Best Eco Friendly Wallet Case Iphone 13

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1. FLYEE Compatible Exclusive Copyright Design Sliver

FLYEE Compatible Exclusive Copyright Design Sliver

It's not compatible with the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Max. Global exclusive copyright floral pattern design will add Charms when you are shopping, party,meeting. It would be a nice gift for friends. High Quality Materials that is scentless and harmless for your health are what come fromRaised Camera Corners. The convenient stand feature can be converted into a multi-angle comfortable view. If there is a non-artificial product issue, they will send you a new one free.

Brand: Flyee

👤It's easy to use and holds a few items needed for a quick run out the door.

👤I had one before but it is a bit thinner. It feels sturdy and I think it will protect you.

👤The phone case wallet is pretty. It's very tight inside. It's difficult to get out cards in the pockets where your ID goes and behind that, but the flip part is a bit easier.

👤This was a gift for my mom. She loved it.

👤The phone case is nice.

👤The phone is a bit stiff, but it works well. I am sure it will become more flexible as time goes on.

2. TORRAS IPhone Pro Max 6 7

TORRAS IPhone Pro Max 6 7

The X-SHOCK Patent was certified to meet drop test standards. The "X" shape of the four corners of the iPhone 13 pro max case is designed to protect your phone from being hit by a car. There is aROOFBACKPLANE The iPhone 13 pro max shockproof case is made of tough Acrylic back to protect against the roughest drops, scratches, and dust. 1.5 MM raised bezels above the camera and screen help prevent damage when the phone is lying flat and during drops. The screen protectors are compatible with the protective case for the phone. Show off the beauty of your phone without a barrier. The DE Bayer material is upgraded to protect against UV light. They will replace a new clear case if it doesn't. The grip and gun fit. The one-piece design offers enhanced ergonomics and a secure grip. All diamond iPhone 13 pro max clear cases are designed to fit the phone perfectly. The clear case for the Pro Max was released in 2021.

Brand: Torras

👤Don't be afraid, I have an iPhone 12 max pro and it says 13 If you want to see the color of your phone, this is the case for you. The texture of the case is not smooth like glass just because it is see through. It has a grip on it. It sticks to your hands. I had their other see through case before and it turned out to be yellowish. I hope they fixed that with this upgraded version. It will protect your phone if it is the same as the other one. The amount of times I dropped mine is ridiculous.

👤I am happy to use his products. You will be happy about that. The case is nice.

👤The sleek design and reliable quality of the Torras cases has made them our preferred choice for all our upgrades. I used their clear case for my phone last year and have not been hesitant to give my wife the same case for her phone upgrade this year. Terras improves on the case. Good protection to the phone is provided by the quality. The phone is wrapped right. The case buttons are more responsive. The phone's design is improved by removing the edges at the back and making the case even better. I think the case is perfect now.

👤I have owned several cases from the Torras brand and they became my go to brand for budget products. The case is light and portable. My previous clear cases did not turn yellow, so I expect this one not to as well. It works well in the new phone.

👤This fits my new phone like a glove. It is easy to hold onto and not let go. I think it is a reasonable level of protection. I have never broken a phone. If you are one of the people who break phones, this case should work for you as long as you own the phone. It will be a winner if it stays clear. There is a It works great with the MagSafe charge.

👤This is a great case with a great customer service support team behind it. The case is sleek and clear, which will allow me to show off my phone after I get my new one. Just as described, slim and easy to hold. If you're looking for a clear case for your phone, that's it.

👤I want my phone to fit like a glove. Sturdy material. The case was great.

👤The case made by Torras is very strong. I've used other ones and never had a problem. They are comfortable to hold. Don't add too much weight to the phone. Highly recommended.

3. Pela IPhone Compostable Biodegradable Eco Friendly

Pela IPhone Compostable Biodegradable Eco Friendly

The pli cases are made from plants. If you no longer need your case, you can send it back to them and they will turn it into a new Pela product or compost. Protect your phone and the environment. Your Pela Phone Case protects your phone from scratches and drops. Protect your phone. They are working to create a waste free future just like you. They use recycled paper and no plastic for their packaging. The design of this case is light and airy. It is also flexible without adding bulk to your phone. There is a guarantee of success. Do you want to change your mind? They do that as well. They offer a guarantee return if you don't like your choice.

Brand: Pela

👤We found Pela cases several years ago and have used them on my phone, my son's phone, and my daughter's phone. No cracked screens and an awesome slim fit. It's in our compost pile, and I love that. I prefer the darker colors and will remember the purchase of the green and lavender in the future.

👤The raised outline on the camera opening does not fit, and it is not designed to allow you to lay your phone camera-face-down without scratching. The phone case is not what you want, it's not what you want in a phone case, especially for a phone that costs a fortune. I reached out to Pela and am hoping that this is a bad case, as I did a lot of research and really like what she stands for. It's still very frustrating.

👤This fits my phone perfectly. I don't know what the other reviewers mean when they say buttons are hard to press because mine work fine. There is a The case has a good grip. I bought the purple and it matches the purple phone. I was pleasantly surprised that it wouldn't. I am happy with the packaging, it is minimal and nice knowing that I am purchasing something that is better for the environment.

👤I bought this case a year ago. I wanted to wait until it was over. There is a So far, so good. It is comfortable to hold and it fits perfectly on the phone. Over the last year, I have dropped my phone several times and had no damage. I bought a purple case and it looks a bit dirty, but I have never had a case that wasn't black. I clean it with alcohol or wipes. I was worried that the alcohol would damage the case. I will buy a new phone again.

👤The case doesn't fit the phone well. It doesn't cover the bottom and top of the front completely and sits off center on the back. I usually like their cases, but it looks like their measurements are off for the 12th generation.

👤When I upgraded to the iPhone 12 I immediately ordered a pela case to fit, because I was obsessed with my previous case. This case is different. This case is cheaper and pops off all the time. It is more square around the edges than the iPhone 8 case. So disappointed. I think I will find a different brand. They changed the style.

👤I like the pattern but the buttons are useless. There is a The buttons have to be pushed down with two fingers.

👤2 cases were purchased for the iPhone 12 and 2 for the iPhone 11. The cases fit nicely. The iPhone 12 ones do not. They are loose at the top and bottom. They nicked the metal edges of the phone after exposing the edges.

👤The case seems well made, has a good feel and grip in the hands, and seems to have good drop absorption properties. The colour is wonderful and happy. My phone pops out of a corner when I put it in my pocket or bag because the case is loose. The sides are flexible, bend easily, and allow in lots of dirt and bits, which requires a regular cleaning of the phone and case. I really wanted the case to work, but I'm not sure if it will hold the phone or protect it from damage.

4. ArtsEvo Shockproof Certified Protection Protect

ArtsEvo Shockproof Certified Protection Protect

The ArtsEvo iPhone 13 Pro Max Pink Case is an airbed-like cushion if your phone falls. The case has been cleared to meet or exceed the standards of the drop-test. The raised edges of your phone's screen and camera protect it from drops, cracks, and surface scratches while providing a flawless touch response. There is crystal-clear goblets. Their iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases are easy to clean and clear. This design protects your phone from accidental falls and preserves its original look. ArtsEvo iPhone 13 Pro Max Case for women balance excellent drop protection and a stylish design to ensure their products are unique worldwide. Their double anti-collision design and many colors give you a modern, lightweight, and easy to use case. ArtsEvo phone cases are Eco-Friendly and Safe, and undergo rigorous drop, abrasion, and compliance testing to ensure they are free of hazardous materials. Their obsession with detail helps them create great products. They use 100% recycled packaging and print with eco-friendly ink.

Brand: Artsevo

👤The phone case protects my phone. I tried the test myself. I did not see any damage to my phone. I like Artsevo better than the protection level. There is a Artsevo is very light and slim. It didn't change the weight of my phone. It's easy to carry around. There is a The buttons are hard to press and the case is difficult to take off. The buttons are very easy to press and the case is easy to put on and off. There is a I found that the box was not pocket-friendly. It can't fit into pockets. Artsevo is pocket-friendly. I don't have to worry about fitting the phone into my pocket. There is a The Artsevo case protects my phone well. The protection, ease of use, and color selection are some of the things I would consider when choosing Artsevo over the outer box.

👤A friend of mine bought two of these cases - one in pink and the other in cherry pink. I decided to purchase a case for my phone because it looked so pretty, and I had just recently gotten the same phone as well. I didn't find anything that looked like these cases when searching for a phone case. I didn't like any of the colors that I saw at first. I ordered it immediately after I noticed that they added a purple one. I am very happy with the look of it. There is a The cases are tight on the phone, almost too tight, even though it's pink, and that's the only negative thing that I have noticed. I like my phone case to cover the silver border around my phone screen, in some places it shows. It needs to be a little bit bigger. The product is amazingly beautiful. There is a I have not noticed fingerprints on it, which is a big plus for me.

👤Love this case. The look and price are great. The bumper strips on the inside detract from the purple. I am being picky.

👤I love my Sierra blue, but it was hard to put it together.

👤I got this case for my new phone and I absolutely love it. The case protects my phone very well. The flowers are pretty. It was easy to put it on and off.

👤It is a great case and I like the silver 13 Pro Max. Thank you! I love it!

👤The way this case was packaged made me very happy. It seemed like I was opening a gift. The quality is what I wanted to protect my new phone from being damaged. There is a It is not bulky which I like.

👤This was given to my grand daughter. She loves it! Fit is great.

5. Dreem Fibonacci Wallet Case Apple IPhone

Dreem Fibonacci Wallet Case Apple IPhone

The case for the IPHONE 13 PRO MAX is shock absorbing and cannot crack. Enclosed top and bottom for better protection. It's still slim and elegant. The phone wallet has three card-holder-slots and is multi-functional. Easy-open clasp and horizontal and vertical kick-stand viewing are fully adjusted for hands-free viewing. The magnetic flip-case design allows for the convenience of a wallet-folio without sacrificing the superior handling of a slim case. Out-of-the-box ready for Magsafe charging or magnetic mounts. Premium handcrafted faux leather with beautiful stitching. It's perfect for men and women. You will receive a beautiful box ready for gift giving. 30-Day Money Back and 5-star customer care are included in the 1-year warranty. Choose your phone accessories from a brand that you can trust and a company that has a purpose.

Brand: Dreem

👤I bought this case before I received the phone that I ordered. I was skeptical when it arrived because it didn't have the mag-safe logo on the back, but the specs said it supports mag-safe charging. I was expecting to have to completely remove the case once my mag-safe charge arrived. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it works with my mag-safe charger. It has to be placed in the right place to connect. This case is a good one. It doesn't come in my favorite shade of green, but you can't have everything.

👤This is a really good case for my phone, but it's important that the cards don't slide out of the pockets on their own. I had a scare when I pulled out my phone to find my credit cards were gone, because if I hold my phone upside down the cards slide out of their pockets. I found my steps in the little cubby hole beneath the car radio, even though I freaked out and backtracked. This was a sign that I should keep cards inside the side pocket. They can't slide out of the closed phone case. It's a good case.

👤The case works exactly as it is supposed to. The magnets are strong. The material is very close to real leather. It feels great. I fit 6 cards and 10 bills in the pockets and the clasp still holds up. It could fit more. The stand function works well as well. The screen and cameras are safe because of the overhang. If I could, I would give it 6 stars.

👤I have not owned any other brand of wallet for a number of years because I adore the Fibonacci dream wallet. The camera is not protected when taken out of the wallet shell. The phone cover requires more design thinking.

👤This is a good product. It has been very durable so far. My phone fell down the stairs and there was a small scratch on one of the corners. It didn't sound bad when it was bouncing down. The phone was held in the case by the magnet. There is a The case is used the same way. The case closes securely because the tabs are magnets. The stand positions are easy to use. It has a Simm card, some cash and a couple of business cards, but it doesn't affect how well it closes. I received a used box case. Someone's receipts were in it. They sent me a new one after I contacted Dreem. It is not their policy to send used products. This was apparently done by Amazon. They were going to look into it. This is an excellent investment for a phone. The phone was saved from a fall.

👤This is the 4th consecutive Dreem Fibonacci 2-in-1 wallet-case I have had. I've looked at the market to see if there is a better alternative. I've always been a fan of the Dreem product. I was looking for a good quality product with key features, including a 2-in-1 case that allows me to use just the form-fitting case while I'm around the house or in the car, then stick that into the wallet when I leave the home/car for added protection. I don't use the outer wallet "kickstand" feature because I never watch long videos or movies on my phone. I can't say how that works. The traditional wallet is bulky and looks terrible in any pocket. I don't leave home without my phone, wallet, and car key, so I made it into one. I will be happy when I own a car that can use my device for proximity detection and start the car without a physical key. I settled on two physical cards and my license to occupy the 3 slots given, then put the other cards and IDs into the Apple wallet, and give up carrying cash. I keep a folded bill in the hidden section for emergencies. There is a I was disappointed that there was no metallic surface underneath the Dreem logo, which is where I need it most. I need the metallic surface for mounting in my vehicle and Dreem changed this spot. The phone is heavy and swings around upside while I'm driving. A thin metal plate between the phone and the case provides a lot of magnetic strength. I've mounted the metal plate to the outside of the leather case which is far less than I wanted it to be. I hope Dreem fixes this in their next release.

6. Belemay Compatible Protective Blocking Undetachable

Belemay Compatible Protective Blocking Undetachable

Each leather wallet case is handcrafted by highly skilled leather workers and made of premium Italian leather, which has advanced oil wax technology, which makes the leather smooth and shockproof, put an end to water-stains, smudges and scratches appearance. The microfiber is super-strong and provides a comfortable feel. Attaching a soft interior case for your phone is easy. There are 3 card holder slots for easy to insert and take out your daily essential cards, like credit cards, ID cards, and banknotes, and 1 bill compartment for folded bills anywhere you go. The lining of the card holders in the Flip Case can be blocked from the low frequencies of the radio waves that are used to transmit signals. Belemay shockproof folding wallet case hug perfectly around each corner providing maximum protection. The back of the phone can be protected by this leather cover. 2mm raised lip protects your camera, 0.3mm raised lip protects your screen, to offer protection against knocks and bumps. The book cover can be folded into a stand for videos viewing or Facetime, providing a comfortable viewing angle and totally free your hands. You can use your phone to its fullest without removing the case and convenient access to the phone camera, thanks to the cutouts speakers, earpiece, charging port and mute button. There is a compatible phone model and lifetime warranty. Only the 6.1 inch version of the iPhone 13 is compatible with. Their wallet cases are designed to fit your specific model of iPhone 13 so you can shop with confidence that your case will fit like a glove. BELEMAY takes care of all quality-related issues with a replacement. Please note! The case for the phone is not compatible with wireless or magsafe charging.

Brand: Belemay

👤The case is too wide for the phone. The power button can't be accessed easily by the case. I use it a lot. The slots for cards only hold one card. I have been able to put several together. I didn't need to carry a wallet. There is a The case wouldn't close even after taking out all the cards and leaving the cover on the phone screen. The phone was making calls and reading texts I hadn't yet read. It was very frustrating. I returned it. It's not the best choice at that price point.

👤Does not fit an Apple device.

👤I had a cell phone case that was perfect and snapped, but the leather was so broken I could fold it and snap it. I had my credit cards and cash for a few years and they held up well. I upgraded my phone to the 13 plus and they didn't make my old case for it. I would have paid 100 bucks to get it back. The cards aren't that easy to get out, but it's a magnetic close. I don't want to get used to folding it back because it won't close properly. It is ok. I can't find any cases like my previous one. I am sad. I would have liked for this to come in a worn leather material, but that wasn't an option either.

👤The old phone wallet wouldn't fit my new Iphone. I bought this and another product to see what worked best. I had doubts about this one. It is all I use now. There is a The rubber phone holder and leather case seem to protect the phone nicely from dropping it. I thought the rubber holder would detach from the wallet. Sometimes my credit card makes contact with the screen and causes something. You might need to seat the cards better if it's my imagination. A nice product for a cheap price.

👤No clip or clasp means the phone slides out of your purse or person. It doesn't make the phone bigger. It is not slippery. I like it very much. Carry three cards and cash. You can go without a wallet. There are no magnets.

👤The shade of the blue is very elegant, looks expensive, the material is soft yet sturdy, the inner pockets are practical, and it allows me to wirelessly charge the cell phone inside.

👤The features that my other Tucch holder had are missing. They are about 10 dollars cheaper. The pockets and case are very small. No magnetic hold orlatch on so it flips open. Stand does not work. I would have liked to stay with the old brand.

👤There is a fake leather item on Amazon. I bought a handbag and now this case is advertised as leather. They are not real. I will not buy another item on Amazon that is advertised as leather. It's nice and sturdy, but not leather. I am not happy.

7. Dreem Fibonacci Wallet Case Apple IPhone

Dreem Fibonacci Wallet Case Apple IPhone

The flexible plastic used in the case cannot crack. Enclosed top and bottom for better protection. It's still slim and elegant. The phone wallet has three card-holder-slots and is multi-functional. Easy-open clasp and horizontal and vertical kick-stand viewing are fully adjusted for hands-free viewing. The magnetic flip-case design allows for the convenience of a wallet-folio without sacrificing the superior handling of a slim case. Out-of-the-box ready for Magsafe charging or magnetic mounts. Premium handcrafted faux leather with beautiful stitching. It's perfect for men and women. You will receive a beautiful box ready for gift giving. 30-Day Money Back and 5-star customer care are included in the 1-year warranty. Choose your phone accessories from a brand that you can trust and a company that has a purpose.

Brand: Dreem

👤I'm a customer for life. I love these cases. I have a Jeep with no places to put my phone. I installed a device on the dash. I can detach it from my wallet and it will fit perfectly in the magnet. It works on the wireless charging pad as well. The quality is what keeps me coming back.

👤I was hesitant to get another leather wallet case because of the abuse my phone is exposed to on a daily basis, but seeing as how I just got a new phone, I wanted a case that hit everything on my list. This case is ticklish and then some. Very nice with it.

👤This is a good case for my phone. Excellent quality and craftsmanship can be found. It looks like it will be very durable. The inner case has a charging port. It is easy to detach from the cover and attach to my mag safe charging stand. I bought a second case of the same color. I think they are the best phone cases I have ever owned.

👤I bought the mini case to have the option to attach my wallet. The magnetic case and wireless charging work as expected. The leather on the back of the case began to pull away from the plastic in June. I contacted the company and they quickly sent me a replacement case since it was still within the 1 year warranty. A company that stands behind their products is appreciated by me.

👤I received it so I can't really speak on the merits of it, however I was very impressed with it. It comes in a nice package. I don't worry about the magnetic attachment falling out. Even with all the wallet on it, it is still relatively light. I will update my review if my opinion changes.

👤I really like these products. This is my 3rd purchase. There is a The lining off the back seems to pull away from the case, which seems to be a problem for the iPhone Mini. I'm not sure if it's due to the way I take the case off the phone or just a bad product. 5 stars is the average for previous cases purchased. There is a This one has let me down. There is an update. A new case was sent to me. Quick response has led to an update to 5 stars. Thank you!

👤I use this case no matter what phone I have. My first case was this one. I like the fact that I can separate the inner and outer cases. It protects my phone and keeps it in good shape.

👤Poor quality pleather. There were several rips and teears on the delivery. The case seems to have been cut to fit something. If this is a real product, the seller is a bad one and the manufacturer is poor quality.

👤The phone holder is good looking and the wallet feels good. I will be returning it because of a couple of design flaws. The phone is held in a holder that is strong enough to hold the phone in a wallet. It seems like a good design, but when you want the phone to stay in the holder, it moves about when the phone buttons are pressed, this means I was having to adjust the phone's position a lot. Dreem sells a phone holder that is too thick for a wireless charging device. I am not talking about trying to charge it in the wallet. If you take the phone out of the wallet and holder, the charger will work, but only if you do not keep it in your wallet. It won't charge when in the holder on it's own; the odd time you get it to work, you have to move the phone over to the charger to try and get it to work. Overall, I am very disappointed. Although the wallet and charger look pretty and feel good, they have a questionable and frustrating design that got on my nerves.

8. LUPA IPhone Leather Magnetic Closure

LUPA IPhone Leather Magnetic Closure

The LUPA ultra- slim phone wallet for women and men is here to help you carry your credit cards, your ID card, up to 4 bills, parking cards, and your iPhone 12 Pro Max in style. A premium faux leather iPhone 12 Pro Max wallet case with card holder is a great gift for your loved ones. The wallet case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max protects the screen while allowing access to all ports, making it the perfect case for your precious phone. The classic iPhone 12 Pro Max wallet case is made from rugged, soft and eco-friendly PU leather that will not stain or fade, so you can impress everyone with your chic case. They will issue a full refund on-the-spot if you don't like your iPhone 12 Pro Max wallet case with card holder. No questions were asked. What are you waiting for?

Brand: Lupa Legacy

👤It was the first time in five years that I was not happy in Lua. I am a loyal LUPA Wallet Case customer and I buy them for other family members. I kept checking for the release of the iPhone 12Pro Max case because I love LUPA wallet cases. There is a It is a beautiful case and still has my signature color...rose gold. The phone holder side is fully attached. I noticed that when you clip the phone in, the top 1/3 of the case sides are lower so it is less case clipped around the phone. I am sure that doesn't make sense. Someone posted a review with a picture of what I am trying to describe. The same case I loved for every other generation of the device. But... Luze died. This case isn't comparable. The description needs to say "WIRELESS CHARGER COMPATIBLE". There is a big difference. Magnetic containments have a built in mechanism that will keep them safe and secure. The wood back doesn't have the rare earth magnets that can be used in the phone and the charger, so the phone can't charge without the apply crinkle. If you want to use your new 40$ Magsafe charger as a wireless charge, you have to use the benefits of case secured. It's possible to charge or the fast-charging... If you want to remove your phone from the case, you have to charge it with your safe charger. This case is perfect for you. Not the ideal case for memore. You did everything you could to help us. You don't have to return the product during a typhoon. You need to correct the product description. Do better, Luz. Do better description of MagSafe products. Everything clicks. There are magnetic cases and wallet for the phone. It is possible to mix and match. Wireless charging is faster. It's easy to snap on. Credit cards are safe.

👤These cases are very practical and durable. Every time I get a new phone, I get the same one. I have not carried a wallet in a long time. I have 7 cards in my possession. There is a Sometimes I think of getting a different case just for something new, but these are so practical and look great, I couldn't go back to carrying a wallet again.

👤I've owned these phone cases for my phone for the last 7 years and have always loved them. I don't carry a wallet anymore and these cases have helped simplify my carry around. I've always been a huge advocate for these wallet cases, but I bought this one. There is a major design flaw in the new iPhone 12 Pro Max. The charging port is blocked by the case. I tried it in my car and on a number of other chargers I own all produced by different manufacturers to make sure it wasn't just a bulky charge and no one can get past the lip on the case to fully plug into the phone. The case has always worked with a wireless charging pad without issue, but it will block a charging port from entering if they don't fix the design, which is why it's not worth it until they can fix that.

9. Crosspace Premium Compatible Copyright Design Black

Crosspace Premium Compatible Copyright Design Black

Only for the 6.1 inch version of the phone, not for the pro and max versions. The hole position allows easy access to all features and buttons. High quality materials are scentless and harmless for your health. Additional Charms will be added by the Unique Floral Pattern. It would be a nice gift for friends. If you find any problems, please contact them first, they will solve them for you.

Brand: Crosspace

👤I like the look of the item. The only problem I have had so far is the case is hard to keep folded back, which is easier to hold when I have a call or just don't want to be bothered by the ”wings” I have to put thewings back in order to keep the magnetic on them. The sides of the case look out of shape because of this.

👤I didn't look right and it was cute. I had a different type of case before which the wallet covered the screen, and I was able to hold more cards. If I squeeze in more, the magnets won't close. I will not hold all my credit and membership cards. It is forcing me to minimize which I think is fine.

👤The phone case arrived yesterday. I opened the package and was disappointed. There is a The pocket for your drivers license is not deep enough for the card due to the magnetic clip on the wallet. It doesn't hold much more than that. It is difficult to close the case with 2 cards. I was unable to put the wrist strap through because I couldn't find the right place. The rubbery material of the case is very sturdy and has all the holes and cutouts for the phone. I can't tell if the edges are big enough to protect the screen if the phone falls down. There is a Is it worth 18 bucks? If you don't hold much, you're not clumsy. Try a different product.

👤I ordered this for my phone. There were multiple cards in it, as well as cash and receipts. If the case is stuffed too much, the magnet will not close at all. The day after I got it, it was covered in paint and kept my phone safe. The wrist strap has been dropped dozens of times by my butterfingers and attacked by my cat. The black blends in with everything. It's a good case. It's been through a lot already. It protects your phone.

👤I had been using a stick-on pocket for my cards after purchasing a new phone. This is a very large cuter, holds about 5 cards, and is perfect for my use. You have to use a cord to charge your phone. I had to do them the same every time. It's worth it for the convenience.

👤I got a wallet case for my phone about six months ago and became addicted to not carrying a purse. I didn't want to get a new phone because I didn't want to live without a wallet case for a few days. The last one did not allow me to carry one more card or cash, but I found this and it allows me to. I'm happy with it.

👤Product seems ok. We wanted a wallet that covered the screen, but it was only for the back of the phone. I think we are bad for not looking carefully. The case print looked like the picture on Amazon. It was easy to return.

10. Wallet Magsafe Compatible Accesories Designed

Wallet Magsafe Compatible Accesories Designed

COMPATIBILITY. The Mag wallet is compatible with the Magnetic wallet for the iPhone 12. Their magnetic wallet cases for the iPhone are also compatible with other phones with metal backs. If you want to use their magsafe wallet with a normal case, please use a magsafe case. It's easy to use, it can be attached to a magsafe wallet case, or it can be detached and used as a card holder for the back of your phone. You can use your thumb to dedicate a hole in the apple wallet magsafe / magsafe wallet leather. Premium quality. The magsafe phone wallet is made of PU leather and has a matt finish which makes it look more stylish and makes you upgrade to the iPhone 12 magnetic wallet. The magsafe wallet is for the iPhone 12 mini. The mini Magsafe wallet is for the iPhone 13 The magsafe wallet for the iPhone 13 is a mini and pro max wallet. The design is light. Attach magsafe waller / magsafe with zincite. You can have an amazing experience with your magsafe wallet with your phone case, it's specially designed with high quality and lightweight materials. Their magnetic wallet is for the iPhone 12 Pro. The magsafe wallet and vibeside magsafe wallet are used to protect your personal bank information from being leaked out. Their magnetic magsafe card holder protects you from wireless identity theft all the time.

Brand: Zanetti Leather Goods

👤The MagSafe wallet is a no-brainer. I use a silicone case with MagSafe on my phone, and this wallet holds it well. The wallet's bottom lip doesn't fully adhere to the back of my phone, but the magnet still holds firm. You can put the cards in the wallet. The opening has more room after you put the cards in, but it won't allow for another card, so you can probably put one or two bills in as well. Even with only one card in the wallet, it still holds sturdy, the cards stay put and don't easily slide out. There is a The wallet has a leather look and feel, which makes me worry because leather can easily be scratched. I've had it on my phone for a few days, and so far it has not appeared damaged. There is a This is a good MagSafe wallet. This is a great alternative that will save you a lot of money, and it is similar to Apple's leather wallet with MagSafe.

👤I loved the Spigen case with built in card holder, but I wanted to use MagSafe to charge my phone. I got a wallet. It holds three cards well. It is difficult to get the cards out when I want, but having only one or two in it would make me nervous. The magnets in the wallet distort the leatherette so it doesn't sit flush, but it seems to attach to a MagSafe case. The other end pops off if I push down on one end. It often doesn't hold securely enough to remain attached when inserted or removed from my pocket, so what's the point? It's okay in a purse, but why not have a wallet? The build quality of this item is disappointing. I stopped using it after about a week, so I am glad I didn't pay for the expensive Apple version. The MagSafe car dashboard mount is great, but I need to go back to carrying a regular wallet.

👤I only used it for a few weeks after I bought it. My cards started falling out and would sometimes be left in my pocket. The cards would fly out of the wallet if I moved my phone fast. I wouldn't purchase it again because it doesn't do what it is advertised to do.

👤This item and the Apple Leather Wallet were purchased by me. They were almost the same in appearance and quality. The magnetic force in this wallet is the same as in the Apple wallet. Some reviewers have complained about the magnetic hold, but not Apple. There is a The leather looks great and I like not having a logo on it. There is a It is slightly thicker than the Apple wallet. Sharing is not noticeable, but it is important.

👤There is extra room so that it sticks out more than it needs to. The magnet is weaker than others, and it is not aligned perfectly straight when attached. The material is not very nice. Doesn't look like leather. It looks like they were trying to get a copy of the Apple wallet. One interesting feature is that it uses a friction hold in the wallet so that it holds cards in regardless of how many are inserted. It comes at the cost of being thicker than it needs to be. It's usable, the price is nice, and I just wanted something a little better in quality and thinner.


What is the best product for eco friendly wallet case iphone 13?

Eco friendly wallet case iphone 13 products from Flyee. In this article about eco friendly wallet case iphone 13 you can see why people choose the product. Torras and Pela are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly wallet case iphone 13.

What are the best brands for eco friendly wallet case iphone 13?

Flyee, Torras and Pela are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly wallet case iphone 13. Find the detail in this article. Artsevo, Dreem and Belemay are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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