of the other pieces. I can't attach the piece that knocks the car off the magnet. Wonder if they could send a replacement piece? It's a fun toy.

👤This was a gift for 2 1/2 years. A West Coast granddaughter. She loves playing with the little cars. It was easy to assemble on Christmas Eve and we loved that part of it. Would definitely recommend.

👤I bought this for my grandchild. My grandson loves playing with her. The toy teaches kids how to turn the knobs on the cars. I love it!

👤We bought the product for our son. He enjoyed playing with it. The tiny cars are moved along the track with levers. It's a great gift for anyone.

👤The toy is a huge hit at our house. My kid's friends want to play with it. This was the favorite toy for the birthday boy and his friends and we gifted it to him. His mom told me that he loved it so much that he slept with it. I love that it is a learning toy.

7. Building Together Engineering Learning Off Road

Building Together Engineering Learning Off Road

A magnetic wooden fishing game is a great gift for a toddler. It is a wonderful gift for toddlers. Their 2-in-1 remote-controlled cars come with a simple design that makes them easier to move, drive, turn, and spin on smooth, flat surfaces indoors or out. It is made of high quality, safe and harmless plastic. The 2-in-1 vehicle creation set is perfect for building and construction and includes easy-to-use pieces. You can use the remote control to drive them. Building games block toys for kids are great for promoting creativity, enhancing critical thinking and development skills, and having fun at the same time. The bright green and black design makes the toys more engaging for children of all ages. Their building toys are a great way to bond with your kids. Birthday, Children's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, and summer camp activities are great gifts. Back to school after Black Friday. The toy sets have been approved by a third party laboratory and are in compliance with US toy safety standards. Feel free to contact them with any problem or concern. Within 24 hours, they will get you covered.

Brand: Gamzoo

👤I helped my son build this product because he couldn't understand how to put it together. Spending time with your kids and building a car together is a good way to spend time. It is just a bit more advanced than Legos because of the smaller pieces.

👤This Lego car has been in use for 6 years. I bought it for my grandson, who is 9 years old, and it comes with over 300 Lego pieces. He was bored after 30 minutes. It is not an easy Lego to put together because he and my husband worked on it together. I bought it because I thought there were only a few pieces to put together and he could use the remote control. Not so. The merchandising needs to be changed to reflect what it is. Absolutely not happy with this purchase.

👤The LEGO brand RC cars are out of our price range and my grandson loves LEGOs but they are expensive. We enjoyed helping build it with our grandson, he needed help to build it. It was a great value and we were pleasantly surprised by its quality. The instructions are clear, the packages are clearly labeled, and the pieces fit well together, and it was fun to watch it work with the remote after it was all finished. A lot of fun and a great project.

👤My 6 year old picked out a Lego build car. It is a 2 in 1 He loves theLamborghini style car. The appeal of these builds is that they are challenging but that is what makes them appealing. I had to help him get the cylinders onto the bendy type pole because he was very good at it. The best part is that you can drive it after. He starts to do his own modifications to his wand after a few days after he plays with these.

👤Great purchase! I love this car. I bought it for my son for his birthday. We did it together in one day and the next he asked to build the second model. I definitely recommend it. I will buy this for his friends' birthdays again.

👤Don't buy for a beginner. The set was not easy. I got it for my brother's birthday. I had to make it myself. It took 2 hours and 45 minutes. It's all for it to be steered/driven into a wall and for the back bumper to come apart, not to mention the extra pieces. For an experienced builder, I don't acknowledge the car wreck sitting on my lil Borthers dresser anymore.

👤I bought this for my son for Christmas, but it can't be put together because of the missing pieces. It is past returns because it was a Christmas gift.

👤I bought this for my son. He finally put it together tonight. The motor didn't work, but it is cute. I am asking for a refund because I realized it wouldn't work when I put it all together. Worst gift ever.

8. MAGIFIRE Learning Educational Friendly Montessori

MAGIFIRE Learning Educational Friendly Montessori

For children ages 18 months and older. SAFE WOODEN PUZZLE-BPA Free is made of high-quality environmental wood with non-toxic water-based paint. The pieces are easy to grasp and keep your kids safe. Learning through playing can help toddlers to improve their concentration and solve puzzles. It can help develop toddler's hand-eye coordination. Bright vibrant colors and cute animal shapes are designed for enriching children's capacities of learning colors. Help your baby learn about these animals. The kids puzzle is 5.7 x 5.7 x 0.2 in and has bright colors and attractive pieces that her little hands can manipulate. The part is too large for children to swallow. The wooden toddler puzzles are about 1.87 pounds and have a portable bag. The puzzles can be played at home by toddlers. It is a good birthday gift for kids.

Brand: Magifire

👤It is hard for a child to put them back together after you remove the pieces. I have lost count of the emails this company has sent me asking me to take down my review and change it to a five star review. It has been going on for almost a year now, and they have offered me anywhere between $15 and $50 to do it.

👤I bought a set of puzzles for my granddaughter. She loves them. We work in a quiet place for 15 minutes a day. She can't do it on her own because she is so young and her attention span is short. Her recall is great once she figures it out. She puts them in her mouth because she is teething. The puzzles should be washed before use. The pieces are hand made and sturdy. The purchase was wrapped nicely.

👤You can get several for a good price with these cute puzzles. If you have a teething child that likes to chew on things, be careful. I cleaned the puzzles before I played with him because he chews them all the time, but he put a piece in his mouth after a while. He scratched off a small part of the paint. We have to pack them up and wait for him to stop chewing on toys.

👤It looks very colorful and fun. The sharp edge cut my skin when I opened one puzzle. This is not supposed to happen for a children's product. One design has text on it while another has scenery around the board while the other does not. Safety is still my number one concern and those are not the deal breaker. I was able to return this back to the seller thanks to Amazon's amazing return policy.

👤A toy that keeps my 2 year old entertained for 15 to 20 minutes. She makes other shapes with the pieces. She's thrown the puzzle pieces around and the paint is holding up. The pieces are not small enough to be a hazard. The puzzles come in a cute little bag that can be washed. I washed it and let it dry. The puzzles smell beechwood right out of the box, but after a few days they go away. I washed and dried each piece so the water wouldn't damage the paint or wood. The puzzle is well made and sealed. Maybe this is one of the better quality ones out there. I'm glad I found this one, I've read many similar looking puzzles and I'm glad I found this one. Absolutely worth it! There is an update. I've read a lot of false advertising reviews and I'd like to say that I didn't get paid to give a 5-star review. My review went from 10 helpful votes to 50. If you ask me, that's a bit vague. The puzzles are holding up well after several months of use, but my child doesn't throw pieces around. This would make a great gift.

👤The parts of the puzzle are smaller than I anticipated. The sizes of the actual pieces are not in the description, but they are suitable for 6 months. I bought them for my daughter's first birthday, but I don't feel comfortable giving it to her. It says that small parts not for children under 3 years are not allowed. Look at photos.

9. Skillmatics Educational Game Questions Knowledge

Skillmatics Educational Game Questions Knowledge

The Panda Brothers Montessori Screw Driver Board is the perfect gift for kids and toddlers because it turns the boring learning process into a creative and fun one. The beautifully wrapped and ready for gift board will make your little one smart and happy, but also give him or her a sense of satisfaction for completing real-life tasks. There is a game of questions where you can guess the animal on the game card. Is it an animal? Is it a domestic animal? Does it live in groups? Think hard, ask intelligent questions, use your clue cards wisely, and be the first player to win 7 game cards! Simple gameplay involves dividing yourselves up in teams, asking up to 10 questions, and trying to guess your opponent's Game Card. It's simple! Clue Cards and Bonus Questions can be used to plan your way to winning 7 cards. First to 7 cards wins it all. One game set includes 50 Game Cards, 6 Clue Cards and a handy box to store it all. The box is portable and travel friendly. Your child can become a champion by playing at family gatherings, plane trips and more. Excellent Easter Basket Stuffer! This is a great gift for any occasion that requires kids to learn. It's fun for the whole family. This is the most exciting game you can find for Family Game Night and can be enjoyed by all ages. Key skills such as Communication, Decision Making, Problem Solving and Creative Thinking are built in 10's age-appropriate content.

Brand: Skillmatics

👤There are many wrong facts in this game. I was horrified by the misinformation in this game. A quick example is mammal. Two legs live in artic... The answer is penguin. The penguins are not in the artic. Large mammal, omnivore, lives on Africa in the water. Hippopotamus are not omnivores only herbivores. The first 4 questions had errors in them. A child learning wrong facts is a terrible thing.

👤I was hesitant about buying this for my son because of a review that took issue with a card that stated that penguins were from the north. I found it odd that penguins' main issue was the term "artic" since they are birds and not mammals. Isn't the previous error worse? Couldn't find any pics of that card. When I bought this set, I went to look for the faulty card and the Hippo card. The cards have no errors mentioned in the review. Maybe they did once, or maybe they never did. The game is very fun and you can now be certain that all cards are correct.

👤We thought this would be too easy for our 7 year old. I realized how much she had to learn about asking good questions when we started playing with her. Even though she is pretty up on animal knowledge, she still enjoys the challenge of figuring it out with the clues. We have to study geography a bit more before I buy the city one. We use these at dinner for fun when we are tired of talking to each other.

👤Kids in my after school program love this game. The decision-making that goes on when they decide to guess or spend a clue card is something I love.

👤My 10 year old son loves reading the National Geographic and learning about animals, so I thought I would get this game to play at home during the Pandemic. It became a huge hit with him after the first card. The game is fun for adults and easy to learn. It was a blast to play it with his parents. Highly recommended. The game is done when you know all the clues. I will give it to others after we're done.

👤What a great game! The entire family enjoys playing. Every time we play, we learn something.

👤This game is very cute. It would be too hard for a young person that can't read to play it. The animal lover in the house is so good at this game. This would be great for gameschooling. Learning facts about animals is fun. What better way to do science?

👤I bought this for my grandson. He had to remind himself to ask questions before he blurted out guesses and lost his turn. One of the great learning skills about the game is learning to consider facts and get to the exact animal. It is interesting for adults. We put aside a number of "clue cards" which were unimportant for the two players. We played several rounds to let the 7 year old adjust to the rules. Lots of fun watching the wheels turn. The game is perfect for families. I need to keep another home for visiting children.

10. SGVV90 Toys Clamp Game Wooden Montessori Preschool

SGVV90 Toys Clamp Game Wooden Montessori Preschool

It's a perfect gift for kids to share the fun of playing with their friends and improve their teamwork. Birthday gifts for 2 3 4 5 6 year old boys and girls are car adventure toys. Early shape color and size differences skills are taught in preschool educational toys to help kids learn. Quality Assurance is non-toxic, completely safe and eco-friendly wood that can help for your child to study while playing or enjoy the game time with your kids. The building blocks are easy to carry and perfect for toddlers' hands. The best gift for boys and girls is a toy. The package contains 9 pieces, which can increase the creativity of 2 3 4 year old boys and girls. Size: 4 cm. The best gifts for kids. The wooden toys are the perfect gift for the 2-4 year olds. Being fun and educational are also included.

Brand: Sgvv90

👤A 3.5 year old received this toy as a Christmas present. She understood that you match the bees to the correct color. She played with it one time, but put the toy away once the bees were in place. We expanded on her play by having the bees collect pollen and make honey after pulling out toy flowers. We pretended the bees were going to sting. The toy is a great idea, but more fun when other toys are used. I am going to use it to strengthen her fine motor skills when she is not playing with other Christmas toys.

👤The 2 year old granddaughter enjoys playing with the game. We had fun watching her use the bees in other activities and it was very well made.

👤It is easier for younger children than the game Operation. My grandson is almost 3 years old. He has fun with it. He likes it because they find different ways to play it.

👤The bees we purchased were the second set. My 2 years old plays with bees so often that we had to get another one. She is using the tweezers to practice fine motor skills. We hide the bees in dried beans and make a game of finding them and labeling the colors. There are great open activities.

👤Our grand children will receive 2 bee games for Christmas. The kids were excited to play with the bees. They will be able to learn to play with colors.

👤We love it! I got it for my toddler for Christmas. They are easy to loose and the wings come off easily. My children are destructive but this is fun to teach her motor skills and colors.

👤My grandson is almost 3 years old. It is challenging enough to not frustrate him.

👤The names of colors can be learned with the Beehive for toddlers. Our 2 year old is happy to return bees to their matching colors. At first, she looked to us for approval, but soon became more confident with her choices and began to say the names of the primary colors. Thank you so much for the game!

👤One of my purchases was in Amazon.

11. LEGO Research Building Astronaut Minifigures

LEGO Research Building Astronaut Minifigures

Key skills such as Communication, Decision Making, Problem Solving and Creative Thinking are built in 10's age-appropriate content. There are lots of imaginative action possibilities in the space shuttle toy model and a Mars rover with articulated grappling arm. There are two LEGO City Mars astronauts minifigures, plus a storage drone. Research shuttle measures over 9” long, and Mars rover measures over 2” long. There are 273 pieces of the Astronaut construction toy for boys and girls of all ages. The LEGO City Mars Research Shuttle is a great gift for kids and can be built with all other original LEGO toys and LEGO bricks for more creative play.

Brand: Lego

👤My son wanted a Lego spaceship. I thought it would make him happy. I was concerned that he wouldn't do well with following instructions and putting it together. I was wrong. He was able to put it together. He did most of the work. I kept him on track and checked his work as he went. He was excited all the time. It was enjoyable for both of us. He likes to show it off to his friends.

👤My child likes it. Good quality. There is a lot of detail in this set. I think it's a good idea.

👤The grandson loved the kit. It was assembled in just over two hours. He liked the fact that it came with a satellite. It helps keep him interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, as we're finally getting back into space on our own. Go for it!

👤My brother helped to build the Mars Rover, years ago he requested the LEGO set of the rover or its shuttle, but it was sold out and sold on eBay for hundreds. I think I will find it one day. This year, I found a new release and it was amazing. I was excited to give my brother this because it has both the shuttle and rover. Win!

👤My grandson will be able to use his imagination to make a fun Lego set. I will add this set for his birthday. Legos are great. Learning about space is beneficial for young minds.

👤My 6 year old Grandson received a kit as a Christmas gift and enjoys playing with it. He wants a Lego kit next.

👤I bought this for my son. My son loved it and it was easy to assemble.

👤One of the two astronauts has a face that looks female. My daughter and I were surprised. The ball joints on the rover were hard to get clicked on and she was six years old. I took one star for it being a toy for five and up. There is a It would be great if they included a packet with more information about the shuttle and the different styles of space suits. We will be doing our own investigations. There is a It felt like a great value when we purchased it for just over thirty dollars.

👤Lego is a great toy. A gift for Grandson. There is a Not yet used.

👤Lego is a great gift for my grandson.

👤The Lego set was great for my wife. Looks great.

👤Meu filho adorou, também difcil. It's temtica. De explorao espacial. Lego, imita recuperes. No meu caso, o brinquedo também adultos, no pais dos filhos e resulta. Desenvolv a criatividade, um brinquedo. Entrega prime, comentrios. Nota 10.


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