Best Eco Friendly Vegan Snacks

Vegan 29 Mar 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. CLIF BAR Energy Variety Protein

CLIF BAR Energy Variety Protein

There are 16 energy bars in the following flavors: Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Brownie, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Cool Mint Chocolate, Peanut Butter Banana with Dark Chocolate, and Blueberry Crisp. There is a regime for sustainable energy. The Clif Bar is designed to sustain active bodies before and during long- lasting moderate-intensity activity. The ingredients that are better for the planet. Every bar they make is made with sustainable chocolate and plant-based ingredients like almonds, peanuts, and organic rolled oats. There are delicious flatbreads. Classic favorites like Chocolate Chip and Crunchy Peanut Butter are included in the CLIF BAR flavors. Clif Bar provides wholesome, delicious energy that is all ready to go, whether you need sustained energy for hiking, climbing, skiing, or a long bike ride.

Brand: Clif Bar

👤I don't like to eat breakfast in the morning, but I need to have something with my medication. These bars are good and filling, so my medication doesn't upset my stomach.

👤Product was in perfect order and shape. The flavors the guys loved were popular with the work out crew. A low sugar highprotein

👤These are my favorites. I will have one for breakfast. I'm set for a long time. My favorite is the one with my favorite flavor of peanut butter. Excellent taste! I have to stop snacking on them.

👤The family went to Egypt. We had these for snacks during the two week trip, I bought a box of them. There were 8 different flavors. I don't get to try Clif or any other kind of bars so it was great to sample the different flavors. The peanut butter crunch was my favorite. I used them for long day hikes. Light. It is easy to carry. Provides the calories I need. They taste great.

👤Good price. I liked the variety in this pack. They seemed dryer than in the past. I'm not sure what happened there, it's about 6 months from now. Most likely will not buy again.

👤When you don't have a lot of time to eat, this is a great snack to have on hand. I use a banana when I travel. There are lots of flavors. Definitely worth a try.

👤If you like cookies and cookie dough, this is a brand for you.

👤I bought the variety pack to see which one I liked the most. There are some that are not so good. Someone else might like all of them. The variety pack allowed me to know which flavor I like the most.

👤Can't argue with the price.

2. EcoTools Cruelty Beautifully Kit Angled Foundation Blurring

EcoTools Cruelty Beautifully Kit Angled Foundation Blurring

Includes: a full blush brush, a full foundation brush, a blurring brush, and a Define Crease brush. The EcoTools Start the Day Beautifully Kit is designed to simplify your daily beauty routine and organize your beauty space. A storage tray is included in the kit. The tray can be used to organize and unclutter your beauty space. Use with liquid, creams, or powder. The handles are made from lightweight bamboo and are eco-friendly. The bristles are made with synthetic Taklon.

Brand: Ecotools

👤The next day, I arrived. They were packed tightly to prevent damage. 5 brushes were labled for their use. It was very soft. There was no funny smell. There is a These are close to high end brushes. I'm happy and pleased. It is recommended to anyone that is curious. This is a good deal. Very soft. I am saving money for a new blouse. I'm done paying top dollar for a brush. I like good quality. I love saving money as well. You have to try these. Great value.

👤I've used EcoTools brushes for a long time. The packaging advertised made me buy this set. There is a EcoTools provides decent quality brushes for the price. It won't cut you because of the soft synthetic bristles. I wonder if that is correct. There is a The photos will show what I received and what I purchased. Non-recyclable plastic, no metal case, and non-compostable/non-biodegradable paper. There was no mention of what was advertised other than the name of the set. There is a The paper product had a picture of a plastic tray with pieces that were not received, and brush-use tips. I take great care to order items that will not hurt the planet. Had I received what was advertised, this purchase would have fulfilled some of the criteria. I shop from companies that are committed to bettering our planet. EcoTools does not fit that description in any way. I will no longer be buying from this company.

👤I can't afford the more expensive brushes. These are my favorites of the affordable brushes that I have tried.

👤I love how soft these are, they are great for applying makeup. bristle loss has not been an issue for me. Would buy again.

👤The brushes are very high quality. I use them almost every day and they are in good shape. It's very easy to apply makeup, and it comes with an instruction booklet to help you with that. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I love the texture of the brushes and how light they are. There is a It's perfect to carry with you on a trip and the brushes don't leave any marks on your face. There is a The design is comfortable for me to use. I don't use a lot of makeup. I use them every day and love them. The product arrived in perfect condition.

👤I don't wear a lot of makeup and my brushes are in great shape. 20 years old. I knew I needed new ones, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something I rarely use.

👤The producto is talcual. Adems, son cinco brochas esenciales para recrear un maquillaje diario. La bandeja es diferente al de la foto referencial.

👤I have a mini brush set from Ecotools that has served me well, but I have not been able to find a new one. I bought this larger set because it was the closest to my needs. I recently invested in some Mykitco brushes at a higher price tag and was not impressed with their quality or performance so I decided to try old favorites Ecotools. There is a The set is not the same as before. The liner is useless for precise lines as it plays out slightly towards the cut edge. If you want to line a horse's eye, this is too big for human eyes. Is it okay to blend in eyebrows or blur eyelines but not good for the job? I put it in the dark part of my case. There is a The defined crease brush is better for making a defined crease. The defined crease brush is better at blur. Maybe Ecotools mixed it up. If you have a crepey upper eye skin like me, you will love both of them. They do a great job of keeping the crinkles. It was gorgeous to use. They work for light makeup around eyes and crevices. There is a The brush is firm. I wanted a replica of Ecotools mini blend brush which is circular and allows for all directions to be blended. The brush is narrow and too firm, which makes it difficult to work with, and it only allows for a limited blend. It isn't a good idea to blend with other people's brushes. I like a gentle blend. There is a The brush is very full. It's like a powder puff of old and it goes everywhere. I blend it with smaller brushes to reach the crease. The finish isn't amazing but it will do. The set is an okay price for the two brushes I am happy with and the ones I am not happy with. Four stars because of something. The components are made from recycled materials.

3. Stasher Silicone Reusable Bag Sandwich

Stasher Silicone Reusable Bag Sandwich

There is information about the dairy allergy. The world's first fully functional, self-sealing, reuse alternative to plastic bags is called PLATINUM SILICONE. Unlike traditional single-use plastic bags, the Stasher bags contain no latex, and are free of all the harmful chemicals. Keep your food out of harms way. Each Stasher eliminates thousands of single-use plastic bags from ending up in their oceans. The innovative air-tight Pinch-Loc is used to keep food fresh to store, and sous-vide. Keep your food fresh. You can pinch the seal closed by burping your Stasher. The dishwasher and microwave are safe. Platinum food-grade silicone is safe for use in the freezer, microwave, dishwasher, boiling water, and oven. Start your snack with a half-gallon 10.25”x 8.25”x 1.5” (64oz), sandwich 7.5”x 7.5” x 1” (28oz), snack 4.5”x 7.5”x 1” (12oz), pocket 4.5”x 4.5” (4oz), and stand-

Brand: Stasher

👤I've tried a lot of different types of bags and they all use a variety of materials. Over time, the fabric ones get gross. The vinyl ones are not dishwasher safe. You can easily lose a Silicone one that requires a separate rod. This one is easy to use. There are no separate pieces to lose. Can tolerate any temperature or microwave. They are very easy to clean if they get gunky and I trust that they aren't hiding anything. They are the most expensive and I wish they offered a bulk discount. I would use them for everything if they were cheaper.

👤I just got my order. It was a disappointment. They can't be used for sandwiches. I read that the size of Italian rolls, large sandwiches, and turkey sandwiches was not a good idea. If I had gotten it in the bag, it would have come apart and be a mess. It wouldn't have come out in one piece. So. I don't know how the New York Times Wirecutter came up with this product, but it is useless.

👤I decided to check the seal after I received the product. The seal broke when I filled the bag with 2 cups of water and turned it over. I repeated the experiment 3 times, but the seal wouldn't hold the water. The seal gets wide open when there is slight pressure on the bag. There is a If this is the design, don't buy it, it will be disappointing and cause damage. Can not be used for liquid. I can't imagine what will happen if you freeze pasta sauce. The contents of the bag will spill inside your freezer and make a giant mess.

👤Start with one or two and build your collection as you get rid of the bags in your drawers. We've been using all sizes of Stasher bags for nearly a year and have not had any issues with them. We use them to keep crackers/chips/bread fresh, to keep leftovers in the fridge or freezer, to pack sandwiches/meds/dog food or treats, and so many more things. I don't know why some people are having trouble putting a sandwich in the bag, if they are trying to put a double decker club in there. I can fit a ham and cheese sandwich in that size. We put them in the dishwasher, cook them in the microwave, and thenMarinate them. They don't leak, they don't smell, are easy to close and open, and don't take up much room compared to traditional tupperware or other food storage. If you put squishy stuff or liquid in there, soak it in baking soda and vinegar for 30 minutes to make sure the crevices don't mold. I do this a couple of times a month. They won't last as long if you don't take care of them. They cost more and require more work than regular plastic baggies, so if you want to use them once, stop using single use plastic.

👤I use a lot of bags. I used to. My friend told me that you can get these bags at the store. I got some. They were expensive. If I don't like them, I can get a refund. I want to convert more of my disposable items to be more eco-friendly. I think I am off to a good start. The 15-ounce bottle I got is in aqua. I tried it out immediately after I got home. The material was very thick and rubbery, and that was the first impression I had. I was a bit skeptical about how it closes since it seemed flimsy, but to my surprise it actually closes very securely. It was funny because after I closed it, I couldn't open it again. The seal will protect your food. There is a I used it the next day to bring my sandwich to work. I washed it before. Silicone is great because it keeps the shape of your food, and in other words my sandwich didn't squash like it does in my work bag. There wasn't any noticeable smell or anything coming from the sandwich tasted exactly the same as before so that's a good thing. Sometimes bad material can leave an odor in your food which is gross. The silicone is microwavable. It makes lunch convenient at work. I can put the whole thing in the microwave and get a warm meal. I wouldn't get the luxury of eating a warm sandwich when I used regular baggies. I have a coworker who is about them. It attracts attention when you put it in the microwave. I have never used it on the stove top. I think I will hold back on that because it makes me nervous. They wash up great in the dishwasher. I don't use my dishwasher often. I clean them by hand. Leave it to air dry with soap and water. I always dump the excess water out first. There is a The bottom line is that they are great for reuse. The silicone is odorless and tasteless. They are easy to wash. My only complaint is that. They are a little hard to open and close. I guess that means that the seal works well. Maybe I am just lacking power in my fingers. I bought this product and it was expensive, but I don't regret it. It's always a good thing to have less stuff in the landfill.

4. Natural Dental Floss Picks Biodegradable

Natural Dental Floss Picks Biodegradable

Isshah floss picks are made from corn-starch and packaged in eco-friendly paper packaging, they focus on reducing the stress on environment while providing a first class experience. Thin floss can be used between tight teeth. Food and plaque can be removed with a deep clean between teeth. The shredder is designed to slide between teeth. Give a fresh feel with isshah dental floss picks, they remove small food particles that get stuck between the teeth and around the gums, and that can lead to bad breath. They're sure you'll love this dental floss. No worries if you don't. Send it back to them for a full refund. It is natural quality with an unbeatable guarantee. When you've found your solution here, you should stop looking.

Brand: Isshah

👤I think we have a case of green washing here. The binding agent for the picks is plastic, but they are made of corn starch. They're still plastic and need machinery to be processed, so maybe they're recyclable. It would be better if they were not. These are really good picks, even though they have an environmental aspect to them. The floss is thin enough that it works well for tight teeth, and they're sturdy. The pick part in the back is very useful to reach difficult places.

👤The description is not accurate. They mean 40% cornstarch and 60% PLA which may or may not be made from cornstarch. PLA does not biodegrade at ambient temperatures and has a similar degradation lifespan as non-bio plastics. The nylon floss would produce dioxins if incinerated. It's the same thing. It is a step in the right direction, but not a sustainable, closed loop product as the marketing made it seem for me.

👤These are not plastic free and I am annoyed. They use less plastic than regular flossers, but they are not Compostable. There is a To me, they are very difficult to use. The floss shreds quickly with the bendy handle. There is a I don't like the floss running vertically. I had a floss handle. The floss went horizontally. I can't floss my wisdom teeth with these things. I don't like any of the flavors on these. I can't tell if there is a mint flavor. I won't be buying them again.

👤I was excited to find these for my husband, since he prefers the pick floss. He breaks the first floss before he finds one that he can actually use. The picture shows the broken floss picks he had to use last night before the 5th worked. This product was really disappointing.

👤Less plastic is better than no plastic, but these don't seem to be compostable as advertised. We'll use them but not order again.

👤If you keep reading, you'll see that it's only 40% cornstarch and 60% PLA. There is no information about the flavor on the packaging. Makes me wonder what I am putting in my mouth. There are spelling andgrammar errors all over the packaging. It makes me wonder how good a product is. Disappointed.

👤My family likes flossers over dental floss. I'll compromise for the sake of avoiding cavities, but classic floss is more ecological. The floss picks are made with corn starch so they will biodegrade. The floss glides between teeth. I haven't had a flosser break yet. The floss on the regular plastic brands at the pharmacy tend to come off one end. No one in my family has experienced that yet.

👤I don't like my floss. Most floss doesn't work for me because of my tight teeth. I use other floss picks in the past that break easily and end up using 3 of them. These picks are very strong. They fit perfectly between my teeth and have stayed in tact.

5. Honest Lavender Hypoallergenic Naturally Botanicals

Honest Lavender Hypoallergenic Naturally Botanicals

No worries about stinging soap bubbles. The formula is tear-free. It is gentle on the skin. Naturally derived ingredients.

Brand: Honest

👤This looks like a fake. It smells weird, is yellowed and has a label that doesn't match what I've bought before. It barely bubbled. The real version is on the left.

👤Why is the bubble bath not tear-free? I'm surprised. My niece screamed when she splash water into her eyes. She was crying and it burned her eyes. The bubble bath has a nice smell to it, but anything that burns the eyes is a big deal. No. Moms should be careful with this one.

👤Purchase this and do not use more than what it says. I put half of the container on the jacuzzi because some reviewers said there wasn't enough bubbles. After that, my wife and I spent more than half an hour cleaning the mess. We have a lot of fun at the end because we got it under control. It was one of the funniest things I've ever experienced. This is something that I love.

👤I don't know what water temperature was used by people who said this product doesn't bubble. It bubbles! I will use a quarter of what I used the first time. Maybe use a full thimble. I like hot baths and have ajetted tub. The jets were turned off after I entered the tub. My bathroom was going to look like a scene from I Love Lucy with bubbles all over it. The tub had foam on the tap end. Fine and coarse bubbles were present in the bubbles. I shortened my time in the tub because I had a hard time getting to just plain old water.

👤My daughter loves it. Not sure about the other reviews but made a lot of bubbles for me.

👤I got a product that I was very hopeful about and based on the reviews, there was a good chance it would spill. I was surprised that there was an extra seal on the lid. My son came out of the bath with his cheeks red. His face was covered in red bubbles. I'm assuming it was in water and not touching the bubbles on his body, but his body was itchy for 2 days. My son doesn't have sensitive skin. I was scared and shocked when this happened. After about an hour and a half, the redness went away.

👤I had to learn how to pour it slowly so that I could get the most bubbles out of it. Don't pour a bunch in the tub expecting to get a bunch of bubbles. Next to the spout, pour right next to it.

👤The lavender scent is strong but it bubbles up nicely and my skin felt hydrated. There were still bubbles in the tub.

👤My son loves bath time so I wanted to give him some bubbles that wouldn't make him cry. This was a great buy. The scent is very calming and comes in a bottle. He was calm and quiet after his bath. It made lots of bubbles for a small amount and there were no tears. Highly recommended.

6. Ultimate Package Variety Assortment Crackers

Ultimate Package Variety Assortment Crackers

40 count of your favorite Frito-Lay snacks are perfect for snacking and can be used as a care package for a loved one. 40 of their favorite Frito lay snacks are included. The ultimate snack care package has a variety of salty pretzels and sweet flavors. You can eat it on the go or share it with friends and family. It's perfect for college bound students, military personnel, kids away at camp, office co-workers and much more.

Brand: Frito-lay

👤I have a couple of little guys that are roaming around my house. They come back after a day of learning. They are hungry, looking for food, and if I don't have anything to give them, they will choose to live the rest of the night in a land called Attitude. There is a My secret weapon is this box. I whip out this box when they come through my door. They can take anything from Doritoes to cheese and pb crackers. The groans are gone. The little guys are happy. The land is peaceful. Don't let them know that I sometimes eat in the box for myself.

👤ants in the food I received the product from the delivery man. It did not touch my porch. I was so excited. Will not buy again.

👤It would be difficult to be more dissatisfied with this order. The box the snacks were sent in was full of ants. Yes, ants. It took a few to realize where they were coming from. It would be a good description of belief. I found a chip bag that was deflated and had a small hole in it. I opened it and found a lot of ants. The air in the snack bags was gone so they all went into the trash. When I cut the tape to open the box, the ants wanted out and I was still in disbelief.

👤The box was clean and the chips were clean. Dates may be June and August. Great find for the price. There were a lot of old reviews of broken bags and expired products, but it looks like they have been fixed. I am glad I took a chance on this purchase.

👤Really? I only got cookies for my two young kids when I bought this for them.

👤The box had something on it. Thanks to Amazon, I have the gift of ANTS, no snacks for the teenagers that are coming to my house for the holiday weekend. I need to go to the grocery store to buy snacks and bug spray to fight the ants. I am very disappointed and grossed out by this. A lot of money, time and energy is wasted.

👤This was ordered for kids lunch. All of the snack items were expired. Since June!

👤My niece is away at college and I wanted to send this package to her. She loved it. I will order again. I was pleased with this product because it had no expired product dates.

👤J'ai adoré, assortiment de snacks.

👤Don't buy! I received it on November 2, 2021. Not impressed!

7. No Tox Life Washing Block

No Tox Life Washing Block

The vegan dish bar soap from No ToX Life is an ultra-concentrated soap that lathers up and cuts stubborn food, grease and dirt on dishes, pots and pans. A solid dish soap bar is included. It's FOAM-TASTIC is rich, sudsy lather and a little goes a long way. It is an effective and easy to use dish soap that cleans all water types. Enjoy their new formula, it's long- lasting and septic safe. The ZERO WASTE DISH WASHING BLOCK is an alternative to plastic bottle dish soap. The soap helps you reduce your kitchen plastic consumption. Do you get dry, cracked skin from other dish soaps? Their dish soap is made without any of the harmful chemicals that can harm skin. This vegan dish soap is free of sulfates, sulfates and Parabens. The Mother + daughter team only make and sell vegan products that are ethically manufactured in a USA-based solar power facility. The pictured soap brush and dish caddy must be purchased separately.

Brand: No Tox Life

👤I wanted to make this my go-to dish soap because I am trying to eliminate plastic from my life. I wondered if other people could get the hang of this soap to make it work for them. I have to be honest. I am a professional housecleaner and work in the museum so my issue is not an ability to clean. The soap is difficult to work with, I've tried shirring hot water, washing multiple times, hand drying, etc. It feels pointless to wash greasy plastic because there will be a white stain. The lather turned into an oily consistency that left a film. This soap only lasted for a month and a half. I use a conservative amount of cleaning product, but you need to load up your sponge to get it to do anything. I'm sad to write this review but I need to continue my search for a plastic-free dish soap.

👤The packaging is limited and paper-based, which I like. There are a lot of crumbs from the bar that can easily get into the air and on surfaces when opening the package. There is a The bar is white. The bar shows a clear center after many uses. It took me a while to get enough soap to wash a single dish, because I had to use a lot of my cleaning cloth. I don't need to use a lot of tricks to get enough soap for the dishes. I wonder if the center is important to the effectiveness of the bar. The center of the bar is clear after not using it for a month. There is a drying effect on your skin. I might have less sensitive skin. I haven't experienced a lot of drying and damaging effects. I've never experienced this effect on my hands from any other dish cleaner. The bar does not work well to remove grease. I don't think it's worth using another cleaner to clean dishes with grease. I will not buy this product again.

👤It is harsh on your skin. If you use this product, you need to wear dish washing gloves.

👤This is okay. I won't be buying again because of the bad smell. I have to clean my dishes. I have to wash them first when they are bad. I'm not a fan of bar soap for dishes. Next time I'll try a regular bar. The doctor's bar.

👤It doesn't cut it and is eco friendly. It does not cut through grease. It takes 6 washes to feel clean. Will not be buying again.

👤The dish washing soap is great. There is no plastic bottle. It has been used for three weeks. It might last for six months. We need to stop using plastic. In cases where there is no reason at all.

👤I bought it in order to get rid of plastic. It works well on greasy dishes. This item will be a regular in the kitchen.

👤No fuss and no mess! I needed a dish soap that wouldn't make a mess and would cut down on plastic waste in my classroom. The product did its job. Even with only cold water, it washes the dishes.

8. Zero Waste Natural Dish Soap

Zero Waste Natural Dish Soap

The answer to people who care about the planet is to use an all natural dish soap. Their organic dish soap is cold processed with a 1000 hour maturation period meaning that each bar has greater cleaning power and makes light work of stubborn grease. The quality of each batches of solid dish soap has undergone stringent quality inspection and is handcrafted with love, their natural solution is crafted to the highest standards, and if they wouldn't use the plastic free dish soap ourselves, they won't sell it. If you are looking for kitchen supplies with a lighter environmental impact, their bar dish soap is the solution; Each dish soap block comes in plastic free packaging that easily breaks down, making single use plastic a thing of the past. Their dish wash soap bars are fragranced with essential oils with no artificial perfumes, which makes them safe for sensitive skin.

Brand: Simplut

👤I am happy. I was almost out of my previous brand, which the refill did not last long, and they were sold out too often. I had to find a replacement that could lather and cut grease. I am doing my own dishes. There was a clean scent when I opened my box. It seems like the scent is light. The ingredients are sugar, sea salt, oils of coconut, grape seed, jojoba, Rosemary extract, and more. This is my choice for dish soap. I am very happy and surprised. I washed my dishes in cold water and it cut the grease in my pan and all of them were clean. I washed my face mask and the bottom drawer of my refrigerator. I did this to see if I could do it. I wanted to see how this would work. The scent is pleasant and light. I love it! I have already ordered it 3 times and used it many times. I wanted to take a picture of the soap I keep. I use a small container for soap. I mostly use a dish brush, but also use a sponge, dish cloth, or a loofah, and I have a gentle scrubber.

👤The soap leaves a film on the dishes, glasses, and other items. It has no ability to cut grease. Even the smallest amount of oil from food can ruin it. I am very sorry that I wasted money on this product.

👤It works. It cuts through grease and suds up. I was looking for a non toxic dish soap after several failed ones and I was happy to find one that works and is truly Non Toxic. It's a big deal to me that there are no artificial fragrances. Other soaps contain harsh preservatives and are non toxic. I will never go back to regular dish soap again. You will not regret it.

👤This was okay for back up soap. I don't know if I would purchase for regular use. The scent seems a little awkward and I gave 4 stars. It smells like citronella. It's not offensive but it is different. The product does not smell bad. It does a thorough job of washing dishes. The price for a 3 pack is about $8 a bar. It is comparable to liquid soap. We will see if it lasts a month at this price. I appreciate that it does a good job. The scent should be worked on. It's funny. Otherwise, it is great.

👤The soap didn't clean the dishes. I had a grease ring around the sink and a thin grease film over my dishes. I had to change my soap because I had to wash my dishes again and now I use this dish soap to wash my hands at the sink.

👤I get a lot of use from these bars. I am just half way through the first bar. I wash a lot of dishes. I find scrubbing tough foods easier with the brush. It looks more expensive than liquid soap, but you are getting more product.

9. Orgain Organic Protein Powder Chocolate

Orgain Organic Protein Powder Chocolate

Same great product, new look and label. Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder is included. 2 grams of organic diet fiber, low net carbs, and 150 calories per serving are included. No added sugar, no soy, no carrageenan, and no artificial ingredients are included. For a quick breakfast or snack drink, mix with water, milk, or your favorite shake recipe. Use when baking to give your cakes, muffins, brownies, or cookies a boost. It's ideal for healthy on the go nutrition for men, women, and kids. These are great for pre or post workouts.

Brand: Orgain

👤I've been buying this for a couple of years. An amazing product that tastes great, is easy to mix, and is plant based. Each month I go through 1-2. I have a small gripe that won't cost a star. The containers are not full. I know manufacturers are trying to cut costs, but when you get a robust plastic container that's only half full, you're in for a treat. It's getting ridiculous. It's a waste of plastic and turns a wonderful product into a scam. You are better than that, Orgain.

👤I try to never review a product until I've been using it for at least two weeks. After two weeks of going to the gym 6 out of 7 days a week, here's an honest opinion. It's easy to mix, could mix it with my eyes. I find the taste decent enough to put over my cereals, but some may find it disgusting. I tried to get it out with a knife, spoon, and fork. No chance. I cursed and buried my hand in the jaws of life. I had to do some spear fishing for a few minutes despite using my hand. The star was off. This powder is one of the few out there that doesn't give me the tumblies or the ducks, so I can't complain too much. The lack of dairy ingredients as well as the E.R. doctors being thankful for not having to inject muscle relaxants/fluids into me at three-in-the-morning is what my intestines are thankful for. It doesn't have as much of a per scoop source of food allergy sufferers like me, but it still has a great choice for those who want their food allergy relief. A good product that has the potential to be great, but definitely needs more work in the taste department. This will be my go-to for now. Overall: 7 stars.

👤I replaced 1-2 meals a day with the creamy chocolate I ordered. This is the first powdered mix that I have bought and I can not compare it to any other shake mix. I can tell you that the taste is great. It can be a little hard at first, but after learning how to blend it with a bullet, there is no chalkiness or grit to it. The base is almond milk. I am not hungry for 4.5 hours, which is the best part. I will be ordering more.

👤I wanted to send my dislike for this product directly to the seller, but I couldn't because I couldn't find contact information. I've been drinking a lot of shakes for years and wanted to switch to something without the fake sugars. I drank my first shake and felt gagged. The taste is bad. I've had other products from Orgain, but this is not one of them. I can't recommend this product.

👤Before someone mentioned to me, a lot of this stuff was too sweet. I was shocked when I looked at the label, I had never thought about it before. The company has been cheating everyone. Look at the ingredients label right now and read it. " Natural Flavors is not organic or healthy. Why does it need natural flavoring? They are using quality and healthy ingredients. They should not need a Sugar Additive called Erythritol because it tastes good. erythritol can be produced with yeast or another fungus. It's bad. This science experiment will never be bought again.

10. Wild Stone Toothbrush Biodegradable Toothbrushes

Wild Stone Toothbrush Biodegradable Toothbrushes

Wild & Stone is a trusted brand that wants to create stylish, easy to adopt and usable alternatives to common plastic products around the home. They source all of their products from sustainable sources. They have over 75,000 happy customers and pride ourselves on their customer service. Their baby bamboo toothbrushes are designed to fit for smaller mouths and feature soft bristles, smaller heads and easy to grip handles. The coloured handles make brushing fun. All the family can check out the rest of the range. The best in class materials are FSC certified bamboo, toxin free paint and nylon bristlels. The only plastic free bristle option that they can use right now is a pig's bristle, which is not vegan. They will continue to use nylon bristles until a viable option is available that will not compromise their customers' oral health. All of their packaging is plastic free and made from toxin free vegetable dyes. Excess packaging is not something they believe in. Before using your toothbrush, run it under hot water. bamboo can develop mould if it is not kept dry. It can get warm and steamy in the bathroom. Pull the bristles out of the toothbrush with pliers and a compost handle. They don't recommend this product for babies who chew their toothbrushes because it is possible to pull bristles out with force. Changing toothbrushes is recommended by dentists.

Brand: Wild & Stone

👤My little guy loved brushing his teeth. I ordered them. They are wooden and have a hard texture for sensitive little gums.

👤It was used for 1.5 days for light use. It's not worth the hassle of your child swallowing bristles. This product was disappointing.

👤The handle has a bad coating. The baby will chew on both ends of the handle and the coating will come off.

👤The size is perfect for small hands. Soft bristles won't hurt your teeth.

👤The bristles were coming out after a few days of use.

👤The bamboo is not very strong, but the bristles come out of the toothbrush very easily.

👤Your baby likes to chew on a toothbrush.

👤I like the brush. The paint on the end chips off easily. My baby chews on the baby toothbrush in her month and inevitably gets it.

👤Do not buy them. They are the worst. We started brushing our kids teeth at an early age because we have good oral hygiene. We've tried a lot of toothbrushes, but the ones we've tried are rubbish. Very cheap. The most shocking part... It got moldy after the second time we used it, despite the fact that it wasn't in a wet environment. We would have returned these but we are in isolation because of our high risk.

👤My baby just cut her first two teeth and she loves the bamboo toothbrushes. There is a We have been trying to become more aware of environmental issues and how we can make small changes to help. We have recently introduced bamboo. There is a There are environmental benefits and they are cute. It was cute. The bristles are soft for my 8 month old baby, and each brush has a different colour accent. The box design is simple and beautiful. They are cute enough to be a gift. It was really pleased.

👤I bought the baby toothbrush for my 13 month old daughter because of the plastic. The toothbrushes are well made. The bristles are a little tougher than expected, but would prefer that they don't fall out easily. The toothbrush head is too wide for my daughter's mouth, which makes it hard to brush her front teeth.

👤I went to get a second brush out of the box, but two of the 3 brushes are moldy. I don't have the option to return or replace the unusable toothbrushes so I will not be purchasing again.

👤I was hesitant to buy these as I'd seen reviews about the benefits of using bristles but I have to say, they are perfect. I bought these for my nephew who chews his toothbrush but they seem to have held up so far. It's a great environmental purchase and much better than throwing away plastic. It is definitely worth it and good value.

11. Natures Bakery Whole Non GMO Blueberry

Natures Bakery Whole Non GMO Blueberry

We hear about things. Their Whole Wheat Fig Bars are an excellent choice for families on-the-go in search of a wholesome win-win: convenience and nutrition, all in one. Nature's Bakery Whole Wheat Figs Bars are a great snack for kids or adults. Grab one as a quick healthy breakfast bar, use as a wholesome treat for kids' lunches, or enjoy as a convenient after school snack. It's great for busy families. Nature's Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars are made with no cholesterol, GMOs or high fructose corn syrup. No artificial flavors, Certified vegan, plant based, Kosher, and made in a nut-free facility. Their homemade recipe is the perfect boost in your everyday life. There is a box of 12 twin packs. snack bars per twin pack

Brand: Nature's Bakery

👤Americans are addicted to sugar, but this is ridiculous. I ate one bar and threw the rest away. The recommended amount of sugar for an overall diet is 10%. The bars have 2 1/2 ounces of sugar per bar.

👤We've been enjoying these fig bars for a while. We were horrified when we got a bar with mold. I opened other packages and found four more bars with mold, before throwing away the rest of the box. I won't be buying them again. I don't think it's worth the risk of feeding my family mold.

👤My husband came in with a full mouth after he received these. He had chocolate on his lips. I'm not sure if I understood what he was saying. He was trying to open a third package in his mouth. His mouth was full and he sounded like he was saying "oh my gosh these are better than sex order more!" I think I'm doing it wrong. I will order more.

👤The fig bars were really good, but the nutrition labeling was a bit suspect. A snack package called "Fig Bar" has 2 fig bars, which is essentially what you get in a 1 bar serving. I've been purchasing these bars in boxes of six and twelve snack packs for over a year and with this most recent Amazon purchase found that the recipe had changed. Nature's Bakery has added sugars, salt, calories, and fat calories without changing the serving size. The fig filling was decreased while the whole wheat crust was increased. Maybe they are trying to match the popularity of their other fruit bars, but this customer will now be looking for a different snack. I was a fan and it's a big disappointment.

👤These were just re-ordered. There is a There are big changes in the recipe: more calories, more calories, more calories, more calories, more calories, and a higher breading to fruit filling ratio. They don't taste as good because there's more breading. We have been eating these for a long time and won't order more.

👤I loved the flavors of Blueberries and Raspberry and have had them straight from the supermarket. The taste of the large box was off, even though the price was great. You get a cherry cough syrup flavor when you first bite into them. I've had the flavor many times and never had this issue before. I gave one to my co-worker, who introduced me to the Nature's Bakery bars. I don't know if I got a bad box, but they really taste bad, and Nature's Bakery sent me a replacement box. Excellent customer service was offered by your product. The review has been updated from 3 to 4 stars.

👤I don't know how it was stored. It had mold all over it. Before you eat, make sure it's okay.

👤The first time we received fig bars was from Amazon Prime. The date is August 16th. The Nature's Bakery figs are awesome. There are 12 individually wrapped packs with fig bars in them. Each bar has 10 grams of sugar per bar, and I have to watch my sugar intake, so I was only going to eat one of the bars. I ate the other bar because it tasted so good. The first ingredient is stone ground whole wheat flour. The amount of fig- and blueberry paste is right. I think the combination of all the ingredients is the perfect one. The only problem with this product is that you want to eat them all in one go. The price of a box on Amazon is amazing. It sounds really good. They have it. The ingredients are healthy. I like that. It is a vegan product. Maybe I'll make a video food product review someday. I haven't uploaded my videos to my computer in a while. Sabiene:)


What is the best product for eco friendly vegan snacks?

Eco friendly vegan snacks products from Clif Bar. In this article about eco friendly vegan snacks you can see why people choose the product. Ecotools and Stasher are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly vegan snacks.

What are the best brands for eco friendly vegan snacks?

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