Best Eco Friendly Water Bottles for Traveling

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1. Hydracy Water Bottle Time Marker

Hydracy Water Bottle Time Marker

The portable water bottle is perfect for traveling, camping, running, biking and outdoor activities. It's ideal for mothers day gifts. Friiends should drink more water to stay healthy. If you have a question, please contact them on Amazon. If it breaks, they will give away a free one. More water is leakproof and zero condensation. Thanks to its sleeve, it no longer puddle or sweat. The large water bottle is large enough to hold all the hydration your body needs. The intuitive timeline will tell you when to take your next sip. You will conquer your daily water intake goal with ease. It is safe, non-toxIC,durable. The water bottle is made of 100% Tritan plastic. You can relax and enjoy your water without being bothered by harmful chemicals, plastic or bad smell. The stylish Hydracy water bottle has everything you want in a bottle, including a spill proof flip top lid, a wide mouth, and a Fruit Infusion strainer. It also comes with a bonus eBook. Whether your family and friends are into fitness, cycling, hiking or camping, or simply enjoy a good workout at the gym every now and then, they will all love your gift idea! Whether your family and friends are into fitness, cycling, hiking or camping, or simply enjoy a good workout at the gym every now and then, they will all love your gift idea!

Brand: Hydracy

👤You guys. Anyone who will listen should get this water bottle. I have high standards for the products I buy, so when I find something that checks every box, I have to tell the world. It's easy to clean, it's cute, and it's lightweight. The water bottle is perfect because it has time- tracking along the side. 32oz of water and a standard cup holder. There are no straws or nooks that are hard to clean. If you want to keep your water cold, you can slip on an included neoprene sleeve. If you want infused water, you need a strainer under the lid to keep fruit from coming through the spout. It's so light. You don't want to spill water all over yourself. A lid that protects the mouth spout from germs and other elements. The lid's snap system doesn't require you to touch the mouth spout with your dirty hands. The lid's button can't be opened in a purse, diaper bag, backpack or whatever you use it for. All big-name water bottles require you to order and pay for Silicone pieces separately when you need them, so extra Silicone pieces are needed when the waterproof seals eventually wear down. If you don't want it, it's a wrist loop that can be removed if you want. I have it in Rose Gold, and I'll probably order the Aqua Green, and make my husband pick one too. I love my water bottle.

👤The design and capacity were great. I received an email from this company asking me to enter a contest. I didn't pick in any of their drawings. The company sent me a coupon as a thank you for the discounted bottle. I liked the design so much that I took them up on it. I started using it every day. The bottle is not insulated, which results in fast melting ice and warm water. The bottle gets wet to the touch because of the large amount of condensation it produces. I don't like cold water. I enjoy it. Even if you're a fast drinker, this bottle won't keep your water or beverage cool after a short time. I was not happy with the product. If you don't mind room temperature water, this might be a good choice for you.

👤I am obsessed. This is what I was looking for. I wanted the time markers with a flip top cap that is easy to open so I can drink my water while I drive. This is it! I like the extras that I didn't need. I was worried it wouldn't fit in my cupholder. But it does! I was worried that the water wouldn't flow out fast enough, but that's not a problem! I will be ordering another one in pink.

👤This thing is going to be my best friend. It is a sporty feel to it. The little filter is my favorite because it will allow me to put fruit inside and it won't block the water flow. There is a yellow lemon in my picture. There is a Pressing a button opens the lid. It is very easy to use. The time markers on the back hold me accountable. I want to get cups from the same brand in the future.

2. Yomious Borosilicate Bottle Bamboo Silicone

Yomious Borosilicate Bottle Bamboo Silicone

Fimibuke water bottle comes in a variety of vibrant colors and is a good gift for you and your loved ones. If you're not completely satisfied with their product, you can send them your issues. The borosilicate glass drinking bottle is refillable and free of plastic waste. Glass and silicone are diswasher safe and are strong and light. Choose from a variety of colors to add style and protection from slips and falls. The mouth size for spill-free drinking is perfect with the Lehman-PROOF BAMBOO LID. There is a 90-dayLID GUARANTEE. If your bamboo lid breaks, they will replace it immediately.

Brand: Yomious

👤I know that glass bottles don't last forever. These bottles barely lasted a fraction of the time most do. The tops began to smell and mold after a few weeks. I know better than to leave the wood sitting. I wiped them off after washing them. The bamboo is dinged so that water gets beneath the finish and thebacteria grows. Imagine drinking and putting your mouth on dirty feet. Unless you know the wooden lid is natural, don't buy any of these unless you know you can get a new one in a few weeks.

👤We drink from plastic bottles when we go out for walks and I worry about the chemicals in the plastic. We wanted to use a glass water bottle because glass doesn't bleed chemicals into your water like some plastic cans do. There is a Our water tastes better and is cleaner than it did coming from a plastic bottle after we got one of the 20 Oz morosilicate glass water bottles. I dropped the glass once and it didn't break. The bottle is on its side, but the bamboo lid doesn't leak. There is a It comes with a bottle brush to wash it. It's good to go if you use a little soap and water. The silicone outer sleeve helps you grip it, whether you are taking a drink from it or washing it in the sink. If you drink a lot of water, are on the go, and want a bottle that doesn't have a plastic aftertaste, then we can tell you that this is the bottle for you. Whenever we go on a walk, we'll use the glass bottle.

👤The problem is that there are so many great and innovative water bottles. Their all plastic! Due to the chemicals in plastic and recycling purposes, I just recently made the switch from plastic bottles and cups to all glass drink wear. I like to have water wherever I go. I take it to work, the gym, and the car every day. I leave my water in the car for long periods of time. This bottle is perfect for me. I don't have to worry about the chemical levels in my water. The bottle is made of glass. I don't need to worry about the sun light or heat causing chemicals to get into my water or poisoning me because I left it in the car. Keeping my child healthy is the most important thing to me. Children are not good at using plastic. We know this now. Everyone should drink from glass bottle and cups. I love the shape of this bottle. It keeps my drink cool. The cover was easy to clean. The bottle has a brush to clean with. The bamboo lid is secure and my purse is not leaking. The coffee was poured into the glass bottle from the coffee pot and no one was worried. No cracks! I would recommend this glass bottle to anyone who cares about their health and the environment.

3. Brimma Premium Sports Water Bottle

Brimma Premium Sports Water Bottle

The flip-top lid of the Brimma Premium Sports Bottle lets you take a quick drink while you run, workout or in the middle of the game. The lid is leak proof to prevent spills. It's a must have for the Gym, Yoga, Runners, Athletes, MMA, Crossfit, Travel, Hiking, Cycling, Tennis, Camping, Work Office, or outdoors. Made from high quality durable Eastman Tritan copolyester toxin free food grade plastic, it can hold up to tough conditions. It's the perfect gift for a kid, because it's a healthy and less expensive option than bottled water, and it's shatterproof. The lanyard handle strap that you can attach to your belt or bag is easy to use, and it makes it easy to take the sports bottle with you. The spill proof lid can be opened with a single push of a button. It's easy to clean the dishwasher. The Brimma Sports Bottle is perfect for cup holders and water bottle bike cages. It's perfect for life on the go, and comes in a large 32 oz, small 18 ounce, and extra large 50 ounce sizes. A gift box with each hydration bottle is a great option. At Brimma, they want their sports bottle to exceed, not just meet your expectations. Let them know if you're not happy with your purchase. Their LIFETIME GUARANTEE is backed by this.

Brand: Brimma

👤I've learned that I need to drink plenty of water every day because I have had more than 25 stones. I used to use glass bottles because I didn't like the way the plastic made the water taste. I have had glass bottles and other drinking bottles that have been ruined by cleaning. It would end up with mold somewhere if you didn't get into all the little parts. Nobody has time for that right? This bottle solved all of my problems. It's very easy to clean and you can get into every part. It's lightweight, which is a bonus, and so far, the only leaking I've experienced was user error when I pull it away from my mouth mid sip. I think slobbering on yourself becomes acceptable as I get older. I love this bottle and recommend it. I take the time to write reviews because I know that I rely on honest reviews when I make purchases on Amazon. Let me know if my review helped you.

👤I like it. It's pretty and works well. Doesn't leak as describing. After 2 months, my water bottle starts leaking. My backpack, book, and notebook were wet. I am very disappointed.

👤I bought this to avoid buying bottled water on the cruise. I wanted something that was light for packing. The bottle is 9 inches tall, 2.57 inches in diameter and can hold up to 18 ounces of water. The main bottle wall plastic is stiff and cannot be crushed with your hands. When you press the release button on the flip-open top, it will pop open. If you accidentally press the button, the optional safety latch will keep the top closed. The drink spout and small air hole are sealed when the top is closed. Even with vigorous shaking, there is no leak from this bottle. The components seem to be of good quality, not something that will break. There is no smell of plastic inside this bottle. The bottle has a top that is easy to clean. The permanently attached strap is short. I used it to secure the bottle in my backpack pocket. If you don't need to use it, you can flip it over to get it out of the way. There is a I'm very impressed with this bottle. It's more heavy duty than I was expecting. I've been using this bottle for the past few months and I love it. It looks new and has never been leaked. It is the perfect size to use a packet of Crystal Light if you want to drink no-cal water.

👤This bottle is great. I waited two months to see if the plastic will stain or mold after a few weeks of use. I drink a lot of drinks on a daily basis. I just rinse it off with dish detergent. This is a very good plastic and I have not seen any changes in it. The bottle is very light weight. The water tasted like plastic, but the bottle did not change shape, and I poured hot water in. Some marks were left when I was grinding the water sprout with my teeth. You can see the pics in Enclosed. If you wash it better, the drink will come off completely. No mold! The plastic used was high quality.

4. ZORRI Sport Water Bottle 700ml

ZORRI Sport Water Bottle 700ml

Non-toxic tritan leak proof is free of BPA. The doubled leAK roof was designed. There is a locked pop open. New features include 100% leak proof, a flip cap, and a practical nozzle. A unique design to fit your hand. A curve will help you hold the water bottle. It has a nylon carry handle that you can put on your wrist to make it easier to hold your water. The ZORRI Premium Sports Bottle has a Food Grade PP material lid and Silicone seal ring. The best water bottle is eco-friendly and does not harm their body. The bottle body size is easy to take anywhere. It's a must have for the Gym, Yoga, Runners, Athletes, Crossfit, Travel, Hiking, Cycling, Tennis, Camping, Work Office, School, work. One click open and bleed filter welder: Open this portable bottle and start drinking. If you give it as a gift, it will be funnier. The button on the pop top lid is tight enough to prevent leaking. The flip-top is safe and secure. It has a replaceable filter on top. It is perfect for fruit infused drinks. It has a wide mouth to make it easier to clean. It's easy to keep track of how much you're drinking each day. It is suitable for both warm and cold beverages. ZORRI Premium plastic water bottles are a great gift. It's suitable for all genders.

Brand: Zorri

👤I bought this for my daughter in elementary school because she has a hard time opening tightly closed bottles and it takes too long for her to drink out of it. There is a The water bottle is perfect for many reasons. It's slim so my children don't have a problem holding it with one hand, and it's easy to open the cap by pressing a button. It's leak proof and easy to close, so we don't have to worry about spills inside her bag. The bottom line is 5 out of 5 stars. I like this water bottle because I can open it, drink water out of it, and close it with one hand. My daughter has to use two hands since she's in elementary school, but she doesn't have a problem opening and closing the cap, it's easy and quick for her. There is a We had this bottle for over a year and it took a lot of beating, but it's still working great and leak proof. This water bottle is perfect for any age. If the video and photos were useful, please click on the button below. Thank you!

👤I bought 2 of these because our child will not be allowed to have plastic bottles in school. I bought a bigger one for myself. I got mine first. The fruit/ice filter is something I like. I was able to pop the top and close it up after driving around. The device is nice. The bottle is easy to clean. I will post more once we get the others. I got a total of 3. They are working out. My 5 year old knows how to lock andunlock. I would recommend them. tilt back and drink, it is too hard to squeeze the bottle. The smallest bottle does not have a cleaning wand. Great sizes and colors. I thought the tops would be broken by now, but they are not. Our son will remove it. As long as you lock it, it is leak proof. The top will open if you forget. These products are still very popular with us.

👤My husband likes this bottle. Our kids drop it everywhere, so we should know it's sturdy. There is a It's nice to add fruit to the water with the carry strap and filter cage on top. The selling point was that it was leak proof. It comes with a bottle brush and replacement pieces to keep the bottle from leaking. I will buy the smaller sizes for my children.

👤If you're looking for a new bottle or container for your liquids, Zorri is the best company. Zorri has proven to me many times that they can keep their word and provide me with replacements when I need them. The new design of their packaging and water bottle feels more premium than before and I can't wait to use it. Thank you Zorri for the great product and great customer service.

👤I've been on the hunt for a water bottle since I made the goal of drinking a gallon of water a day. The search is over. There are two things that put this bottle above the others. It has a filter to stop you from swallowing ice cubes, as you can see in the photo I've attached. It's a game change! I take a lot of vitamins and have eaten ice cubes in the process. I wanted a water bottle that fit in the cup holder of my car. I buy the 32 ounce ones because they fit better in cup holders. This one does. I came back to buy another one. There are many pretty colors. It comes with a bottle scrubber and replacement parts. I would love to give this 10 stars.

5. PROBTTL Borosilicate Reminder Reusable Motivational

PROBTTL Borosilicate Reminder Reusable Motivational

At Brimma, they want their sports bottle to exceed, not just meet your expectations. Let them know if you're not happy with your purchase. Their LIFETIME GUARANTEE is backed by this. It is easy to drink the right amount of water every day. Their top quality daily drink reminder water bottle has time markers that help you increase your water intake. This water bottle with times to drink is a great motivation for any fitness goal, including muscle gain, weight loss, and tracking water intake during workout, gym, and exercise. The motivational water bottle reminds you to drink more water with the daily benefits of drinking water. Their borosilicate glass water bottle with caps comes with a food-grade Silicone sleeve which provides maximum impact protection and can generally survive tips and short falls. There is a sturdy and lethal proof. Their leak proof, eco-friendly, and reuse water bottle is made of borosilicate glass which is free of lead, Cadmium, and other harmful substances. The bamboo lid of the dishwasher safe glassware water bottle should be hand washed and placed in the dishwasher rack. You can use this hourly water bottle tracker at home, office, school or anywhere. They are confident that their motivational glass water bottles will be loved, utilized, and admired for its quality, but if for any reason within 90 days it gets broken or its lid gets faulty, get in touch for a full replacement. What are you waiting for? You can get a 32 Ounce Time Marked Water Bottle today.

Brand: Probttl

👤I received a glass bottle. It is glass and much better than plastic. I didn't have to fill it up as much because it's larger than most bottles from other sellers. The wood cap makes the bottle look very modern and unique. The phrases on the side are very cute. There is a bonus. It comes with a cleaning brush, which makes it easier to wash. Everyone is highly recommended.

👤This is a great bottle for water. A nice cap with handle, large size, time markings, no annoying straw, easy to sip, silicone grip, and a large bottle checked all the boxes. It is easy to clean with bottle brushes. I bring this with me everywhere. It travels well and never leaks. It is slim to fit in cupholders. You get your full daily intake of water. It's great for the gym or yoga but also for the office because it's lightweight and has a "sophisticated" look. Everyone always says they need to drink more water, so I'm going to send a few to friends as gifts. There are great colors to choose from.

👤The bottle was delivered to me today. I drank a lot of water. The bottle fell to the floor at a 45 degree angle as I was leaving work this evening. The rubber case was shattered. I picked up glass and cleaned it up. It was a nice idea, but it was too fragile for me. It was a good bottle and it broke easily.

👤The bottle is perfect for people who want to keep track of their water intake. It keeps you hydrated. The bottle is made of glass. My son drinks about 3 bottles a day. If you want to make it easier to remove the cap, I suggest you twist it. The sponge was a bonus bottle cleaning sponge. Not knowing that cleaning would be a challenge without it is a great add on. Thank you!

👤I want my Dad to drink more water for his health. I like how solid it is. He needs to keep up with his water intake throughout the day. That along with the cleaning wand makes me happy.

👤I have used a lot of glass water bottles but this one is very premium quality and is affordable, I think the brand is new but it is better than most. There is a I take it to the gym and can put it anywhere. The bamboo lid is dishwasher safe and the glass is great quality.

👤Plastic bottles and straws have no weird flavor. It feels nice and thick.

👤The glass bottle is pretty cool. I was trying to drink more water. This is perfect for all the printed information. I wasn't sure if I was sold on the glass bottle because I was worried about it breaking. The bottle is not as heavy as I thought it would be and there was no weird taste in my water. It comes with a rubber grip for extra protection when sweaty hands are involved. The cleaning brush made it easier to clean bottles.

6. Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

There is a water bottle. Goodbye sweat! The Iron Flask is sweat-free because of the double wall insulation. It1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 Only the 14 Oz, 18 Oz, and 22 Oz fit in cupholders. There are three lizards. Iron Flask comes with three different 100% lidded containers. There is a carabiner with 2 straws, a flip lid, and a steel lid. There is a note about this. The lid is made of plastic and steel. Premium STAINLESS STEEL: 18/8 The Iron Flask is made of 18/8 STAINLESS steel and is non-toxic. It will not leave a metal taste. Only soapy hot water is used for hand washing. Functional design. The powder coat is a classic. It makes you stand out with a bottle. Their logo is laser engraved to assure the highest quality. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. They guarantee that the Iron Flask bottle will please you. If you are not completely satisfied with the Iron Flask, they will give you a full refund or exchange.

Brand: Iron Flask

👤I have had this bottle for 9 months. It is a workhorse. I always have water on hand and take it everywhere. The 40 oz size is very large for me. I have increased my hydration game. There is a The bottle began to sweat profusely when there was ice water inside. The contents of my bag were left on the table. It gets very wet and sweaty, and the ice will melt in a few hours. Within a couple of hours after I contacted the company, they sent me a message with a discount code that I could use to get a new bottle on Amazon for 99% off. Amazon doesn't allow you to give 100% discounts. A brand new 40 oz iron flask is for $0.28. Just another awesome Iron Flask. Customer service was very prompt and generous. I'm not sure what happened to my original Iron Flask, but the fact that the company stands behind their product is wonderful.

👤I decided on the Iron Flask because of three reasons. I chose the Iron Flask over the Hydro Flask because it has three lids instead of one. I know that you can purchase additional lids for the Hydro Flask, but it's at an additional cost, whereas with the Iron Flask the lids are included. The sleek design of the Iron Flask made me purchase it, and they have changed the logo on the flask from painted to engraved, which should last longer than the original design of the Iron Flask bottles. I don't think this is an issue when it comes to the function of the flask, but if I'm going to be carrying around a 40 oz bottle, I want it to blend in and look professional. The price of this flask is unbeatable for the quality and accessories, I'm not sure of the details of the warranty, but I was unaware that Hydro Flask offers a warranty. If I dropped a $50 flask, I would be disappointed, but I'm not going to be as disappointed if the flask is dropped or damaged. The amount of water we should be drinking depends on our body weight, but I'm almost positive that investing in this flask will increase your daily water intake by having ice cold water. Staying hydrated has many benefits, including feeling better, having more supple skin, an increase in memory, weight loss, and an increase in immune health. Why not invest in a product that will help you do that?

👤I initially wanted to get a Hydroflask, but found the Ironflask cheaper. The Ironflask has 2 additional lids and an extra straw, which is what I liked the most about it. When I fill the water bottle with light ice, it keeps the water cold for up to six hours. The additional lids are sold separately. I was not aware that the Ironflask has a warranty option. If you're worried about scratches or scruple on the bottle, there is a warranty option. I accidentally ran my bottle into things. I knocked it over and left it on it's side when I drove. If you're looking for an alternative to the Hydroflask without breaking the bank, the Ironflask is more affordable and better than what I've experienced.

7. Bambaw Stainless Friendly Reusable Leakproof

Bambaw Stainless Friendly Reusable Leakproof

There are Nepenthes. In 6 different colors. Keep your beverages cold or hot. The stocking stuffer is the perfect Christmas gift. A chic bamboo lid and a sleek design! The big water bottle is scratch resistant and durable. The neutral design of the water bottle makes it spill proof and ideal for work, hiking, yoga, travelling and all everyday activities. ECO-FRIENDLY: This large water bottle is made of 18/8 steel and is designed to last a lifetime. Say no to plastic water bottles. The large water bottle is a good choice for you and the environment. There is a camp for camping. There is proof. The water bottle is 32 ounces. The camping water bottle is portable. Whether you go camping, hiking, or on any adventure, make this 1-liter water bottle your new companion and stay hydrated wherever you go. It is easy to clean. The travel water bottle has a simple closing system. It's big neck makes it easy to see inside the water bottle for women and men, making sure it's clean. There is a big opening. The opening of the water bottle is large enough to hold ice cubes or fruit. There is a big opening. The opening of the water bottle is large enough to hold ice cubes or fruit.

Brand: Bambaw

👤The bottle is fine for most people. I'm not like most people. I boil water for sterilization over an open fire. I tried it because the description said "campfire safe". I was able to boil the water, but the bottle was coated in a substance that made it hard to drink. A mess was left over the bottle. The water inside was not affected, but my bottle is sticky around the outside after several washes.

👤I know one or two things about manufacturing because I am a mechanical engineer in the industry. There are a number of annoying things about this product which could be fixed cheaply to improve it's quality and make it a five star product. 1. The metal on the bottle's threads is grating noise. Adding plastic threads one side would correct this. 2. The handle falls off when you open the bottle. This could be fixed with an additional crimp. 3. The bamboo cap is barely held in place by the handle and will fall off, making it hard to open the bottle. This could be fixed by adding a piece of glue or something similar. 4. After a few dozen openings and closings, the o-ring seal starts to come apart due to shear. The harder o-ring material could be used to increase the contact surface area. 5. The depth of the bottom indent should be increased.

👤I ordered this for the bug out bag and it is perfect. I liked that this can be put on fire to boil water. The selling factor was what made me want to buy it. It's light and perfect for a bug out bag.

👤I don't like cold water, so this works for me, temperature water is fine for me. I clean the cap after every use, there are no leaks or defects, and the cap does not struggle to tighten. The design is very minimal. If you only carry water and don't want to carry hot liquids, then this is perfect for you, it's just that you don't want to carry hot liquids.

👤I've been looking for the perfect water bottle for a long time. I don't like drinking out of plastic, so a metal bottle would be ideal. I wanted a 32oz bottle so I only have to make my tea once a day, and this bottle seemed perfect. I have owned this for 6 months and it has two glaring flaws. I probably should have thought about that but didn't. If you make tea in this bottle it will be 10,000 degrees and you won't be able to touch it. If you try to grab it and drop it, the bottom will warp and it will never sit flat again. I have a wobbly bottomed bottle that is too hot to drink from. Maybe this is how all bottles work, but I'm hoping to find one that doesn't. The noise the metal lid makes when it screws into the metal top is like fingernails on a blackboard. I am not friends with this bottle.

8. Zak Designs 6827 T351 Riverside Bottles

Zak Designs 6827 T351 Riverside Bottles

It is time to move away from the regular kids plastic bottles and by doing so help protect the future of their planet and oceans by reducing plastic waste. The set contains two Zak water bottles with a 16-ounce capacity, each measuring 7.27 inches tall and 3.88 inches wide. The water bottles are recommended for children. The plastic used in these travel water bottles is break-resistant and free of the harmful chemical brominatedominated flame retardants. They should not be microwaved. There is a flip-up skirmish. When it's closed, the spout won't leak and can easily be flipped up when it's time to drink. It has a cover that helps keep it clean when not being used. Features: The screw-on lid on the leak-proof water bottle prevents splashes and messes, and it fits in most car cup holders for convenient travel. The drinking straw can be cleaned. Life style. Staying hydrated is important for your health. Zak Designs' innovative water bottles help make it easy for grown-ups and fun for kids. Life style. Staying hydrated is important for your health. Zak Designs' innovative water bottles help make it easy for grown-ups and fun for kids.

Brand: Zak Designs

👤We used to use contigo bottles, but now use these. I love them! It's much easier to use these. The straws don't need to be adjusted at all. The air hole does leak when the bottle tips over, but this is only a downside. It is surely not possible to spill proof like the contigo. It's worth it for the value.

👤Do you want to ruin your car, clothes, or floor? Buy these! They called it LeAK. The hole in the center of each lid is a game with my kids. Within half an hour, these are completely empty, or onto Mom's $100 sandals. There is a The prints are bad. When you buy laptop stickers from Amazon, the company doesn't have to adhere to copyright policies, but also just uses cooy&paste, and doesn't bother to check for the correct color before printing thousands of a certain image. These are not good. Stay away. If they are closed and stored upright, it's okay for preteens or older. I think Zak! They owe me a refund on all the cups and carafes I bought. It's so cheap.

👤I got these for my kids and they loved them. The button to pop the straw is easy to push for my kids to do on their own. When my kids get home, they have a habit of throwing their stuff down when they come in, so these bottles have been found upside down, but no spills. I hope they come out with other sizes as these are great, but my kids need more refill as they are big water drinkers at school. There is a I wish these had a specific spot to add your child's name as they have gotten left at school a few times.

👤These bottles are cute. I love both designs. Twins need daily water bottles. One of them had a fit because her bottle was leaking. Not a week or two later the others were also. The plastic is not the best. We had less than a month and both were trashed. I was glad I waited to review it. I can't say they were the most careful with their belongings because their stuff is always everywhere when I pick them up. I don't think they should have been that bad in 30 days.

👤These were hard to clean. We took the straws out to make sure they were clean. The mouthguard won't go back in. Toddler life. Something leak proof was what I wanted. I don't like sticky juice on everything. I could have saved myself time and headaches by pouring bottles of juice all over. I know what you are thinking, you will just use them for water. If you spray the hose from the outside, you can let your kid jump in the puddle and get the only thing that will come from it. I thought they were supposed to be made for kids. Unless your kids are perfect angels and never drop anything or have a meltdown and throw themselves on the ground while holding their water bottle, thedurability of these is joke. Wrap it in bubble wrap and give it to your child. It might be able to hold up. There is a The design is cute.

9. Bambaw Insulated Stainless Friendly Leakproof

Bambaw Insulated Stainless Friendly Leakproof

A 32 oz glass water bottle is easy to use and is a good choice for water bottles. The scale is easy to read from the bottle lid. The bottle has a time scale that anyone can read. You can carry your bottle with ease with the help of the bottle stands. A chic bamboo lid and a sleek design! The water bottle comes without paint to ensure scratch resistance. The neutral design of the water bottle makes it ideal for work, hiking, yoga, travelling and all everyday activities. ECO-FRIENDLY: The portable water bottle is made of 18/8 steel. Say no to plastic water bottles. The water bottle for men and women is a safe option. Stay hydrated. It's important to drink plenty of water. You can make this water bottle your new companion and stay hydrated wherever you go. The vacuum insulated water bottle keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. There is a big opening. The opening of the metal water bottle is large enough to hold ice cubes or a tea infuser, which makes it perfect for hot and cold drinks. The thermos water bottle has a wide neck. It is easy to clean. The eco water bottle has a simple closing system. The big neck makes it easy to see inside the camping water bottle. It is easy to clean. The eco water bottle has a simple closing system. The big neck makes it easy to see inside the camping water bottle.

Brand: Bambaw

👤I like this water bottle. I live in Colorado and you need water all the time. I decided to try and find a better water bottle because my previous bottles had a leak problem. leak proof, decent sized but not too big for on the go, able to have a carabiner attached, plastic free, easy to clean, made of sustainable materials are some of the features I looked for. This water bottle was perfect for the bill.

👤A slight drop from 2ft high gave it a nice dent in the curved top corner on the second day. It is pretty thin. The bamboo insert wood turns inside the cap. It is still better than a bottle with a plastic cap. The handle is in good shape. There are better values for better prices. I feel like I spent too much money. It makes a nice gift. The cap for 2 different ones I purchased were not interchangable and did not fit properly to make a seal.

👤It's best to wash it about 8 times to get that taste out of the bottle. It keeps water and iced tea very cold. The temperature in Phoenix was around 114 degrees a couple of weeks ago. I left it in the garage on my way to work. It sat in the garage for all day, with no air circulation, 114 degrees outside, until I got home from work. I was worried that the tea would be spoiled and the bottle would be contaminated. I only put some ice tea in the bottle that morning. I opened it when I got home.

👤My wife and I bought 2 bottles of water for our vacation. We are very impressed. We filled the bottles with water and ice. The ice cubes were in the container when we got to the resort. This purchase was an excellent choice as we are trying to get away from plastic containers. The container will keep the drink cold or hot.

👤I love this bottle. After leaving one at the airport, I bought 2 more. I dropped my bottle off a rock cliff and heard it clang all the way down hitting nothing but solid rock, but it was still usable and intact. Very sturdy. There is a The handle on the bottle is small. I use this for hot liquids and have not had a leak and feel safer because I am not drinking hot plastic. I am pleased that it is cardboard packing and no plastic. The wooden lid is made of steel and has a Silicone ring for vacuum seal. Thank you for making this!

👤If you are looking for a cheaper double walled insulated water bottle, this is an awesome option. The metal on metal nails on the chalkboard sound is the only problem I have with the construction. The company doesn't offer a plastic recycleable cap. I wish they did that. I don't want that much coffee, and the large solid build of this bottle is great, but it's not my cup of coffee. I would look into a Klean Kanteen if you didn't like metal. I'm still going to use it. It's phew!

10. Epica Friendly Refillable Containers Refrigerator

Epica Friendly Refillable Containers Refrigerator

The Brita water bottle filter should be replaced after 40 gallons or 2 months. The most beautiful Earth-friendly juices in your kitchen can be found in these classy air-tight and Eco-friendly bottles. Take your home-squeEZEd delicacies on the road. You can take your homemade juices and smoothies with you when you carry them in your bottles. The wide mouth on these Epica Bottles make it easy to fill and clean, unlike most water and juice bottles that are a pain to fill and wash. A rubber O-ring on the cap will keep it from leaving a mess in your car or bag. Oxygen can't break down the enzymes to ruin your juices. 18 miles. They fit in your lunch bag or cup holder. You can take your bottles with you wherever you go. At 9 in. tall and 2.5 in. They fit in most cup holders.

Brand: Epica

👤I bought these so I wouldn't have to buy bottled water to take to work, but after using the dishwasher and washing by hand, I can't use them anymore. The water in these glasses tastes bad even though I don't put RO water in them. I have never had a glass like this before. I've had people try it to make sure I'm not crazy. These go to the trash. It was very disappointing.

👤These bottles are disappointing. Here is the reason. I make 6 juices a day so I ordered 2 sets to change out. The glass is sturdy and solid, however, the rubber seal on the lid starts to mold, the metal cap on the inner cup detaches, and water and green juice get trapped inside the lid, it's an up hill battle with no resolution. I suggested them to my best friend, who is having the same problems, because I am so disappointed in these. I would rather pay a lot more for these bottles and have them work properly for a month, rather than have them only work for a month. I need replacement caps for my bottles. Something? The bottles I can't use are the ones that have fallen apart.

👤I bought these for the purpose of freezing fresh juice. I opened my freezer to discover that the bottle had exploded, because I allowed plenty of room for expansion. I'm not sure how to get a refund since I'm not mailing glass shards.

👤The bottles are good, but the caps are cheap and break. It's hard to open them when the metal part separates from the plastic piece. The components came apart as shown in the pictures. The caps and bottle are dishwasher safe, according to the listing. The return period ended so buyer beware.

👤These glass bottles are perfect. I have only been using them for a week so I can not attest to the issues reported here. There is a The glass is strong. There was no leaking from the bottle. The bottles were packaged in a box and bubble wrapped to protect them. These glass jars are simple and durable. I needed to drink my saffron water daily. It is good for my eye health. They were the perfect solution for keeping them organized. The bottles are taller and narrower, so they save more space. I am very happy with these. I will update in a few months when I see how well they perform with age.

👤The bottles are a great value. The comments about the gasket on the lids are correct, but I would have given them 5 stars. They are not sealed in place and can pop off if a vacuum forms in the bottle, but the gasket is easy to clean and reset back into the lid. I clean the bottles with a bottle brush after every use, then run them through the dishwasher to make sure they are completely clean, because I store raw juice in the bottles for up to 3 days. The bottles are meant for this purpose, and they do a good job. I wouldn't recommend them for everyday use. Without being cleaned and dried regularly, the issues other users reported with moisture causing degradation behind the gasket is sure to occur. The bottles have survived many trips to the dishwasher and I have used them for about 3 weeks now. They were kept safe and chip free in transit. The small issue with the lid is insignificant and these are great for anyone who wants to make juice, smoothie, or other beverages to be stored for a day or two and drink at home or on the go. I still have my original review. I wanted to know more about the lids. The issues others have cited and pictured are accurate. I use them to store juice until I drink it in one sitting, so I don't think it's a problem. Then I wash them. If your purpose is to take the lid on/off several times throughout the day, you're likely going to be frustrated as they will come apart each time. There is a If this is a transport or storage until you drink bottle, it can't be beat for the price. If you sip a little here and there all day, you should look elsewhere.

11. Brieftons Glass Water Bottles Stainless

Brieftons Glass Water Bottles Stainless

Whether your family and friends are into fitness, cycling, hiking or camping, or simply enjoy a good workout at the gym every now and then, they will all love your gift idea! These bottles are air-tight, eco-friendly and look great on your table and fridge. They are ideal for keeping drinks, brew, coffee, tea, sauces, salad dressing, kefir, and ferment drinks ready to go. You can take your homemade juices and smoothies with you when you carry them in your Brieftons glass bottles. Store them quickly. Any place in the foothills, lunch bag or cup holder. The slim design means you can take your bottles with you wherever you go, in the car, school or work. The wide mouth of the Brieftons bottles makes filling and washing them easy. The long bottle brush is included in the pack. These are an alternative to plastic bottles. Air and water TIGHT STAINLESS STEEL CAPS ARE A LEAK-FREE EXPERIENCE. No matter how you place the bottle, the cap will never leave a mess in your car or bag because it is lined with a silicone O-ring. Oxygen can't break down the enzymes and ruin your juices. It's ideal to use as drink or refreshment bottles, juice containers, fermentation jars, kefir starter kits, beverage, drink jugs and many others. The value pack includes a long bottle cleaning brush and Brieftons glass bottles with water tight lids. 18 Oz per bottle is the capacity. The dimensions are 8.7 IN and 2.6 IN. The opening of the mouth is either 1.2 IN or 1.6 IN. How does it help you? These are great for storing drink water, juices, smoothies, or as an air tight jar for cooking sauces and essential oils. Take them with you to the gym, office, picnic, or wherever you need them. It is suitable for both warm or cold liquids. Thousands of happy customers are part of the trusted kitchen brand. If you don't like the bottles, you can get a full money back guarantee.

Brand: Brieftons

👤The bottles are thick and nice. The dimensions are good for storing a bunch of them in the fridge next to each other without taking up too much space, but they will definitely move around in most car cupholders. The cheap caps are the real issue. Most of the bottles I ordered after a few months have caps that spin unless you squeeze down really hard to get the cap, because there is a plastic piece between the steel and the glass of the bottle that can separate. The plastic on the cap seals even more when you put it in the fridge and it gets cold. I have to get the caps off some of the time because of this design flaw. I'm looking online for different caps.

👤I would have gotten better quality bottles if I had purchased kombucha or juice at a grocery store and just reuse the glass bottle, Drink + well made glass bottle is the same price. Thats over 3$ a bottle. I was going to get something well made for the price, but these are incredibly cheap and poorly made. These are bottles that have been rejected. All of my bottles had bubbles in the glass, huge seams, and one had a black metal bubble on the inside of the bottle, so I'm not going to use it. Not happy will not buy from this seller again. I was going to buy two sets, but I didn't. The quality was very low. It could be blamed on bad quality control, but not when it was every bottle.

👤Absolutely what I was looking for. The reviewers convinced me to try this item. The seller told me how to wash the bottles. The two boxes were washed and filled with water. I only put water in there and the brush that comes with them works perfectly. I would say they look elegant in my fridge.

👤I bought this product to put my own water in for work, but the caps fell apart after 2 weeks. This product is useless because the caps are cheap. Don't waste your money. If you want to buy replacement caps on Amazon 2, you have to buy a hard lid, it's a 4 piece piece poorly glue together.

👤I love these bottles. I brew my own at home and these are perfect. I will have to order more because I will have to experiment with adding flavors like ginger and pineapple, which will mean additional time before I can drink them, so I think 12 more bottles are in my immediate future! 18 ounces. You cannot go wrong with a sturdy glass bottle, leak proof o-ring seal, and a cleaning brush. I only wash my bottles and caps with water and water because I use them for kombucha. I don't want them to have chemical cleaners in them. The o-ring in the cap can be cleaned. Oh, and the cherry on top is free of BPA. The seller delivered as promised and I must not forget the bonus. I am not related to anyone and I was not paid for this review. I have been searching for the best of the best for my brew for years and finally found it.


What is the best product for eco friendly water bottles for traveling?

Eco friendly water bottles for traveling products from Hydracy. In this article about eco friendly water bottles for traveling you can see why people choose the product. Yomious and Brimma are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly water bottles for traveling.

What are the best brands for eco friendly water bottles for traveling?

Hydracy, Yomious and Brimma are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly water bottles for traveling. Find the detail in this article. Zorri, Probttl and Iron Flask are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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