Best Eco Friendly Toys for Babies

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1. Green Toys Submarine Yellow Blue

Green Toys Submarine Yellow Blue

The product was upgraded in 2021, using a protective cover, anti-rust screws, and a water outlet under the shark's mouth, according to customer feedback. The pool toy is made from plastic milk jugs. It's safe and contains no harmful substances. It is safe even when your toddler licks it. The toddler toy is easy to clean. The submarine toy is dishwasher safe and can be opened for easy cleaning. The toy can be cleaned with baby soap or a cleanser. The water toy will help your kids or toddlers explore the terrain at the bottom of their tub. They will enjoy it. Kids will be able to enjoy pouring and scooping with a wide mouth opening. The toy submarine features a spinning rear propeller with a flat bottom. It has a classic handle that will help your kid to maintain a strong grip and also help in improving their pincer grip. The packing has been done using earth friendly materials. It is packed using recycled materials and printed using soy ink. Made in the USA from recycled milk jugs. The US supply chain reduces greenhouse gas.

Brand: Green Toys

👤If this is left in the tub when I have a bath and no one is watching, I may play with it. There is a If you know what you're doing, you can get the water in the front to make the propeller spin. Just saying.

👤The first toy we bought was from this manufacturer. It seems to be well built. It seems like it's going to last, even though it cost a bit more than a normal cheap toy. The one that we just got has been changed. I'll try and take a picture, but unless you have very small fingers, they closed the holes and left only small openings for the water drainage. This design is what people are talking about with fingers getting stuck?

👤I've found that Green toys make some of the best toys for little kids these days and this toy submarine is no exception. They can hold up to a lot of play by kids. Our kids have been playing with the submarine in the bathtub and playrooms for about two years now and they are still in great shape. The plastic used in the manufacture of these submarines is of the highest quality and has no funny chemical smells upon arrival. The design is great because it has lots of rounded edges. I can easily recommend these toys. It was made in the USA. A small picture of this submarine next to a half liter water bottle is what I include in your view.

👤My 2yo daughter just got this for Christmas and so far it's been a hit with her, my almost 4yo son, and myself. My son likes the propeller in the back. It's a great tool for rinsing. The tug boat my son has is narrow and I have been using it. The wide opening of the submarine makes rinsing much easier. I would have liked to have had this to begin with. If you're debating between the tug boat and sub, I would highly recommend the sub. It floats on the water's surface like a tug boat, and the top yellow part opens so the kid can put other toys inside.

👤This is a great bath toy. I read lots of reviews trying to confirm whether this version is the one that will open to more easily drain water, so let me tell you: yes, this one will open! The handle piece snaps open. I should clarify that my one year old doesn't accidentally pull it open when playing, which is nice. Just the right amount of resistance. Green toys can be washed in the dishwasher if you accidentally let it sit with water or it gets icky. I love that it's made in the USA from foodsafe plastic.

👤The submarine is well designed and impact resistant. The tub has no sharp edges to scratch a child. There are no safety issues to worry about because this toy is made in the USA. It will float on the surface of the bath water, but it will head for the bottom if pushed down a bit. It acts like a real submarine. There is a Kids like to play with the little propeller, and are able to pour water over their soapy heads out of the bow. A good-sized bath toy is what this is. The size surprised me. When I ordered, I didn't pay much attention to the measurement. The one bath toy eliminates the need for multiple toys in the tub.

2. Bopoobo Teething Bracelet Teethers Satisfies

Bopoobo Teething Bracelet Teethers Satisfies

Do you want your child to develop their problem-solving abilities and cognitive skills at a young age? The Naturals Infinity 3 in 1 soft toys are perfect for kids. 100% beech,crochet beads. Lead Free, Cadmium Free, andBPA Free are some of the things that are free. The main body of the baby teether is made of imported beech wood, which is known as a noble, hard texture, uniform impact resistance, smooth texture and smooth edges. There are no lead, phthalate, or Cadmium Free. Give your baby a wooden teething rattle that is reliable, safe, and comfortable, and make sure they feel comfortable, because they will be bad for your baby's teeth. The smooth and slender teething toy set can be easily grasped. The cute animal shapes of baby wooden toys can attract babies' attention, and they can grasp the toys. The wooden rattle for babies is a wonderful wooden gift and a classic educational learning tool. The baby wooden rattle is meant to attract attention in the direction of the sound. Enough to get the baby's attention. Bopoobo is a reliable manufacturer of baby teething products. Their products have a 90-day return or exchange guarantee. They are always here to make sure you are completely satisfied, so please feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Bopoobo

👤We love wood toys and the Montessori method. Our 4 month old son loves them and they were exactly what we were looking for. He loves the bear shaped rattle and the white bell. He tried to get it into his mouth. The handle on the rattle had a jagged edge, but luckily the wood has flaws, and the toys come with some sandpaper. One thing to note is that the beads are wrapped with a crocheted yarn and a string came loose. There are two things to be aware of when purchasing this set. My son loves the set, so I still recommend it.

👤It broke after a couple months of light use, but it was great at first. Didn't drop it, he picked it up and the handle split off. I thought a wooden toy would last longer. This was his first rattle and it was sad.

👤I don't usually review but I did have to. The little set was cracked all the way through. I took it because I realized it was not the same as my little one. If I get anywhere, please don't spend your money with them, I have sent you emails so we will see what happens next.

👤I can only rate this in the middle of the areas since I don't have any real answers. The rattle and teether look great and remind me of German baby toy purchases for my little brother when I lived there in the 70's. My thought is that this is a great alternative for my grand baby as he is getting plastic all the time.

👤Our baby likes the different shapes and sound of the wooden toys. It is one of her go-tos since she is teething now. The quality is good. I recommend it.

👤Beautiful, organic, and darling. These are cute and durable. Highly recommended.

👤My baby is enamored with the Estelle. He is into it. It helps his teething.

👤The rattles don't make sounds. My baby's mouth was too big for this.

3. BBBiteMe Eco Friendly Non Toxic Dishwasher Refrigerator

BBBiteMe Eco Friendly Non Toxic Dishwasher Refrigerator

If your baby is at the "grab and put everything into mouth" teething period, their baby teethers are the right teething toys. Baby teething toys 0 to 6 months and also baby teething toys 6 to 12 months can help soothe and relieve pain, and help new teeth to grow. Safe teething. The dinosaur teethers for toddlers and infants are made of food grade silicone and Eco-friendly and have passed the certification of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The teething toy will help the baby grow healthy. The soft teething toys for babies are light-weighted and suitable-size for small hands to grasp easily. Dinosaur shape with a hole design makes it possible for babies to have many different chewing points and teething textures to choose from. The dinosaur baby teether is dishwasher safe and freezer friendly. Before and after use, the baby shower gift toys need to be washed with mild soap and warm water or boiled for disinfection, rinse and wipe with a clean soft towel. The teething toys are easy to clean. It's a great gift for your most loved ones, as it's safe and stylish, and can be a dinosaur shower toy for babies who are used to biting their fingers. Silicone baby teethers are ideal gifts for Christmas, Thanksgiving and many other occasions for families with a baby. It's a great gift for your most loved ones, as it's safe and stylish, and can be a dinosaur shower toy for babies who are used to biting their fingers. Silicone baby teethers are ideal gifts for Christmas, Thanksgiving and many other occasions for families with a baby.

Brand: Bbbiteme

👤We are very happy with this purchase. The dinosaur is cute and very good quality. I recommend this for new mothers and their children.

👤Cute teether! Our daughter is almost three months old and already drooling. When she starts holding objects, I decided to get her a teether. I didn't know how expensive teethers could be. Our older son loves dinosaurs and this one was on the lower end of the price range. I thought he'd get a kick out of his baby sister having a pink dinosaur. Overall, a good purchase. It's a good quality and affordable.

👤I don't want to leave on the cord. I don't like string around little ones and it has a clasp that can be easily opened. It works if I hook it into a plastic linking ring, which is a tight fit in the hole by the eye. They could make the hole bigger and offer the ring instead. It is a cute character and a nice color. A great teething toy!

👤First of all, how cute! The teether is great. Its soft but still strong. The back of the dinosaur has raised star shapes that are great for massaging sore gums. It comes with a plastic case that can be used to keep it clean when not in use. It came with a string attachment to wear as a necklace. I'm not going to use it. I don't want my son chewing on the teether. I don't use it.

👤The picture my daughter in law sent to me was for my grandson who is getting his first teeth. She said that the string around his neck breaks away. I would remove it completely.

👤This is so cute and I loved it when it arrived. It's easy to clean and durable for my baby.

👤I bought this as a baby gift. So cute! I was looking for food grade silicone. The picture shows the front is smooth. The back has prints of dinosaurs that I hope will make teething babies feel better. It comes in a nice storage container with an eco friendly label. I wanted to take the teether out, but the click close made that impossible. HAHA.

👤This item was very cute when it arrived. It comes with a black cord that I can wear when I hold my baby, so they can chew on it whenever they please. I like that it has different colors on it, which makes it fun to chew on while teething. It's a good thing. The green is just like the picture.

4. Toddlers Biodegradable Natural Bamboo Plastic

Toddlers Biodegradable Natural Bamboo Plastic

What will you get? 6 kinds of wooden musical instruments with a portable storage bag are included. If there is a problem with the toys set, please contact them via Amazon and they will do their best to help you. High quality. The bamboo fiber is heavy duty and will stand up to the elements. It is biodegraded. The choice for your family is truly green. Their toys will break down into harmless organic matter if they are lost in the ocean or buried in the sand. Non toxic. The beach toy set is a natural alternative to cheap plastic toy sets that harm their environment and the health of their children. Education is an area of study. The Eco Beach toy set is designed to encourage outdoor summer vacation fun, from the simplest shape to the most creative castle. GIVING BACK The substance known as plastic is not disposable. Plastic Oceans gets profits from their small family business.

Brand: Lovelotte

👤We take it to the beach and use it in the yard. The bucket and digging tools that you buy at the grocery store are cheap plastic. Thank God for a better alternative to plastic. Please make more toys like these. We will be able to pass them along for second hand use if we ever part with them. I'm happy to have an alternative to plastic toys. The beach/gardening toy set is sturdy, bright and has become a favorite of my daughter for her exploration of our backyard.

👤I bought these for my kids to go to the beach. We had a lot of plastic toys that we found on the beach and they never lasted long. The plastic sets have useless molds and shifters. The Eco Beach toy set has three different options for the kids to choose from. The toys see a lot of action. They biodegrade and are plastic-free. I am paranoid that I will lose them due to the price point. My friends are starting to buy them after seeing how sturdy and eco they are, and they are clearly different from other toys so they won't get confused. I would definitely buy again, but I hope that they become more affordable so that more people can use it.

👤The beach toy set is great. It is simple and minimalist, but you really need to have fun playing in the sand on the beach. It is all the good things. A good investment. The tools are fun and the colors are striking. The adults enjoyed using the tools to create a mandala. We were on the beach and the tide was rolling in and one of the pieces was getting lost in the waves and I was happy to lose it knowing it would break down to organic matter in just months. We swooped it up. I was very happy to find and purchase this set. Great gift!

👤We have had these toys for almost two years and they are still in great shape. There are a few rough edges. We put them through the ringer with the beaches and sand castles of the Pacific Northwest. The bucket is very heavy and digs very well. No worries about handles falling off. We buy these for everyone on their birthday. The fact they are not made of plastic is amazing. I love them!

👤We love this beach toy set. It is safe and fun. Over the years, we've spent a lot of money on cheap plastic sand toys. They brake quickly and leave sharp ends exposed. The message behind the story is something we love. We teach our children to protect the environment, clean up trash and save water. We are grateful for the change you and your family made.

👤A bucket and set of tools have traveled to many places. They're sturdy, not obtrusive in appearance or color, and function well. My child thoroughly enjoys their use.

👤These are great! They are very sturdy and have taken quite the beating so far. The bucket has a notch on it. It's easy to pick up the bucket if you turn it upside down. There is a They have lasted longer than any other beach toys we have had. The mesh bottom of the tote makes it easy to clean and dry the toys. The biggest pro? It is eco-friendly.

5. Mini Tudou Building Teething Educational

Mini Tudou Building Teething Educational

It was designed and manufactured in the country. A baby blocks set has an animal,shape, fruit,Arabic numerals and geometrical patterns on the sides. Children can develop their sense of touch and vision by touching and observing these patterns. The blocks can help the baby grow up. The baby building blocks are easy to stack and pick up. It can be squeezed and made a sound. It is soft,chewable and perfect for babies who are just getting their first teeth. Blocks for babies provide fun for kids. Teaching kids letter, counting,balancing,building and other motor skills. The carved number is a good way to learn Arabic numerals. It can be used as a match game. Baby blocks are made from food grade silicone and are safe.

Brand: Mini Tudou

👤On Cyber Monday, I bought these. I like the subtle shades of the colors. I really like the animals and some of them look weird. They seem to be well-made.

👤It's nice for little kids. I was frustrated about what to buy for a child, until I saw this product. It was in a good quality box and the blocks were organized in the box. It is soft and round, non swallow, attractive squeeze sound, decent color, and it fits the needs of a little baby! I found this and I am very happy.

👤These are great for encouraging fine motor skills. There is a My baby loves them. She has 2 1/2 teeth and chews on it. She shakes it and hits it against the wall. She uses her finger to touch the pictures on the cube. There is a The noise is not loud. There is a If you knock on them, they will sound like wood. They are not like baby bottle nipples. Some of the animals and shape names on the cubes might be useful to know. A mouse and qautrefoil. A cow and a hexagon. A tiger is 3- square. The triangle is a rabbit. The circle is a dragon. circle sector? A snake. A 7-star horse. The lamb has an 8-heart. The monkey is an addition sign. The chicken is supposed to be a subtraction sign. The small addition sign is for a flower and the small subtraction sign is for a pig. The 12 animals are all Chinese zodiac signs. It would be fun to find out which one your baby is.

👤These things are useless, and there are more mouth-fitted chew toys. They have shapes that are meant to fit in one another, but they're so rubbery you can easily fit a hexagon in a square, or a circle, or whatever, which makes them horrible for teaching shapes. When you connect those shapes correctly, they don't stick or hold, so that doesn't teach anything. The colors are dull at best. These are blocks that look good in photos, but don't do much else.

👤My daughter is 6 months old. She likes to knock it down when we stack them up high. She can learn the numbers later, if she plays it long. I didn't smell anything.

👤There is an air hole on each one of them, so it's hard to clean them. Babies chew and eat. I don't know how to clean and dry the cubes. I tried to clean it with some soap water, but the water never got out after a few weeks. I don't allow my baby to play with it. There is a germ pool in the cubes.

👤My baby loves these blocks. I was looking for something that was light enough for her to pick up and soft enough for her to chew on. These were perfect! I like the muted colors.

👤I am very happy with the set of soft blocks that I received for my baby. There is a The blocks are made of soft material and the colors are lovely. The packaging can make a great gift. There is a My son loves playing with this toy. The material is difficult to use. The texture is great for sensory play and can be used for stacking. They have numbers, shapes and addition/subtraction signs on them and can be used as cognitive toys later. My son will be well-entertained if the toy is used for a long time. All money spent well.

6. Naturals Infinity Montessori Teething Toddlers

Naturals Infinity Montessori Teething Toddlers

Naturals montessori toys for toddlers are made with premium quality, highly durable food-grade silicone, being 100%BPA-free, safe, non-toxic, easy to clean, and guaranteed not to tear during energetic handling! The lab tested and approved it. 3 in 1 toy set is what's included. Their blocks for toddlers ages 1 to 3 come in a convenient set of 22 individual pieces, with 12 different colored blocks, 6 soft stacking rings and 4 squishy toy balls, all set for countless hours of fun! Soft teething toys are great for early childhood development, but they are also soft for helping your child. Their toys can help soothe gum inflammation. Their soft baby toys are great for learning colors, shapes,texture, counting, and learning developmental concepts such as balance, fine motor skills, and problem-solving capabilities! Do you want your child to develop their problem-solving abilities and cognitive skills at a young age? The Naturals Infinity 3 in 1 soft toys are perfect for kids. Do you want your child to develop their problem-solving abilities and cognitive skills at a young age? The Naturals Infinity 3 in 1 soft toys are perfect for kids.

Brand: Naturals Infinity

👤The item was opened. When my daughter is a couple weeks older, I will be able to hold them. I am worried that the holes will make for a mold breading ground. After washing them, she is drying them in the sun. The water inside is unfortunate. They won't be used in my home. She will probably try to wipe them down but will need to clean thoroughly before she can eat.

👤As our baby grows, we love this product for it's many uses. The set came with 2 blocks, but they were missing the number 8. When he's ready for number identification and simple addition, we won't be able to use the set. I will send it back for a new one, just make sure you check it out carefully.

👤I got these for my baby. They are good for teething. There are so many different colors. The blocks are fun to knock down. As the baby grows, the stacking will get more advanced. Simple math can be taught with the blocks.

👤I'm very happy with this product. The packaging was thoughtful. It's portable and convenient for my kids to stay entertained and learn the whole way. The material is safe for my youngest. The colors are bright. You can see how it helps with a child's coordination after a few uses. I'm very pleased and will recommend these to a few of my friends.

👤This is a great product. My baby likes them. She loves them during bath time as well. It is high-quality and free of the harmful substance, BPA. I know it is safe and durable. It's easy to clean to make sure my baby has clean toys. I use warm water and some baby friendly soap to soak them. It is back to being a kid again! We have started learning beginner math with them because it has numbers integrated and various symbols. Identifying numbers and having fun! It is a product my baby can grow into as well. Really recommend! I like it.

👤This set is great. My baby is playing with toys. They are made from food grade silicone. They are easy to clean and fun to play with. I bring a lot of these toys for my baby when we go somewhere.

👤When my little boy comes to stay with me on the weekends, I have trouble finding toys that will fit him. Whatever the reason, these have been a game-changer. He likes to chew on them. I'm teaching him how to fit the pieces together. He loves them so much that I purchased another set so that he could have them at his mother's as well. I highly recommend this product to any new parents.

👤My granddaughter loves these toys. They are great for learning at an early age.

7. Chriffer Instruments Percussion Educational Eco Friendly

Chriffer Instruments Percussion Educational Eco Friendly

Customer satisfaction. Their priority is to provide a 100% satisfaction experience. If products don't meet your expectations, you can message them through contact sellers. The celebrations begin at Joyin! The kids' musical instruments set are made of premium non-toxic natural wood, non-painting, and coating which have passed the standards for quality. These toddler musical instruments don't smell bad. The corners and edges are polished to protect your baby's hands. The toddler wooden musical instrument set is reliable for children. The goal is to provide a safe environment for babies. Crefiffer toddler Montessori musical instruments include shaking, tapping, and beating instruments. Musical experiences in childhood can improve brain development. It improves creativity and musical potential. The musical instrument is a safe and natural Montessori toy for toddlers or young babies. Children who play with musical toys have better hand-eye coordination, and they also have better brain development. You will get 8 pieces of Montessori music toys in this set, which has a beautiful box, come with a storage bag, as a gift, and it is ideal for toddler gifts. A musical instrument is an ideal birthday gift. Fit for both genders. The toddler music instrument is a fun toy to develop your baby's musical talent while enjoying time with parents. They will provide you with a satisfactory solution if you don't like it. Enjoy your family time with your kids after you buy now.

Brand: Chriffer

👤What a terrible set! The set was missing a mallet and a triangle. The wood block was missing. The cymbals were loose from their handles, but we weren't able to screw them in tighter because the screw was too big. The bells broke off their handles. Kids have been playing with this for 12 minutes. Not happy! Will come back.

👤The instruments were a good purchase. They are made of good quality materials. The sounds of these instruments are different. I bought them for a younger child because they are an entire set which allows for choices. I am a retired teacher and these instruments would be great additions to my classroom.

👤My grandson likes this set. I keep the sticks away from him because he is only 12 months old. He likes this set. He goes for the first and most often the colorful toys in his toy box. He likes the tambourine and the shakers. He bangs on the xylophone. The toys are sturdy and last a long time.

👤The quality is not what I expected. One of the spokes came out on the tambourine while the xylophone was out of tune. The spoke of the tambourine poked my finger. I was thankful that I found it before my kids saw it.

👤My daughter liked the xylophone in the pack. The wooden material is a plus. There are items with decent quality.

👤I bought this set for my son. Toddler's small hands will benefit from their sizes. There are lots of different instruments and good quality. It sounds pleasant. Our favorite is the xylophone. Comes with a bag that is handy. I really like it!

👤I was pleased with how well made and safe they are. I wouldn't suggest for people to gnaw on the wood.

👤My grandson loves to play the percussion instruments. His older brother is already playing music on the xylephone.

8. Baby Teething Toy Extraordinaire Bambeado

Baby Teething Toy Extraordinaire Bambeado

When your baby is teething the whole household can be put under stress. The Little Bamer teeth toys can help reduce the stress for all, allowing you to enjoy this wonderful period with your child rather than wishing it away. Babies want to chew on whatever they can get their hands on when their teeth start to push through. Little Bam baby teether toys are made from soft, chewable, baby-safe silicone and are perfect for those tender gums. There is a lot of color, a lot of text, and they have put a lot of thought into it. The bright color of the ears, legs, and horns will help your baby sleep and will make your hands feel small. The Bambeado range of teethers for infants and baby teething toys are so much more fun than boring teething rings. There are no cracks or joins in the single molded product. There are certifications that are lead free and certified that are PVC free. You can't be too careful with baby toys. This will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase because of the 100% money back guarantee. Many people are stocking up with these to make life better for the whole family during bubby's teething time. They still have supply, so hurry and buy now. It is selling quickly. This makes a fine birthday gift, a new grandchild gift, baby shower gift or just a present for no reason at all, other than to say they love you. This will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase because of the 100% money back guarantee. Many people are stocking up with these to make life better for the whole family during bubby's teething time. They still have supply, so hurry and buy now. It is selling quickly. This makes a fine birthday gift, a new grandchild gift, baby shower gift or just a present for no reason at all, other than to say they love you.

Brand: Bambeado

👤The smell of chemicals was strong when I received the first order. When I smelled it, it burned my nose. I ordered another one because of all the rave reviews, but I returned it because I didn't like it. The second one doesn't pass the silcone pinch test, even though it doesn't smell. It is made with plastic fillers because there is white underneath. I don't want my baby to chew on this because it's not pure silicone. I don't know what's inside, as the description claims to be silcone. This is something you should consider when pitching for a baby. I don't think this is safe and should be returned immediately.

👤There are several teething toys. Some are hard. Some are soft. Some won't go far enough into my baby's mouth to make a difference. They gag her a lot. This one is correct. She likes to gnaw on the ossicones and thehorns. My daughter's teeth recommend it.

👤The baby has 5 teeth and is 13 months old. There were no tears or punctures. She likes the toy, but only when it's in the freezer. She wants something harder for popping a tooth through. Four months after I first reviewed this product, I still love it. My child has two bottim teeth and this toy has not been damaged. I like putting it in the freezer. It's perfect for my baby to play in the heat. I would still recommend this to all families with babies. I was looking for a teething toy that she could hold and manage. The toy is perfect. My baby can hurt her gums, but at the same time it doesn't provide her with any relief or satisfaction while she chews on it. She can put it in her mouth on her own. She likes chewing on the horns and ears the most, but has also been known to chew on the legs. She has gagged herself on her own fingers, but not yet on this toy. It's her favorite teether. My husband figured out that he could force the giraffe's head through one of her pacifier straps, making it very convenient while we're out and about to clip to her. It's less likely to fall on the floor. It is one solid piece of silicone so no mold will grow inside. I use hot water and soap to clean it, boiling it in the microwave for 5 minutes. I would recommend this toy to a parent. I don't think it will stay cold for long, I haven't tried freezing it yet. Since there's no gel inside, there's no freezing it solid. There are no teeth yet. I will update this review when she does get teeth.

👤My daughter loves this toy, but she is able to make tiny parts of the material to come off while chewing. She doesn't have teeth yet, so one star for the safety of this product.

👤My late teether is really enjoying this one and is out of the freezer. It stays cold for a long time because it's not gel or water filled. The design is very much made with little ones in mind, and so far it seems durable. My little one likes the horns and arms the most. Communication with the seller was above and beyond. I received emails from the seller when my order was shipped and again after we received it, asking me if I had any complaints. The seller's emails were very funny. There is a little humor in the craziness of the baby-product market. Thank you, Bambeado!

9. LOOIKOOS Instruments Preschool Educational Percussion

LOOIKOOS Instruments Preschool Educational Percussion

It's a great gift for your most loved ones, as it's safe and stylish, and can be a dinosaur shower toy for babies who are used to biting their fingers. Silicone baby teethers are ideal gifts for Christmas, Thanksgiving and many other occasions for families with a baby. The Nature Kids Musical Instruments Set is made of natural wooden muscial instruments. The muscial toys set includes xylophone shaking, tapping, beating and blowing instruments. Birthday gift for kids, Christmas gift for boys and girls. They are the perfect toys for babies and toddlers. No paintings and round-edge design. The kids drum set is made of high quality natural wood and is free of paints and chemicals. They are perfect for toddlers and young children. The best Montessori toys. Their musical toys are fun for the whole family. Developing your kid's musical sensitivity, creativity, hand and eye coordination is very helpful. Spending time playing music toys together will help kids to develop collaborative and problem solving skills. It's easy to clean-up and store. The wooden toys management is much easier with the portable carry bag and high quality carry bags. 100% safe toys set for toddlers and babies are made by non-toxic material, ideal for your little ones.

Brand: Looikoos

👤As an adult with two children, I now realize the opportunities that have arisen via Amazon. Being able to purchase for my children incredible noise makers that I was misfortunate to not get to mess with as a child, is included in this. The pit instruments in this grouping are child friendly. The xylophone is made of stronger material than I thought it would be, and the bells on the stick of bells are the only part of the ensemble that could possibly be damaged. I would recommend this as a gift to any family, even if they hate them or love them, like the recorder does.

👤I bought this as a gift for my 2 and 4 year old grandsons, since it had an excellent rating. The xylophone, clapper and maracas were all well made. There are two metal circles and a sharp pin that were supposed to hold them in the tambourine. They fell out of the box. One of the bells left a sharp hook. It's not a safe product for toddlers. I returned the product for a full refund because I was very disappointed.

👤A gift for a child's birthday. My child is handling a small metal disk after everything looked good. The pins in the item pictured were not secured into place and the disks and pin slid out of place after minimal play shaking. The metal disk is pointed on both ends and poses a huge swallowing risk. If another item is faulty, the entire set was taken away.

👤This product is amazing. My kids love the instruments inside. Each item is of the highest quality. I feel safe giving it to my 9 month old child because there are no small parts left. It comes with a handy bag that can be used to clean up the instruments. This product is fun for all ages. I would buy this again for others.

👤I bought the toddler instruments for my baby to play. I didn't want to buy them because I thought they would be cheap and terrible, but I was surprised to see how well they were made. The xylophone/glockenspiel is a mini version of the one I used in high school. The tambourines are so good you could use them in recordings. My daughter loves them because they are good for chewing on and they make cool noises. Even though she can not play them yet, I would recommend buying them for every toddler because of their sensory development and the quality they are made with. Children can learn to play these instruments in mini versions.

👤I bought this for my daughter's first birthday, but it was on when the package arrived. The tambourine, the maraca, xylophone, and the handheld bell shaker are our favorites. Excellent quality. My 11 month old daughter loves playing the tambourine. This is the best way to play with my daughter. Both of us love it!

👤The quality of these instruments is very good. It's giftworthy for sure! Each instrument was wrapped individually when I opened the box. One of the xylophone sticks was flawed, but it didn't affect its ability to play the instrument. We are satisfied with the brand of Looikoos and would recommend it for young children to learn instruments. I like the variations of instruments. This set is perfect to expand your collection of instruments at home or at a school. My 3 year old son has the best time playing with the bells.

10. Mini Tudou Stacking Montessori Sensory Learning

Mini Tudou Stacking Montessori Sensory Learning

This will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase because of the 100% money back guarantee. Many people are stocking up with these to make life better for the whole family during bubby's teething time. They still have supply, so hurry and buy now. It is selling quickly. This makes a fine birthday gift, a new grandchild gift, baby shower gift or just a present for no reason at all, other than to say they love you. There are animals,letters and special texture on the surface of the baby ring toy. Babies are interested in stacking things. Cute stacking circle can be used to build shapes. Stack them up. All the way to the top. Then making a new one. Fun never ends! Are you worried about how to comfort a crying baby? The stacking ring is a good choice at the moment. When you squeeze it, it will produce a Bi Bi sound. Make the baby stop crying by catching their attention. No crying, no tears, only smiles and laughter. The ring stacker is a great toy for babies. Animals, shapes, letters and textures are important for baby early knowledge learning. It is more than just exercise children's hand-on ability and creativity. Kids can develop their color perception, digital cognitive and shape recognition while playing a game. The quality guarantee. The ring is made of food grade silicone. It is soft and non-toxic. The surface is smooth. It is great for baby teething and biting. It is a great gift for a baby shower, Christmas or birthday.

Brand: Mini Tudou

👤Even though reviewers said it was smaller than they expected, it still seemed smaller than I expected. I thought it would be solid. There is some material in the rubber. It feels like a cheap rubber ducky and will be hard to clean because it has air in it. This will definitely be used but will be a disposable toy. I wouldn't recommend it for a gift.

👤The description needs to include the fact that this holds in water when you wash. It's not easy to wash and take out water because the water is sitting inside of the rings. Yuck! Would return it, but threw the box away.

👤These are not good for teething because they don't dry on the inside, so definitely not letting my baby put this in his mouth, and the picture doesn't show a hole on the bottom.

👤My 6 month old loves chewing on these. There is a hole in the bottom where liquid can get trapped. I worry that I can't get all the food out of these. I can imagine how much mold andbacteria will grow when he puts something in his mouth. If you do get these, I highly recommend cutting the hole first to make sure it doesn't get stuck. My son genuinely loves this toy, so I didn't give him a star. It was one of the things that made him crawl.

👤My baby loves them, but be careful not to get water inside them when washing. When I bought them, I didn't realize they have a drainage hole on the bottom of them, which can cause mold if the toy isn't draining well. When you clean them, try not to let water in the hole.

👤This product is great for our teething daughter, and she seems to enjoy it too. It's smaller than we had expected, but it's easier to hold for a 7-month old. The material is sturdy and feels good, so I don't have any concerns about its quality. Stacking the rings for storage is very satisfying.

👤The cons are 1. This is a supplementary gift, not a main gift. It's too small as a main gift. 2. The squeaking sounds like a cheap dog toy. 3. They don't feel flimsy but they don't have a firm feel, they're hallow inside. 4. The inner ring doesn't support little hands because the circumference doesn't graduate. There is a The pros are 1. It is in a nice box. 2. I like the colors. 3. It will be easy to clean. There is a If I didn't need it, I would return it.

👤When I ordered it, I didn't see that it was Mini, but it is smaller than the pictures suggest. It is so small. I expected them to be Silicone but it is a cheaper rubber. I would have read reviews first. We will see how it goes with our baby. They all barely make noise. The bigger ones don't make a noise. I was so excited about this toy and I'm really sad. Next to the bottle was a size comparison. Also in my hand. I am a small woman with small hands.

11. HETOMI Stacking Silicone Recognition Development

HETOMI Stacking Silicone Recognition Development

It is safe for children to use high quality Nontoxic and Washable ingredients. If irritation occurs, rinse and stop using. Silicone baby toys are 100% safe and have been tested. It's important for parents to know that food-grade silicone is both safe and delicious. The dimensions are for the baby size. It was small at first, but after playing with it for a while, it is the perfect size for small hands. It is easy to clean and sanitize when it falls. Multiple plays. It's great for a teething child. As a soft teething toy, you can relieve teething pain. It can play a game in 6 months. Fine motor development can be achieved with cognitive sensory learning toys. The different shapes will make their hand-eye coordination better. A gender neutral toy choice would go for both baby boy and girl. Modern fashion style with simple design. It's a great gift for a baby shower or holiday.

Brand: Hetomi

👤It's very easy to clean because it's made of silicone. Cute colors too. I expected it to be a little bigger. It's not an issue. I want to buy more stuff for my baby.

👤Exactly what I was expecting. The colors are true. The pieces are of great quality. It's easy to clean. The baby loves to explore the shapes and chew on the pieces. Definitely recommend.

👤The product is cute. It was smaller than I expected. I am concerned about the smell. It is similar to permanent marker or construction glue. I tried to clean but the smell lingered. I will not be giving to the baby until the smell is gone.

👤This is the best for babies. My 5m old and my 2 year old love it.

👤I searched for reviews that said this but didn't find anything. Maybe the one I got is malfunctioning? It smells like permanent markers. There is a It's smaller than I expected, but that's okay. It's cute. I like it a lot. I'm wary of letting my baby play with it because of the smell.

👤It is easy to clean. My girls are too young to really use this puzzle with purpose, but they love it. It seems like it will last until one day.

👤We love them! The pieces are good for practicing grasping different shapes, but my little one is too young to use it as a puzzle. She likes to destroy the small tower I build from the pieces. I'm happy that this toy can grow with her and that it will be easy to keep clean since it's Silicone and doesn't have tiny crevices.

👤I got this for my son. They are very cute and it was shipped quickly. It is perfect to pack for on the go.


What is the best product for eco friendly toys for babies?

Eco friendly toys for babies products from Green Toys. In this article about eco friendly toys for babies you can see why people choose the product. Bopoobo and Bbbiteme are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly toys for babies.

What are the best brands for eco friendly toys for babies?

Green Toys, Bopoobo and Bbbiteme are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly toys for babies. Find the detail in this article. Lovelotte, Mini Tudou and Naturals Infinity are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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