Best Eco Friendly Utensils Disposable Individually Wrapped

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1. Woodland Premium Disposable Wooden Cutlery

Woodland Premium Disposable Wooden Cutlery

It's possible. The silverware set can be put in the dishwasher many times. The utensil set will not end up in the environment. Waste-free cutting is possible with the Woodland Premium Cutlery made from natural Birchwood. Prepare for any event without creating plastic waste with the PLANET-FRIENDLY PARTY PACK. The jumbo wood cutlery set has 50 forks, 50 spoons, 50 knives and is packed in travel bags with 3 utensils. Eating is easier with sharper knives and deeper spoons. Nook & Fork's wooden cutlery set is so sturdy that it won't break mid-bite like flimsy plasticware. BENEVOLENT BIRCH is safe to eat with chemical-free and non-GMO disposable wooden utensils. They have a zero-waste option that you can choose instead of the harmful plastic. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, their strong, sturdy biodegradable cutlery set travel packs, and high quality serving box are strong enough to keep your table clean.

Brand: Nook & Fork

👤I like texture when it comes to what goes in my mouth. Is the Styrofoam cup touching my lips? Not a chance. The feel of wood was not pleasurable. What does this mean for me? I will use these when I backpack, to keep in my cars, and take with me when hiking, Mt biking, and other activities. The utensils are strong. I used the fork to cut waffles that were nice and toasty hard. There was no break. I used the knife to cut my waffle. I used a spoon to remove dried bee's wax from my pour rig. I tried coating a fork with coconut oil. They could be rubbed with oil like other kitchen tools. The use for outdoor activities was concluded. The packets are very good, the paper ties around the various utensils are easy to break. Will I purchase more of this product? You will. I like to treat our planet well. It is a very functional product. I don't like plastic.

👤The spoons hold more objects than plastic ones. It works well for pudding and cereals. I wouldn't try to cut meat with the knives because they are serrated and do a good job on sandwiches. The forks aren't useful for stabbing items. I tried to eat a salad with one but had to use a salad fork. There are sealed packets for the lunches to go. It is very convenient. I'd like to see smaller package sizes at cheaper prices, just as we will use the spoons the most, but there's a lot of pieces included.

👤If you have an outdoor gathering, these are perfect. The knife and fork were efficient enough to scoop up food, and the knife had no issues cutting through chicken. It took a fair amount of pressure to break them. I wouldn't use them for a family meal on a daily basis, but for pack up lunches and gatherings they are ideal. I didn't know how they would hold up in a dish washer, but I soaked in water overnight and they were still in tact.

👤I am overjoyed that more companies are making products that are sustainable. It is in a cardboard package. Nook & Fork's wooden utensils are above average, even though other wooden utensils are poorly engineered and flimsy. I can take the individually paper wrapped utensils with me when I go out the door because they are wrapped in paper. This product is very good. There is a Someone wrote a 1-star review for this product that was unfair to the wooden utensils themselves. The product should be able to stand on its own.

👤The display box is very sturdy and easy to put away, so it's not hard to put away. It looks nice and is well designed. They included little sealed up packages of cutlery sets that are easy to throw in my husband's lunch to take to work. This product is similar to plastic wear because it is not for cutting super tough things and the forks don't jab as well as silverware, just to have our expectations set. Overall, they are a good set of utensils and are very sturdy, see my video to see how they are compared to plastic ware. The feel of the wood against your mouth was not something I was happy with. It's not rough, but it doesn't slide off your tongue. Like plastic would. It's worth it to save the planet. There is a I'm happy with my purchase and I'm looking forward to seeing if my friends and family notice a difference when I take this box to an event. I'm happy to help the environment and use a well designed product.

2. Dharmas Path Disposable Bamboo Cutlery

Dharmas Path Disposable Bamboo Cutlery

Four different colors of wheat straw cutlery sets are orange, blue, green, and yellow. It's a perfect gift for your family or friends. Enjoy your event without waste and have the convenience of disposable utensils. The disposable cutlery is made of wood. It's an excellent alternative to plastic. Their disposable cutlery is strong and easy to clean, and it's great for serving steak soaked in bbq sauce, stew, soup, or pasta. Their rustic yet modern wooden utensils set is perfect for PATIO PARTIES, BBQS, TRAVEL, and EVERYDAY USE. It's perfect for hosting a birthday party at home, a picnic at the park, or using it as outdoor camping cutlery. The Dharma's Path value pack includes 125 forks, 100 spoons, and 75 knives. They've included 2 cotton bags that you can use for storage or packing up the cutlery for travel. 100% bio-degradable scalpels. The risk of getting splinters while eating with disposable wooden cutlery is high. Their spoons, forks, and knives are made from natural materials. 100% safe for kids and the planet.

Brand: Dharma's Path

👤There was a great assortment of food at the New Years party that I bought these to use for. The knives required some elbow grease to cut through ham and steak, the spoons are shallow so not great with liquidy foods, and the forks should be used with liquidy foods. I am happy to use products that are friendly to the environment, but the overall impression is that wood is against lips and mouth. Most of our guests thought this was the way it was. Probably won't buy again.

👤The bamboo cutlery is made from bamboo. It looks great on picnic tables. If you enjoy an upgrade of disposable cutlery, try this! Your friends will be impressed. There is a Clicking in.

👤I love that this set is friendly to the environment. I use the cotton bags for a lot of different things. Love is in the air!

👤I love the fact that these Utensils are non-biodegradable and can be used for a knife,fork, and spoon while we are in the field.

👤People are talking about the taste and smell. Even the knife, they work amazing. They look great and we love them.

👤My daughter in law loves them. She doesn't like using metal utensils. She likes these.

👤I'll never use plastic again because this is good quality utensils.

👤It is definitely a worthwhile purchase.

3. HeloGreen Eco Friendly Tea Spoons Cornstarch

HeloGreen Eco Friendly Tea Spoons Cornstarch

It's not composted, so it's a natural alternative to plastic and wooden utensils. Reducue Carbon Footprint - You will feel better knowing that you are making a difference when you eat. The cutlery set is made with 70% cornstarch, a renewable and sustainable plant resource, and 30% PP. Smaller disposable utensils that are inadequate to simply enjoy a meal are no longer a problem. Their large 6.5” spoons allow for a comfortable firm grip while picking up food such as cold ice-creams, soups, beans, and rice. Each package is sealed for easy storage and transportation. STURDY WITH PREMIUM, HEAVYWEIGHT QUALITY AND HIGH HEAT RESISTANT is a better alternative to plastic utensils and wooden ones that snap in half with minuscule pressure or cannot stand the heat. Their disposable spoons are designed to last for a long time. Put them in the microwave and they will be able to handle the heat without being damaged. Enjoy your food with non-GMO corn-based utensils. Toxic chemicals are free. They guarantee that your eco-friendly cutlery will arrive without any issues or that they will replace it completely free of charge. They are perfect for weddings, camping, fancy dinners, lunches, and on-the-go lifestyles. You can contact them at any time. What are you waiting for? Think green, choose HeloGreen, and start saving the earth.

Brand: Helogreen

👤They were used for the grad party. They are not made from plastic and are not harmful to the environment.

👤These were cheap but not as strong as I expected.

👤HeloGreen is a heavy duty eco-friendly car.

4. Green Science Wooden Cutlery Set

Green Science Wooden Cutlery Set

There areBulk sales available. A Premium pack of 180 disposable forks, 120 spoon, 80 Knives, and 20 travel bags is included in the price. Their set is ideal for a professional business that focuses on eco-friendly products. Each piece of their disposable cutlery set is approx., designed with efficiency and convenience in mind. The length is perfect for the shape and grip that makes it easy to use. It gives a premium feel when you eat. It's ideal for hot foods. Their disposable tableware is made from sustainable and renewable resources and will not harm their planet and leave no trace after being used and discarded. It's ideal for every occasion, including large party or event, with a focus on a better environment. The wooden cutlery set is lightweight and very durable with smooth edges, so it won't break, split apart, or melt like flimsy plasticware. It's safe for everyone. Corporate events, house and garden parties, or family outings can be added to be eco-friendly. Donate the plastic and live waste free. They will give you a full refund if you don't like their strong and sturdy environment friendly tableware that is perfect for camping, picnic, lunch, Catering, BBQs, Party, wedding and restaurants. It is their prophecy!

Brand: Green Science

👤The plan is to have an outdoor themed welcome for all friends family and co-workers. I put this product with brown paper plates and napkins on a table with lions and tigers. Oh my! There are palm trees. It is very cute. This item will be purchased again after the party end of Sept.

👤It feels good to know that this is an eco-friendly purchase, as this cutlery set is perfect for all occasions. I bought them to go camping, and they worked out great. Excellent quality, durable and sustainable. The little packet sets are perfect for travel. I will take these to the beach, picnic in the park, or any other event.

👤The price is a great value. Sturdy and won't break on the first bite. Love won't contribute to pollution. Definitely getting again.

👤The Juice bar is a business that I was happy to introduce compostable dining ware to. I was surprised that they may even re-use. They look great and that is a plus. It makes me feel great since it is better for the environment. Customers love them and give us feedback. I will have them on a regular basis. Thank you for making a great product.

👤A great complement to any party or family reunion is the Eco-friendly cutlery set. Highly recommended!

👤The wooden set is great. They are eco-friendly and just what we needed. Excellent price and quality.

👤This set is very durable and high quality, and it was a great purchase.

5. Gmark Eco Friendly Disposable Cutlery Birchwood

Gmark Eco Friendly Disposable Cutlery Birchwood

The Wooden Flatware products are manufactured by a trusted brand. It's ideal for everyday use, such as home lunches, school lunches, Birthday, Picnics, Parties, weddings, family gatherings and even art projects. The wooden spoon is biodegradble. Composted and environmental friendly, alternative to plastic spoons and forks. Good for dining. It is a perfect utensil for any food. The disposable wooden cutlery is in a box. The BRC FSC has certificates.

Brand: Gmark

👤The Gmark sporks were consistently very good and I have been getting them for a couple of years now. Things have changed. The surface area of the s yks that arrived today is less than before. The photos for the spork are no longer accurate. I took a picture of the old and new sporks. It's easy to see the difference. Disappointing.

👤I like to use them to start a fire when we are camping, but it's fun to be able to do that after supper. Plastic for a single use is beyond criminal. We burn one per person for the day and then start a camp/cook fire the next night. If your dishes are mostly soups/stews, they are not ideal, but just turn the bowls up and drink if that is the case. It's a super value! "Convenience with a Conscience"! I have a copyrighted phrase for these things.

👤Our house has no forks or spoons. I think they are under the teenagers' beds, but they claim they have never left anything in their room. So... We decided to buy wooden sporks to avoid eating finger foods for the rest of our lives. They have the added benefit of acting as kindling. When you finish eating, use your spork to start a fire.

👤I bought these for my son's first birthday party. They are great for the party scene. The fork tines are long. They don't hold up well if you're using them to stir anything, but they do a great job at a party, and I add them to my compost. If you want something more sustainable than plastic but don't want to spend a lot of money on forks and spoons, then you should give these a chance.

👤The look is more expensive than traditional plasticware. It was worth it to know that there was less plastic in the garbage. They were good for the occasion, even though they were only used for cake and ice cream. They have a "woody" taste. I remember getting ice cream with a wooden spoon when I was a kid. Some people didn't like that taste.

👤More and more people are moving away from plastic. I had a lot of resistance to the household change. These are good for a single use. We used to reuse plastic. Someone throws away metal utensils so we reuse plastic, but those plastic ones break over time. Hopefully, wooden sporks will work out better for us.

👤I bought these for a large gathering and people said they liked them. I will buy plastic again because it is better for the environment. My friends are buying them. There is a Better than single use plastic Biodegrade, will not hurt the environment.

👤I needed some utensils for the birthday cake and ice cream at the party. The wooden spork was perfect. It works for both cake and ice cream. No need to buy both. Quality and saved money were great.

👤Do the job promptly and correctly. You can't say much about disposable cutlery.

6. WELLIFE Hammered Silverware Disposable Flatware

WELLIFE Hammered Silverware Disposable Flatware

It is meant to last about a year with use and reuse. Other sustainable utensils on the market are not as good as they could be. It is lightweight and durable. It's great for work and school lunches. There are 4 Eco forks, 4 Eco spoons, and 1 Eco carry case. These silver plastic silverware are made of food grade plastic. Save time. You can shorten the time to set the table by using the silver hammered cutlery with pre rolled napkins, all you have to do is open the box and set the cutlery next to the plate. The hammered design of the silver plastic flatware is unique, it is bright and shiny, and perfect for any kind of plate. SUIT FOR ANY DEFAULT: Wedding, parties, family gathering, holiday, and so on are some of the things that use silver disposable cutlery. Premium silver plastic silverware with napkins will make your events look more elegant. The best service. If you have a question about their silver disposable flatware, you can email them, they will reply as soon as possible.

Brand: Wellife

👤They were used for Thanksgiving dinner. I was surprised at the quality of napkins. The set comes pre-bundled. Can't beat the price. Have enough for several holidays.

👤I was skeptical at first but I was very happy with my order. It was packed as well. My husband is having a 75th surprise party.

👤My parents 50th wedding anniversary celebration was a sit down dinner event.

👤The silverware is intact and it came in as pictured.

👤If you are hosting a party, this product is a must have. It's a great value. The napkins and stemware are very sturdy.

👤Sturdy enough to be used more than once. We received a lot of praise. They are perfect and the price is right.

👤It's great for a small gathering and not having to worry about people touching the silverware. Great purchase!

👤It is easy to set up. It's not expensive for a small amount. I'll buy again.

7. Bamboo Forks Spoons Knives Cutlery

Bamboo Forks Spoons Knives Cutlery

The set includes 4 Eco Knives, 4 Eco Spoon, 4 Eco Knork forks, and all 6.75" in length. 100% There is a beer that can be advertised. The eco cutlery combo set is certified by the FSC, which exceeds standards for bamboo to ensure environmentalsustainability. Accept no lower standard than the FSC Certified Bamboo Utensils made from renewable and sustainable plant resources. Home mailbox friendly. Zero waste. There is no guillotine. All contents are free of harmful substances. Enjoy your food with 100% Bamboo Compostable Utensils made in a certified facility. This renewable resource is grown and used to reduce rainforest destruction. There are no Toxic Chemicals in disposable plastic utensils. TREE FREE means you don't have to promote cutting down trees to provide your guests with wooden utensils. It's perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 60 day money back guarantee. They believe you will be satisfied with their products. It's perfect for camping, picnic, lunch, Catering, BBQs, party, wedding and restaurants. They will give you a full refund if you don't. 100% There is a beer that can be advertised. The eco cutlery combo set is certified by the FSC, which exceeds standards for bamboo to ensure environmentalsustainability. Accept no lower standard than the FSC Certified Bamboo Utensils made from renewable and sustainable plant resources. Home mailbox friendly. Zero waste. There is no guillotine. All contents are free of harmful substances. 100% There is a beer that can be advertised. The eco cutlery combo set is certified by the FSC, which exceeds standards for bamboo to ensure environmentalsustainability. Accept no lower standard than the FSC Certified Bamboo Utensils made from renewable and sustainable plant resources. Home mailbox friendly. Zero waste. There is no guillotine. All contents are free of harmful substances. 100% There is a beer that can be advertised. The eco cutlery combo set is certified by the FSC, which exceeds standards for bamboo to ensure environmentalsustainability. Accept no lower standard than the FSC Certified Bamboo Utensils made from renewable and sustainable plant resources. Home mailbox friendly. Zero waste. There is no guillotine. All contents are free of harmful substances. 100% There is a beer that can be advertised. The eco cutlery combo set is certified by the FSC, which exceeds standards for bamboo to ensure environmentalsustainability. Accept no lower standard than the FSC Certified Bamboo Utensils made from renewable and sustainable plant resources. Home mailbox friendly. Zero waste. There is no guillotine. All contents are free of harmful substances.

Brand: Ecovita

👤They felt rough in the mouth.

👤People on here complaining about the roughness in their mouths is a joke. Plastic and less in the environment is even better.

8. WoodAble Disposable Alternative Biodegradable Replacements

WoodAble Disposable Alternative Biodegradable Replacements

The dishwasher is packed in self-dispensing display boxes for easy grab-and-go convenience. WoodAble takes an estimated 90 days to compost and performs better than flimsy plastic. They can eliminate plastic waste and bad experiences. WoodAbles are a better product because they are very durable, smooth and splinter free. For a better experience, each product is created for 3-6 hours. WoddAbles are the only disposable wooden utensils certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. WoodAble is the only manufacturer and supplier that can certify that its product is from a sustainable source. Their utensils are made the same way they've been making wooden products for many decades. Their parent company has been tending the same land for more than 115 years. They plant 4 trees for every 3 that they harvest. Chinese manufacturers source wood that is illegal. Today's market for disposable wood products is contributing to the destruction of the environment.

Brand: Woodable

👤They looked amazing, came as ordered, undamaged, and made for a really cute display. I wouldn't have bought it if I'd known how gross it felt on the tongue and how hard it was to pull them out of your mouth. I bought them for my daughter's rehearsal dinner. People could not use the forks or spoons, they discarded them and found my silverware drawer. They were intolerable to everyone. They couldn't even make a salad. My daughter had to ask for substitute because I wasn't paying attention to how they were being discarded. You'll look super cool and conscientious if you have these, but you'll end up using them to stir coffee and then discard.

👤These are packaged nicely and are an alternative to plasticware. I think you will be happy with your purchase. There is room for improvement. The spoons are too shallow. This is true. soup would be impossible to eat. This needs a redesign with a deeper bowl. There is a The wooden material works well and is sturdy. There is a texture that is dry and unplesant. Think of a popsicle stick. I am not sure if they can engineer it out, but you will experience it. There is a They are functional, good looking, and we may but them again. If I can find another brand with a better spoon design, they will earn my business.

👤These are durable and disposable. I have good comments about it. It was very comfortable and resistant to all kinds of food, and also resistant to plastic ones. It gives the party a bit of fanciness since they have a nice natural-wood color that fits well with any type of decoration. The best thing for ecofriendly people like me is that it is recyclable. I will buy again.

👤When I moved to America, it was hard to find tree safe utensils in store. I found these on Amazon and they are very similar to the ones at home. I am very happy that I can continue to use wooden disposable utensils. They can scoop rice, cut chicken thigh, and pick up meat. No bending. The wood has a soft smell and taste similar to a couple we tried. Most of the families who have relocated to America that I know from my home, I referred them to this as we come from the same lifestyle. I would recommend anyone not to use plastic to not harm forests. Extra benefit. The preservation of the trees and forest in the Chilean forest is something that I really appreciate.

👤. It's disgusting to eat off of. It was like eating from a cardboard box. I wanted an eco-friendly alternative to cheap plastic utensils, but they don't serve the purpose if no one will eat them. I'm happy to have saved the landfills from 200 plastic forks. I can't recommend.

👤We ordered the 100 mix because we were looking for an alternative to plastic utensils. We've used them a few times. The knives are better than the plastic ones because they have no problem cutting through meat, and the forks are stronger than cheap disposable plastic forks. The utensils have smooth edges and we haven't found any splinters. There is a The cardboard box they come in is great since it can be used to store unused utensils and is easily recycled. We've tried other brands which pack the utensils in plastic bags, but they are bound by a paper strip. There is a We will definitely be ordering again soon.

9. BAMBOODLERS All Natural Eco Friendly Biodegradable Compostable

BAMBOODLERS All Natural Eco Friendly Biodegradable Compostable

Soap making kit, powdered Pigments set, soap making dye, hand soap making supplies, and mica powder organic for soap mold are included. Bamboodlers are eco-friendly. Bamboodlers are all natural and do not contain harmful chemicals. Look awesome, stylish, modern, cool are some of the words you will hear from guests. It shows everyone that being eco-friendly can be stylish and classy. CONVENIENT - Throw them away and have peace of mind.

Brand: Bamboodlers

👤I wanted to host a party. I wanted to use wooden utensils. It was a great way to start a conversation. The spoon is too shallow for liquid. Everything is in a single use plastic bag. The purpose of this product is to help reduce impact and stop single use plastic. The purpose and value of the product are lost when it is in plastic.

👤The salad was stabbed by the forks, the spoons worked like spoons, and the knife could have been better, but it did it's job. I bought these for my wedding and they look great, they are sturdy and work well with my eco tablewear. I would buy them again for any other event.

👤I bought these because I was starting to feel bad about my role in murdering the environment, and I used to use plastic utensils in the past. I have purchased disposable dishes, but they are still nice to have around. This is the best solution I have found before. I don't have a facility that is capable of composting the plastic that is out there. This is the best thing to do at the moment. The wooden spoons are a bit shallow, the wooden knives are not as sharp as you would think, and the wooden forks are more like sporks, but they can get the job done. They add a wood flavor to whatever you're using, but again, they get the job done, and I feel less guilty about my role in killing the environment.

👤The pros of this cutlery far outweigh the cons, and the shapes could be a little better for scooping and stabbing the food. I ordered them to be used for a large family gathering later this month, and I guarantee that after my guests see and use them, they will all be converts, because the cost difference between bamboo and plastic is minimal. Every little bit helps when trying to save the environment. I am very happy with this product.

👤I was looking for something that would fit our theme of woodsy and also something that was eco friendly. These are fantastic. They were easy to roll up in dinner napkins to fancy up, and we were using bamboo plates. Would definitely recommend.

👤I bought these for a work event because I can't stand plastic. All of them arrived undamaged and did not break during use. Awesome product. Everyone was curious. One person said they don't like having wood in their mouth. There is a Most people threw their utensils into the bin. When using these items, I recommend putting a compost bin front and center.

👤I had high hopes for this, but was disappointed. Many of the forks and knives were not smooth on the edges and you could get splinters in your mouth from using the forks in particular. The quality of the forks and spoons is poor. I wouldn't buy these again. I didn't want our guests to get splinters so I put most of them in the compost bin.

10. Transitions2earth Biodegradable Heavyweight Cutlery Packs 50

Transitions2earth Biodegradable Heavyweight Cutlery Packs 50

100 Forks, 50 Spoons, and 50 Knives are included in the 200 value pack. You always run out of forks first. Transitions2earth premium quality utensils and cutlery will not melt or break into your food even in very hot foods and soups. Won't fall or bend. Superb for many occasions such as weddings, parties, lunches, picnics, camping and more. It's very useful and portable. You can travel and eat wherever you please. Their products are eco-friendly. Transitions2earth premium quality utensils and cutlery can be used over and over and will still look new after a few washings in a dishwasher. The high strength and durability of their products allows them to be used again. Let your loved ones know that they are helping the environment. Don't spend a lot of money with their cutlery, but be satisfied with the looks. Transitions2earth premium quality utensils and cutlery are made from certified food grade ingredients that do not contain any harmful chemicals. You can be certain that you are not exposing yourself and your family to any of the harmful chemicals found in their products. They are gentle on the earth and gentle on you. Their products have been shown to biodegrade in 59 weeks. The test was used to test for both wet and biologically active landfills. There are landfills that are biologically active in your area. The rate and extent of degradation are not a guarantee that the product will continue to degrade. All of their products were made to reduce the impact on the environment. Appropriate recycling facilities exist in Seattle. Their company started with a desire to make utensils. Ecological products promise quality, satisfaction and durability. You may not be able to recycle this product in your area. They plant a tree for every order you place to make sure that part of your purchase goes to restoring planet earth. They work with Trees for the Future.

Brand: Transitions2earth

👤The disposable flatware is very good. The utensils are not flimsy and have sharp edges. The fork is strong and functional instead of having blunt and pudgy tines like "Heavy Duty" flatware and the knife is better than most tableware. I like the soup spoon shape over the usual spoon shape.

👤It's perfect for gatherings that involve eating. You need all the utensils and seasoning in one handy little wrap.

👤The soup spoon was the main reason I bought these. I often take soup in a thermos food container but sometimes forget the folding spoon, and I toss one of these in my bag everyday for lunch at work. The salt and pepper, napkin, and the cutlery are all very sturdy.

👤Good heavy duty utensils. I don't like when a fork or knife snaps. Most meat can be cut with these. It was worth it since they use the money for a good cause.

👤I bought them for the reason of needing soup deep spoons, and I would highly recommend them.

👤I used them for my son's graduation party. I needed to know my guests were safe using the utensils. I wrapped it in paper stickers and a napkin.

👤For a virtual dinner party, I used this to deliver food. They were perfect for the occasion.

👤We added these to our carry out food for the homeless on Thanksgiving. They did the job we needed them to do. Thank you so much.

11. Wrapped Disposable Cutlery Textured Sustainable

Wrapped Disposable Cutlery Textured Sustainable

Food safe! The cutlery is made from renewable resources. 50 sets individually wrapped, includes a spoon, fork, and napkin. It's ideal for party, Catering, food-truck, take-out/to-go, and other food services. Food safe is safe for hot and cold foods. STURDY - Stronger than disposable utensils. The plant base is made from crystalized cornstarch.

Brand: Harvest Pack Gourmet Showcase

👤I have finally found the perfect disposable cutlery after a lot of research. I've bought other brands of cutlery before that, and they were just too flimsy. I used this product at my last BBQ and it held up, I was able to cut up everything I had at my BBQ. Not a broken fork in sight. The packaging is convenient and the product does everything it's supposed to. It is made from a renewable resource.

👤This is what I need. It works great for parties and saves time. I like that too. This product is made from corn. There are always tons of trash after parties and this is a big plus for me. This is for people who are looking for sustainable utensils. Highly recommended.


What is the best product for eco friendly utensils disposable individually wrapped?

Eco friendly utensils disposable individually wrapped products from Nook & Fork. In this article about eco friendly utensils disposable individually wrapped you can see why people choose the product. Dharma's Path and Helogreen are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly utensils disposable individually wrapped.

What are the best brands for eco friendly utensils disposable individually wrapped?

Nook & Fork, Dharma's Path and Helogreen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly utensils disposable individually wrapped. Find the detail in this article. Green Science, Gmark and Wellife are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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