Best Eco Friendly Utensils Camping

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1. EcoFairy 300 Piece Compostable Utensils Biodegradable

EcoFairy 300 Piece Compostable Utensils Biodegradable

EcoFairy has a set of disposable forks and spoons made from plants. There is a box with 125 spoons, 125 forks, and 50 knives. The disposable set is strong and durable. This camping spoon fork knife combo is tough and sturdy, so you can enjoy your salad or steak without having to worry. Their camping cutlery set has everything you need for a waste-free lifestyle, whether you are out on a picnic, hosting a gathering, or just don't want to do the dishes. Natural corn-based sustainable products can be washed, reused, and endure daily use with proper care. Their non-bpa and Gmo-free dinnerware set is safe for your family and the planet. The disposable utensils are 100% non-polluting.

Brand: Eco Fairy

👤They are sleek and a good size. I will be using them for my food business.

👤These were bought for future holidays with family. Don't feel guilty about using disposable utensils, and don't have to cook. Everyone wins.

👤I liked everything. They had a rich creamy color and were not sheer. My paper products were well complemented by them.

👤I was looking for disposable silverware that was sturdy and could handle large meals. I am very happy with the product so far.

👤We buy them at the office. I haven't heard of a complaint after buying for 2 years.

👤We have been using them in our office for a few weeks and they seem great.

👤The cutlery looks good. It's perfect for a picnic. The rating of sturdiness and durability is based on the category.

👤My kid is on zoom and eating non stop. I need an alternative to help me do dishes all day long. There is a Quality is very sturdy.

2. Onwon Reusable Chopsticks Friendly Utensils

Onwon Reusable Chopsticks Friendly Utensils

The spoon, fork, and knife have lengths of 6 and 6.5 inch, respectively. They offer a Lifetime Money Back or Replacement Guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied. All natural eco-friendly bamboo cutlery set includes fork, spoon, knife, straw, chopsticks. Don't use plastic flatware and enjoy nature. bamboo is hard to wear and it is healthy and durable. Natural bamboo is used in camping utensils that do not have any other chemicals. They don't use dyes or bleach in their bamboo, and they use food grade wood oil to cover the cutlery set that won't hurt your hands and skins. Health and safety of your family and friends is their top priority. A portable set of utensils is lightweight and easy to carry. The bamboo travel cutlery set is 888-282-0465, it can be 888-282-0465 in your purse bag, backpack, or lunch box. You can carry it in your carry-on bag. It's great for travelling, outdoor camping, picnic, barbecue, kids school lunch, office use. Join the ECO FRIENDLY movement and ditch disposable plastic utensils. When you pick up food, you will need a wooden set. The bamboo utensils are not harmful to the environment. A vegan gift for friends and family. The washing brush can enter from both ends of the bamboo straw. The eco-friendly tableware can be washed in the dishwasher. The bamboo yellow color is adorable and adds more fun to the dining experience.

Brand: Onwon

👤The size of this product is too large for eating. There is a The quality isn't the best.

3. Portable Reusable Tableware Eco Friendly Non Toxic

Portable Reusable Tableware Eco Friendly Non Toxic

Simple and modern design, smooth texture, pastels. A travel utensil set with case is a perfect gift. If there is a problem, please contact them so they can provide lifelong replacement service for you. There are four sets of portable wheat straw cutlery in different colors. Each case set includes a fork, spoon, and knife. It is easy to store and clean. Travel utensils are made of natural wheat straw. It's lightweight but durable. The dishwasher and microwave are dishwasher safe. The combination is an excellent alternative to plastic. The design of the portable cutlery is simple and elegant, with beautiful pastels, smooth edges, and a good grip for adults and children. The case box is 8.2 x 2.3 x 1 inch. The portable set is well placed in the case and can be used for a long time. Cut back on the use of single use utensils. It is definitely a meaningful gift for your family and friends. Wheat straw is widely used. It can be put in a lunch box. Travel utensil set with caseis is perfect for outdoor activities.

Brand: Niurewan

👤These are easy to pack, use, and clean. When I leave my silverware at home, I don't have to worry about having the right utensils for the salad I just delivered. Those days of utensilless days are over. I am giving a bunch to my coworkers when I leave this set here at work. Spread the love!

👤I bought a set for a young family. They are perfect. A friend of mine doesn't like metal utensils. There is a They come in a case.

👤I travel a lot and having a good set of plates and cups to carry is great. It's nice that it has a matching case. I like the colors as well.

👤No trajo Cuchara, pero azul vino con dos (2) tenedores. There is a Para los momentos actuales, son prcticos y funcionales.

👤Everyone loved these gifts. It's good to have your own set since our job utensils aren't always available. The wheat straw was perfect because we can't bring in metal.

👤My sister loves them because they are very durable. She said they don't leave a weird taste like metal spoons do, so it's a good purchase.

4. Bamboo Chopsticks Straw Cleaning Carabiner Excellent

Bamboo Chopsticks Straw Cleaning Carabiner Excellent

You will love this look. The kitchen accessories set is made from beautiful color and wood that looks great. Looking for a unique gift? You have found it. You can upgrade your kitchen in an instant with your set. Eco-friendly and food safe. They use a top grade, Natural, vegan, Food-safe sealant on the bamboo travel utensil set to further ensure their durability, finished with a top grade, food safe wood oil, put an end to disposable plastic utensils, Save the planet one meal at a time with their natural bamboo travel Light weight, strong and long lasting. These bamboo travel utensil sets are dishwasher safe, they are beautiful, durable, and comfortable to use, and they won't stain or absorb flavors. It is easy to carry with you, the pouch is 9 inches by 2 inches, and it is not messy when you put the utensils back inside. For home or travel. The bamboo travel utensil set is secured with a hook-and-loop closure, which keeps them clean while traveling, and should be fine to bring with you when you go to work or play. The set includes a bamboo fork, bamboo spoon, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo straws, a Straw-cleaning brush, and a travel pouch and carabiner.

Brand: Bamboo Essentials

👤I use them with food that is moist and they splinter every time I wash them. Even after rinsing, they have a faint taste. I wanted to love them, but they didn't do it for me.

👤The quality of the set was very good. I bought them as a travel set, but have used them at work as well. I wasn't looking for a set with a straw because I was fond of the straw. It is very sturdy, easy to use, and I am comfortable using it again when it is cleaned with the included brush. I have used my dishwasher to wash the utensils. It will be nice to have a light weight when travelling.

👤The set was difficult to clean, but I wanted to love it, but it was difficult to do. I decided this set was too inconvenient after trying out a different brand. I wouldn't recommend it. The straw was a nice add on and the container was sturdy.

👤I need a new set of bamboo lunch utensils because my others are in storage. This set is very nice. I like that the knife can cut into vegetables. There are no weird smells or splintering. A picture of the sizes compared to regular cutlery is included. I would like to address the comments about them splintering. It's a good idea to massage a little olive, vegetable, or whatever cooking oil on the bamboo utensils once every few washes. This is a good way to cut boards. It helps keep the wood clean.

👤I got this for my husband. I bought another brand a long time ago. My review will compare. The way this is built is great. It has a straw with it. When I'm out, I shove the glass ones in there because mine didn't have a straw. The straw cleaner is in there as well. Well done! I like the shape of the fork more than the one I use. The other implements are just as good as mine. The case is the same as mine. I'm fond of the fact that these are not as smooth. Mineral oil has helped them. They should be protected so they last longer. People think it's great to have your own chopsticks to eat Asian food. It's a good thing. I recommend that you buy these. Since we bought these, the number of straws, forks, and spoons we put in the landfill has gone down. I would like everyone to buy a set and carry them around so they can use them when they eat out or just get a drink on the go. Good product for you, good product for the Earth!

👤I like this set. I was expecting smooth bamboo since it is coated in plastic or the like, but I was surprised when I had to file down a few places to avoid splinters. They work well. I plan to take it with me on all the traveling I will be doing this year.

5. EcoBuddies Disposable Birchwood Friendly Biodegradable

EcoBuddies Disposable Birchwood Friendly Biodegradable

The BRC FSC has certificates. EcoBuddies has wooden disposable silverware that makes a difference. The set of 150 wooden disposable utensils is made with Birchwood and is designed to be used in style without sacrificing values. Make your next party, wedding, or event conscientious and classy. The rustic wood grain of your disposable cutlery makes it stand out from the crowd. durable. Wooden utensils work! Your disposable flatware is very sturdy and smooth, working with zero waste. Plastic utensils are filled with questionable chemicals and are not safe to serve. The wooden cutlery set is free of chemicals, dyes, and waste. Branch out with confidence in the quality of your disposable silverware set. Your set is the result of years of expertise.

Brand: Ecobuddies

👤It was horrible and unusable. They warp and crack when they touch food or liquid. My friend had a splinter on her lip. Think dry tongue depressor, wood is so dry you can't even take a bite of your food. The spoon was small and flat and warped when it touched food. The forks don't fit any food on them. They crack. We had to replace the plastic utensils after they started eating because they were so embarrassing.

👤The seller did not have any plastic wrapping for these.

👤The utensils are better than the plastic ones. It is very sturdy to hold. Great for the environment. The package is cardboard and not plastic. It is highly recommended to anyone. Will buy again.

👤I was very disappointed in the way these arrived. The box corners were tucked in but the spoons and forks were open and anyone could open them. I am not happy with the way they look, they are more like popsicle sticks than spoons and forks. I am not happy with this product and will return it.

👤I like a wood taste. I like it a lot. I've had a few that have cracked. Not really a problem for me.

👤I was having a party to start off my wedding weekend. The silverware was not a big deal in the party. I ordered these because I was interested in the wooden ones. They were better to use than I thought, but also The Daisy showed interest in the party, and if the guest had any feedback, I was impressed. I would recommend this brand of eating utensils to anyone I buy from this seller.

👤The box was missing a lot of things. They were really disappointed that they couldn't close the box.

👤We bought these for use at an elementary school since we are trying to cut down on waste. These seem great. The box is easy to store. The utensils look better than plastic and fit our needs.

6. SUNNYHILL Eco Friendly Portable Biodegradable Chopstick

SUNNYHILL Eco Friendly Portable Biodegradable Chopstick

The skin-friendly and eco-friendly material will not harm your body or the environment. The package includes a fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks, and a portable snap-tight dinnerware Case. This wheat straw utensil set is worth your time, because it is a Nordic simple style design. chopsticks are more convenient for your use. The chopsticks are great for eating Asian dishes. The set is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Food grade wheat straw is environment friendly and durable. Reusable utensils can be used to reduce plastic waste. Wheat straw material is easy to carry and store, you can put it in bento boxes, backpacks, wallet or other bags. The chopsticks fork spoon knife set is an essential accessory for travelling, camping, party, school, office or daily meal. It is not expensive and can be used as a special gift. When you open the box, you will smell a faint scent of wheat. The box is strong. It is light and convenient, but it may not be very strong. It is enough to meet your needs, but please treat the cute knife, fork, spoon and chopsticks with care.

Brand: Sunny Hill

👤I only give it three stars because they melted so quickly. I have a habit of eating my food very hot and the chopsticks and forks got damaged. These were so convenient that I wish they didn't get ruined.

👤I like the design and the color choices but the box doesn't stay closed well and this is frustrating as I use it for travel. I have a set in my car door and whenever I grab it, the box has come apart and the utensils are laying in my car door, which is gross. They should redesign the case.

👤I work in a prison and no metal is allowed. These are the places I go to for everything. I keep them in my lunch box and get asked a lot about them.

👤I bought these for my lunch bag to reduce my plastic waste. I wouldn't use them on hot food because they seem to melt.

👤These utensils are portable. I can use my own utensils on the plane. I bought a bunch for my friends.

👤I know what comes in the packaging, I have purchased several of these. I knew that my last order was not new. When I eat away from home, I prefer to use my own utensils, but getting a used product defeats the point. If that matters to you, skip this item.

👤The kit was a great idea for camping. I only received one chopstick. The company charged me for the replacement even though I missed the window of time to return the product. It was a disappointment.

👤I ordered two sets of flatware for my children. It comes with a fork, spoon, knife, and chopsticks, all in a sturdy snap case. They love them.

7. BRITUMS Lightweight Unbreakable Chopsticks Tableware

BRITUMS Lightweight Unbreakable Chopsticks Tableware

It can be used for daily meals or carried with you for school, work or on the go. The gift is perfect for family or friends. The tableware set is made of healthy wheat straw and includes 1 pc chopsticks, 1 pc fork, 1 pc spoon, and 1 pc knife. It's enough for a day's use. Portable& Stylish Beautiful design, stylish,removable,compact, and portable suitable for school lunch box, camping, go just being on the go for your lifestyle needs. Reusable travel utensils set is eco-friendly. A good replacement for disposable plastic is a good replacement for plasitic flatware. Just take up little space, carried on backpack or hand bag or luggage at ease, with a lightweight carrying case. It's perfect for office, school, lunch, travel, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Four different colors of wheat straw cutlery sets are orange, blue, green, and yellow. It's a perfect gift for your family or friends.

Brand: Britums

👤I like that these utensils are portable and come in a useful case. So far, they seem to last a long time. They are easy to clean. The pictures on the seller's page are in the same colors. So far, so good.

👤What a great idea. You can see from the pictures that the handles have to be disconnected to fit into the case. I leave this in my bag because I always look for utensils to take to work with.

👤The set is easy to assemble and designed well. We are going to Europe and I bought this set for us. It will fit in my purse and will be great to have with me when I travel. Love the color!

👤I was eating a salad, not a bowl of rocks, when the fork and knife broke. I could not interchange with another stem because of the broken fork and knife top. I bought the set to be eco-friendly and it will have to be thrown away after one meal. It's a waste in every way. The plastic fork and knife that are meant to be disposable are infinitely stronger. I'm amazed at the positive reviews. This is the worst product I have ever bought.

👤Don't plan on eating anything other than cereals with the knife, it was the first to break cream cheese to put on a bagel. The chopsticks are plastic and hold nothing well while trying to grab things, and the spoon is an awkward depth for spooning purposes. I might be just mad. I can't return these and they are completely trash, just spend 10 extra dollars and get a nice set.

👤I have been using bamboo utensils, but wanted something more compact. The knife broke during its first use. I think the fork is close behind. It is back to bamboo.

👤This set is great to have in my bag. The container is small and light, and the utensils are sturdy. It's a great item to include in kids' or grown-ups' lunch boxes.

👤I loved it. These are not good. I can't use my fork anymore because it broke. These were perfect for a small lunch box.

8. BAMBOODLERS All Natural Eco Friendly Biodegradable Compostable

BAMBOODLERS All Natural Eco Friendly Biodegradable Compostable

Soap making kit, powdered Pigments set, soap making dye, hand soap making supplies, and mica powder organic for soap mold are included. Bamboodlers are eco-friendly. Bamboodlers are all natural and do not contain harmful chemicals. Look awesome, stylish, modern, cool are some of the words you will hear from guests. It shows everyone that being eco-friendly can be stylish and classy. CONVENIENT - Throw them away and have peace of mind.

Brand: Bamboodlers

👤I wanted to host a party. I wanted to use wooden utensils. It was a great way to start a conversation. The spoon is too shallow for liquid. Everything is in a single use plastic bag. The purpose of this product is to help reduce impact and stop single use plastic. The purpose and value of the product are lost when it is in plastic.

👤The salad was stabbed by the forks, the spoons worked like spoons, and the knife could have been better, but it did it's job. I bought these for my wedding and they look great, they are sturdy and work well with my eco tablewear. I would buy them again for any other event.

👤I bought these because I was starting to feel bad about my role in murdering the environment, and I used to use plastic utensils in the past. I have purchased disposable dishes, but they are still nice to have around. This is the best solution I have found before. I don't have a facility that is capable of composting the plastic that is out there. This is the best thing to do at the moment. The wooden spoons are a bit shallow, the wooden knives are not as sharp as you would think, and the wooden forks are more like sporks, but they can get the job done. They add a wood flavor to whatever you're using, but again, they get the job done, and I feel less guilty about my role in killing the environment.

👤The pros of this cutlery far outweigh the cons, and the shapes could be a little better for scooping and stabbing the food. I ordered them to be used for a large family gathering later this month, and I guarantee that after my guests see and use them, they will all be converts, because the cost difference between bamboo and plastic is minimal. Every little bit helps when trying to save the environment. I am very happy with this product.

👤I was looking for something that would fit our theme of woodsy and also something that was eco friendly. These are fantastic. They were easy to roll up in dinner napkins to fancy up, and we were using bamboo plates. Would definitely recommend.

👤I bought these for a work event because I can't stand plastic. All of them arrived undamaged and did not break during use. Awesome product. Everyone was curious. One person said they don't like having wood in their mouth. There is a Most people threw their utensils into the bin. When using these items, I recommend putting a compost bin front and center.

👤I had high hopes for this, but was disappointed. Many of the forks and knives were not smooth on the edges and you could get splinters in your mouth from using the forks in particular. The quality of the forks and spoons is poor. I wouldn't buy these again. I didn't want our guests to get splinters so I put most of them in the compost bin.

9. Portable Utensils Firestar Silverware Stainless

Portable Utensils Firestar Silverware Stainless

It is suitable size. The box size is 21x6x 2.5 cm, knife size is 19 cm, spoon size is 16 cm, and fork size is 15 cm. The 8-piece Travel Utensils Set includes a dinner knife, dinner fork, dinner spoon, chopsticks, straw cleaning brush, straight straw, bent straw, carrying case. The portable silverware set is perfect for your dining needs. Outside activities include office, travel, picnic, school, camp and other things. Safe and Eco-friendly. The silverware set is made of premium food grade steel which is rust resistant and durable. It's ideal for daily use. Let them be the defenders of the Earth and stop using single-use plastic flatware. It's easy to clean the dishwasher. It's easy to carry. Firestar's utensils with carry case is small and can be carried anywhere in your bag. Put the tableware in a box and wash it. It's a very good helpers for camping, hiking, picnicking, home travel, and eating on the go. Degin isLuxury and elegant. The rounded curves make the dinning more pleasing. The premium texture of the portable utensils makes the meal unique immediately. Enjoy the simple and cheerful food. Customer service is the best. Their shop became a high quality home store. They have a very supportive service team that will be happy to help. There are options for a refund or product replacement.

Brand: Firestar

10. Knork Ware Eco Plant Based Utensil

Knork Ware Eco Plant Based Utensil

The perfect gift idea is a set of Eco-friendly wooden cutlery for vegetarian friends, girlfriends, buddies, roommates, parents, kids, husband, wife, teacher at Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving Day, etc. This is a great gift for any occasion. Composts are made from plant based bamboo and sugar case starch. Certified testing over 450+ commercial dishwasher washes is required for dishwasher safe. With one hand, you can easily cut through food with the Knork design. Make the switch from single-use plastic that is harmful to the environment. It's one fifth of the greenhouse gases. It's safe. The materials are tested to the strictest standards. Palate free as well as fda regulation compliant.

Brand: Knork

👤Does not survive in the dishwasher. If you stick the fork or spoon in a hot meal it will melt. They were thrown out because they were not worth the return. Back to searching.

👤We only use plastic or wooden utensils because my husband can't tolerate the sounds of clinking silverware. I bought these to replace some plastic utensils that don't seem to be made anymore. These are made from bamboo and look plastic, but I love that! The forks are sharp. The sides of the forks have been commented on by guests. I had been afraid that they were serrated, which is why I hadn't bought them sooner, but they actually look like normal forks, except that they can cut! We had one fork break when my daughter tried to use it to smash a banana that was not quite ripe enough, which we usually do with a fork, but these cannot hold up to that kind of pressure. They should not be put in hot liquids, which makes them unsuitable for soup. The spoons are perfect. I love the colors. I would like it if the set came with actual knives. Overall, I love these and would buy them again.

👤These are eco friendly. I like the design and colors. The quality of the disposable plastic forks is better than the spoons. I was washing it for the first time and it snapped. I would not want them to be eco friendly if I knew they would not last forever.

👤I was so excited to get these but I am very disappointed. The tong broke the first time we used it, as my 9yr old daughter was eating cut up honeydew melon. Very dangerous. The picture is attached to a piece of paper.

👤I don't like the taste of metal. I tried to find an alternative and gave these a try. I have been using them for all my meals for a month now and I love them. I was hesitant to buy them because I thought the cutting edge on the forks might cut the sides of my mouth, but that hasn't been an issue. They've been through the dishwasher multiple times without any problems, and I haven't had a break yet. I will be happy if I get a year out of them.

👤In the first shipment, there was one broken fork, but no serious damage to the shipping container, so that should have told me that this item is not durable. The forks were replaced by Amazon with a free replacement. They can melt while eating hot food or even while eating a salad. The spoons seem to be sturdy. I don't know why a more permanent utensil is shoddy, since my high-quality compostable forks do not break, have mild heat resistance, and are durable.

👤The fork points bent almost immediately when I used them to hold a piece of chicken that had been rested for a few minutes. I will give them that.

👤The weight bought for use in the RV was a pleasure to use. If you want to make noise while driving, buy regular steel utensils instead of cheap plastic that you buy in a package and dispose of. These are a better choice than leaving a carbon footprint. They come in large areas. I gave this as a demo run so you can decide if you want to buy the larger pack.

11. Portable Utensils Silverware Eco Friendly Stainless

Portable Utensils Silverware Eco Friendly Stainless

Heavy Duty and 3D Design. The utensils have a curvy grip. Bamboware utensils are made out of bamboo and are top rated. High quality food grade 430stainless steel and natural wood cutlery/flatware set are good for your health. The knife fork and spoon are included. It's ideal for eating noodles, soups, dessert,cake and so on. It is convenient to carry the case in your bag, backpack or rucksack, and it is food grade PP Plastic, which is durable and stylish. It's ideal for multi situation where you can use it in the car, camping, scouts, lunch box, caravan, holidaying and more. It is an environmental protection way to use disposables. The upgraded case is made of more sturdy material. The lip of the case was improved. They need to ship thousands of utensil set to Amazon so there is a chance that 1 might be broken in transit. They will send you a new case if you contact them. They hope that every customer leaves a review to help others. It was a really good choice.

Brand: Hicorfe

👤I take my lunch to work in an office building that does not have a cafeteria. I wanted to keep a set of disposables at my desk so I searched for a set that could be cleaned in the break room. The wooden handles, slim case and size of the utensils made me choose this set. They are larger than most disposables. The slim box is a perfect fit for them because it takes little space in a desk drawer and the lid snaps shut so they don't spill into the drawer. There is a I wanted to show that the knife is sharp enough to cut meat. It's great for leftovers. We have a microwave that warms food. There is a The wooden handles fit my hand well. No splinters. I would recommend these for anyone who is looking for a set of utensils.

👤The best thing about these is that they have their own storage container. The container is dishwasher safe and there is two sets. We have used them for a week now and they seem to be sturdy, we use them six days a week in our lunch bags for work. Since I have been looking for lunch utensils, I hope so. I am hoping to have these for a long time since they are different from others that are plastic. The knife is a mix between a steak and a butter knife. Being able to cut chicken or pork chops makes you feel good. I will update if something changes.

👤I finally realized that I needed to have my own silverware at work. Maybe better than the utensils I use at home. There is a I work in a retail store that sells camping gear and there was nothing comparable to the quality that I was looking for at such a good price. I use it at home, but it is nicer. There is a The spoon is a good size for eating soups and chili. The knife has a sharp edge. The wooden handles are very sturdy. The plastic case is a plus. There is a My co-workers are jealous. Don't hesitate to buy.

👤This set is very nice and cheap. The knife cuts very well, which was my biggest concern. The case makes it easy to carry dirty utensils without getting anything else touched.

👤The product description mentioned it was a full size utensils, but I didn't see any of the other comments. After I received the product, I noticed it was a little bigger than I had expected. The spoon, fork, and knife are all functional and come with a sturdy case. I hope wooden hand pieces don't fall off after being washed. I can replace the entire utensil set if the wooden piece falls apart since the case is large enough for a regular spoon and fork. The seller advised a customer not to put it in a dishwasher, even though the description said it was dishwasher safe. More to come.

👤The silverware sets are great for packing. They are stored in a nice container so they are not lost in your bag. It's really heavy duty too. Don't break while trying to eat. 2 sets too! My daughter and I are going somewhere.


What is the best product for eco friendly utensils camping?

Eco friendly utensils camping products from Eco Fairy. In this article about eco friendly utensils camping you can see why people choose the product. Onwon and Niurewan are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly utensils camping.

What are the best brands for eco friendly utensils camping?

Eco Fairy, Onwon and Niurewan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly utensils camping. Find the detail in this article. Bamboo Essentials, Ecobuddies and Sunny Hill are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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