Best Eco Friendly Washable Sponges for Dishes

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1. Naturals Kitchen Sponges Antibacterial Absorbent

Naturals Kitchen Sponges Antibacterial Absorbent

The size is 3.5 inches x 5.3 inches per bag. The sponge is made from bamboo and polyester. These sponges don't need to be replaced as often because they last longer. They're the versatile cleaning tool you've been looking for, they're super absorbent and ideal for dishes, stove tops, and kitchen counters. Their bamboo sponges are easy to clean, simply toss them in the washing machine and dry them.

Brand: Kmakii

👤These work are done. The sponge is covered by bamboo fabric. I like the terry cloth side. Why did I only give this product three stars? They didn't put up much of a fight for being odor resistant. After less than 24 hours of use, they still got smelly even though I thoroughly washed and squeezed out the excess water. They seem to be cheap. A few of the six in my package came very close to being perfect. I learned about the others in high school, but they are now forgotten. Some of the edges were crooked. I realize that being too small doesn't change the basic function, but for the price, they should be better. The edge stitching on some sponges is starting to break after a few months of use. I hope to get my money's worth from them. I will not purchase them again.

👤It smelled like great sponges but it was very bad. I had to replace the sponge much more quickly than any other sponge.

👤For scrubbing, these are fine. They are useless if you don't want the water to dripping. I can not get them out all the way. They keep water too long. Nothing should be wiped dry. I have tried the first one out several times hoping that it would work out if it is used a few times. Nope. I was hoping for sponges that were not crayon colors. It's hard to find old fashion sponges that work. There used to be sponges from a company that was well known. I can't find them anymore. I just bought some light orange ones. I can not use them in the kitchen. They will be for the garage projects.

👤When I received this sponge in the mail, I was unsure if I would like it because I thought the one side would be more of a terry cloth type texture. It seemed like a cheap material. I decided to try it out. I'm happy I did. It was smooth and fluffy after I wet it. It suds up nicely and the waffle side is very effective for my non stick pans. I have been using it for a few days and don't smell it. It could be the way I clean my dishes. I use a scrub brush and sponge to remove food particles. I spray it with water when I'm done. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I wanted to change to a more "zero waste" lifestyle by using these sponges. They were wrapped in a thin plastic film. I've been using the same one for about 2 months with no problems and no disintegrating, and it's absorbent, so it's not a problem. I will be buying natural loofahs in the future because I want to switch to something other than plastic. These sponges will last me a long time.

👤This product was disappointing. I bought them hoping they would last longer than regular sponges and be better for the environment. I hadn't used them in a while and there is a hole in the one I was using that looks like a cheap foam sponge. It's really sad.

2. Multi Use Peachy Eco Friendly Last Long No Discoloration

Multi Use Peachy Eco Friendly Last Long No Discoloration

The kitchen should be upgraded with colorful and unique design. Their crocheted dishcloths are available in many colors. Their dishwashing cloths will make your kitchen look better and add a touch of class to it. It will make your cleaning and dishwashing easy and enjoyable. Dry-fast, no-odor, eco-friendly, durable dish sheaths. There are many fibers on the surface that are soft and flexible. After washing food, use dishwashing detergent to prevent odors. Each scrubber lasts more than six months. The scrubbers will last longer than 6 months. Soft wash cleaning shears are never used. Their cute dish sponge is used to clean the kitchen sink. It works great on a lot of things, including the kitchen sink, stovetops, appliances, shower tiles, bathtub and more. Their dish washing net cloths are good for removing oil and food debris. There are many little fibers that can reach small spaces. Baking soda is an effective way to wash fruits and vegetables to remove dirt, chemicals, and wax. You can try it wherever you want. It will surpass your expectations. Feel free to try! 100% money back guarantee. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like your dish scrubber. Their priority is to make the best quality goods. They try to make their customers happy.

Brand: It's Senah

👤I got a set of 1 Swedish dishcloths from this seller. I was surprised by how well this scrubber works. It cleans my kitchen sink. It works well on pots and dishes. I tried to find it on Amazon. It was hard to find this scrubber, but I was able to click on the name of the seller to find a design I wanted. I bought 2 sets to try. wow It works well. I will buy more for myself. I love the sponge. It makes my kitchen brighter. I am not going back to stinky stinky dishes again.

👤They're very cute and a great sponge. They suds well without needing too much soap and they're a joy to use right out of the package, after a while they're dull and not as soft. If you only go through a few of these sponges a year, having 4 in a package is a good value. I could have kept that one longer. I didn't want to bother moving to a new place. I wish that there was a tag on each sponge instead of a bag and that the plastic tie wouldn't get67531 when trying to remove it, but if anyone's like me they don't have a pair lying around when you need them. If I need to scrub down a knife, I'll use a stiff sponge, but for everyday use, just don't expect to be able to do it, because it will tear a hole.

👤My mother and I are obsessed with these. The basic sponges were thrown out and replaced with dish scrubbers. I got them as a gift, but I loved them. It's a bonus that they're in a cute little fruit shape to make it less boring. It doesn't mess with dishes, they get stains and junk off of everything, and rinse clean. We replace them every few months. Must purchase!

👤I know how great these dish scrubbers are because I have bought them before. I like your product because it can hold a lot of suds. Adding dish soap to the scrubber saves money. It's a great product and you should use it.

👤I accidentally bought these. I bought scrub daddy sponges and they came up in results. I didn't pay much attention to the description, just the reviews and picture. They were produced by the same company as scrub daddy. Buying these was a mistake. They work well. They are great to replace dish cloths and don't get gunky like sponges. Adding soap makes them foam up nicely and they don't feel rough at all. These will be a permanent addition to our kitchen.

👤This product is great. All my utensils are new. I wasn't worried if it would make scratches on my pan. Yes! It makes a lot of bubbles with one pump of soap. I am throwing away all the sponges from the store and ordering two more for my mom. This product is very good.

👤We tried out one of these types of scrubbers at the county fair last year. We bought long-handled versions for vases. They were useful for hand washing. I keep a bowl of soapy water in the sink. Start cleaning by dipping one of these in the soapy water. They are stuck on food and quickly leave. They fit in crevices and glassware very easily. If they get gunked up, just throw them in the washing machine. The one we bought lasted a year. I searched Amazon and found these. They do not get stinky like sponges. I think they're a good choice.

3. All Natural Scouring Pad Scrub

All Natural Scouring Pad Scrub

All surfaces can be used with these scrub pads. Kitchen, dishes, pots, pans, floors, walls, bathroom, tiles, and more. It can remove stains without scratching. 100% natural. These sponges are free of the harmful chemical BPA. Sisal is a combination of coconut shells and plants. Good for the environment and your family. These all natural cleaning pads are made from tough stuff. They are made from durable materials that have been specially chosen and combined to provide the longest lasting natural scouring pads. Cut through grease and germs when cleaning pots, pans and dishes. The kitchen sponges that fight all types of grease will make your cleaning experience easier and more enjoyable. It's great for the whole house. Natural sponges are good for more than the kitchen. This pad will take on and defeat any patches of dirt you find. The bathroom, living area, kitchen, or even outside, it's all there. Your satisfaction is guaranteed because you will be satisfying nature and satisfying yourself by using these pads. If you are not happy with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days and they will give you a new one.

Brand: Scrubit

👤Found the page to find out where this was made. One person said it was "responsibly made in Canada". This is no longer the case as it now says "Made in China". When things aren't ethically made, it's a bit upsetting, but it's a lot worse when this info is hidden. Say where the item is made to avoid confusion. If you think it's bad for marketing, you should think about it before choosing exploitative manufacturing processes. Money grab. Will be back.

👤They look like they will work well. They come in three layers of plastic, which is not the cleanest for plastic free shoppers.

👤I purchased these with high hopes. They do well. The material seems to be as effective as the synthetic scrub pads. They don't seem to lose fibers like synthetic ones do. There are lengths of colored thread in each pad. I asked about the nature of the threads but got no reply. The packaging is terrible. The Amazon photo shows a paper cuff, but mine didn't arrive in it. Two lots of six are bundled in another plastic wrap, and each lot is wrapped in thin plastic wrap. Double plastic wrap. People who purchase eco-friendly products do not want them wrapped in plastic. There was no information on the product or what I received to assure me that what I ordered was what I ordered. There is a lack of transparency. I will use them, as they might be better than what I can buy at the grocery, but I will continue looking.

👤The product works well, lasts a long time, and I feel comfortable throwing it in the green barrel. I would like to see them in more eco friendly packaging. Sending a product double wrapped in plastic makes no sense. The last time I ordered them, they came without plastic wrap. There is a cardboard sleeve.

👤These are great to wash dishes with. I wanted to wash my baby's dishes and utensils. It was wrapped in a plastic bag. There was no "Scrub-It" label. I wanted a label. I know I'm not buying a fake product. I expect the exact label on my purchased product when I receive it, if you list your product with a label. They need to work on their packaging. I don't want a nasty plastic bag surrounding my scrubber, if plastic containing a harmful substance will be touching the product, I might as well not buy a product with a harmful substance in it. The product should be packaged in paper.

👤I'm not sure if I agree with these. I might cut them in two for cleaning dishes because they are very stiff and large. They seem to be compostable, and that was my main requirement. I wish they didn't come with so much plastic.

👤I have used one of these for a couple of weeks and it has been great. I use it to clean my stove grate, cast iron pans, and all my normal dishes. It is scratch free and works as well as a green brite pad. It has held up well. I expect to use it for a while. It is very flexible and creates a lot of bubbles. There is a I knocked off one star because of packaging. The scrubbers were wrapped in plastic and both bundles were wrapped in plastic. I expected the item to have cardboard sleeves, but I would have been fine if they had just been put in the envelope. They will be perfect if they ditch the plastic wrapping.

4. Nordhus Design Dishcloths Cellulose Biodegradable

Nordhus Design Dishcloths Cellulose Biodegradable

There is aNEY back guarantee. Customer satisfaction is the first priority in Swedish dishcloths. They offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like your dishcloths. Saving money and wasting is accomplished by replacing sponges, dish rags and paper towels with cloths. A zero waste gift can be a 100% bio-degradable product and packaging. It was made in Sweden. Their premium standard cloths are screen printed in Sweden. The dishcloths are odor resistant and dry fast. Game changer. A Swedish dishcloth picks up crumbs and absorbs liquid.

Brand: Nordhus Design

👤I am finding out about these. I have been using them for about 3 months and have not had to replace any, so the pack of 10 will last a long time. I have washed in the dishwasher and it comes out great. It was accidentally thrown in the dryer. I find it to be a cross between a cloth and a sponge in the kitchen and bathroom. It's easier to get into smaller glasses and cups. It is much faster to use a cloth or standard sponge. I gave them as Christmas gifts because I like them so much. Highly recommended!

👤I was introduced to the Swedish Dishcloths a year or so ago and they are the best things ever. They don't leave streaks on the countertops, they soak up stuff like flour much more easily than a traditional rag, and they don't leave behind clumps of flour. Make sure you get the actual Made in Sweden ones, there are Made in China ones that are slightly less thick and not as nice. Don't put them in dryer or compost.

👤These Swedish dish cloths are gorgeous. When Covid hit last spring, I wanted to find a remunerative option that was not made in China. I was not disappointed when I found a similar brand. I am very happy with this brand, it is the third authentically Swedish brand I have tried. I use them to clean the bathroom. I use a few in the camper. They are absorbent. I don't put my towels in the dryer because I wash mine in the washing machine. I can easily use a couple months out of each one. We use disposables less now that we use paper towels, I think because we go through a roll of Bounty every few weeks. There is a It has been important for me to move way protects made in China. Do your research on Amazon if you want to do the same thing. I have noticed a number of knock-offs claiming to be Swedish cloths, but they are actually similar products made in China. I would like to know where a product is from. I am comfortable supporting companies in the EU because they have reasonable, humane oversight of their products, materials and working conditions.

👤We have been using them for two months and have not needed a single roll of paper towels. I would recommend using three or four at a time, and then changing them out when they are worn. I used all 12 at once. We use a single pattern to wipe his hands and mouth. There is another for the dishes. We did not hang them to dry many times. We just soak them in a little baking soda or bleach water and it made the smell go away. If they are not smelly, just toss them in the wash.

👤These clothes are great. I have been using them for a couple of weeks and they have held up. I love how well they clean my dishes and countertops and their cute designs. I love my friends so much that I've given them some to try. The packaging was all compostable. Would recommend!

5. Dishcloths Cellulose Eco Friendly Biodegradable Household

Dishcloths Cellulose Eco Friendly Biodegradable Household

Feel free to try! 100% money back guarantee. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like your dish scrubber. Their priority is to make the best quality goods. They try to make their customers happy. ECO-FRIENDLY: The swedish dishcloths are made from natural eco-friendly cellulose. You can dispose of these sponge cloth into your compost pile after you feel like you have given something back to the earth. It's super absorbent. Their paper towels are soft and can absorb 16X their weight. The benefits of a traditional hand tea-towel with the super absorbency of a sponge are better than a microfiber towel or washcloth. Leave nothing behind when youAbsorb liquids like magic. It is easy to clean. Kitchen sponge cloths are dishwasher and washing machines that are safe for repeated use and less waste. The dishcloth was drying quickly after being used. If you want, you can put them in the dryer. Money saving value pack uses just one of these sponge cloths to replace 15 rolls of paper towels. This pack of 10 cloths is 500 times cheaper to use than a single cloth, and you can reuse them 50 times per cloth. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. The best towel for your kitchen is soft to the touch and durable. Cleaning in your kitchen and household, such as cups, mugs, and other items, as well as using for the bathroom, pets, car, garden, and office.

Brand: Suhsai

👤I have used them in Europe before. They come very close. I think those are less durable than the ones I had purchased overseas. Will order them again when done with this pack.

👤Producto y material resistente. S recomiendo a producto.

6. Scrubbers Biodegradable Plastic Cleaning Sponges

Scrubbers Biodegradable Plastic Cleaning Sponges

Two refill bottles of each cleaner are included. Each cleaning Pod makes 168oz of cleaner. Greytwig is making homes eco. The eco sister of their Australian brand is Grey twig. Kitchen scrubbers, kitchen scrub sponges, kitchen sponges for dishes and kitchen bench surfaces, scrubber sponge, and dish sponges are all used in the kitchen. The set of sponges and scrubbers can be used in the bathroom with the exception of the heavy duty loofah scrubbers. The loofah sponge is a great scrubber. The loofah pad can be used as a bath sponge, body scrubber, or whole body exfoliator. The face scrub pad is great for removing makeup and gently exfoliating at the same time. The hemp wash cloth can be used as a luxury bath wash cloth, make up removal wash towel, wash cloth for face, make up wash cloth, or exfoliant face cloth. Looking for a great gift for someone who has everything? This set is a perfect gift for mothers day or birthday. Eco Friendly scrubbers and sponges can be washed in the washing machine. They should be dry on the clothes line. The wooden dish brush, dishwashing sponge set and loofah scouring pad are presented in a cute bag.

Brand: Greytwig

👤I like to use natural sponges, cloths and colors similar to nature in my kitchen, which is a minimalist, organic and natural style. I decided to purchase the bundle because it looked nice in my kitchen. I didn't think I'd be so enamored with a kitchen cleaning set. I feel like a dork. I am very fond of this set. The neutral colors and organic look of these make my kitchen look like the way I want it to look. I will never go back to those sponges again. Even though I haven't used all of these yet, I placed an order for my second set. Highly recommended.

👤After contacting the seller back and forth, they made it right and gifted me 2 kits for all the issues and long wait, after I had an issue with the subscription which never shipped out, they made it right and gave me 2 kits for all the issues and long wait. The kit is perfect for gifts and I love it.

👤The sponges and cloths in the kit were versatile and we loved them. There is a Each one is replaceable. We have been able to put the sponges on the drying rack. There is a The sponges are absorbent and the scrubbers are great at removing things that plant based soap can't touch. There is a I plan to buy this kit for friends who are trying to get away from single use items.

👤I am very impressed. I'll buy one for each of my extended family. Just how! They made a kitchen sponge that doesn't sour. This is the first time I've ever seen that stay fresh and not break down. Everything is well engineered and beautiful. We're forever customers.

👤I am a huge supporter of the movement and I will support the companies that make it. I was a little disappointed that the scrub ripped. I still used it, so I didn't think much of it. The hole began tearing even more. I don't think it's made of hemp, it's one of the strongest natural fibers on the planet. I would give it five stars, but I was a little disappointed that the body scrubber came riped. Don't let the review affect your decision because companies make mistakes. Everything else is smaller than expected, but the job is done.

👤This is one of my favorite purchases. The kit has sponges that are different. I bought two. There is a scrubbie for everything. I like the different colors. All around a great product.

👤These are great! There is a I didn't think there would be so many different sizes. I just put them in the laundry after many uses. I'm happy I made this purchase. I feel great when I help the planet and reduce my carbon footprint.

👤Great value! The sponges are washed and dry by me. There was a small card in the bag with pictures and descriptions of each sponge. It would have been great if there was more info on how to dispose of the materials. The packaging is not very eco friendly. The box was wrapped in tape and then put in a box by Amazon. The shop/other products were advertised with a few bits of card and the paper was not recycled.

7. Microfiber Double Sided Sponge Kitchen

Microfiber Double Sided Sponge Kitchen

It's perfect for kitchen, bathroom, sinks, and counter tops. Non-stick cookware is safe on all types of dishes. Reusable is machine washable, Earth-friendly and has great cleaning power. A double-sided sponge. Terry side is for wiping and general cleaning while the scrubbing side removes dirt and stains.

Brand: A&h Home

👤I've been using 4 of these pads for 4 months, and have been washing them every 5 days. They have held up well. They are very usable and not coming apart. They will be good for at least 10 washings. I've changed my rating to 5 stars because of their resilience. I use a scrub sponge on my dishes, but they get stinky in a couple of weeks and are not machine-washable. In my experience, putting them through the dishwasher doesn't work very well. I wanted something that could wash the machine and get really clean, and these microfiber pads are what I got. I wash them after 7 days of use, because I have been using them for a month now. Some of them have been washed 4 times. I put the pad in a mesh lingerie bag to keep it out of the washer, and then I put it in the dryer to dry.

👤These are perfect! Soft terry on the other side of the scrubby is great for cleaning surfaces without getting stuck on food. I put mine in the washer and it comes out new. It was made to fit my hand. They will not take the place of a Brillo type product. They are so durable that reorders will be minimal, which could be a disadvantage for the manufacturer. I gave away some gifts to help them out.

👤These sponges are really good. They hold up well using all types of cleaning products. I use one for dishes and one spare for general cleaning. I put them on the third rack of the dishwasher after I rinse them off. I will pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds to kill them. These are great!

👤We don't like throwing Scotch Bright sponges in the garbage. It's nice that these are machine washed. They aren't good at scrubbing pans. The fabric side is not great at it. You have to wash the fabric to get it off. It's close to good. It needs to be better at cleaning.

👤I want to know what it does with the dish detergent that I put on it because they are microfiber and are easy to clean. I find that these do not hold the soap as well as a regular sponge, and I use a lot more of them. I squirt the detergent on and after cleaning just one bowl, the soap is gone. There is a I would not recommend it for that reason.

👤I love these! The scrubby side is a course that may be too much for some things, but they scrubb amazingly and have lasted almost a year for me. They handle it perfectly when I put them in the washer and dryer with my rags.

👤A good scrubber! I use both sides of the sponge and it's easy to clean and disinfect. It's the perfect size, which I had been looking for. We may have accidentally cut it up while washing the dishes, but the soft side now has two holes in it. We only used it for a few months. But! It's a two pack and off to the next one.

8. Scrub Wipe Cleaning Sponges Pack

Scrub Wipe Cleaning Sponges Pack

Paperless Kitchen Scrubber Sponges can be washed in your washing machine or dishwasher. There are two things: scrub and sieve. It is as simple as that with this Non-Scratch cleaning cloth. Simply flip over to clean with the sponge after scrubbing with the non-scratch scrubbing pad. It works on anything you want to clean, from glass to cookware. Long lasting. These soft scrub and wipe dishwashing scrubbers are long- lasting, non-scratch, and super absorbent, they will be up to the task no matter how bad the mess your family leaves. Their scrub and wipe scrubbing pads are designed to be easy to hold. They are thin and do not stretch out in your hand, so you can clean all around in complete comfort. ECO FRIENDLY & REUSABLE. The hybrid sponge cloth is odor free and made from eco-friendly materials. You can use the same cloth to clean your kitchen several times a day. If you don't like the cleaning power of the Scrub-It pads, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days.

Brand: Scrubit

👤They were all wet when I got them. The bag was dry. The sponges were wet. They were washed and put out to dry. The net side didn't shrink as much as the sponge did. It is very odd. When the sponge is wet, it grows back to its normal size. There is a It's super thin. They are hard to hold and not sure how long they will last. There is a It works well for glass because of the scratchy side. It's not bad, but it's weird.

👤I like the sponges we used to use. The sides are easier to hold. They come in a few colors but my preference is blue.

👤I used to be able to buy them at my grocery store, but they are no longer there. I was happy to find these on Amazon because my last pad was in bad shape. It's nice to have a scrubber and a sponge in one pad. It is very convenient. I make them last longer by washing them in the dishwasher.

👤I don't like sponges because they hold a lot of liquid and carry a lot ofbacteria. The thinner they are, the quicker they dry off. They are very delicate on my good Carraway pans. But strong enough to work on a cast iron. Love them so far!

👤These are great? When I want to wipe down the table and counter, regular kitchen sponges are not big enough. This is larger and better suited for the job. No odor! The scrubby side cleans without scratching. There are fun colors in the multi pack. What is not to love?

👤I was expecting more from them, but not great.

👤The scrub-it sponges are the perfect tool for all kitchen and dishes cleaning, will buy it again.

👤It seems to clean well, but it doesn't hold soap and is thin. More of a wipe than a sponge...

9. Homeries Swedish Dishcloth Kitchen Bulk

Homeries Swedish Dishcloth Kitchen Bulk

Cleaning that is super effective. The Swedish dish cloths made in Germany combine the benefits of a traditional dish cloth with the absorption power of a sponge. This way it is soft when wet, yet tough when dry, perfect for your kitchen. You can use it to clean a lot of things. These sponge cloths are dishwasher and washing machine safe, and are easy to clean. They are more absorbent and last longer than your average dishcloth. These kitchen dishcloths are very absorbent and great for wiping up spills in the kitchen or bathroom. They can be used on a variety of surfaces. The primary colors of these hand towels help liven up any bathroom or kitchen. Put one in your bathroom and see the difference. They will highlight your style from the start and make a great gift for a friend who is eco-conscious. The sponge cloth will replace up to 15 rolls of paper towels. The pack of 12 dish clothes is a good value for money. For over a year, you will have the required supply of dishcloths. They come in many colors including red, blue, green, and yellow.

Brand: Homeries

👤I use them for damp or wet cleaning. The cleaning cloths are hard when dry so they are not suitable for dusting or a hand towel. Their best feature is that you can wring them to damp dry. I don't have to go back and dry my counter tops with a towel when I wash them in the kitchen. I washed it in the top rack of my dishwasher and it came out clean. I have designated certain colors for the kitchen and others for the bathroom with the 10 pack of colors, and I'm sure I will find more uses for them.

👤This is a small cloth that can be used for scrubbing. It really sucks up the dirt so you can continue to clean a little longer between rinsing than you would with a regular terry washcloth or paper towels. I ordered the red ones and received the pink one, however the wrapping and tag on the product said they were not. I was shopping for dish cloths. To be used at my kitchen sink. These are not a real washcloth and aren't big enough to hang over a faucet, but I wanted to. These are not larger than 6”X6” I was glad that I kept them. They're great for dirty jobs, car exteriors, outdoor furniture and things of nature. They hold dirt and are absorbent. They are not like a pads. They are soft and sponge like.

👤I use these cloths to wash dishes and clean tables. They work better than sponges. I have used them for a long time and was happy to find the larger quantity. I will be giving some for Christmas gifts this year.

👤I bought a single Swedish dish cloth in a boutique. It was smaller than the ones in the assortment package and had a different pattern. It worked well as a kitchen wipe and I wanted to buy more. I found this assortment on Amazon for a good price. I'm keeping three for myself. The grown ups in our family will love the others. There is a They are a great alternative to paper towels.

👤While the cloth is dry, it's firm like a piece of cardboard. It's as absorbent as a chamois when you wring it out after it's wet. It's great for washing a sink full of dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. I've used a wrung out cloth to clean windows. They go into any load of laundry and are ready to start over. I've given a few to friends to try. The product is very innovative.

👤We use a lot of paper towel. They are clean and absorbent. I like that they dry out quickly, which I think reduces the amount of bugs. I'm expecting a good outcome in the laundry, too. The package seemed to be the best value for the dishcloth that I could find.

👤I use these in place of paper towels to clean my home. Microfiber cloths absorb odor, but they don't. It is similar to using a sponge. I still find microfiber cloth better at grabbing stuck on debris on the stove. It will absorb liquid and wash well, but you need a scoured or something else to get off stuck particles. I use them on a daily basis. They don't get stinky like dishcloths.

10. FAAY Non Scratch Handmade Cleaning Dishwashing

FAAY Non Scratch Handmade Cleaning Dishwashing

100% of the time, it's a 100% LOOFAH DISH SPONGE. Their dish sponges are made of 2 pieces of loofah sewn together with a small amount of fiber in between, making them thicker and more comfortable to use at the size of 234”x434” loofahs leave no micro plastic on your cookware, which makes it safer to eat. They are suitable for any type of cookware, and not melted when used with a hot range cooker. 100% eco-friendly: The loofah is collected from a sustainable loofah field. Their sponges come in a variety of colors, but they all allow you to enjoy a more comfortable and healthier kitchen experience. Their sponges are friendly to both humans and the environment. They leave no trace even after being used. All loofah sponges are made by a group of elderly women. The skilled people are far away from where to sell their products. They help them connect with you and make sure everyone gets what they deserve. Buying their sponges is a way to show how much you appreciate their work, and they will send you a thank you card if they improve the product quality for you. Their sponges will be compressed flat to make it easy for shipping. Put them in warm water for a couple of minutes and they will come back to their normal shape. Shake off the water and then wash the soap off. sponges can be kept in a dry place for a long time. The sponge should be replaced if it becomes squishy to clean cookware. 100% warranty is guaranteed. If their sponges are not like what you've seen, please let them know within 30 days and they'll send you a new one. They appreciate all of your comments. They are used to develop and improve their handmade and heartcrafted products.

Brand: Faay

👤A loofah sponge can be used to clean all kinds of things, but it won't scratch a delicate surface. The sponges are in a box. They plump up to twice their size when you soak them in water. I used one of them to clean my bathtub. The tub was cleaned with the help of the loofah. I had to scrub very hard. loofahs can be used to clean a lot of stuff. I didn't wear gloves when I cleaned the loofah, but maybe I should have. There is a I learned a lot after I ordered this. There are articles on the internet that say you can clean a loofah sponge, but after you hang it up to dry in the air, it could be colonized withbacteria. It is possible that you could be exposed to harmfulbacteria if you wash yourself with a loofah sponge. That's why the dermatologists don't recommend using loofahs. The skin of loofahs is very harsh. It was still damp two days after I used a loofah sponge. They don't dry well. When you wash dishes with a loofah, the dish soap may be able to clean it up. I don't think these loofahs are enough to clean pots and pans. They are not like pads. They were all natural and came in a paper bag.

👤I have a busy kitchen and no dishwasher so I put these to good use before my review. There is a There are pros. It's enough for tough dishes and gentle for glassware. The hands feel soft after doing dishes. There is a The size is a bit smaller than I like. It was necessary to re sew after the edging came undone. It was stained easily. Quickly turned shabby-looking. Would I buy them again? Nope! There is a After a few uses, they look shabby because the edging came undone on every single one.

👤I'm trying to find a sponge that lasts longer. I used a different seller's brand before this and my main complaint was that the thickness of the sponges was never consistent and I had to apply dish soap every now and then. This brand is basically a big shredded wheat, and I have a few complaints about it. It hurts my hands when it falls apart so quickly. It's so thick that it's hard to get into small corners. I liked being able to wring it out and let it dry. I leave this one in the sink because it's hard to do with shredded wheat scrapping your hands. This brand requires less soap than my last one, but it lasts less than my last which only lasted a few weeks. I only got 1.5-2 weeks out of it. I am in a household with two people and we almost always eat at home. We do a lot of dishes outside the dishwasher. Maybe it lasts longer for other people.

👤These are perfect. The size and shape are comfortable. I was worried that they would fall apart or the stitching would come loose, but they didn't. For us, it's possible to switch them out each month, but mine last me just as long. They feel cleaner than a regular sponge, food stuffs seem to wash easily, and I have never seen one change color or absorb food stuff color. We end up throwing them out because the luffa starts to break down. There is a The texture is soft enough to scrub, but textured enough to be soft. Outside of the Amazon shipping stuff, the packaging for the luffas is also non-biodegradable. I love these.

11. Ecordinary Eco Friendly Compostable Dishwashing Biodegradable

Ecordinary Eco Friendly Compostable Dishwashing Biodegradable

The sponge is natural and odorless, you can use it for a long time. The everyday sponge is ideal for cleaning tasks. Their plant-based kitchen sponges are made from natural materials and are easy to use. The zero waste sponge is a natural plant-based scrub sponge. Unlike other cleaning sponges, they are packaged in recycled paper and do not come wrapped in plastic. If your experience is less than perfect, you can get a full refunds on the dish sponges you add to your cart.

Brand: Ecordinary

👤I bought a dish sponge that can be put in the compost after it's no longer useful. I've only used it for a few weeks so I can't speak to its longevity. The pros and cons I've identified so far are as follows: Pros: Made from natural materials, so can be composted - Looks very nice (my wife and daughter both said so) cons: Does the job, more or less Have I mentioned that before? There is a Con: It works well but not as well as a typical blue Scotch Brite. Why? The synthetic sponge is more effective for scrubbing pots and pans than the natural one, but the scrubby part is not as effective. This is not a huge issue but it is noticeable. There is a I think the slight loss of function is worth it for the warm fuzzy feeling it gives for being better for the environment and nicer looking than the sponge it replaced.

👤I usually don't write reviews, but this time I will make an exception as I am very satisfied with my purchase. These sponges are made from natural materials and do not have any scent or plastic in them. The packaging is cute and easy to clean and it's amazing how easy it is to sterilize them in the dishwasher. There is a The sponges are absorbent and the loofah part does a good scrubbing, without leaving scratches behind, after a few days of using them. It was a bit stiff at the beginning, but is getting softer with use. I am happy with the results of using them in the kitchen and bathroom. They seem to last very well so far. There is a It's nice to have an alternative to plastic sponges and not have to throw them in the bin.

👤I was very excited about this product. I wanted something that was healthy for washing dishes. I opened the box and it smelled like a box of dryer sheets. I don't use artificial fragrances in my home so I put these out in the garage to use for something else. I'm pretty sure they were stored next to the laundry detergent and cleaning product area in the warehouse. It's a shame.

👤I've been looking for the best sponge for my kitchen. I have tried many and this one is the best. It has a rough side to scrub pots and pans and is soft enough for glass. The sponges are a neutral color and not obnoxiously bright, which is a plus for me. I highly recommend!

👤I decided to make a switch to eco-friendly kitchen products and I found this wonderful kitchen sponge, which I already love. It is made of natural materials and does a great job. I will be happy to buy this sponge again and I am really excited about the purchase.

👤I'm not sure how clean loofah can be, as they are a natural material, and it's not the best material for scrubbing really nasty dishes. I always use cellulose for sponges. The sponges I buy are no longer available.


What is the best product for eco friendly washable sponges for dishes?

Eco friendly washable sponges for dishes products from Kmakii. In this article about eco friendly washable sponges for dishes you can see why people choose the product. It's Senah and Scrubit are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly washable sponges for dishes.

What are the best brands for eco friendly washable sponges for dishes?

Kmakii, It's Senah and Scrubit are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly washable sponges for dishes. Find the detail in this article. Nordhus Design, Suhsai and Greytwig are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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