Best Eco Friendly Trash Bags 30 Gallon

Bags 29 May 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Reli Biodegradable Trash Gallon Wholesale

Reli Biodegradable Trash Gallon Wholesale

Reli is the one to rely on. Quality can liners are delivered by them. 500 bags for 25 gallons is a long- lasting value. It is built tough to help the environment and nature. Eco friendly. It was custom-designed to be tear-resistant, leak-proof, and friendly. It fits medium cans and bins. Reli is the one to rely on. Tailor-made for your house, office, car, bedroom, or business. Reli is the one to rely on. Tailor-made for your house, office, car, bedroom, or business.

Brand: Reli.

👤Garbage bags are wonderful. They fit so much in them. These bags are a good start as I try to get items that are harmful to the environment out of my life. I took a risk but it was worth it. I will not be using regular plastic bags again.

👤The bags can hold nothing. There was nothing heavy in the kitchen bag, but there were coffe grinds all over the floor. I ripped it again while putting it in the can. Maybe double or triple bag? What is the point?

👤I have been using these bags for 2 years. I only remember where the bag leaked once. I can't think of a worse way to destroy a bag than by a sharp object ripping it from the inside. One order of these bags lasts a year. The bags are still happy with me! I was hesitant to buy these after reading some of the reviews, but the other bio brand we use was out of stock. We've been using bags that are non-biodegradable for about 2 years. I have learned how to be gentle with them. I assumed I could handle these bags despite their thinness. When I opened the first bag, I was surprised at how thin they were. When you separate the edges of the bag to open it, you can see where they could tear it. These bags are very strong. We have not had a bag rip or leak since we started using them. I will not return to the other brand I was using because of the bags I'm so impressed with. Several bags have been given to family and friends. You should give them a try.

👤I have been using these for about a month now and I am very pleased with the quality of these bags. I was skeptical after reading some of the negative reviews about the bags being thin or splitting, but I am happy to find a usable and affordable garbage bag. I put wine bottles, cans, cardboard, wet and dray stuffs and so far no broken bags or leaking. Some of the reviews seem to be false. I don't work for this company and I was not paid to say so. I'm happy to find a good garbage bag.

👤Over the last 1.5 years, I've gone through my bags a lot. I am not a plastic expert, but if there is a chance they can be less harmful than traditional garbage bags, I will use them. They are thin and break easily. They work just fine if you keep that in mind. Thinness makes them easier to tie and handle. The big box is less expensive than the store brands.

👤The bag's thickness doesn't bother me because I've gotten used to using it. I got this larger size because these bags have no stretch or give, and the 13 gallon bags fit the can exactly. My family's favorite game of trash Jenga was ruined by that. There is plenty of extra bag to fit the 10 inches of trash in the 13 gallon trash can.

2. Simple Being Biodegradable Compostable Environmentally

Simple Being Biodegradable Compostable Environmentally

Reli is the one to rely on. Quality garbage bags are delivered by them. Plant based material, no polyethylene, is used for the base. Their bags take 45 days to breakdown and are AS-4736. It is guaranteed strength which is puncture, tear and leak proof. The bottom seam is reinforced. The carry handles make it easy to carry a full bag. 13 gallon has a size of 49.2 45 bags per roll is the liter capacity. It can be used as a trash bin liner. USAGE AND STORAGE should be avoided. They recommend storing their bags in a dry place and using them within a year. Purchase as many as you can in 9 months. Purchase with confidence. They will always offer a replacement or your money back if you choose to do so.

Brand: Simple Being

👤I am trying to go plastic-free and bought these bags to carry it. They are absolutely non-biodegradable. The terrible thing about them is that they are so easy to destroy. They are roomy and have handy drawstrings. The terrible thing about them is that they split if overstuffed. These bags are great if they fit your lifestyle. They're great if they're not full. They're a good price, but if you need a double bag for heavy wet stuff. It's worth it to avoid going back to plastic.

👤I read a lot of reviews before ordering because I have never used a product like this before. Not certified, not deep enough, not roomy, difficult to tie, tears easily, are some of the concerns in reviews about other brands. I got it right the first time with this product. It ties easily. Thank you so much! I am happy that I won't be putting plastic in the landfill. It took me a long time to do it. Everyone in our household has had experiences with the ties breaking, but we all agree that bags work great with gentle handling. Hope they will be back soon.

👤The bags are not very strong. They will tear if they get wet. The handles snapped when I tried to pull the bag out of the trash bag. Even though they were dry. The design of the bags is not the best. They have been ok, I have been doubling up with them.

👤If the bags get wet, they have a faint odor that gets worse. The pressure is applied and the drawstrings snap. The bags tear very easily. It is likely that a box will rip them. The bag will tear into a huge tear if it has a tiny puncture. The "Thats Rubbish" brand has been sold out for over a month.

👤I wanted to get away from the old plastic ones so I bought these bags in April 2021. These are not strong enough for regular trash. I decided to use them to dispose of my shredded paper. How heavy could a shredder tray be? Too heavy. The bags were so bad they tore every single time. I would try to get up the top of the bag and tie the strings. Draw strings are still broken. I had to tie these shut and knot them every time. I wouldn't buy these again.

👤I wanted to stop using plastic trash bags. If the bag held up, I would throw out the regular plastic bag I line my can with. These bags are not the only can liners. The tear away bags are inconvenient when the bag is ripped right out. The bag ripped as I put it in my can and had to be thrown out. I think I will try a different brand.

👤If you put anything wet in them, they will start to break down in a few days. They are useless in the kitchen. If you empty your kitchen bags in less than 3 days. It will make a mess in your bin. The description doesn't say anything about this. When you get the box, it says to not put anything wet in them and they will start to break in 72 hours. There is a I have to buy other bags because I can only put dry trash into the useless bags. I am going back to the brand that I used to use.

3. Hefty Strong Multipurpose Drawstring Gallon

Hefty Strong Multipurpose Drawstring Gallon

There are large baggage bags. 25 Hefty Ultra Strong large, black, White Pine Breeze scented, 30 gallon Multipurpose trash bags are contained in this package. The hammer and the arm have the same Ormond control. Arm & Hammer's power to fight nasty odors and keep your kitchen smelling fresh is what Patented odor control and White Pine Breeze scent uses. 6 in 1 protection. Flex strength, tough drawstring, odor control, and resistance to leaks, punctures, and rips are some of the points of protection offered by these flexible scented trash bags. It is easy to transport heavy loads, donations, seasonal items and more with the durable drawstring on the plastic garbage bags.

Brand: Hefty

👤I have purchased this item many times. The item was listed as white, which didn't bother me as to the color of the bag. I ordered two boxes that contained 25 bags of the 30 gallon and the boxes that came in appeared to be the same. I opened the box and found a roll of trash bags. I was expecting the color to be the same as what I've ordered before. I noticed the bag was noticeably smaller when I opened it to make it fit into my trash can. It didn't fit in my trash can. After ordering these bags for over two years, I realized there was no white pine scent that I am familiar with. I pulled out a brand new trash bag that was 30 gallons in size and compared it to the white bags I received. I received a 30 gallon black white pine scent bags from Hefty and there was an ad on the bottom of the box for the 13 gallon size, clean burst scent, white bags with blue handles, just like the bags that were inside the box representing the item of the 30 gallon black white The bags were 13 gallon kitchen bags with a clean burst scent. I opened the second box thinking it was the same item as the first one. The same white 13 gallon bags were also inside the wrong box. I'm not sure if this was a misrepresentation of the item purchased, or what, but be warned, the bags are not 30 gallons and they are not the white pine scent. I could live with a white colored bag, but I can't fit a 13 gallon bag into my trash can. I am very disappointed with the misrepresentation of the item and no longer trust Hefty to have the right item inside of the box that I intended to purchase.

👤Those who post a strong perfume smell are wrong. I had to hold the scent up to my nose. These bags are great. I am guilty of over stuffing bags because they are sturdy and I put "pointy" objects in them that my dogs have chewed. I highly recommend.

👤Just received my items and opened my trash bags. There are cuts in the middle of the bags. It's impossible to hold trash when there are at least 10 holes. Very disappointed with the order.

👤The bags have their name on the box. I loved the scent when I first used them. They were terrible from the moment I started using them. I let my autoship send more because I thought I might have gotten a bad box. I'm done after three boxes. The bags tear and get holes when you try to take them out of the trash can. If you think the trash is too heavy for it, that's not the case. The last bag that was removed from the trash bin had light stuff in it. The bags tore two holes in the top when I lifted it out of the trash can. One of the ties broke when I tried to tie it. The quality is so weak that I don't even like it. They're not strong. There is nothing more to it. A few weeks ago, I placed two small bags of used cat litter in one bag, which made the bag weigh about 10 lbs in total. There was cat litter all over the floor when it was picked up. It was completely out of place. There is a I forgot to cancel my autoship on these and have another box coming in. I'm giving the box to my niece so she can get some decent trash bags that won't rip open at the slightest amount of weight or provocation. Take my advice. Buy something stronger instead of buying these. Unless you want to pick up trash that is gross and disgusting, avoid these bags.

4. Neat Gallon Drawstring Trash Bags

Neat Gallon Drawstring Trash Bags

Superbio bags are 100% compostable. They are guaranteed to be strong, durable and tear- resistant when used according to the recommended usage directions. There are patented processing technologies. The handle tie and star sealed reinforced bottom hold the heaviest load. The 30 gallon trash bags are fortified using advanced film technology. They made trash day a lot smarter by being resistant to puncture, tears, and leaks. 50% recycled material is used in their bags to help the environment. It's good to know you're helping to decrease your carbon footprint. The inside of the bag is white to give a clean, pure look to your kitchen. When it's time to take the bag out, the outside is black to hide what's inside. The neutralizing technology kills odor at the smallest level. It's neat that there is no smell. Their Firm Fit is the only one that grips the 13 gallon can without ripping. It was easy on and easy off.

Brand: Neat Trash Bags

👤Everything about the trash bags is wonderful. I can't tie it up before I pull it out of my trashcan because it breaks the string. It is the best trash bag I have ever owned because I pulled it out of the trashcan.

👤I only gave one star for scent because I don't like scented trash bags. The review is now on. I will buy again. These bags are up to their promises.

👤It works well with our trash can.

👤I don't like the smell of trash bags. These are just trash bags that can be used for anything. Trash bags like these are hard to find in brick and mortar stores. I will buy again.

👤The trash bags have stood up to a lot of use. I've never had a pizza box leak like with other brands, even if it was the entire box. The handles are easy to tie off and long enough that you can get a good grasp on them when carrying them into a dumpster. It's a plus in my book that there is no scent.

👤I ordered this product for the second time and the box arrived with no packaging at all. It was open as well. Not good.

👤They hold up well. Don't leak. The drawstring is not very good. That is the reason for 4 stars. It's a good buy for the price.

👤Good target for kitchen trash can. I won't buy bags with ties that break.

5. UNNI Compostable European Certified Francisco

UNNI Compostable European Certified Francisco

The products are made from post-consumer recycled plastic and 20% Green Polyethylene from renewable sugarcane. The 33 gallon / 124 liter capacity has a size of 32.50 in x 40 in x 1.1 mils. The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) is a certified company in the U.S. and Europe. Vinotte and Tv Austria certified OK Compost Home. Compost Home certification guarantees 100% biodegrability. UNNI Compostable bags are made from plant starches and contain no polyethylene. The bags are easy to use and great for the environment. Compostable bags should be stored in a dry place and used within one year of purchase. Purchase as many as you can in 9 months. UNNI compostable bags are the ethical choice for a cleaner environment. Thank you for taking care of the planet by using sustainable bags. I make Earth a better place with you.

Brand: Unni

👤We don't fill up trash bags very quickly as a household. I have tried many different trash bags and all end up in the can. Are you really being "green" when you have to use a bunch of cleaning agents and paper towels to clean your garbage can every time you change the bag? The bag is still a compostable one. You should not let it sit for more than 3 or 4 days. You need to be careful with liquids and bio matter. It's not the liquid that causes bags to fall, but the organisms that break it down. Liquids in trash cans are often full of organisms. There is a It is a hefty price to pay for a bag. When you don't have to clean your garbage can, what is your time worth?

👤If it's not too mushy, these are perfect for compost. If you're going to throw in coffee grounds and vegetable peels, I would recommend tossing in some recycled paper at the bottom to absorb the excess water, as well as any compostable food scrap bag I've tried so far. The price I've seen so far is the worst. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤Plastic bags that cannot be recycled are what I used for my recycle trash. I switched to these compost bags because of this and I love them. They are strong. The 13 gallon size was the one I bought for my kitchen. I now have the larger bags that I can take my recycleable trash from upstairs in one trip to the recycle trash can. These are excellent.

👤If you fill the bags up, then leave them sit around until trash day, then you will be at risk of losing the contents. I left a bag full of weeds in the garage for a few weeks and by the time I got home the bottom of the bag was starting to breakdown. Picked it up and lost it. Don't fill them until the day of the trash pick up. The paper bags might last longer.

👤I looked at my green bin before ordering. I bought the 33 gal bags because it said 32 gal. The bag is too small to fit over the edge of the green bin. As soon as something is put into the bag, it slips off the sides and collapses. Not working out for me.

👤The point of compostable bags is that they are better for the earth. We have compost collected weekly by a local company, and the bags break down so quickly that we have to tip the contents into a new bag on collection day, because the bag is so deteriorated. I think these are the last three days before there is evidence of decomposition.

👤No good deed goes unrecognized. The bags fell apart immediately after I got better at being gentle with them, or within 2 days after I got better at being gentle with them. When I took the leaves to the curb, half of the bags broke and fell apart. I had to rebag them in other bags to get them to the curb.

6. Glad ForceFlex Kitchen Drawstring Trash

Glad ForceFlex Kitchen Drawstring Trash

The Glad 13 gallon trash bags are 50% larger than the Glad 20 gallon kitchen trash bags. The patented dual-layer technology of Forceflexplus provides two layers of strength and stretch for 2x leak protection with double side seams and a reinforced bottom. Rip Guard and leak Guard are two layers of protection that protect against leaks and keep them from ripping. Slim-fit through thigh. Adding these kitchen garbage bags to household cleaning supplies that trap, lock, and neutralize odors will leave behind a fresh clean scent. It's comparable to simplehuman H, Q, K, M, N, J liners and simplehuman trash cans. The bag is kept in place by the durable drawstring.

Brand: Glad

👤It should be one star. I got this for my 21 gallon Ninestars kitchen trash can which these are, but which they are not. These are supposed to be the best and strongest bags, yet every single one of them tears at the ring with the slightest pressure. I bought 80 of them and now what should I keep them for? They are obviously not compatible. Both thumbs down. I want a refund.

👤The smell of these bags is so strong that it makes anything they touch smell horrible. I brought a couple of these bags with me to collect the trash from the camping trip. The smell in my car was almost unbearable after 3 days of traveling with these bags in my car. I had to drive with my windows down. It took me three weeks to get it to a level of small, but the metallic smell is still not out of my car. I don't want to buy these again because of the way they smell. The smell of garbage would be better than these bags.

👤It is a great product and I am giving it 5 stars. A reviewer wrote that it would fit in a trash bin. It is 11x18. I knew a number. These are 20 Gal and would not fit in my pocket. I got them today after a couple days. I smelled the perfume before I opened the box. I know a lot of people who like to walk around smelling like a load of clean laundry or a dryer sheet, so I will leave that one alone. I don't put garbage in my trash bin, but I think they would fight odors well. The 20 Gal size is perfect for my bin, but it's 13 Gal at the rim. I am stuck with 80 bags which will take me 40 months to use, so am I going to give them away or return them? I am not a rockerfeller. I can't just give away my stuff. I don't like returning my stuff. I will look and see if there is another size I can exchange for. There is a How do I measure an OVAL Bin? I measured width and length. Should it have been larger? I measured around the outside and it was about 50-54” so it wouldn't do it. I need to know! I have had this bin for 20 years and have been unable to find a bag to fit it. I like it so I am using too large a bag. I don't know.

👤The trash bags I bought were on the first day of Prime Day. Which was great! There is a I was in awe of how good the trash bags smell when I opened the box. The Ninestars DZT-80-35 Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can, 21 Gal 80L, and these bags fit perfectly! The Glad trash bags are more durable than the Ninestars trash bags. Glad is a bit cheaper than Ninestars, but there is a noticeable difference in size. I've been looking for 21 gallon trash bags, but no luck. There is a In the future, glad might come out with 21 gallon trash bags. We love the Trash Can and don't need batteries to open it. The lid can be lifted from the sides.

7. Hefty Strong Kitchen Gallon Garbage

Hefty Strong Kitchen Gallon Garbage

There are 13 Gallion bags. The package contains 13 gallon kitchen trash bags. Hefty's strongest tall kitchen trash bags are break-resistant and tough enough to keep you safe. A hammer and an arm are used. Arm and Hammer can be used to fight odors in your kitchen. These kitchen garbage bags have triple-ACTION technology that allows them to stretch and expand to accommodate larger loads. If you have any issues with their garbage bags, please let them know.

Brand: Hefty

👤These bags are terrible. The garbage can has been the same for 8 years. These bags have been used by me for a long time. Suddenly, that don't fit. They are getting smaller like many other products. These bags changed a lot. I will never order them again because of the poor quality. The sides are very thin, and the odor protector is very bad. I am angry that I am stuck with an entire box of "garbage" puns. They are only good at pooping.

👤You are not imagining that trash bags are degrading. Many large brands are going to lower their plastic alternatives. It seems that thinner bags that have been pre-weakened and at times have very small holes already present due to the stretching/abbration process they use on the plastic during production are referred to as thinner bags. I don't think the reduction in plastic helps much, if you have to double bag it defeats the purpose. I think the switch is motivated by the bottom line. I am dealing with a lot of dirty things. I need bags that don't tear. It is also frustrating. I had an Amazon 'Subscribe and Save' set up for the previous version of this product. The 80 count tear resistant version was switched over by Amazon. The two products are not the same. I have canceled my subscription and switched to an off brand that makes plastic bags the old-fashioned way.

👤I've bought this brand from Walmart many times and never had any issues with tearing until now... The bags that I've used have either ripped open towards the middle or bottom, or torn where the drawstring is located.

👤I've used Hefty trash bags before and never had a problem, but these were the worst I've ever used. They were too small to fit in a trash can. We've never had that problem with a trash bag before. Weak ties break easy. We were not using these for anything heavy, just normal kitchen trash, but the ties broke when we took the trash out. The material is very thin. When we use dollar store trash bags, we don't usually have a problem with leaks, but we ended up with at least half the bags we've used with 20+). There is a I will not recommend these bags or re- purchase them, I will use Glad once we finish this box.

👤These are the best bags I've been able to find without breaking the bank, the next best bag is sold by a home improvement store and half the time the bags are useless. The smell is great and the stretchy stuff that keeps the odd shaped stuff from ripping the bag. They don't make them in a kitchen size in black. In the era of identity theft, people can see if there's mail in the trash by looking through bags. Never mind the neighbors. Double bagging is terrible for the environment and some people have personal items they have to throw away. Please make more black bags.

8. Kitchen Compostable Unscented 1 18Mils Thicken

Kitchen Compostable Unscented 1 18Mils Thicken

Their trash bags are made of Plastarch material and certified by the Bpi with the U.S. standard. The 13 gallon trash bag is 23.6 inches x 31.5 inches and Perfectly fit 50 liter. It's a great idea to use a trash bag as a kitchen trash bag, food paper waste collection bag, office trash bin liner, tall kitchen trash bag, and baby diaper and cat litter disposal. These are odorless and pure. It controls things. The smell. Help them identify the contents of the garbage so that they can sort and recycle it better. Compostable bags are the best choice for a cleaner environment and Eco-friendly future. Replacing plastic with sustainable bags for trash benefits the environment. Make the earth better by embracing the green life.

Brand: Ayotee

👤These are made of plastic. I am going to write to AMAZON to tell them.

👤I originally wrote that I loved this item. The bags are green and works great for the environment, but it takes a bit of effort to work around the edge. The company lacks an external website, there are no legitimate certifications on the box, and the product description on the Amazon website contains many spelling errors. This is a scam.

👤The actual packaging does not say that these bags are compostable, and they just say "choosing compostable" as a tag line. This is a scam.

👤I decided to line my toilets at my family's off-grid venture to make it easier to do my job. I think the 13-gallon bags are just plastic. I have bags full of poop and moss that won't compost now. I decided to run a little test trial and compare these bags to the one I use for food debris. After 2 weeks, look at the results after being buried and exposed to the Texas sun and rain. These bags are disposable.

👤When I couldn't buy the ones I usually buy, I bought these when Amazon recommended them to me. The front of the package states "Choosing Compost", but there is no requirement for the facility to be composted or a recycle emblem on them. There is a There are graphics about how composting works, but nothing about composting this product. What a farce. It is clear that they are made of plastic. I am sure that this product is too small to reach their attention, so Amazon should remove the description.

👤I keep these bags on the kitchen counter. I trust them to carry them all the way to my composter in the back of our backyard. They never break or separate.

👤The bags are green and feel like regular plastic bags. The package does not say that these are really compostable.

👤I wanted them because they fit my compost bin. The bin was gross. I can't use grocery bags in my bathroom. The system does tear a little easy, but I like it. I will update when I can see if they disolve.

👤El tamao tiene una calidad de loa bolsa. Estoy encantado, pero tienen el detalle.

👤After a few weeks, these did not compost. They are strong.

9. Compostable Certified Standards Eco Friendly Convenient

Compostable Certified Standards Eco Friendly Convenient

Trash bags from virgin plastic are more sustainable. 30 bags per roll is the product information for Superbio compostable bags. The tie has a handle. Compostable certificates: SuperBio compostable bags have been awarded official compostable certificates from the following: OK compost, TUV, and the US ASTM D6400 standard. Superbio compostable bags will degrade to humus, CO2, and water within 180 days when placed in a standard compost pile. Storage and usage: keep product away from heat and store in a cool, dry place. 18 months. When the bag is holding organic waste, it is a good idea to dispose of the product within 3 days. It's suitable for a variety of household trash disposal usages. Superbio bags are 100% compostable. They are guaranteed to be strong, durable and tear- resistant when used according to the recommended usage directions. There are patented processing technologies. The handle tie and star sealed reinforced bottom hold the heaviest load. Superbio bags are 100% compostable. They are guaranteed to be strong, durable and tear- resistant when used according to the recommended usage directions. There are patented processing technologies. The handle tie and star sealed reinforced bottom hold the heaviest load.

Brand: Superbio

👤I can't rate the trash bags higher than 3 stars because I love the idea of using them. They are not as strong as 13 gallon plastic trash bags, and can't hold as much trash. These are barely 13 gallons and more like 11 or 12 gallons. I'll be looking for a 13 gallon trash bag when these are used up. Nice attempt to the mfg. I hope you can improve on the bags.

👤I bought these thinking they were worth it. They are good for the planet and people. The color is nice. Downsize is the right size for my can. The bags are very thin. They have a purpose in their products, but I don't think they are quality.

👤I have been using bags made of compost. They are thin and break easily. Not these! I ripped up the carpet in my house and forgot to buy construction bags. I thought they wouldn't stand up to it. I was wrong. They held sharp objects. The bags didn't explode despite the nails and wood poking through. I dropped them from my balcony into a garbage can. Every so often one of the handles will come undone. My only wish is that they were a bit bigger as I have an oval shaped can and it would mean less strain on the bag as it fills. These are the best I have tried in a long time.

👤When you fill it, tear it. Make sure you don't stuff it.

👤We used these for our can in the kitchen. The bags are a good idea, but they leak. What a mess. We just use regular bags in the can and put them in the green bin. We wash it out and reuse it.

👤I have to sort my trash thoroughly because of a new trash law. The only way I could get rid of the food trash was to put it in paper bags. It is easy to throw out food with these bags.

👤These fit my trash can perfectly. Exactly what I wanted.

10. Hippo Sak Gallon Large Handles

Hippo Sak Gallon Large Handles

Can liners made in the USA are suitable for home and commercial use. 30 gallon trash bags with handles are strong. It is easy to hold while filling. The film is.14 mil and can hold items without tearing. Patented PowerStrip Technology is used in the Reinforced Bottom. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, made in the USA.

Brand: Hippo Sak

👤The large lawn trash bags we have are hard to lift/maneuver when full, so we bought these. The reinforced bottoms and handles on these bags caught my attention. They didn't let us down! They are perfect! I have never had a rip or tear, and the handles are really useful. They are large but not big. I can move them on my own. I don't think they would tear, but I think they would. They fit nicely into the trash bin.

👤They have a big problem. They are not as wide as we would like. The top of the bags is only wide enough to fit a 13 gal trash bag. They don't fit our trash can. If you are filling the bag yourself, they work well, but not for trash cans. We would give them 5 stars if the problem was fixed.

👤I didn't like these at first because they were too narrow. I need a bigger mouth. They are okay as I use them now. Medium thickness. Which means long-term. I use them at the cabin because it takes a long time for a mouse or raccoon to chew. Ties are nice. It can be secured quickly and moved where I need it to be.

👤Glad stopped making handle-tie trash bags a long time ago. I don't know why. Do people prefer to mess with broken ties or twist ties? I find two looped handles much easier to deal with. The Hippo Saks are similar to the Glad bags of old in that they are sturdy and easy to use. They are not puncture-proof, but they are strong and don't split or rip even when their contents are heavy. It might be possible to see what's inside of a semi- transparent trash bag. That doesn't bother me. They're taller and narrower than most 30-gallon bags, which is the only negative thing I can say about them. This can make emptying a wastebasket a bit difficult, but it's not a dealbreaker.

👤The product is strong at the bottom, but the bags are thin and can get holes. The ha dles are great but the opening is very narrow. If you get a hole, double bag. Double bagging is what I would recommend to begin with. Theae were made from recycled plastic. This brand carries one type that they aren't. Look over the item before buying.

👤These are a great alternative since Hefty has stopped makingHandle-Tie bags in this size.

👤It's difficult to open the bag because there's only 17 inches between the handles, but you have to remember, that's the only way to put things in it. It's hard to put things in these bags. If I could fill it to capacity, they would be strong, but the true test would be if I could cut off a handle.

👤I found these on Amazon. They stopped buying locally. Trash bags are the best ever.

11. GreenPolly Drawstring Kitchen Recycling Gallon

GreenPolly Drawstring Kitchen Recycling Gallon

There are 90 clear, tall kitchen recycling bags. Less wasteful packaging is in line with their company goals of sustainable development. Heavy duty 3 ply recycling bags made with the highest content of recycled plastic, which is a better choice than traditional trash bags made from 100% Virgin plastic using fossil fuels, are designed forDurability when collecting recyclables while also providing visibility to view contents. It is designed for use in municipal, clear-bag recycling programs. The products are made from post-consumer recycled plastic and 20% Green Polyethylene from renewable sugarcane.

Brand: Greenpolly

👤These bags are made from recycled materials. I knew when I bought them that they wouldn't be as strong as the other nonrecycled bags I had been using. I didn't think these bags were durable. The bag is usually ripped off the top half of the time, and I often try to fit it over the top of my garbage cans. I have begun double bagging my garbage with two of these bags, because I think one will rip. I have been successful by making sure I don't fill them all up, but then I find I am still using more garbage bags each week, which feels like it defeats the purpose of using eco-friendly bags. The corners of the boxes result in the bag ripping, so I have tried using these bags for my recyclables that are lighter. I applaud the manufacturers for their work because there is a need for a stronger bag and I hope they continue to work on it.

👤I was not expecting the bags to be as strong as non recycled plastic, but I am happy with them. I feel good about using a product that helps. The bags may tear a little easier, but they are worth it. They are more sturdy than your usual bag.

👤I placed my third order for these bags. I solved the tearing problem by giving the bag a little stretch before opening it. It was a nice snug fit. They are used for mixed stream recycling. The contents of the bag have never caused us to have any issues with leaks or tears. There is a I use these bags to line a 40 L / 10.6 Gal Simple Human recycling/trash can that takes a K size bag. These bags are very sturdy. The bag needs to be stretched a little to fit around the top of the can. The bag will split if it is stretched near the seam. It is still usable, but it is not very secure in the can. The bag is not stretched from the seam. I have used a whole box and am back for more, so clearly I like them enough to buy them again. I like them so much that I will recommend them to you.

👤The bags are a bit stronger than we expected. The product carton does not have a cutout to act as a dispensers area, but it is pretty study. We just cut a piece of the top of the box to feed the bags. There are two rolls of bags in a carton. The roll of bags is the same size as a roll of paper towels and has a single sheet of paper on top. This is not good or bad, it is unusual for this kind of bag. We live in an apartment with trash pickup. We have to separate our recycling from regular trash by putting it in a green or blue bag. The blue bag gets the job done.

👤I needed the bags sooner because my normal brand was back-ordered for months. I wanted eco-friendly and made from recycled product, however they are very thin and break easily with medium kitchen garbage. The bag tore right through when I pulled it out of the basket to replace it with a new one. The bag fell apart when I tried to pull it up. There is a The pull ties are terrible and I believe they make the bags weaker at the top portion.


What is the best product for eco friendly trash bags 30 gallon?

Eco friendly trash bags 30 gallon products from Reli.. In this article about eco friendly trash bags 30 gallon you can see why people choose the product. Simple Being and Hefty are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly trash bags 30 gallon.

What are the best brands for eco friendly trash bags 30 gallon?

Reli., Simple Being and Hefty are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly trash bags 30 gallon. Find the detail in this article. Neat Trash Bags, Unni and Glad are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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