Best Eco Friendly Toys for Girls

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1. Punch Balloons Party Favors Kids

Punch Balloons Party Favors Kids

punch balls measuring up to 18” in diameter are jumbo size. It is made from thick, durable, eco friendly latex that is resistant to popping and extra stretchy rubber bands for long lasting, extra fun! Kids love them because they are great for birthday party supplies, stocking stuffers, gift bag fillers, party bags, party games, decorations, piata fillers, fun games for kids, goodie bags, carnival prizes, party favor and get togethers! There are 6 vibrant neon colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and pink or purple. There is a guarantee. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are very confident in their product. John & Judy are the backers of your purchase.

Brand: John & Judy

👤Don't give this to children without supervision, it's very dirty and stinky. I was buying this for a bag exchange. I need to buy other items because I am so disappointed. I can not give this to children. The balloons are dirty and have a strong odor in the bag. I didn't bother to inflate the balloon.

👤The smell when inflated was terrible. Had to drive with windows open. There are two things Dirty. When washed before indlated, the water was blackened and asymmetric when inflated. Air retention is worse than other balloons.

👤I used these in my bags for my son's birthday. On time, there was no smell or dirty smell. The kids loved them so it served its purpose but buy extra and a few kids didn't pop their balloom but the rubber band ripped off after a couple punches, luckily I had extra and gave them a different one and that one held better. I appreciated the letter from the company thanking me and checking in to make sure I was happy. I will buy from them again for future birthday needs.

👤The punch balloons are awesome. My kids liked them. The kids liked them. The kids loved them. They were a hit. There are top quality balloons with stretchy rubber bands and a great mix of colors. My son's school banned candy this year, so we gave them out instead. We handed out gift baggies. The labels say that it is a good day to love.

👤These are fun. We had a great time with them, but we ran into one that was stuck shut and couldn't be inflated with our balloon pump, and we had two pop for no reason after just a few minutes. We didn't get to use all of the balloons. It was disappointing, but we still felt good about the deal we got, because the pack came with plenty of punch balls at a great price. They're big and round and would be great as decorative balloons.

👤I bought them for my daughter's party. We didn't want the balloons to pop so we blew them up before the party started. Most of the balloons popped before the kids got them. They popped when they sat there. The balloons that didn't pop before the party popped within 2 minutes of the kids using them. We were very disappointed.

👤The balloon material is so thin that we had to go through 1/2 of the bag. Kids were playing. I was making new ones. Only one of the rubber bands broke, but the rest were so delicate that they could have fallen on the ground. Would not recommend it.

👤I bought them for my daughter's birthday party. When my kids saw them, they begged to open the package and play with them. Why not? I let them go to town. They loved them so much that they punched away for hours. Even though it's been several days, they are still going strong. I will buy them again.

2. MAGIFIRE Learning Educational Friendly Montessori

MAGIFIRE Learning Educational Friendly Montessori

For children ages 18 months and older. SAFE WOODEN PUZZLE-BPA Free is made of high-quality environmental wood with non-toxic water-based paint. The pieces are easy to grasp and keep your kids safe. Learning through playing can help toddlers to improve their concentration and solve puzzles. It can help develop toddler's hand-eye coordination. Bright vibrant colors and cute animal shapes are designed for enriching children's capacities of learning colors. Help your baby learn about these animals. The kids puzzle is 5.7 x 5.7 x 0.2 in and has bright colors and attractive pieces that her little hands can manipulate. The part is too large for children to swallow. The wooden toddler puzzles are about 1.87 pounds and have a portable bag. The puzzles can be played at home by toddlers. It is a good birthday gift for kids.

Brand: Magifire

👤It is hard for a child to put them back together after you remove the pieces. I have lost count of the emails this company has sent me asking me to take down my review and change it to a five star review. It has been going on for almost a year now, and they have offered me anywhere between $15 and $50 to do it.

👤I bought a set of puzzles for my granddaughter. She loves them. We work in a quiet place for 15 minutes a day. She can't do it on her own because she is so young and her attention span is short. Her recall is great once she figures it out. She puts them in her mouth because she is teething. The puzzles should be washed before use. The pieces are hand made and sturdy. The purchase was wrapped nicely.

👤You can get several for a good price with these cute puzzles. If you have a teething child that likes to chew on things, be careful. I cleaned the puzzles before I played with him because he chews them all the time, but he put a piece in his mouth after a while. He scratched off a small part of the paint. We have to pack them up and wait for him to stop chewing on toys.

👤It looks very colorful and fun. The sharp edge cut my skin when I opened one puzzle. This is not supposed to happen for a children's product. One design has text on it while another has scenery around the board while the other does not. Safety is still my number one concern and those are not the deal breaker. I was able to return this back to the seller thanks to Amazon's amazing return policy.

👤A toy that keeps my 2 year old entertained for 15 to 20 minutes. She makes other shapes with the pieces. She's thrown the puzzle pieces around and the paint is holding up. The pieces are not small enough to be a hazard. The puzzles come in a cute little bag that can be washed. I washed it and let it dry. The puzzles smell beechwood right out of the box, but after a few days they go away. I washed and dried each piece so the water wouldn't damage the paint or wood. The puzzle is well made and sealed. Maybe this is one of the better quality ones out there. I'm glad I found this one, I've read many similar looking puzzles and I'm glad I found this one. Absolutely worth it! There is an update. I've read a lot of false advertising reviews and I'd like to say that I didn't get paid to give a 5-star review. My review went from 10 helpful votes to 50. If you ask me, that's a bit vague. The puzzles are holding up well after several months of use, but my child doesn't throw pieces around. This would make a great gift.

👤The parts of the puzzle are smaller than I anticipated. The sizes of the actual pieces are not in the description, but they are suitable for 6 months. I bought them for my daughter's first birthday, but I don't feel comfortable giving it to her. It says that small parts not for children under 3 years are not allowed. Look at photos.

3. Musical Instruments Toddlers Eco Friendly Percussion

Musical Instruments Toddlers Eco Friendly Percussion

La-la-llama toys are designed to help kids explore their world, learn and play in a fun and safe way. La-la-llama toys are based on real-world parenting and teaching experience. The musical toy set is made of 100% natural wood and does not have any harmful water paint or chemical smell. The goal is to provide a safe environment for kids. The instruments toy set is one of the best Montessori toys for toddlers. It will be helpful to cultivate the kids sensitivity to music and the percept of rhythm, improve the creativity and the ability to distinguish instruments, and develop the kids' interests. The wooden musical toy has a storage bag that can hold all instruments together for easy carrying. It makes your musical instrument toddler toys easy to carry. It has quick storage and hassle-free cleaning. The kids can hear different sounds using different instruments. It builds interaction between parents and children by playing with toddler toys, and it strengthens the relationship with parents. One of the best early learning toys for toddlers is the Chriffer wooden musical instrument set. It is a great gift for Easter or Birthday. You will get 15 pieces of wooden musical instruments. You will get a cotton backpack as a gift. They will provide you with a satisfactory solution if you don't like it. Have fun with your baby when you buy now.

Brand: Chriffer

👤My review is based on evidence and a source because a new mom of a 9 month old and science teacher here. There is a I love this set because the instruments have no paint or dye that can be accidentally swallowed. The instruments are small and easy to hold for my 9 month old. I included pictures with a baby bottle. The set includes a variety of instruments that support her development. Here you go, the last statement needs sources. There is a Carnegie Hall commissioned a research paper from Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf. She found that making music can help build important connections in the brain during the crucial time of early development. Playing with instruments helps build fine and gross motor skills. Sensory development is supported. There is a * Hand-eye coordination can be improved. * Teaching patience and perseverance is important. Brain development can be accelerated. There is a Some of the best musical instruments for toddlers are maracas, tambourines, and claves. This set includes all of the instruments. This is a short story for your child.

👤It is incredibly dangerous. Don't buy. My one year old has small plastic beads in his mouth. I took it out before anything happened because it was still very dangerous and a choking hazard. I found a metal tack in the playpen. The piece was attached to the drum. If he swallowed it, he could have died. Don't buy this for young kids.

👤Only three parts of the set are still intact after a week. There is a We call her the Tornado because she's constantly in motion. She has not broken many things. There is a The toy set didn't meet the bar for dependability. There is a The 'drum' tassels are no longer in use. There is a The Castanets are not snapping anymore. There is a When it was dropped, the 'rattle shaker' split open. There is a Theclapper doesn't clap anymore. There is a A couple of bells have gone missing from the 'bell stick'. The sticks are still sticks. There is a Theflute is still intact. There is a The zip-stick is still functioning. The toy is not worth the money for a young child. It is a short term toy.

👤My child loves music. I decided to buy this set for home school. The kids love this set. They can not get enough of it. My husband is a carpenter and he was impressed by the quality of the instruments. The natural finish is better than the scratch and chip paints. I am happy with the overall quality of this set. Really good value. We think it's a good idea.

👤I bought this gift for my niece. I thought it would be fun and educational for her and her sister to enjoy. The instruments seem to be well-crafted, as the husband and I have banged them around for fun. They make great sounds. There is a The bells are attached to the stick in case the little one wants to taste them or if they want to remove them. My niece's mom should always keep an eye on her while she is playing with this item, just in case. The musical instruments come with a tote to store them in between uses. I am very pleased with the quality and sound of these instruments. I believe this will be a great gift that will last for a long time. There is a The only thing I could think of to improve this musical set is to match the wood color of each item.

4. Puzzle Eco Friendly Material Supplies Birthday

Puzzle Eco Friendly Material Supplies Birthday

Children could also make this coloring activity set into cards in the shape of animals, cakes and lollipops used for holiday decoration or to write blessings to parents. The 30Mini magic cube is made from eco-friendly plastic and has non-toxic, odorless features. The cube toy provides hours of enjoyable game play that is great for boys and girls. Party cube, mini puzzle cubes that are perfect for party favors, birthday, school class reward, or prizes to kids, are perfect for office desk toys and office decorations. Brain Teasers can improve your child's memory, dexterity and solve problems. It's a good choice to give a stickerless gift that is small to ease your boring mood and reduce stress.

Brand: Neoact

👤I included one of these 3 packages with other small toys and candy in 70 clear bags across the driveway for a socially distanced Halloween. The kids were excited about the toys. Several didn't know about the cubes, but most of them noticed them immediately. Dad, look at a domino! I sat on the porch to watch them have fun. I was surprised at how many families came out, but I was also surprised that they chose to use clear bags instead of touching everything. Most adults in a grocery store don't understand safety.

👤We brought these for my son to give to his class because he is a rubiks fanatic. He loves the "tiny" size. He asked if we could go out tomorrow. I bought the 30 pack in case there was a problem.

👤The little squares from composition are stickers. They are not plastic or paint. There is a After a few drops of water and a few pairs of little hands, Stickers can ruin them in a few minutes. There is a The seller did a good job. ManUFACTURER! Poorly thought out and made. To make it clear, I gave it 3 stars to the seller.

👤I was in charge of the gift bags for my son's holiday party and they were the perfect size. They were cute and seemed fine but there was sticky tape all over the colored and black parts that were preventing the cubes from rotating. I took it off. There is no big deal. At the party the kids were excited to play with the cubes but within a few minutes more than 5 kids came to us asking for help because their cubes had popped apart. They were easy to fix.

👤These are very cheap. It comes with a lot. It's actually the game when turned and played with caution. There is a It's easy to put it all back together again. There is a It's very cheap but you can't go wrong with the quantity. Does well for a party.

👤This is part of the gift bag for the 5 grade class. They look cool, but it's difficult to rotation. It feels like we are breaking it by rotating it. It gave a bad experience and probably deterred the kids from learning.

👤I didn't get a chance to take a picture of all the broken things, but I added these to my daughter's 10th birthday bags and some of the children that opened their bags and played with the cube broke on the spot. I am not sure what happened when the children got home. It went great with my daughter's party.

👤This is a good value for the quantity. I bought these to include in my summer gift bags for my students. Two of my students demolished these in about five minutes. This is a great value for a little something to share, and the rubies cubes do work.

5. LOOIKOOS Instruments Preschool Educational Percussion

LOOIKOOS Instruments Preschool Educational Percussion

It's a great gift for your most loved ones, as it's safe and stylish, and can be a dinosaur shower toy for babies who are used to biting their fingers. Silicone baby teethers are ideal gifts for Christmas, Thanksgiving and many other occasions for families with a baby. The Nature Kids Musical Instruments Set is made of natural wooden muscial instruments. The muscial toys set includes xylophone shaking, tapping, beating and blowing instruments. Birthday gift for kids, Christmas gift for boys and girls. They are the perfect toys for babies and toddlers. No paintings and round-edge design. The kids drum set is made of high quality natural wood and is free of paints and chemicals. They are perfect for toddlers and young children. The best Montessori toys. Their musical toys are fun for the whole family. Developing your kid's musical sensitivity, creativity, hand and eye coordination is very helpful. Spending time playing music toys together will help kids to develop collaborative and problem solving skills. It's easy to clean-up and store. The wooden toys management is much easier with the portable carry bag and high quality carry bags. 100% safe toys set for toddlers and babies are made by non-toxic material, ideal for your little ones.

Brand: Looikoos

👤As an adult with two children, I now realize the opportunities that have arisen via Amazon. Being able to purchase for my children incredible noise makers that I was misfortunate to not get to mess with as a child, is included in this. The pit instruments in this grouping are child friendly. The xylophone is made of stronger material than I thought it would be, and the bells on the stick of bells are the only part of the ensemble that could possibly be damaged. I would recommend this as a gift to any family, even if they hate them or love them, like the recorder does.

👤I bought this as a gift for my 2 and 4 year old grandsons, since it had an excellent rating. The xylophone, clapper and maracas were all well made. There are two metal circles and a sharp pin that were supposed to hold them in the tambourine. They fell out of the box. One of the bells left a sharp hook. It's not a safe product for toddlers. I returned the product for a full refund because I was very disappointed.

👤A gift for a child's birthday. My child is handling a small metal disk after everything looked good. The pins in the item pictured were not secured into place and the disks and pin slid out of place after minimal play shaking. The metal disk is pointed on both ends and poses a huge swallowing risk. If another item is faulty, the entire set was taken away.

👤This product is amazing. My kids love the instruments inside. Each item is of the highest quality. I feel safe giving it to my 9 month old child because there are no small parts left. It comes with a handy bag that can be used to clean up the instruments. This product is fun for all ages. I would buy this again for others.

👤I bought the toddler instruments for my baby to play. I didn't want to buy them because I thought they would be cheap and terrible, but I was surprised to see how well they were made. The xylophone/glockenspiel is a mini version of the one I used in high school. The tambourines are so good you could use them in recordings. My daughter loves them because they are good for chewing on and they make cool noises. Even though she can not play them yet, I would recommend buying them for every toddler because of their sensory development and the quality they are made with. Children can learn to play these instruments in mini versions.

👤I bought this for my daughter's first birthday, but it was on when the package arrived. The tambourine, the maraca, xylophone, and the handheld bell shaker are our favorites. Excellent quality. My 11 month old daughter loves playing the tambourine. This is the best way to play with my daughter. Both of us love it!

👤The quality of these instruments is very good. It's giftworthy for sure! Each instrument was wrapped individually when I opened the box. One of the xylophone sticks was flawed, but it didn't affect its ability to play the instrument. We are satisfied with the brand of Looikoos and would recommend it for young children to learn instruments. I like the variations of instruments. This set is perfect to expand your collection of instruments at home or at a school. My 3 year old son has the best time playing with the bells.

6. Toddlers Montessori Educational Friendly Preschool

Toddlers Montessori Educational Friendly Preschool

The preschool Wooden Geoboard is a great gift for boys and girls who are 3 years old and above. It is a learning toy that develops their imagination while they are playing, so it is the ideal birthday present, Christmas stocking stuffer, party favor, or Easter basket fillers. Your kids will love this toy. The jigsaw puzzles are made of high-quality environmental wood with non-toxic water-based paint. The smooth edge is specially designed for children's small hands to keep them safe. There are six animal shape toddler puzzles, such as panda, parrot, frog, owl, snail, and bee. Your boys and girls will benefit from learning spelling words, improving cognitive ability and solving puzzles. Encourage the development of children's eye coordination and attention span. The great toDDLER TOYS. Children's color cognitive ability is improved by bright colors. Babies get to know the animals better with the cute animal shapes and puzzles. Each wooden puzzle is 7 x 5.9 x 0.17 Inches and fits children's little hands. The toddler puzzles pieces are large enough for your kids to pick up and place easily, and ensure safety, because each piece of the wooden puzzle is large enough to prevent children from swallowing. Each toddler's wooden puzzle is individually wrapped and packed in a beautifully designed gift box, it also comes with a bag for easy storage after the child has finished playing. It is the first choice of gift toys for toddlers.

Brand: Boze Supod

👤My granddaughter is 2. She likes to mix up the pieces so they are easy to separate.

👤My niece is still learning to spell. It is great to use to get her used to letters, colors and putting things together. They loved this toy more than any other toy. Would definitely recommend!

👤That is a good challenge for a young child.

👤It's perfect for little puzzle builders. My granddaughter is just starting to like puzzles.

👤I like that it helped my toddler identify alphabets.

👤Excellent quality. I have high standards for educational items and have been a teacher all my life. This works well. The puzzles and letter/words are very enjoyable.

7. Wild Republic Friendly Handcrafted 24814

Wild Republic Friendly Handcrafted 24814

It's popular. You might have the same bracelet making kit when you were a kid. You can give your children something that you already loved. You can join the bracelet making with kids and share your childhood memories of the brace lace. They will love it. EcoKins toys are made from recycled materials. All of the fabric, thread, hang tag, and cord are made from post-consumer material. The bag is made from renewable materials. Educational: Educate boys and girls about the importance of protecting animals and the environment with their favorite animal. The baby is safe. EcoKins stuffed animals are perfect for toddlers and baby gifts. It's a great gift for baby showers, birthday gifts, holiday gifts, room décor and themed parties. Toy safety. Their toys meet the requirements for safety standards and specifications. It's good for the environment and for little ones.

Brand: Wild Republic

👤If I could, I would give this panda a 10 star review. It's hard to find cute stuffed animals that don't have buttons. The panda has a nose and eyes. The look of the eyes in the pictures for the product is so good that you might mistake them for buttons. There is a The perfect size for babies or small children is this guy. He's small enough for small hands to hold his paws, and the perfect size for a cuddle. When my son was 6 months old, I bought him a stuffed animal and he became his favorite. I have bought 2 more of them to make sure we have back-ups in case we lose him. There is a My son has tested the quality of his panda's stitching by chewing on it, pulling on it, and biting it. I have not had to do any repairs on his other stuffed animals. He's survived the washing machine about once every couple of weeks, and I just toss him in with whatever else I'm washing.

👤Well made and soft. We found it less expensive at a popular restaurant's gift shop after I purchased it for my granddaughter. I would recommend.

👤The Kola is soft and realistic. It will be a great gift for a poor child. Some lucky child will receive a beautiful gift when they receive a gift from Operation Christmas Child.

👤I bought a stuffed animal for my dog. He is scared of the squeaking stuffed animals. This toy is small enough for him to carry around easily but strong enough to survive being left outside several times and being covered in mud. Being washed a lot. The color has faded a bit, but it is still his favorite cuddle buddy and the first toy he has to bring to guests. I also bought the otter. I bought a big one for him to easily carry. He can still cuddle with it on the couch. When this one finally ends, 10/10 will buy again.

👤It was well packaged in a sealed plastic bag. My granddaughter likes all of them.

👤It is made from recycled plastic bottles and I like how soft it is, but I wish it was bigger. I was expecting it to be a bit bigger than it is, it is a great stuffed animal for smaller children.

👤These are soft and adorable. They are made out of recycled plastic. They are tiny. Good for small kids.

👤This is a small toy and looks like a dollar store toy. The hair fibers look cheap because of their sheen. I was hoping for a plush toy, but it is soft.

👤It was nicely packaged. As she heads out, Her Ladyship is peeking out of her backpack.

👤It is only 6 inches. Very disappointed.

👤A nice soft bear. It looks like it was well made. A little boy is very happy.

👤The dog chewed tiger stuffy. This one is a perfect replacement. The crisis was averted. Couldn't believe how quickly it arrived. I arrived in Canada ten days earlier than promised. Couldn't find anything else. This shop was so good I couldn't recommend it more. Thanks!

8. Hape Pound Bench Slide Xylophone

Hape Pound Bench Slide Xylophone

Trusted by DERMATOLOGISTS. WaterWipes are accepted by the National Eczema Association of America, the Skin Health Alliance and the vegan society. Musical instruments are multi functional. The kids xylophone can be used in many ways. The kids can play with balls or they can pull out a keyboard and play a solo. The fine motor skills development. Promotes dexterity, hand eye coordination, manipulation, arm movement, cause and effect. This pounding toys for toddlers encourages musical development and exploration. Child safety: The paint is water-based and has non-toxic finishes. The award winning The winner of the first musical toy for children is 12 months to 3 years old.

Brand: Hape

👤The baby was too young when we got her, but now she loves it! The xylophone is replaceable. It's two toys in one. This toy is very good. It's sturdy, safe, and well-made. If you find my review helpful, please mark it. Thank you so much!

👤This toy cost us an expensive visit to the ER and could have a negative effect on our daughter's well-being. My daughter took a sharp toothpick from the splintered toy. We don't know if she vomited it all or if she had abdominal pain. Foreign bodies can cause infections. I am very disappointed in the lack of safety in the products sold by the company. Do not buy!

👤The instrument is colorful and well made, but it is not in tune with the child's musical tastes. This was an oversight. The Hape toys are all 5 star.

👤I played the xylophone and it was like a nice toy. Not in tune. It was very disturbing. I contacted the company to see if there was an isolated incident, but they never replied. A reasonably priced toy can be used to make a xylophone. Fisher Price has been doing it for a long time. There are other nice ones out there too. Beware.

👤I bought this thinking it would grow with him. It's out of tune. I will return it.

👤My daughter loved this toy and it encourages imaginative play with music. I had to take away the balls because my then 18 month old got a ball in her mouth. It was poking out far enough that I was able to pull it out. A question was answered that the kid's mouth has to be huge for this to happen, but that's not the case. The base is useless without the balls. I don't like leaving negative reviews. Safety is important.

👤We like this toy. We expected it to be the same. Bright colors and beautiful music. Almost all of the bad reviews stated that it sounded horrible, so I almost didn't buy it. I could have gone by and not bought the toy. I like the idea of having the balls drop and produce sound. I don't want to teach my baby music with this, so let's give it a try. I bought this because it is a wonderful toy. At least ours is not out of tune. The balls were hard to push through the holes. A baby can't do it.

👤My son likes this toy. He doesn't know what a mallet is, but he likes pushing the balls through with his hands. He likes to hold the xylophone. He will get many months of enjoyment from this product. The xylophone should be checked regularly to make sure it is tight. Great purchase. I put a can of snacks next to it for reference.

👤Avete un parente o un amico. Avete maledetto infinite. I questo il prodotto. It's fa. La stessa moneta per voi per ripagarlo. Per scalfire, robusto il giusto. The parquet state ancora pagando. I bimbi, a farti venire attacchi cardiaci.

9. Puzzles Educational Colorful Montessori Childrens

Puzzles Educational Colorful Montessori Childrens

Musical instruments made of wood are easy to clean. Most of the instruments in their baby musical instruments are easy to carry. It is a great gift for birthday, Christmas, Easter and more. High quality and safe materials. They use Eco Friendly Lead Free andBPA Free wood and non-toxic water-based paint to create kid puzzles that are safe to play with for hours on end. Ensure your child's abilities. The animal jigsaw puzzles for kids are designed to be interactive and spark your child's curiosity. While playing with these puzzles for toddlers helps to develop your child's motor skills, develop key areas in the brain for concentration, patience, imagination, and hand-eye coordination while providing hours of fun! There is a happiness guarantee with this gift. If you are not happy with their guarantee, they will give you a prompt and courteous refund. Your wooden puzzles for toddlers are a great gift for a new mother. There are 6 wonderful and unique puzzles. There are 6 shapes that are both warmly colored and unique. Each piece is easy to grab hold of and your kids will have fun figuring out how to put it together. The perfect puzzle for children. Their puzzles for toddlers are suitable for young, developing mind because of the largeChunky size of each toy piece. They will be driven to learn how to put pieces back together.

Brand: Kalani Essence

👤For young children, using for gifts. There were 5 puzzles in a cloth bag.

👤I like the puzzles for my son. They are now his favorite past time activity. The packaging was done well. I would buy again for his birthday.

10. PieceCircle Instrument Percussion Instruments Preschool

PieceCircle Instrument Percussion Instruments Preschool

It's easy to wash soft toys, they are easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. Do not use bleach to prevent fading, hand wash it and leave it to air dry. The music instruments for toddlers include, 1*tambourine, 1*castanet, 1*maracas, 1*xylophone, 1*clapper, and 2*hand cymbals. These baby musical toys are all made of non-toxic and 100% high quality natural wood, no paintings and coating. The wooden musical toy set is smooth in surface, durable and without excessive use of colored paints. There is no need to worry about injuries when a baby is playing. Kids can hear different voices with the best educational early learning musical toys. The perfect toy for children to play with and feel the beat. It will be helpful to improve children's hand-to-eye coordination, develop their interests, and cultivate their sensitivity to music and the percept of rhythm. A perfect baby's musical toys can add fun to your family and enhance the relationship with parents and kids from playing toys. By spending time with musical instruments, kids will be able to improve their hand to eye coordination. Musical instruments made of wood are easy to clean. Most of the instruments in their baby musical instruments are easy to carry. It is a great gift for birthday, Christmas, Easter and more.

Brand: Piececircle

👤It was nicely packaged and put together. It is easy for a child of 5 years old or younger. 5

👤Excellent musical instruments. It was well made.

👤The castanet was broken and the cymbals didn't go all the way in.

👤I ordered this set and am happy I did. They are natural wood and well made. They have held up well against two young boys. The xylophone has note letters which was a pleasant surprise, the maraca is a subtle noise, the tambourine is made of a nice material that will hold up against kids, and the cymbals have a blue cellophane. I would definitely buy this set again.

👤I like the quality. My daughter thinks they're fun to play with. There is a The materials are of good quality. There is a Everything included is pretty cool. There is a It's a good set that should last for a while.

👤There are a lot of musoc tools. So much fun! It seems safe. The packing was adorable. Great purchase.

11. Playskool Classic Spinning Activity Toddlers

Playskool Classic Spinning Activity Toddlers

Buy it now and get a wooden toy set andWorry free after-sales service. If you are dissatisfied in the first 30 days, you can get a full refund. Playtime comes full circle, remember when you discovered how to sit, spin, and laugh. It is time for your child to enjoy the winning spinning fun of this classic sit on spinning activity toy. Turn the fun loose. The twirling activity toy is great for toddlers. Pull the wheel to make it spin fast or slow. Kids control the speed. A classic spin on active play is an activity toy that helps toddlers practice balance, coordination, and motor skills. There are hours of indoor fun. A great way to get your kids excited is to ride on the Sit and Spin toy. It is easy to oxidize free shipping. The product is easy to open and open and frustration free, so your busy little bee can get to the play right away.

Brand: Playskool

👤My grandson loves it. It helps with his sensory needs. He is able to use it daily.

👤I bought this for my son's first birthday because we used to have one of those. We should try to recreate our own childhoods for our son. This is rated 18 months and up, and my son is one year old, and already he's too big for this thing. It would be less of a big deal if the thing were not so cheap. The one we had as children was made out of plastic and it took a beating under the butt of three kids. This thing? It is a pale shade of the sit and spin. If he gains two more pounds and tries to sit on it, the plastic is going to warp. I guess that's how it is now. Quality is not the same as it used to be. Everything is made cheaply in overseas sweatshops. It's really sad.

👤My 3.5-year old has been asking for this since she was 2 years old, and we finally caved and bought her it. I was worried that she might have grown too tall, but she fits just fine. I don't think she will be big enough for it for a long time. I was worried about the quality, but I found it to be well made and have no concerns thus far. It is assembled using only one screw, but it has been subjected to a lot of use and abuse in the last week from the 3.5-year old as well as the 1.5-year old, and we are hopeful it will make it for the long haul. I will update if it doesn't.

👤Customer service is still unresponsive. Everyone has been giving me the run around. There is a I would give this zero if I could. It's very TINY. I decided to get it for my son because of the reviews. It's ridiculous how small it is. Maybe your child will fit if they are a newborn. That's all. I probably won't hear back. Go with a more expensive one. I guess you should get your money's worth.

👤I have the same one I had when I was a kid. The kids get dizzy. Some kids will carry it around the house and stand on the center wheel trying to get into drawers and cabinets. These kids are getting smarter.

👤Child that does not play with toys was a hit. She figured it out in 2.5 seconds. I'm not sure if reviewers remember the top moving as a child, because that's not the case. The top has never spun in the videos you can find on the internet. She was smaller than they remembered. I think it's a perspective issue. It's the same as it was a long time ago. We're a lot bigger. It fits my 2.5 year old very well, and even her 8 year old brother has taken a turn, but I'm afraid he will break it. This is a classic toy.


What is the best product for eco friendly toys for girls?

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What are the best brands for eco friendly toys for girls?

John & Judy, Magifire and Chriffer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly toys for girls. Find the detail in this article. Neoact, Looikoos and Boze Supod are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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