Best Eco Friendly Trash Bags 8 Gallon

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1. Kitchen Drawstring Friendly Recycled Material

Kitchen Drawstring Friendly Recycled Material

100% guarantee! If you're satisfied, you can get your money back. Their quality products and customer service are what they pride ourselves on. The patented design of theImpossibleBAG ensures a strong plastic substitute while being 100% compostable without decomposing in storage for up to 2 years. Most of the trash bags in the market are thicker. It's easy to fit your trash can. The height is 27 inches and the width is 26 inches. The MIL is 22m. Manipulators know the things that make you act. Reduce high rates of plastic pollution by buying Alpha 13 gallon tall kitchen recycled trash bags. If you prove that the Alpha trash bags are thinner and smaller than the tall kitchen garbage bag you used before, you will receive a full refund. Plastic products are convenient to use and throw away, but they take a long time to break down. Alpha Trash bags are taking responsibility for their actions. The process of recycling involves converting waste into new materials. There must be a large supply of plastic. Some plastic are not eligible for this process. If they want to produce a product in light colors, they have to convert the plastic into white trash bags. The best way to reduce plastic pollution is to reuse it as a trash bag. Be aware! Who is responsible for saving the planet? Governments? What businesses? Or you? For sure! Everyone has a responsibility to save the planet. For sure! Everyone has a responsibility to save the planet.

Brand: Ankaflex

👤I thought I would try this brand since it seemed to have a lot of reviews. I should have stuck with the brands I know. These are very thin and tear and are not good for kitchen trash. Sometimes I have to double bag. I won't buy again.

👤These are terrible. I gave them away because they are so thin. There are many plant based backs that are better. These are the worst I have ever had.

👤I bought these garbage bags because they are eco-friendly, but the first bag barely fit in the trash can, even though the box says they are 13 gallon bags. This means that there is no folding over the top so that when you put something in, it pulls the bag into the can. I would've returned them if I hadn't thrown the box away. My husband put a shoe box in the bottom.

👤The bags are made from recycled material. Excellent quality for a good price. The bags are a perfect fit. Fast shipping. I will definitely be ordering again soon.

👤The trash bags are cheap. The strings break as soon as you cinch them up. The side has trash breaks through it. They are awful. On top of that they leak a lot.

👤The trash bags are easy to tie up. I purchased these because they are made from recycled products.

👤I like that these bags are eco friendly and sturdy, but they are not tight enough to fit my garbage can. My other 13 gallon bags had no problem, but these are too big and don't stay in the rim. If I throw something heavy in the garbage can, they will fall down.

👤I want to send this to every friend of mine because I never knew it was possible. I think it is an incredible gift because it is an opportunity to remove some of the most aggressive plastic we have in an hour environment. I have had it for several months now and I am excited to get more of it.

2. Biodegradable Degradable Compostable Environmental Protection

Biodegradable Degradable Compostable Environmental Protection

If you don't like their compost bin bags, just let them know what the problem is and they'll do what they can to make it right. Their trash bag is made from corn and other sustainable materials, and is completely Compostable, odorless, and non-toxic. Residents and seasides must buy trash bags. Plastic bags cause pollution. Green life and earth! Breakpoint design prevents tearing when taking out trash bags. The corners are leak-proof. A pack of 100 bags can be used for a month if a family uses it 3 times a day. You can add this bag to your purchases. Don't worry about having to buy a new trash bag in a few days. The strong and durable disposable trash bag has a thick and waterproof design. 11 lbs of durian, pineapple and water can be loaded. You should be careful when installing glass fragments and tiles to avoid tearing. Trash bags that can be used everywhere. The bag can be used for general household waste and food waste. It's suitable for kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, office and any other small trash bins of 3-6 gallons. It is also good for cleaning litter. When walking the dog, it is recommended to bring 1-2 small trash bags. When not in use, please store the trash bags in a cool and dry place to avoid overheating and degradation. They offer online response. Please click on the background help if you need help. They will help you choose a trash bag that is eco-friendly. Click the gold shopping cart to purchase it. When not in use, please store the trash bags in a cool and dry place to avoid overheating and degradation. They offer online response. Please click on the background help if you need help. They will help you choose a trash bag that is eco-friendly. Click the gold shopping cart to purchase it.

Brand: Techshare

👤I used the plastic bags from the grocery store for trash. The grocery store bags are fine, why spend money on expensive Hefty or Glad trash bags? I thought it was economical and efficient. We can't keep putting huge amounts of plastic into landfills. My grocery store stopped carrying the bags, and I've grown comfortable bringing my own cloth bags to the store. There is a I need to throw out the trash. I've been able to reduce household waste down to recycleables and kitchen garbage, so only needed bags for the kitchen stuff. These bags are bio-graded. Cheap! Sturdy! Don't leak! There is a They are the right size for me. The small size works well because I take trash out once or twice a day. Anything bigger. I had a big bag in my kitchen.

👤I use these in my office, bedroom and bathroom because they are sturdy enough for this light duty and they are a generous size. I'll be testing them in my kitchen soon, and I might add to this review once I've done that. I don't mind that these are more translucent than I thought. The pale green color is appealing to me. I believe there are more colors available. I don't have to feel guilty about adding to the earth's pollution because they are biodeficiency.

👤When I got these bags, I was worried that they would rip and send my garbage all over the floor, because they were very flimsy. That hasn't happened. They are strong even though they are thin. I usually close the bag when it is 1/3 full and it hasn't had any issues up to now. These are my go-to garbage bags.

👤This product is one that I would recommend to my friends and family. Material is different from others bag. I got a very flexible material. I will continue to buy them. The price is good for the product. It only supports small trash cans.

👤I was pleasantly surprised that this product works, I was initially concerned that it wouldn't hold up for regular garbage, but I am glad to have found this product, I try to be as gentle as possible to help our planet. This is the second time I have ordered.

👤I wouldn't call it thick, but it held up well on its first voyage, with a fair amount of weight and no tearing. I'm very happy with the bags, they're compact and easy to store in. Garbage bags without guilt is the best part.

👤The bags work. I need them to do something. If you are using them for heavy items, a bit on the thin side could rip easily. They work for me because I use them for my small bathroom trash pail. I love that they are not harmful to the environment. The bags were on the thin side.

👤The use of trash bags that are made of bio-degradable material will help the environment. The quality is very good and won't rot. I want to promote it to neighbors in the future so they can help protect the environment.

3. Glad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash

Glad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash

There are 13 Gallion plastic trash bags. Glad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash bags have stretchable strength, traps, locks and odors are eliminated to keep your kitchen smelling fresh. The last honeybee control is long. The bags that keep your kitchen free of trash odors and fresh scent with Febreze Freshness are durable. FORCEFLEX TECHNOLOGY: Glad's patented dual-layer protection is designed to give extra flex as it expands around sharp edges and heavy loads while resisting punctures, rips and tears. It is strong enough to handle the heaviest load and has double side seals and a reinforced bottom to trap liquids and prevent leaks. Multi-use fit is similar to simple human H, Q, K, M, N, J liners and trash cans. The bag is kept in place by the durable drawstring.

Brand: Glad

👤Oh my god, the perfume. I didn't think these things would smell so bad. After putting two bags into the trash can in my kitchen, the entire house smells like febreeze. The treatment is over the top. Yuck. I came back to Amazon today to buy new trash bags to throw them in. The smell is so strong that I just smelled my hands after putting the bags in. Maybe this is a manufacturing error. YUCK!

👤The bag held up well for me. Two months was the length of time I had. I decided to go with the scent. It's not overwhelming like others are saying. I read the reviews before buying it. I think it's a good thing to have your trash not smelling like trash, because it's not strong like they say. I'm disappointed that it isn't a strong smell like people claim. The whole smell of the trash can is not masked by it. It does more than a regular bag. I would say by 75%. Good enough for me!

👤I had trash everywhere, and the bags were splitting at the seams. The majority of the bags and from both rolls were not one or two bags. I was unable to return to Amazon because I exceeded my window on returns. There is a box full of useless trash bags.

👤I have been using these bags for a long time and they are my favorite. I immediately ordered this deal on Amazon because it was so cheap, it was worth the wait. After ordering, I started reading the reviews that said they were tearing easily and splitting at the seams. I ordered a huge box of knock off glad garbage bags because I know they are good, but I was a bit worried because I know people said they were bad, but I think they are. They came today. I stretched out a few of them and inspected the box and everything, they are the real bags, which are great kitchen garbage bags, and these are the best. I think they smell great. I don't smell them around my house, only when I open the garbage which is exactly what I want. The big box is going to last me for almost a year.

👤It's really durable and smells great.

👤I am not very sensitive to smells. The smell of Febreze is overpowering. I took an aspirin after moving the garbage can to the front porch to get rid of the smell, and also moved the bag out to the porch to get rid of the smell. I regret the purchase, but I don't want to release the other109 in the box.

👤My trash can has a flat back and an oval front. I bought the first bags a year ago that were easy to fit on the canister. The scent traps smells. If you don't over fill or make too heavy, it's very sturdy. We have two trash pick ups per week and I use two bags a week. I don't know if the scent/odor protection lasts more than five days. We keep our lid closed because we have dogs and cats. As long as it stays a Prime item, I will continue to purchase. The bags should last me at least two months.

4. Biodegradable Recycling Degradable Compostable Wastebasket

Biodegradable Recycling Degradable Compostable Wastebasket

100% satisfaction guarantee. They want to offer 100% satisfied customer service. If you don't like their trash bags in 30 days, you'll get a full refund. Let them know what you think about it. Small garbage bags are made of materials that are degradable. Garbage bags are no breakable, leakproof, extra strong or more durable. The liners are multi-function. Garbage bags can be used indoors and outdoors, but also for applications such as cat litter, dog dung, car waste, etc. They are easy to store and carry around. The liners are multi-function. Garbage bags can be used indoors and outdoors, but also for applications such as cat litter, dog dung, car waste, etc. They are easy to store and carry around.

Brand: Inwaysin

👤When we used to use a real biodegradable trash bag, it got moist when we took it out and felt like it would go back to nature, but this feels like a regular green plastic bag which will not biodegrade. If you read into the product, you will find no proof of biodeficiency.

👤The product is the same as described. The garbage bag is larger than the average. The compost bags I bought before were smaller than my trash can, so they were not much use. The compost bags are perfect for daily use. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤I needed this for cleaning people's homes and giving them bags made of recycled materials. They are meant for small trash bins, but are a little tall, so far I have not found a small trash bin that could fit it. If there is excess height after the bag is inserted, I fold it around the sides, squeeze it taught, twist it, and fold it under the bag's edge to make it look nice for my clients. Great bags, would buy again or recommend them. This solution makes me feel better. Make sure that all micro plastic is secured in bags before it goes to the landfill to avoid becoming hazardous litter. Thanks for the bags!

👤I am not sure if this bag is good for the environment as the company claims. I have used many other compostable materials and bags and this is the first that doesn't state on the bag that it is compostable. I used it for my compost bin and now I am worried that I have put plastic in our city compost. If you want a product that is good for the environment, I wouldn't buy it.

👤These bags are easy to use. They feel a bit thin, but they are strong. They have not made any holes. These bags are strong enough to hold full capacity.

👤The plastic bag ban has made it hard to find plastic bags in our home. I needed a bag that I could use for all the small garbage bags. These fit the bill. It makes me happy to know that they are not harmful to the environment. It's a must have item in your home.

👤I put some cat litter and dog poop in them. There is no problem at the moment. It is the same as the garbage bag I used before. I think anyone who cares about the environment should use more compost garbage bags.

👤These bags are great for bathroom trash cans. I don't recommend using small garbage bags for kitty litter. They don't contain odor well.

👤It is supposed to be a trash bin bag. It is quite thin. I am worried it won't hold enough trash or the bag will burst before I get to the dumpster. I still use extra bags. Trash bags are very expensive. I use two bags instead of one now because it's not that efficient. It would be great if it could improve in thickness.

5. Reli Compostable Trash Gallon Compost

Reli Compostable Trash Gallon Compost

When not in use, please store the trash bags in a cool and dry place to avoid overheating and degradation. They offer online response. Please click on the background help if you need help. They will help you choose a trash bag that is eco-friendly. Click the gold shopping cart to purchase it. Compostable is in municipal and industrial composting facilities. Compostable bags are green! These bags are made from plants. The D6400 is certified. The compost trash bags are tear- resistant. Reli is the one to rely on. Quality garbage bags are delivered by them.

Brand: Reli.

👤I think it's a bit deceptive to say that the bag is compostable, but not to say that it's not for backyard composting. I don't have a compost facility nearby. The first few bags in the roll had small defects that I noticed when I put the bag in my bin. I can't say that I didn't cause them, but that would make me think that bags aren't strong enough since I haven't done anything more than put them in the bin. The bags are barely large enough to fit in the bin, and the bags don't sit on the bottom, which is why the bin states it has a 5.3 gallon capacity. I will be looking for something that can compost in my backyard bin, and hopefully a bit larger than the rated capacity, because they're not bad.

👤I don't know these are home compostable so can't use them as planned. The packaging says Compostable in big letters, but the fine print says they are only for composting in municipal/industrial composting facilities and not for home composting. I didn't read carefully because the front of the box made me think that I didn't know what I was looking at. The bags are delicate and did not fit my trash can. I tried to stretch the bag to fit the can, but it quickly split. I put a second bag in the bucket. The 5 gal bucket is fine. I pulled the bag to tie the top and found it split on the side. My fault is that I didn't read carefully that the bags are delicate and that they are not home compostable.

👤The bags were bought to line my 7 gallon bin. When I stretch the bag around the top of the bin it will rip about 1/3 of the time. The compost bag doesn't go to the bottom of the bin, so there is more stress on the rim once I start filling it. The bag works well when it doesn't tear. When I put compost in the bottom like coffee grounds, I have not had any problems with leaks. The material is fine, but it is just the size that is off or not as advertised.

👤I bought these for a smaller trash can because they are compostable. I don't like going through a lot of plastic bags. Since they are too small, they don't stay on the edge and fall into the trash can the second you put something in it. The material is thin and has ripped before. Smaller cans for the bathroom and bedrooms and small batches of recycling would be great, but larger trash cans are not so good.

👤I have a bucket in my backpack. It is a very useful item in the wild. The bucket can hold a 6 gallon bag and amongst the young pines the whole contraption becomes a comfortable rest room. There is a The bags are fully compostable and once you find a nice place to bury the rest of the room, the bucket can go back to being a chair, a table, a live well, a small ladder, a foot spa, a drinks cooler, and a prospecting kit. I think there is hundreds more bags.

6. Reli Recyclable Eco Friendly Trash Gallon

Reli Recyclable Eco Friendly Trash Gallon

Reli is the one to rely on. Quality can liners are delivered by them. Go Green is made from recycled content. 20% post-consumer recycled It is certified by the SCS. 500 bags are for long- lasting value. It was built tough to help the environment. Can liners that are Eco Friendly. It was custom-designed to be tear-resistant, leak-proof, and friendly. It fits small cans. You should rely on it. Tailor-made for your house, office, car, bedroom, or business. You should rely on it. Tailor-made for your house, office, car, bedroom, or business.

Brand: Reli.

👤The waste bags are cheaper than the ones you get at the store. Their smaller size is useful for me. They are very thin. I usually put one bag inside of another for heavier waste loads, or use three. They are working well, and are cheaper than my local alternatives.

👤The bags fit the standard trashcans. I was drawn to them for their being Eco-friendly, but the fact that they can't handle heavy objects makes them unsuitable for my office of 25 people. If you are only dealing with paper, these will work well. They are dark colored and not translucent. They are being used in offices where trash is light weight. I wish they were stronger as we try to be environmental aware.

👤These work well for a kitchen garbage can. They feel like a grocery store bag and don't tear on every corner like cheap bags. I would like them to be two inches taller because they barely wrap over the lip of my can. I don't have enough slack to tie a good knot.

👤They puncture easily so you need to use two at a time, which is basically 500 bags for $45, I had searched for strong bags and these came up, but I'm not sure I would have bought them. There is a If you only use them for paper waste baskets or very light garbage, you'll be fine. Not to be used as garbage bags.

👤These bags are not damaged. They barely fit in a trash can. None of them have ripped on me so far. They do a good job, but not as well as I wanted. I will buy again. The price is great.

👤They are not good for bulky trash or anything with corners. The 6 gallon size is more popular than the 10. It's better for a bathroom garbage bin.

👤The bags are fine if they are used for paper or soft material that won't puncture them. We use them for the bathroom and my office.

👤They were bought for the office. It works well for small cans that aren't used for a lot of trash. If you don't empty the can often, you might want to get a thicker mil.

7. Full Circle Recycling Kitchen Gallon

Full Circle Recycling Kitchen Gallon

Code H is a company. The Simple human liner codes and the simple human Code H are registered trademarks of Simple human,. Simple human is not associated with the Delight Bags. 13 gallon capacity. The size is made from 80% recycled plastic and eco-friendly. Green and Earth Friendly for the Planet and the People. They were made in the USA with health, safety, and their environment in mind. They will breakdown in a few years and not degrade while on the shelf. They are ideal for many things, including your kitchen, office, living room, bedroom, bathroom, garage, and backyard. They can also be used as trash bags. For a cleaner earth and a cleaner future. Thanks for going green!

Brand: Full Circle

👤If you're like me, you want to make choices that are friendly to the environment. I bought these bags a year ago, and they lasted quite a long time, but they are only considered bio bags due to the use of chemical Additives that advance decomposition into bits. The bag doesn't actually break down. Instead, it is made of tiny micro-plastics. These are harmful to humans and the environment. These bio products don't disappear or feed the earth in their decomposition, they just take another shape. The companies that make these products aren't very transparent and it takes quite a bit of research to get to the truth. I'm still looking for a large impact or positive impact. Imagine a trash bag.

👤They are a pain, but I bought them because of their nature. They don't fit a standard trash can. I have to use tape to hold them. The search is on for a great bag.

👤Trash bags are the same size as kitchen trash cans. They are a bit thinner than conventional trash bags, but that can be expected. It did not affect us. They did not break or rip. I have a hard time with the smell of trash bags even though I am pregnant. These don't have any scent at all. We bought them because I wanted to use biodegradeable plates and utensils for the graduation party, but it didn't make sense to use non-biodegradeable trash bags. It doesn't make sense to use biodegradeable diapers if you're only going to put them in a trash bag. I intend to use them exclusively from now on. We can stop contributing to land fills if we do our part.

👤I was very excited about this product and I am very disappointed. It doesn't fit a standard-sized trash can, which I could have found my way around. The bigger problem for me was the fact that the bottom of the bag was 10 inches from the actual bottom, making the capacity even smaller. I don't know if I received a bad bag, but it has made it hard to use in my trash can, and it can't hold very much. I wanted to reach the seller directly but didn't see that option, so I'm wondering if it was a one time incident or if I should keep searching.

👤The bottom seal came apart in a third of the way through the roll. It seems that the seal applied at the plant may have applied too much heat. I have to inspect the bottom seal every time I get a new one, and if there are a few holes I have to put a rubber band around it. This action takes away from the 13 gallon size. I won't be buying these again.

👤Everyone is an expert when it comes to garbage. This one misses the mark after trying different brands. Its sole purpose is to receive and hold garbage that will end up in a landfill, never decompose, and then to make microplastics that choke our fish and destroy our environment. There is a It's not built for a trash bin called Simply Human that my local Bedbath& Beyond went out of business trying to sell. "elite" trash bins need "elite" trash bags, and it's not the right fit. Live and learn.

8. Gallon FORID Colorful Garbage Rubbish

Gallon FORID Colorful Garbage Rubbish

MEASUREMENT AND SCENTLESS is 21 inches wide. There are 8 gallon trash bags. The thickness is 0.48mil. Most of the trash bins are medium size. Their trash bags are free of smell. The double material is made of pure PE material, no smell, no breakable, more durable, and more eco-friendly. No space to leak can be found on the bottom. There are five colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow and Purple. They are perfect for storage. MULTIPURPOSE: This bag can be used to organize your holiday decorations, as well as store blankets, books and clothes according to season. The customer satisfaction is 100%. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Forid

👤The small trash bags by Forid are thin and cute. I was surprised that there are small trash bags that are in color, but everything else is on the market. Happy about the choice. They are much stronger than expected. The product is what it is described as. I use them for my small trash can in the bathroom and can decorate the floor in this way. I use them to wrap gifts for my family. great... Definitely, 'nuff said' There is a I hope my video helps you. Thank you for watching, I used the music title "Tango to Evolution" in this video. Consoul Trainin and Pink Noisy Original Mix was created by Anastasia Zannis. I bought this title from

👤These aren't thick. Unless you plan to put bricks in them, they are thick. Someone is looking for some kind of heavy duty trash bags. Good luck. The brands of 8 and 4 gallon trash bags that I have purchased are the best. They aren't wide enough. Although it's tight at the corners, I have a square can in my office and it has never ripped or fit right. Maybe a lot of people have large cans in their rooms, or maybe they think 8 gallons would fit a kitchen can.

👤I thought the trash bags were going to be thin and cheap, but I bought them anyway because I liked the colors. I was surprised to see that these bags are made well. I have never had a break or tear from the material. I'll definitely be buying more when mine runs out.

👤These bags are fun and colorful. It's great for color-coding. Make sure you get the right size. I change frequently. This is the second time I've purchased and have not experienced any damage.

👤These bags are great. When I clean my cat litter boxes, I use them as small trash bags. They are very tough and work well. The 4 gallon size is perfect for my needs. The bags are still working great and they are very tough. I use them to empty my litter boxes. They are used for small trash bags around the house. If you need a small and tough trash bag, I recommend them.

👤I could talk about trash bags. These have no flaws at all. They are the right size, they tear apart easily, and there are no drawstrings. There are no holes so far. There is a Can't open them? Rub the end of your paws. They are easy to open. Let me explain. A paper bag has advantages, but isn't waterproof. PE is an excellent choice with regards to environmental decay, and the lack of odor is a positive! The variety of colors is wonderful.

👤It wasn't easy to find suitable sized plastic bags among the grocery bag pile to reuse for the kitchen scrap pail. The pail fit the 4 gallon version very well. I would have to be careful while tying them up as they get full, but a slightly smaller one would work well enough. They are used in the small trash bins in the bathroom. No more bag hunting that is reuseable. There is a The bags are thin, but so far no leaks.

9. Reli Biodegradable Gallon Trash Count

Reli Biodegradable Gallon Trash Count

Post consumer content is 45% of recycled plastic. Premium value is 24"x26" with eco friendly 6-8 Gal toughness. Eco certified is degradable by soil, air and water. The U.S. standard is certified. It was custom-designed to be tear-resistant, leak-proof, and friendly. It fits small cans. Reli is the one to rely on. Quality can liners are delivered by them.

Brand: Reli.

👤They were in a small box when I received them. I opened 3 rolls and found a loose end, but no indication if I received 150 bags. The bags seem to be in the right size. So far, they seem strong for what they are, don't put anything heavy or wet in them. They do the job and fit the waste baskets I have.

👤My family decided to be more aware of the environment this year. We own a sustainable farm and have spent the last 25 years making permanent and achievable objectives part of our sustainable lifestyle. We have a whole house composting system and have solarized a building. One small change that is important is recycling organic materials on the farm rather than putting them in landfills. We bought a paper shredder last year and we wanted to find small bags that could be used in the shredder and in the small cans we use for food waste. These work well in our compost pile. I add a small amount of compost activator to each bag before it goes to the compost pile to help with the process. The bags were cheaper than the regular plastic bags we used. Even if you don't have a composting system, these will breakdown in a landfill since they are plant based. The larger sizes for our 13 gallon cans are the same or less money as regular plastic bags and will hold up, but they will eventually breakdown even in a land fill. The finished compost takes about a year to breakdown after which we use on our fields and orchards.

👤I hated using traditional plastic garbage bags because they added to the plastic problem. Before Reli, the only other alternative I found were tiny compost bags that fell apart easily and weren't practical for everyday garbage needs. Reli bags are the same strength as a normal plastic garbage bag, and are the right size. I don't know if plastic bags are any less expensive than Reli bags, but at about a dime each, I think they are worth the price. It's called a "splurge for the Earth" Thanks for helping protect the planet.

👤I used these to make a home made camper van toilet. They will put a bucket in a wooden box with a toilet seat. It is only used for emergency purposes. It was important that they were not harmful to the environment. We don't intend to litter. The bags will hold wet waste for 3.5 days before it degrades. They are perfect for my purpose because they will be taken away after use.

👤I didn't expect the bags to have large printing on them. Is the ink also non-biodegradable? That is the only issue with the bags. A plain bag is what I would prefer. I will not purchase them again.

👤We used a lot of bags. After cleaning up the 4th pile of garbage that spilled on the floor, we realized we would never use these again. Unless you love cleaning garbage off your floors, don't buy.

10. Hefty Trash Bags Recycling Bin

Hefty Trash Bags Recycling Bin

60 Hefty Recycling, blue, unscented, tall kitchen trash bags are in this package. Hefty Recycling bags are the only bags with odor control. The arm and hammer odor neutralizer fights odors to keep your recycling bin smelling fresh. The 13 gallon trash bags are easy to lift and transport because of the dependable drawstring closure.

Brand: Hefty

👤The bags are not compatible with recycling. I thought I could dump the whole thing in the big recycling bin. Community recycling programs can't take plastic bags. I have to dump everything out and throw the bag away because I can collect the recycling in this.

👤I use these bags for my recycling. My local recycling service told me not to use plastic bags for recycling. I asked about the bags. If the driver saw that I was using them, they wouldn't collect my recycling because it would potentially ruin the whole truck. Two weeks ago, I wrote to Hefty about this, but they haven't responded. How is a company going to promote a bag that makes everything not be recycled? I care about our planet and everyone who takes the time to recycle is mad and disappointed in this brand.

👤I bought these to help sort clothes before they are donated or moved to storage. I wanted them to be durable enough that I could keep my clothes in my storage locker, but they can't be used for that. I wanted something clear so I could easily see what was inside the garbage bags. There is a These bags are pathetic and have "runs", like pantyhose, which are legit more durable than these bags, as soon as I put a couple of articles of clothing in them. I don't believe these are marketed as recycling bags. The weight of any items in my small recycling bin would never fit in the plastic bags my company doesn't take. If you're going to use for recycling, use anything else. There is a This product is detrimental to the environment. I live in a city with a plastic bag tax mandate and I try to think of my waste in every area of my life, so I know if I need to double-bag garbage bags or throw them out. I thought I could trust the bags. I was wrong. I'm horrified that Glad would make something so bad.

👤These bags are terrible, they are thinner than grocery bags, and can't hold any weight. I will never buy them again. They are thick and never rip.

👤These bags are not good. They are stuck together. They rip when you try to separate them. To the drawing board again. I was looking for a clear contractors bag to hold my clothes so I can see what is in the bags. These are very thin and easy to rip. If my city allowed plastic bags in the recycling, I wouldn't be able to put them in them. The Hefty bags are not as strong as a regular trash bag.

👤These bags are terrible. They are made of inferior plastic which tears very easily, but I thought they were competitive. These are not what I wanted. I can't trust them to put dirty litter into it and it won't leak or tear. I thought they would be the same, but they are not as good as the glad model.

11. Compostable Inwaysin Recycling Unscented Wastebasket

Compostable Inwaysin Recycling Unscented Wastebasket

People around the world are looking for healthier, more sustainable living solutions. They want to help people achieve their goals while inspiring more people to do the same. Climate-friendly business has a positive social impact everywhere they touch. Strong and tough 6-7-8-9 gallon trash bags are what you can rely on. Garbage bags with a maximum strength of 8 gallons are thicker than most brands. Compostable and eco-friendly, added plant starch material to be broken down into water and CO2 without causing damage to the environment. Inwaysin garbage bags are safe for pregnant women and babies. The clear trash bags make it easy to sort out the trash for recycling. The opening is easy to open. The star sealed bottom is leak-proof. Inwaysin trash bags fit in the trash compactor bag. Small trash bags 8 gallon are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The pack has 5 rolls of 20Pcs coreless medium trash bags in 8 gallon bags. Garbage bags serve most trash bins well. 100% SATISFACTION. The superior quality of their products is something they are proud of. If you are not satisfied with their trash bags, please contact them. They care about their customers so they appreciate honest feedback. 100% SATISFACTION. The superior quality of their products is something they are proud of. If you are not satisfied with their trash bags, please contact them. They care about their customers so they appreciate honest feedback.

Brand: Inwaysin

👤I ordered them to be used in my trash bin. The larger size is a tad on them. I ordered them that way. I like to have a bigger bag so I can add more stuff when I pull it out. These bags are very strong. I was pleasantly surprised. It is a bonus that they are friendly with the environment. There are 5 rolls of trash bags in this one pack. I think that will last me a long time. I have used these bags in the laundry room as well. They can be used in a variety of trash bins.

👤The bags don't seem to have a good way of tearing apart, so you end up pulling a hole in them when you pull them apart. Unless you are prepared to cut them apart, don't buy them.

👤The bags are light. There are a few on the rolls that are not usable, but only a few in the previous set. The bag run was in one of the rolls. The seller ships fast, but their pricing is starting to surpass major brands considering what you get, and it's never a bad bag or struggle with tearing a bag off as they are individual and not on a roll.

👤I use these to hold the waste from my cat box. I use them to line the mini metal trash can. I have to keep the cat box in my room, so I use the bin to control the odors there. They are the right size for my needs. I love that they are not oil based. One more way to reduce plastic usage in my home. I think they were a good value for an excellent product and I won't have to buy them again for a long time.

👤The bags are ok but they rip when I try to wrap them over garbage. I bought these because they were less expensive than another brand, but now I know you get what you pay for.

👤I use these to clean the cats litter boxes. I don't like using so many plastic bags that will never degrade so I bought these hoping they would be sturdy enough. They have exceeded my expectations. I put them in my bathroom trash can. I will be buying them again.

👤These bags are adequate for dry paper trash. The reason for a 3 star review is the fact that the bag should not tear off the roll. I have to use scissors.

👤These work well in my bathroom and kitchen. They hold up to a lot of kitchen waste. They do not come apart easily at the dotted line and can tear a hole in the bag if you are not careful. Otherwise, a great value. I will buy again.


What is the best product for eco friendly trash bags 8 gallon?

Eco friendly trash bags 8 gallon products from Ankaflex. In this article about eco friendly trash bags 8 gallon you can see why people choose the product. Techshare and Glad are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly trash bags 8 gallon.

What are the best brands for eco friendly trash bags 8 gallon?

Ankaflex, Techshare and Glad are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly trash bags 8 gallon. Find the detail in this article. Inwaysin, Reli. and Full Circle are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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