Best Eco Friendly Trash Bags 3 Gallon

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1. Glad OdorShield Small Drawstring Trash

Glad OdorShield Small Drawstring Trash

Glad small sized garbage bag is 4 gallon blue plastic trash bags. It's easy to clean small trash cans because they fit with thicker plastic at the bottom. It is possible to neutralize odor with the use of OdorShield technology. Garbage bags are the perfect addition to household cleaning supplies for use in the bathroom, home office, bedroom, and laundry room. A cinch of the durable drawstring makes it easy to remove the trash bag from the trash can. A can liners are comparable to simple human.

Brand: Glad Trash & Food Storage

👤It smells good. I feel weird looking forward to changing the garbage bag because I am looking forward to smelling the new bag. I can not afford to buy these all the time, but I am getting a taste of good life for a while. This review was weird.

👤I've never left a bad review for a roll of bags, but I think there's a first time for everything. The top portion of the bag is stiff, something I have never seen in a trash bag. That is not a good thing. It won't fit over different shaped bins. If the dimensions aren't correct, you'll end up tearing the top corners of the bag. The bags are not even durable. I know they're small. I ripped three of them just trying to separate them from the roll. I have never had to be so gentle with a garbage bag. The trade-off isn't worth it.

👤I've been using the scent of Sweet Citron & Lime for a while. The Sweet Citron & Lime scent was too strong for me, but this one is lighter and does not bother me. The bags are strong and thin. I like it. I use this bag every day while cooking. It is too expensive.

👤I was dismayed to realize that I finally used the last grocery store bag, since I have been using them for my entire life. I had to buy little garbage bags since they are no longer allowed in New York. These fit better, smell better, and close a lot easier than the free ones I get at the grocery store.

👤The bags are tissue paper. The bags were very weak. Thought other reviewers who had ripped their bags were just manhandling their bags. It's easy to tear from anything. All around, along the seam and on the side. There is a The scent is bad, I thought it was trash. The box was new. Maybe the citron one is better. Maybe with office trash it would be okay, not kitchen or bathroom because of the weight and how much you don't want the contents to spill. There is a The one star is just a lightweight. I am not usually a stickler for things. I bought these thinking it was not that deep. It doesn't matter to me. I guess it does. I will stick to the lavender force flex ones and have it be a bit larger to be a happy camper.

👤We are potty training and currently in a situation where a bag in a bathroom trash can is worth more than the cost of the bag. These are better than the cheaper liners I use. I can quickly tie up and throw them in the trash, instead of having to tie them up and throw them away. I usually don't go for scented trash bags but the Beachside smell isn't too bad, and it makes it a little easier to go more than one day without taking out the extra yucky potty training trash. This size of trash bags are very good. It's recommended for people with higher needs for bathroom trash.

2. Reli Compostable Compost Garbage Eco Friendly

Reli Compostable Compost Garbage Eco Friendly

Reli is the one to rely on. Quality garbage bags are delivered by them. Compostable is in municipal and industrial composting facilities. Compostable bags are made from plant based materials. The D6400 is certified. Small, but tough compost trash bags made for a leak-proof disposal. Reli is the one to rely on. Quality garbage bags are delivered by them.

Brand: Reli.

👤The bags are thick and were priced right. They were less expensive than the ones I purchased from my local store. They are performing well so far. I have one complaint. Every bag will break for no reason. I have to handle them more gently to prevent the sides from tearing becaue, which is surprising as they are quite thick. I can twist and knot them easily if handled carefully. I can't overfill them. I bought 200 so I will use them for a while but not sure if I will order them again.

👤My wife called me over as she was changing the bag. She showed me the bag after it was sliced. We had already used a lot of them in the roll and this must have been done at manufacturing. We had to throw out a lot of bags because they weren't sliced through. The bags that weren't ripped work well. The bags we were using were smaller. The larger bags allow for more slack to not have the bag pulled down in the can when it's full.

👤As you open the bags, they rip as they come off the roll. Somethings they rip randomly. The worst bags we've tried are the ones we use for compost and cat litter.

👤The bag couldn't fit at the top of my trash can because of the 3 gallon bags. The edges of the bag can fit over the edges of the can with this 4 gallon bag. When it's time to throw the bag away, the bag is sturdy and holds up well.

👤I was hoping these would be big enough for my 14 x 12 x 7 trash can and be durable. I have two major problems. They don't sit on the bottom of the can if the bottom is gathered into a point. This causes me to lose about 2 inches as soon as I throw something away, and what would've been the corners of the bag are pulled into the can. The material is strong, but the construction is not. Unless I'm very careful about putting it in the can, I'd say every third bag is ripped down the seam. Who wants a delicate garbage bag? Disappointing. Good recycled bags are hard to find.

👤The bags will not compost in a backyard compost bin. I usually use plastic bags for kitchen scraps, but I think they'll be quicker to dispose of in the landfill.

👤I just started using these bags and they are holding up well. I looked at reviews of many bags and most of them said that they couldn't handle any water. They do well with damp things, even though I don't put anything wet in them. That works for me. I love knowing that I can still do the job even though these will eventually break down in an earth-friendly way.

👤Even though we are unable to use them in our compost, they are still great strong bags, they will break down as plastic bags do, but they are fine in the trash. Also reasonably priced.

3. Simplehuman Custom Liners Drawstring Gallon

Simplehuman Custom Liners Drawstring Gallon

Simplehuman's custom fit liners are tailored to fit compatible cans perfectly so they don't slip, and they stay neatly hidden when the lid is closed. Extra-durable plastic and thick double seams let you pack your trash to the rim without worry of tears or leaks. CONVENIENT DRAWSTRING HANDLES are easy to carry. The quick-dispense pack lets you grab liners one by one without the hassle of hard-to- find perforations or messy unraveling.

Brand: Simplehuman

👤The bags are a perfect fit for the trash cans. I am amazed to see reviews where people complain about the price or have difficulty installing it. The price of a normal trash can is about the same as the price of a Simple Human trash can. I don't understand why they're upset that the bags are cheaper than cans. It would be like buying a car and then complaining about the cost of replacement parts. There is a This is the epitome of the trash world. I have purchased other brand names for larger cans, but these bags are much thicker and stronger. I use the R size bags for my small bathroom can and they fit so snug that I don't have to dispose of the bag when it's full. I can empty the Simple Human can into my kitchen trash, saving me money on bags, since it's mostly cotton balls and dental floss in there. If you find it difficult to stretch the bag over the can, all you have to do is make sure that the exposed part of the bag is lined up with a corner of the can. That way there is some give in the bag when you pull the last corner over the can. It's not rocket science, but a little finagling.

👤The 888-282-0465 When I clean the cat litter boxes, I had to double up the grocery store bags because I was tired of dealing with them. I know there's no reason to worry about the bags breaking. I'm very happy to see the perfect fit in either 2.6 gal can. There is a The price is worth the trust I have in it.

👤They don't fit in the trash can. I double checked that the size on the trash can label is what these are. They are too small. Can't get a corner on. Simplehuman can work in my kitchen. Very happy with it. The bag fit of the bathroom size can was not good.

👤I have two simple human trash cans. They fit perfectly and they don't slide down into the trash can which is my biggest complaint about regular trash cans and liners. They can hold a lot since they are a perfect fit. I have never had a simple human liner rip. Why would you use a generic liner? It sounds weird. I love my simple human trash can and part of its beauty is the way the liners fit. I consider these to be a good deal for the cost, since I haven't bought other kinds of trash bags in a long time. The bag lasts much longer because they fit perfectly and you use less of them.

4. Reli Biodegradable Gallon Trash Count

Reli Biodegradable Gallon Trash Count

Post consumer content is 45% of recycled plastic. Premium value is 24"x26" with eco friendly 6-8 Gal toughness. Eco certified is degradable by soil, air and water. The U.S. standard is certified. It was custom-designed to be tear-resistant, leak-proof, and friendly. It fits small cans. Reli is the one to rely on. Quality can liners are delivered by them.

Brand: Reli.

👤They were in a small box when I received them. I opened 3 rolls and found a loose end, but no indication if I received 150 bags. The bags seem to be in the right size. So far, they seem strong for what they are, don't put anything heavy or wet in them. They do the job and fit the waste baskets I have.

👤My family decided to be more aware of the environment this year. We own a sustainable farm and have spent the last 25 years making permanent and achievable objectives part of our sustainable lifestyle. We have a whole house composting system and have solarized a building. One small change that is important is recycling organic materials on the farm rather than putting them in landfills. We bought a paper shredder last year and we wanted to find small bags that could be used in the shredder and in the small cans we use for food waste. These work well in our compost pile. I add a small amount of compost activator to each bag before it goes to the compost pile to help with the process. The bags were cheaper than the regular plastic bags we used. Even if you don't have a composting system, these will breakdown in a landfill since they are plant based. The larger sizes for our 13 gallon cans are the same or less money as regular plastic bags and will hold up, but they will eventually breakdown even in a land fill. The finished compost takes about a year to breakdown after which we use on our fields and orchards.

👤I hated using traditional plastic garbage bags because they added to the plastic problem. Before Reli, the only other alternative I found were tiny compost bags that fell apart easily and weren't practical for everyday garbage needs. Reli bags are the same strength as a normal plastic garbage bag, and are the right size. I don't know if plastic bags are any less expensive than Reli bags, but at about a dime each, I think they are worth the price. It's called a "splurge for the Earth" Thanks for helping protect the planet.

👤I used these to make a home made camper van toilet. They will put a bucket in a wooden box with a toilet seat. It is only used for emergency purposes. It was important that they were not harmful to the environment. We don't intend to litter. The bags will hold wet waste for 3.5 days before it degrades. They are perfect for my purpose because they will be taken away after use.

👤I didn't expect the bags to have large printing on them. Is the ink also non-biodegradable? That is the only issue with the bags. A plain bag is what I would prefer. I will not purchase them again.

👤We used a lot of bags. After cleaning up the 4th pile of garbage that spilled on the floor, we realized we would never use these again. Unless you love cleaning garbage off your floors, don't buy.

5. Glad Medium Kitchen Drawstring Package

Glad Medium Kitchen Drawstring Package

There is a white plastic. Trash bags. Glad's garbage bags have a fresh scent and are medium in size. A tight grip on trash cans is ensured by the drawstring closure, which makes it easy to remove with a quick cinch. The last honeybee control is long. These bags keep your kitchen free of noxious trash odors with a steady release of fresh clean scent. The gasoline can liner. Glad 8 gallon trash can liners are ideal for medium trash cans, general household needs and are just the right size for cars and on-the-go travel. Glad's plastic trash bags are constructed with thicker plastic at the bottom to ensure leak protection.

Brand: Glad

👤I thought the box was a torn box. After opening it and using the first garbage bag, it was obvious that it was switched out for a cheap plastic-like roll. It tore right away. There is a I received a product that was switched out.

👤The bags that were laid out in the breezeway to air out are still not usable because of the overwhelming scent. My cat starts sneezing when she goes through the room. Going to try to get them back. There is a Sorry but I am glad. Good product, but you ruined it with the smell. The bags seem fine from a quality standpoint, but the scent is overpowering. I understand the desire to hide the smell of garbage. If you have allergies or asthma, it's a good idea to remove some of them from the box before using them.

👤I paid for a new one after the product came in an opened box. I am not sure if there are 80 bags inside. Not what is expected!

👤The garbages bags had a return sticker on them. The box of garbage bags was ripped apart when I opened it. It's an understatement to say that was shocked. They are garbage bags. It is a pain to return things all the time.

👤These fit a garbage can. They are strong enough that you don't have to worry about tearing them when you fill them up. They were a good value compared to similar bags from both premium and generic manufacturers. I am satisfied with them, only one complaint. The bags come in a continuous roll and it is difficult to separate them. I took a star off for it because it was frustrating, but I don't know why they made them like that. I was pretty pleased with my purchase.

👤The size and smell were perfect. I couldn't keep the bags in the damaged box. Good product.

👤The bags smell bad. Not good. Just bad. The smell is strong. The whole garage smells bad after my wife put them in the garage. There is a If you're a little paranoid about scented bags, don't get them. There is an update! We tried to pick it up, but the first one tore it open.

👤This is the worst smell ever. The smell is like a guy with cheap cologne. Terrible, terrible. I love GLAD, but this scented stuff is not good and I want my money back and free nose clips. HorRID.

👤The scent of the trash-bin lid makes you smile. I have to deduct two stars from Glad's claim, "DRAWSTRING TRASH BAG: The drawstring closure ensures a tight grip on trash cans and makes for a simple removal with a quick cinch of the durable drawstring". There is a The bag needs to be secured around the trash bin's lip. I can't see how the container can be kept securely around the drawstring. When you pull the string, it just withdraws. I'll wait for feedback on how this is supposed to work. I can't figure it out. I don't see how you can sinch the entire bag when you remove it, but you can throw it out.

6. Bags,2 6 Garbage FORID Bathroom Bedroom

Bags%EF%BC%8C2 6 Garbage FORID Bathroom Bedroom

The quick-dispense pack lets you grab liners one by one without the hassle of hard-to- find perforations or messy unraveling. Most of the small trash cans should be fitted. The bin liners are 20 inches in size. There are 150 rolls of 2.6 gallon clear trash bags. The bin liners fit small trash bins that have a diameter of 10 or less. No space to leak can be found on the bottom. A multi-color choice and roll design. Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, and Purple are some of the colors of their small garbage bags. They arrive in a nice package box, perfect for storage. Forid 2.6 gallon small trash bags are made of the newest pure HDPE material, no smell, more eco-friendly. The 2.6 gallon garbage bags can be made stronger by this kind of material. Their wastebasket liners are leakproof, extra strong and more durable. Convenient and multipurpose. These small bin liners can be used to organize your holiday decorations, as well as store blankets, books and clothes, and clean your bathroom. 100% customer satisfaction If you're not happy with their trash bags, please contact them. They are dedicated to your satisfaction and won't just say they love their garbage bags. 100% customer satisfaction If you're not happy with their trash bags, please contact them. They are dedicated to your satisfaction and won't just say they love their garbage bags.

Brand: Forid

👤It was a challenge to find this size of bag. It's just the right size for the small garbage cans in the bathroom and by the desk. These are also bright colored. The 4 gallon size was too big for me. The gallon was too small. This 2.5 gallon is correct. It sounds like Goldilocks. There are enough to last a long time.

👤It is a good size for our bathroom trash cans. The bags are strong. I like the colors.

👤I used the plastic grocery bags for my small baskets in the bathroom and bedroom. I ran out of them because so many stores didn't use them. When I saw these that were in nice colors, I was really happy. They are the right size to help bring the decor together.

👤I bought these so I could change my ostomy pouch. If you have a roll in your car, they can make good doggo poop bags. They don't fit in my trash bin, but the circle ones are fine. They seem to be durable, but they are very see-thru. Even though they look like they would, they don't tear easily.

👤I use these trash bags to line bathroom trash baskets. There is a wicker basket that is 10 in diameter. I have to stretch the bags to make them fold over the basket. If you don't want to have to stretch, you should not get a trash can that is larger than 9 1/2 inches. The bags are light and thin, the colors are nice, and they are a good choice for small trash cans and lightweight trash.

👤I didn't realize how many smaller bins there were, but these are the perfect size for all of them. The different colors add a nice accent to the room and make gathering the garbage on trash day so much easier. I used grocery bags that were not unattractive.

👤It was much thinner than advertised. The first picture says these are 1.2mil thick. The actual box says 0.48mil. I bought these because of the thickness claim. The seller did grant a partial refund, but they really need to change the copy in their listing.

👤It's perfect for my small waste baskets. The bottom of the bag is gathered. No more trying to get the bag to fit in a suitcase.

👤I wasn't sure if their size would be ideal for my garbage container, but I was pleased that they're good on both counts. The bags are strong and work well when I over stuff them. They don't break easily. I was happy to see that they fit. The bags have a round bottom. I don't know how they're measuring the bags because the open end is 16 inches. The different colors worked well for me, as I have different rooms and I matched each color. As my supplies run out, I will be buying more of these bags. I would recommend these bags to anyone who is looking for a good deal.

👤The little bags are awesome. We use the bags for everything. They come is small rolls which are easy to carry. We used it on a trip where we packed shoes and clothes.

7. Glad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash

Glad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash

There are 13 Gallion plastic trash bags. Glad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash bags have stretchable strength, traps, locks and odors are eliminated to keep your kitchen smelling fresh. The last honeybee control is long. The bags that keep your kitchen free of trash odors and fresh scent with Febreze Freshness are durable. FORCEFLEX TECHNOLOGY: Glad's patented dual-layer protection is designed to give extra flex as it expands around sharp edges and heavy loads while resisting punctures, rips and tears. It is strong enough to handle the heaviest load and has double side seals and a reinforced bottom to trap liquids and prevent leaks. Multi-use fit is similar to simple human H, Q, K, M, N, J liners and trash cans. The bag is kept in place by the durable drawstring.

Brand: Glad

👤Oh my god, the perfume. I didn't think these things would smell so bad. After putting two bags into the trash can in my kitchen, the entire house smells like febreeze. The treatment is over the top. Yuck. I came back to Amazon today to buy new trash bags to throw them in. The smell is so strong that I just smelled my hands after putting the bags in. Maybe this is a manufacturing error. YUCK!

👤The bag held up well for me. Two months was the length of time I had. I decided to go with the scent. It's not overwhelming like others are saying. I read the reviews before buying it. I think it's a good thing to have your trash not smelling like trash, because it's not strong like they say. I'm disappointed that it isn't a strong smell like people claim. The whole smell of the trash can is not masked by it. It does more than a regular bag. I would say by 75%. Good enough for me!

👤I had trash everywhere, and the bags were splitting at the seams. The majority of the bags and from both rolls were not one or two bags. I was unable to return to Amazon because I exceeded my window on returns. There is a box full of useless trash bags.

👤I have been using these bags for a long time and they are my favorite. I immediately ordered this deal on Amazon because it was so cheap, it was worth the wait. After ordering, I started reading the reviews that said they were tearing easily and splitting at the seams. I ordered a huge box of knock off glad garbage bags because I know they are good, but I was a bit worried because I know people said they were bad, but I think they are. They came today. I stretched out a few of them and inspected the box and everything, they are the real bags, which are great kitchen garbage bags, and these are the best. I think they smell great. I don't smell them around my house, only when I open the garbage which is exactly what I want. The big box is going to last me for almost a year.

👤It's really durable and smells great.

👤I am not very sensitive to smells. The smell of Febreze is overpowering. I took an aspirin after moving the garbage can to the front porch to get rid of the smell, and also moved the bag out to the porch to get rid of the smell. I regret the purchase, but I don't want to release the other109 in the box.

👤My trash can has a flat back and an oval front. I bought the first bags a year ago that were easy to fit on the canister. The scent traps smells. If you don't over fill or make too heavy, it's very sturdy. We have two trash pick ups per week and I use two bags a week. I don't know if the scent/odor protection lasts more than five days. We keep our lid closed because we have dogs and cats. As long as it stays a Prime item, I will continue to purchase. The bags should last me at least two months.

8. FORID Clear Small Trash Bags

FORID Clear Small Trash Bags

The size of their small garbage bags is 18 inches. Fit small size trash bins, round garbage bins with diameter 12”), height 16” and rectangular wastebaskets with longest side 9” Strong and Think adopted high quality pure PE material. Their bin liners are leak-proof and extra durable. The small trash bags are thick enough to hold garbage. You can get a long term service with 220 counts of 5 rolls 4 gallon clear garbage bags. You can rest assured that Pure PE material does not harm the body or smell. Trash bags are translucent. It can help you to see what is in the small garbage bags so that you can separate non-recyclable materials from recyclable ones. If you are not satisfied with their trash bags, please contact them. They will help you solve the problem. You don't need to worry.

Brand: Forid

👤I bought these for a different reason. I bought these to replace the expensive bags for the Litter Robot and they fit perfectly. You can put the extra roll in the drawer.

👤These are not garbage bags. They are cheap fakes. After putting one in my garbage can, it became clear to me that someone had taken out the good bags and replaced them with smaller crappy ones. The box they came in was too small. I have always been happy with Forid. This was my first time buying from this seller.

👤The product arrived in perfect condition. The product was shipped in its own strong box, which was nice. The bags were even better than the description on the website and the price was excellent. The bag has a rounded bottom so that waste falls into the center of the bag and it stays balanced, which is one of my favorite features. I will order these bags again and again. These are the first bags that I use to clean out the cat litter boxes. The bag has a wide opening so the litter shovel can easily slip into it. Solid waste is poured into the bag. The bag is strong enough to keep odors inside.

👤They're the perfect bags to scoop out the litter. I can keep a roll close to each box as well as wrap around the scoops so they're not sitting on anything with any leftover food. It makes it easier to clean the litterbox areas.

👤The description and packaging on the box show trees and leaves. garbage bags are environment friendly. These bags are not green. The bags seem to be made of low density polyethylene, which is not likely to be bio-degradable. There is a These are descent plastic trash bags, but do not fool you into thinking they are helping the environment. The bags should not be used for compost.

👤I love these. Great value! They are used in my small and medium trash bins. They work well, they don't have a smell, and they don't feel like chemicals. 5-stars!

👤The bags are great, they are durable, and the amount you get for the price is great. They do not have twist ties. I understand that it doesn't say that they don't come with them, but it also doesn't say that they don't come with the trash bags if they don't have a built-in tie handle.

👤I was given a free product to try. It fit well into my bathroom trash can. It held up despite being tried to throw it away. The original price is higher.

9. Superbio EN13432 Handle Tie Compostable Certified

Superbio EN13432 Handle Tie Compostable Certified

Made in America by people who are blind or visually impaired. 100 bags per roll, handle tie, Superbio compostable bags, 2.6 gallon (9.84 L) 16.3 in x 22.0 in x 0.67 mil, 100 bags per roll. Compostable certificates: SuperBio compostable bags have been awarded official compostable certificates from the following: OK compost, TUV, and the US ASTM D6400 standard. Superbio compostable bags will degrade to humus, CO2, and water within 180 days when placed in a standard compost pile. Storage and usage: keep product away from heat and store in a cool, dry place. 18 months. When the bag is holding organic waste, it is a good idea to dispose of the product within 3 days. It's suitable for a variety of household trash disposal usages. Superbio bags are 100% compostable. They are guaranteed to be strong, durable and tear- resistant when used according to the recommended usage directions. There are patented processing technologies. The handle tie and star sealed reinforced bottom hold the heaviest load. Superbio bags are 100% compostable. They are guaranteed to be strong, durable and tear- resistant when used according to the recommended usage directions. There are patented processing technologies. The handle tie and star sealed reinforced bottom hold the heaviest load.

Brand: Superbio

👤I have had bags form tears while opening them. I had to throw away several bags and wash my basket because they leaked. It looks like the bag is stuck together in that one spot. Not all bags in the roll present this problem. Around 1/3 of the time do. They are easy to roll into a garbage can. You will get a good feeling knowing that they are not made from fossil fuels. They don't hold any trash or objects. Not strong, not leak proof. I don't recommend this product.

👤You can't carry it to the chicken pen because it leaks. There is a I had to get it to stay in the compost bin without the sides falling down. I put a plastic bag in first, but that really defeats the purpose. Plastic bags have been discontinued in this state, so that's not an option now. The compost bin is carried to the chicken pen. The bin is small and has a handle. I left one bag out in the chicken pen, but it didn't biodegrade very quickly, so I don't leave them on the ground. Pick em up and throw them in the trash.

👤The bags are easy to carry. It's easy to tear easily. I am not happy.

👤I love our compost system. I'm happy to find a routine that works for everyone and is easy to maintain, even though I'm trying to get the fam on board for forever. There is a The 2.5 gallon hanging small trash can with lid is an amazing receptacle, it is easy to install, it is durable, and it contains the smell, no bugs. There is a These bags are also included. They go with it. They fit the receptacle perfectly, I love the handles, they make it so easy to dispose of our compost, just tie and throw away! We get the 2.6 gallon, handle tie top, and there is plenty of leftover bag to fold over the top, they are easy to handle, and are easy to dispose of. 15-20% gone? I love that they are thick and durable, I have thrown in wet coffee filters from my pour over system and never had an issue with them falling apart or disintegrating while in the container. I tried to poke that hole in the video, but it was too late. They are compliant with Austria and Europe standards, as well as being 100% compostable certified. There was never an issue with bugs, fruit flies, or anything else. Our whole system has been a dream to use and everyone has adapted and gotten used to it really quickly. When we run out of these bags, I will buy them again. They are the absolute best. I looked around for some that were easy to use and had all the above. Highly recommend all of the above. Try them out! You will love it.

👤It is difficult to separate the bags at the handles. In order to separate a bag, you have to unfold it, and then you can do it. This makes it hard to pull out a new bag when you need one. It works after you have the bag out. The bags seem to be more sturdy than others I have used, and the size works well for some of my small counter-top composters. The bags don't slip down, and I can hook the handles outside. I know that eventually they would break up if I put them in my home composter, but since our city is now encouraging us to put food waste and other compostable material in our green waste can, I am putting these sacks in there when I can no longer use them in the containers. The bags will break more quickly in the city because they have heavy duty equipment. I can sometimes wash one out and reuse it because they are so sturdy. That is a good way to save money.

10. Biodegradable Compostable Recycling Bathroom Wastebasket

Biodegradable Compostable Recycling Bathroom Wastebasket

USAGE & STORAGE should be avoided. Store bags in a dry place. The trash bags are made with care for the environment in mind. They are made from plastarch material and have no negative effect on the environment they are in. This allows you to dispose of your trash in a way that will help the environment. The 5 gallon capacity trash bags can hold up to five gallons of water. This will give you enough space for all of your trash. There is no need to use multiple bags for one trash can. You will get 100 pieces with each purchase. The trash bags hold all the odor, so you won't have any unpleasant experiences where you home starts stinking with guests around. The trash bags do not allow water to leak out of them. No insects will be attracted to your trash can due to leaks. Tired of having to buy new trash bags very few days? These trash bags are made from corn and are easy to recycle. They are strong and can serve you for a long time without needing to be replaced. The trash bags can be used for many different types of trash around the house, living room, kitchen, bathroom,bedroom, office trash bin liner, etc. There are many different types of waste from food to baby diaper to garden waste. The trash bags will handle the waste in a perfect way. The trash bags are more suited to handle organic and inorganic waste. The trash bags can be used for many different types of trash around the house, living room, kitchen, bathroom,bedroom, office trash bin liner, etc. There are many different types of waste from food to baby diaper to garden waste. The trash bags will handle the waste in a perfect way. The trash bags are more suited to handle organic and inorganic waste.

Brand: Techshare

👤We were a bit gun-shy because if the bag breaks, we have a mess to clean. We were satisfied with the bags, they were plenty durable and no issues at all.

👤I wanted to try them out for dry camp bags. I'm happy. Here are a few success tips if you choose to use them. 1. Go to the home depot and buy some buckets. They should fill one with saw dust. After the saw dust is put in the bag it will smell good and absorb the liquid. If you poop, cover it with more saw dust. Sprinkle some arm and hammer pet fresh for any smell in the bag. Simply twisting the top and tying a knot to dispose of the bag into one of the buckets will change as needed. When you can, add some pet fresh and empty your bucket. If you want to keep the bag edges in tact, you can roll the bag back under 3 times and sit it in the toilet with the rolled edges over the edges of the toilet. This will give you more bags at the top to tie into a knot. If the seat feels damp place a rag over it and shut the lid. There is a chance of condensation on the seat. * The bucket method is the same as the RV except that your bag will hang over the edge and your camp toilet seat goes over the bag onto the bucket. You can attach a pool noodle to your bucket if you don't have a toilet seat. Cut it into a couple of pieces if it is an old pool noodle. The seat is soft. There is a Hope this helps someone.

👤I bought this product to try and be more green by reducing the amount of non-biodegradable plastic I use. This product helps in that way. It is thick enough to be able to manipulate easily when put in the garbage can and sturdy enough to tie it up and throw it in the large can. You can barely open the sacks because they stick together so much, and they rip easily. I would recommend this product to anyone trying to cut down on non-biodegradable plastic. I paid full price for this and will probably buy it again.

👤I use a 4 gallon trash can in my kitchen and empty it out daily. 5 lbs of kitchen waste can easily be held. They don't hold up against the edges of the bin because they don't have tie string. I don't think of them as difficulties anymore. It's all worth it because they're cheap and they're not harmful to the environment. If you care enough, use these to get rid of my karma for using so much plastic.

👤These trash bags are very durable. I have used almost a full pack of these and have not had any issues with leaking or tearing, which is a common complaint for other brand bags. The size is convenient for disposal. There is a My advice would be to leave enough room for the bag to double-knot and to not cram it full. The material is a little slippery when tying a knot and I have experienced the weight of a packed heavy bag pulling on the knot to be undone. The limit of capacity is not a fault of the product. I will recommend these to anyone I know.

11. Garbage Compostable Bathroom Wastebasket Kitchen

Garbage Compostable Bathroom Wastebasket Kitchen

The small trash bags are made of Plastarch material, which is bioplastics based on natural renewable plant extract, and can be composted in backyard or home composting facilities. Fit for small trash. Cans, The Dimension. There is no space to leak with the bottom design.125 counts of 5 rolls. Perfectly fit 4.5 -5 liter, 0.8- 1.5 and 1- 1.6 Gal. The Trash Can Liner is clear green in color, it is perfect for office, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, baby diaper, paper shredder, and trash recycling. The mini trash bags are very light and convenient to carry. The Breakpoint design makes it easy to separate the things. They promote green small garbage bags. These are not toxic. And pure. It controls things. The smell. Help them identify the contents of the garbage so that they can sort and recycle it better.

Brand: Ayotee

👤These are made of plastic. I am going to write to AMAZON to tell them.

👤I originally wrote that I loved this item. The bags are green and works great for the environment, but it takes a bit of effort to work around the edge. The company lacks an external website, there are no legitimate certifications on the box, and the product description on the Amazon website contains many spelling errors. This is a scam.

👤The actual packaging does not say that these bags are compostable, and they just say "choosing compostable" as a tag line. This is a scam.

👤I decided to line my toilets at my family's off-grid venture to make it easier to do my job. I think the 13-gallon bags are just plastic. I have bags full of poop and moss that won't compost now. I decided to run a little test trial and compare these bags to the one I use for food debris. After 2 weeks, look at the results after being buried and exposed to the Texas sun and rain. These bags are disposable.

👤When I couldn't buy the ones I usually buy, I bought these when Amazon recommended them to me. The front of the package states "Choosing Compost", but there is no requirement for the facility to be composted or a recycle emblem on them. There is a There are graphics about how composting works, but nothing about composting this product. What a farce. It is clear that they are made of plastic. I am sure that this product is too small to reach their attention, so Amazon should remove the description.

👤I keep these bags on the kitchen counter. I trust them to carry them all the way to my composter in the back of our backyard. They never break or separate.

👤The bags are green and feel like regular plastic bags. The package does not say that these are really compostable.

👤I wanted them because they fit my compost bin. The bin was gross. I can't use grocery bags in my bathroom. The system does tear a little easy, but I like it. I will update when I can see if they disolve.

👤El tamao tiene una calidad de loa bolsa. Estoy encantado, pero tienen el detalle.

👤After a few weeks, these did not compost. They are strong.


What is the best product for eco friendly trash bags 3 gallon?

Eco friendly trash bags 3 gallon products from Glad Trash & Food Storage. In this article about eco friendly trash bags 3 gallon you can see why people choose the product. Reli. and Simplehuman are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly trash bags 3 gallon.

What are the best brands for eco friendly trash bags 3 gallon?

Glad Trash & Food Storage, Reli. and Simplehuman are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly trash bags 3 gallon. Find the detail in this article. Glad, Forid and Glad are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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