Best Eco Friendly Water Bottles Kids

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1. ZORRI Sport Water Bottle 500ml

ZORRI Sport Water Bottle 500ml

Non-toxic tritan leak proof is free of BPA. The doubled leAK roof was designed. There is a locked pop open. New features include 100% leak proof, a flip cap, and a practical nozzle. A unique design to fit your hand. A curve will help you hold the water bottle. It has a nylon carry handle that you can put on your wrist to make it easier to hold your water. The ZORRI Premium Sports Bottle has a Food Grade PP material lid and Silicone seal ring. The best water bottle is eco-friendly and does not harm their body. The bottle body size is easy to take anywhere. It's a must have for the Gym, Yoga, Runners, Athletes, Crossfit, Travel, Hiking, Cycling, Tennis, Camping, Work Office, School, work. One click open and bleed filter welder: Open this portable bottle and start drinking. If you give it as a gift, it will be funnier. The button on the pop top lid is tight enough to prevent leaking. The flip-top is safe and secure. It has a replaceable filter on top. It is perfect for fruit infused drinks. It has a wide mouth to make it easier to clean. It's easy to keep track of how much you're drinking each day. It is suitable for both warm and cold beverages. ZORRI Premium plastic water bottles are a great gift. It's suitable for all genders.

Brand: Zorri

👤I bought this for my daughter in elementary school because she has a hard time opening tightly closed bottles and it takes too long for her to drink out of it. There is a The water bottle is perfect for many reasons. It's slim so my children don't have a problem holding it with one hand, and it's easy to open the cap by pressing a button. It's leak proof and easy to close, so we don't have to worry about spills inside her bag. The bottom line is 5 out of 5 stars. I like this water bottle because I can open it, drink water out of it, and close it with one hand. My daughter has to use two hands since she's in elementary school, but she doesn't have a problem opening and closing the cap, it's easy and quick for her. There is a We had this bottle for over a year and it took a lot of beating, but it's still working great and leak proof. This water bottle is perfect for any age. If the video and photos were useful, please click on the button below. Thank you!

👤I bought 2 of these because our child will not be allowed to have plastic bottles in school. I bought a bigger one for myself. I got mine first. The fruit/ice filter is something I like. I was able to pop the top and close it up after driving around. The device is nice. The bottle is easy to clean. I will post more once we get the others. I got a total of 3. They are working out. My 5 year old knows how to lock andunlock. I would recommend them. tilt back and drink, it is too hard to squeeze the bottle. The smallest bottle does not have a cleaning wand. Great sizes and colors. I thought the tops would be broken by now, but they are not. Our son will remove it. As long as you lock it, it is leak proof. The top will open if you forget. These products are still very popular with us.

👤My husband likes this bottle. Our kids drop it everywhere, so we should know it's sturdy. There is a It's nice to add fruit to the water with the carry strap and filter cage on top. The selling point was that it was leak proof. It comes with a bottle brush and replacement pieces to keep the bottle from leaking. I will buy the smaller sizes for my children.

👤If you're looking for a new bottle or container for your liquids, Zorri is the best company. Zorri has proven to me many times that they can keep their word and provide me with replacements when I need them. The new design of their packaging and water bottle feels more premium than before and I can't wait to use it. Thank you Zorri for the great product and great customer service.

👤I've been on the hunt for a water bottle since I made the goal of drinking a gallon of water a day. The search is over. There are two things that put this bottle above the others. It has a filter to stop you from swallowing ice cubes, as you can see in the photo I've attached. It's a game change! I take a lot of vitamins and have eaten ice cubes in the process. I wanted a water bottle that fit in the cup holder of my car. I buy the 32 ounce ones because they fit better in cup holders. This one does. I came back to buy another one. There are many pretty colors. It comes with a bottle scrubber and replacement parts. I would love to give this 10 stars.

2. ZORRI Eco Friendly Bottles 1 Click Camping

ZORRI Eco Friendly Bottles 1 Click Camping

The man is free of BPA. The best Tritan water bottles are free of the harmful chemical brominatedominated flame retardants and are certified by the US FDA. The ZORRI sport lightweight drink bottles looks and works better than any other portable sport water bottles. Double protection to upgrade the leak-proof effect has been designed to make sure that there is no drop of water. The water bladders are perfect. If you want to prevent ice from entering your mouth, you can make it smaller, use it as a fruit infuser, and add your favorite fruit. The portable sports water bottle is easy to carry. It's a perfect bottle for a gym, running, camping, yoga, travel, biking, cycling, hiking, tennis, workout, office, kids school. There is an added free bonus with the gift box and the trinket box. Most car cup holders and bike bottle cages have standard cycling bottle body sizes. It is easy to fill ice and fruit with a wide mouth opening, and it comes with a cleaning brush.

Brand: Zorri

👤I have been using the bottle for a week. It is easy to use. The large size doesn't make it awkward. There are dents in your hand. The cord can be used to carry it. It's my new favorite. There are no weird parts to harvest mold or catch dust. I had used camelbaks for a long time but they started getting mold and gunk in the bite valves. The screw on cap camelbak chute takes more time to get to your water than this. I think this is a great idea. There is a This is my go to bottle and it has been 1.5 months. I use it daily. It is the one I pack for all my adventures. I had it on the couch and it didn't leak. It is easy to clean. I can't say enough good about this bottle.

👤The sports bottle has a 1,200 liter capacity and is marked on the outside. The bottle is empty or 175 g. The bottle is not designed for hot liquids. It has a screen that blocks ice cubes and fruit juices from flowing out of the mouth piece. The mouth piece cap has a tight fit which will prevent spills. It has a handy carrying strap. A sponge brush is included to clean the inside of the bottle. It is difficult to remove and insert the bottle back into the mesh pocket of the backpack because it is large. I recommend this bottle for outdoor adventures.

👤I like this water bottle, but I am picky when it comes to water bottles. It had a brush to clean it. To carry it with, you need a handle. I would recommend this product to others. I'm going to have to buy another one.

👤I put ice on the bottle and added water. I took it out in the sun to watch my daughter compete. The water was still cold three hours later. I use a water bottle for my cycling, but this is better than the ice that melted. They only stay cold for an hour. The bottle has condensation on it. It is a nice rubber material and it grips your palm. I use to drink from my desk and bought this to take to work. I try to drink 100 ounces of water a day and this helps me measure my consumption, it's a 32 ounce container. It keeps my water cold and the cap tight so that I don't spill it on my desk. It has a strainer at the top that I can use to add lemon to my water. Lemons help burn calories. The soap brush that came with this bottle was a bonus that my wife was happy about. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I like this water bottle. When my son goes back to middle school, he was able to use it because they required a clear water bottle, but I bought it for him. I took it because he couldn't use it. It is fantastic. I am clumsy and it has taken my drops. I like the size measurements. I know how much I drink. It has times when you should drink to that level. It came with a bottle cleaner and a small filter for fruit infused water. This is huge. I already had a few, but not this one. The bottle cleaner works. Thanks to this brush, I have had no issues cleaning it. My son is upset that he can't use it. I would definitely buy again.

3. Mountop Bottle Handle Leak Proof BPA Free

Mountop Bottle Handle Leak Proof BPA Free

It is easy to use and clean a dishwasher. They're better for the environment. Food grade material Eco-friendly, safe for drinking and non-toxic, Food grade material. They are the only choice for premium plastic water bottles because of their quality and unbeatable customer service. It's easy to use. The button on the cap is great for one-handed drinking when your child is playing on the lawn or playground. It's safe to drink. The protective spout cover helps keep out gross dirt, and the cover for the polycarbonate mouthpiece is sanitary and clicks into place. Fast flow. The vent hole of the bottle cap has been increased to provide faster flow, just sip and your beverage will flow through the valve. Surprise your kids, daughter or anyone you love with a water bottle, it's a great gift. Your kids will grow up healthier if you allow them to replenish water at any time.

Brand: Mountop

👤I love this bottle. There is nothing extraneous about each feature. There is a warning This review is very detailed. I was carried away. There is a I am a full time college student working part time at an internship. I have been using this bottle at home and at work for about 2 months. This is a bottle for kids. There are many reasons why this bottle can work for you as an adult. The translucent bottle makes it easy to gauge how much water is in it. The side markings help track intake. I love orange, but it can be a bit too bright in certain settings. The tinted bottle is not screaming color at you like an eye sore. I was looking for an orange bottle from Amazon, it was one of the few translucent ones. 2. The button on the cap is great for one handed drinking, especially when driving. 3. The sippy cup-like shape of the mouth is reminiscent of a sippy cup. Very similar to a Camelbak. The straw reaches to the bottom of the bottle and the valve in the cap creates a closed system with just enough space to let out. It is a noiseless experience. Since it is a straw, it has benefits, like no tipping to drink, no force like rounded pop up/press down tops, and no excess water spilling from large openings. The cover for the rubber is secure and sanitary. Some bottles with straws do not have covers, which is gross, as it exposes the surface which comes into direct contact with the inside of your body. 4. The size is perfect for me. The length is easy to fit in my small purse or backpack. I carry it everywhere. The dimensions are shorter than a plastic bottle. It is lightweight and not very important to you. It does not clank when set on a hard surface, which is great for a quiet office environment. It is smaller than normal bottles. This size can be a pro and a con if you are trying to meet water intake goals. You will have to refill often. You become more aware of when you drink. When I get to work in the morning, I fill it at the water cooler, eat lunch, refill before I leave, attend class, study at the library, go home, and use it until the next morning. I didn't know my water drinking habits until I got this bottle. You will have to refill often. Since fountains with good water aren't always available, it can be annoying. Bottles are meant to be portable. This doesn't carry a lot. A gallon jug is the best choice for a gym junkie. 5. It is made of hard plastic. I have dropped it on linoleum, carpet, and wood and it works. The cap is made of a more durable material and can handle more wear and tear, but the container is a thinner plastic. I don't recommend working in a steel floored workshop because it is still plastic and will scratch. 6 is the estimated usable number. The carabin. It's so useful when you can't carry the bottle with your hands or a bag. Ex: Just hook it onto your belt and then unhook it when your hands are free. If you camp or hike, this is handy. The carabiner fits into the handle of the cap. Perfectly sloped to allow for easy hanging from a finger. This is my first review. Within the first week of using this bottle, I would be writing a detailed product description. I hope your experience is as good as mine.

4. Motivational Water Bottle Marker Straw

Motivational Water Bottle Marker Straw

It's easy to keep track of how much you're drinking each day. It is suitable for both warm and cold beverages. ZORRI Premium plastic water bottles are a great gift. It's suitable for all genders. The Fimibuke water bottle is designed to help you stay motivated to drink water throughout the day. The translucent appearance of the scale makes it easy to measure your daily intake of water. It's a great choice for workouts, running, hiking, cycling, biking, camping, yoga, or any other sports at home, the gym, the office or outside. Functional design. The top of the water bottle has a food grade silicone O-ring that is 100% leak-proof and has convenient hourly time markers to help you increase your water intake. The leakproof lid has a pop-up silicone straw that you can open with one hand, and it's spill-proof. The dust cap can prevent dust from entering your bottle. The large water bottle is made of eco-friendly food grade Tritan material and is leakproof. The sports water bottle has a wide-mouth opening that makes it easy to fill with ice cubes and fruits, and a reflective frosted body that makes the life you like more enjoyable. It is convenient and easy to clean. The nylon strap design and lightweight design make it easy to carry the bottle around. The gym water bottle is easy to clean, just use baking soda and vinaigrette. Also, note: Drop the bottle! Not for the dishwasher! Not for hot liquid. Fimibuke water bottle comes in a variety of vibrant colors and is a good gift for you and your loved ones. If you're not completely satisfied with their product, you can send them your issues.

Brand: Fimibuke

👤The water bottle is perfect. It works great, looks exactly like the product picture shown, and has zero defects. I use mine to work out. It can hold two bottles of water. The straw works well and I can hang it on my wrist. It goes with my gym bag. They're the same color. This water bottle is very good. If helpful, please click 'Helpful'.

👤I love this bottle. I needed a bottle that was touch free and this is it. I am a bartender, and with everything going on right now, the running around is insane because of everything being spread out outside. We're not allowed to have beverages out/have twist top bottles/etc so this was my loophole, it was amazing, I had a girl pass out from dehydration a few weeks ago. Thanks for coming to my talk, be safe out there!

👤The description says it's easy to clean, but they don't say how to disassemble the bottle for thorough cleaning. It doesn't have paper instructions for disassemble. This bottle is not dishwasher safe, which is a big problem. Let me tell you what you need to know. It's not easy to clean if something isn't dishwasher safe. Anyone who has owned a water bottle like this before knows that gunk and mold can build up and grow in places you can't reach. This is why thorough cleaning is so important. The bottle can't do that. The bottle is nice, until it starts to smell bad from mold growth.

👤The most important part of being an overall great water bottle is the mouthpiece. Why did they make it like this? It's awkward. If you try to drink from it, your chin will hit the locking mechanism. If you reverse it to drink the other way, you have to tilt the bottle at a weird angle. I just pushed the mouth back further and over the nubs that keep the mouth tilted. It's a little awkward to drink from now. I hope the design team takes it back to the drawing board and tries again, because a bottle with a more intuitive mouth would be perfect.

👤I love this water container. The water bottle has a straw in it. I like to bite straws. I can bite and naw with this straw. The water gage on the side of the bottle is definitely a plus. I bought a different bottle and I love it. Come to find out. My son and husband both like my bottle. I had to get them their own bottles. My package arrived on time. Thank you so much! Will post pics later.

👤I bought two of these in different colors for my kids to encourage them to drink more water. These bottles are great. My kids have dropped them and they don't leak. You can't tell they were dropped. There were no scratches! My goal to get my kids to drink more has been a huge success, because they have made a game out of who makes it to which line first. I would give 10 stars if I could only give them for the quality of the bottles.

5. STACEGEELE Insulated Stainless Lightweight Springbank

STACEGEELE Insulated Stainless Lightweight Springbank

Surprise your kids, daughter or anyone you love with a water bottle, it's a great gift. Your kids will grow up healthier if you allow them to replenish water at any time. The food grade STAINLESS STEEL double walled and vacuum insulated keeps your favorite beverage cold or hot for 18 hours. Not for use with very hot liquids will cause leaks or spills. WIDE MOUTH WITH ECO-FRIENDILY LIDS The mouth is wide enough for ice cubes and easy cleaning, and each bottle has a straw lid with a soft Silicone pad. Double walled design vacuum insulation and powder coated bottle body make sure it never sweat and is safe. You could get 1 pc transparent straw, 1 pc colorful straw, 1 set of sticker and 1 pc straw brush as gifts when you buy 1 stACEGEELE insulated bottles. If you are not 100% satisfied with their water bottle, they will give you a full refund or a replacement.

Brand: Stacegeele

👤I always evaluate these bottles by how long they keep my iced tea cold for, and if it's more than 12 hours. This bottle keeps my drinks cold for a full 24 hours. The second test is that I bring these bottles everywhere with me, so they get thrown in my truck, dropped all over the place, and usually don't last more than a few months without showing the damage. This bottle is a great quality vacuum sealed bottle and it still looks great even though I unboxed it. The little "sport handle" top is a nice addition.

👤A great bottle. The water is kept cold for hours. It is easy for a young child to open. My 6 year old bought this for him. It's a good idea to open and close the bottle to drink from and refill it. Water cools down throughout the day.

👤If it's warm, I'll drink more water. I bought this water bottle because I wanted to have warm water at my desk for hours at a time. It works well and keeps my water warm throughout the day, although I've not timed how long it lasts. It doesn't leak when I have a laptop in a backpack. This works as well as the other expensive bottles.

👤I bought these for my kids. We've gone through a few different water bottles, and this is my favorite. They are easy to carry around. They keep their water cold. Great price point too!

👤If I sit this thing on my desk in my air conditioned home, with water in it cold, it will stay cold for quite a while. If I do the same, I'll take it out into the heat of Bakersfield and walk the swap meet for a couple hours. There is a I had to change my rating to one star. The flip top lid is the only good thing about the bottle. I have had cups from the gas station that were more insulative. I had to remove the flat top lid to throw it away. There is a strong cross threaded on there.

👤I bought this because I forgot my Hydroflask. I didn't want to spend the money on a new one. I will not be buying another expensive bottle of water in the future. The flip top lid is leak-proof and keeps my drink cold in the hot sun. The color selection is great. Highly recommend!

👤They are pretty to look at, but leaking is impossible. There is not enough turning that will close them tight enough to stop the leaking. The ones that come with these thermoses worked better for me than the ones I bought from another vendor. The rough surface of the lids makes them easy to stain and get dirty, so they are nearly impossible to keep clean. I own many different thermoses by different makers and none of them have the same problems. If you like to smile, don't buy these.

👤The water bottle is awesome. I like the double metal around the bottle because it makes my hands cold when I have ice in it. That doesn't happen with this bottle because it's double metal. It's easy to hold when it's cold outside in the winter. I don't like having my hands cold when I drink. It's leak proof and I don't like having cold water on me or spilling all over my purse. I would buy a bottle again, I would buy one for all my friends that drink a lot of water.

6. IRON ┬░FLASK Kids Water Bottle

IRON %C2%B0FLASK Kids Water Bottle

There is an added free bonus with the gift box and the trinket box. Most car cup holders and bike bottle cages have standard cycling bottle body sizes. It is easy to fill ice and fruit with a wide mouth opening, and it comes with a cleaning brush. The water bladder is INSULATED. Goodbye sweat! The Iron Flask is sweat-free because of the double wall insulation. It keeps your drink cold for up to 14 hours. It is not recommended for hot drinks. Premium STAINLESS STEEL: 18/8 The Iron Flask is made of 18/8 STAINLESS steel and is non-toxic. It will not leave a metal taste. Only soapy hot water is used for hand washing. Their lid is leak proof and has a built in handle for easy carrying. Choose from their many unique designs for a great kids water bottle. The included name stickers can be used to modify it. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. They guarantee that the Iron Flask bottle will please you. If you are not completely satisfied with the Iron Flask, they will give you a full refund or exchange.

Brand: Iron ┬░flask

👤This water bottle has been a hit with us. We had a $24 CamelBak that leaked after 2 weeks of use, but so far this one is solid. The straw stays attached when you remove the cover, which makes it very easy to clean, but I think it would be very frustrating for my toddler if they fell off inside. We are very happy with it so far.

👤I wanted to give my 2 year old grandchild a bottle of water because she always takes sips from our Hydroflasks. I found Iron Flask while looking for a kid-sized one. There are so many cute designs that it was hard to choose which one to get. I was impressed with the packaging and the design of the water bottle, it looks sturdy and well-made. Will have to see how it holds up after being worn and torn by a toddler. There is a I am looking at an Iron Flask for myself and am having a hard time deciding on a color or design. I like that there are so many choices and that it already has three different lid. I had to buy a straw lid for the Hydroflask. The Iron Flask is more affordable as well.

👤I would give this 4 stars if it wasn't for the hand wash.

👤The straw is hard. My son used it Monday after I received it last week. Both ends have split. They send in 2 straws, but this is ridiculous. The straw inner attachment on the specific bottle is different than on the other bottles. The other one has a straw in it. The inside of the bottle has a straw part on it. I am not sure why the cap or straw is not as durable as the other Iron Flask bottles. This is advertised for kids so it should be more durable.

👤I was worried about sending my son to school without water if I used the wrong thermos to transition him away from sippy cups. The thermos was a miracle. He figured out how to open, close, and drink quickly and it's been a constant in our lives.

👤My husband bought a men's iron flask for me, then he bought another for himself. I saw the kiddie ones at Christmas. The kids got their own gifts. The family loves the iron flask. No leaks, one happy lady.

👤The water bottles are the best I have found for my boys. I had a plain colored one. The bottle was damaged after the first drop. It is still in use a year later with no issues. I recently bought 3 with designs. Those have been dropped a number of times and have yet to chip or dent. If they are not closed, they will leak, which is one thing I didn't notice with the plain colored ones. My kids are young. The mouth piece will be shut by the 5 year old. The 2 and 3 year olds can't be counted on to do as much as they can, and the water bottle has leaked in bags and backpacks, and their beds. The straws seem to stay in place even when the water bottle is dropped, which is nice. After a day at school, liquid seems to stay cold. In the summer, the ice doesn't last long.

7. Milton Running Cycling Camping Fitness

Milton Running Cycling Camping Fitness

100% satisfaction guaranteed. They guarantee that the Iron Flask bottle will please you. If you are not completely satisfied with the Iron Flask, they will give you a full refund or exchange. A 3-pack is one-click open. It is easy and affordable to have this water bottle. It's easy. Drinking with the one-click flip open LID. The need to use just one hand makes it especially useful. You can get 3 bottles for less than one. Clear bladders are durable, safe, and attractive. These drink bottles are made of lightweight plastic and have the same taste of glassware. Clear plastic allows you to see what's in the air. Tritan plastic is eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals. For safe use. Its design is pretty, yet attractive, and gives the classic look. A wide MOUTH, easy CARRY, and air tight are some of the things that are included. ICE cubes are easy to add for a cold drink. The center for easy carry has a hand spar carrier. And a good grip. Air tight. There is a leak free lid. You and your bag should stay dry. It is easy to flow spout. It's great for water or any other beverage. The best broom for sports, school, and work. This bottle is the best buy for any sport or activity. A great bottle for athletes, people with disabilities, and men and women for work. Boys or girls are going to school. It works in any standard size backpack, handbag, and bike. A great gift idea. You can surprise your spouse, children, friends, or anyone you love with this bottle. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Not satisfied? Return within 30 days of purchase. There are free returns. They will do everything they can to solve your problem. A great gift idea. You can surprise your spouse, children, friends, or anyone you love with this bottle. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Not satisfied? Return within 30 days of purchase. There are free returns. They will do everything they can to solve your problem.

Brand: Milton

👤Great bottles. We go through a lot of water bottles with our kids, and these have held up well. It is easy to clean. The sticker on the outside of the bottle does not come cleanly, as has been stated by others. There is still a residual after many washes. It doesn't bother me, but if something like this were to bother you then you probably wouldn't want a bottle like this. Love the bottles in every way.

👤These bottles are nice. We wanted to take drinks on the go without worry about spills in the vehicle. I gave it four stars because it cost me a little more for 3 plastic bottles. There is a They are three different colors so everyone knows which bottle is there. They are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

👤The water bottles are hard plastic. My kids will chip/break when they drop them for the first time. The mechanism sticks. The worst thing is that the lids want to cross thread when you try to tighten them. I know my kids wouldn't be able to refill them and get the lid on easily because they are a pain to put on.

👤I bought a pack of water bottles. If the bottles were opened with one-click, I would give them five stars. The blue bottle didn't work as well as the other two bottles. If possible, I would like to exchange the bottle. If the seller responds, will update review. The water bottles are light and sturdy. The one-click mechanism feels a bit weak and delicate, but the prices for these water bottles are low, making these water bottles disposable.

👤I don't leave reviews unless I feel strongly about a product. This one is for the bad. First of all. I hope you have some lemon oil on hand to get the stickers off. There is a smell of plastic. This is not good for you. One of them broke within the first 2 days of use and I am sure the others will follow. There are a few things that I like if they could fix the bad. The shape is easy to hold. The easy clean. I ordered them because of that. I have been a user of the company for a long time. I don't think I can get them clean. These are great in that way. I will go back to Contigo to deal with that. The quality on these would be great if the could be raised.

👤I bought these for my son and it leaked all over his backpack. His teacher wanted him to try different brands. I was hoping they would work.

👤These are hard to clean. The mouth of one of them got warped after we washed it on the top rack. There is a If the gasket comes out, there is a metal spring in the cap that is hard to replace. The concept is good but the execution needs work.

👤We got these for our kids to take to school. They were great for the first couple months, but they don't hold up well after being dropped a couple times. I think I need to get something a little more sturdy for the price. I won't have to buy water bottles every few months. It is difficult to clean the cap area where the seal is. There is mold in that area where we can't reach. We ended up using our straw brush from a different purchase to get in there to clean it, and that didn't work well.

8. Stainless Steel Unicorn Bottle Straws

Stainless Steel Unicorn Bottle Straws

There is a big opening. The opening of the water bottle is large enough to hold ice cubes or fruit. Quality materials. The kids water bottles are made of 304 18/8 STAINLESS STEEL and have a colorful boot. Eco-friendly,BPA Free. It keeps drinks cold for 12 hours. It is recommended to wash your hands. Durability: Their bottles are built to last and will never break or rust. The No Sweat Double Wall Vacuum insulated design keeps hands dry and the powder coating won't crack or peel. Their double wall insulated bottles are made for children and are child friendly. The boot on the outside of the bottle protects the paint from cracking when put down. The set includes 2 packs of sponges, a brush and a Silicone boot for easy cleaning. It is time to move away from the regular kids plastic bottles and by doing so help protect the future of their planet and oceans by reducing plastic waste.

Brand: F-32

👤The cup is beautiful but the problem is that water gets accumulated between the design and starts to smell.

👤The mug is cute, but the lid was not a slider. It was a solid piece of plastic without a sip spout. No way to drink with the lid on. I chose this product for my little guy because I was disappointed by this.

👤I bought 3 different designs at the same time. I received them all on the same day. The cups are cute, bright and perfect for kids, they don't leak and hold heat. I think they have a big flaw. I washed them and realized the bottom part of the cup was not sealed and was not securely attached. It can't be taken off. You can hear and feel the water when it's washed. It is nearly impossible to drain all the water out. For the price, I would hope that a solid cup would be able to be used for a long time.

👤Buy only for looks and not for the insulation factor. There is a A vacuum insulated product should not sweat. The outside is just as wet as a regular cup after about 5 minutes. After 30 minutes, the ice in the Disney cup was still there and the ice in the vacuum insulated mug was gone.

👤This is not a good product. The lid is terrible. It is not ideal for something that will be used for drinking by kids. It would not last very long. There is a The cup is not bad but has a poor finish that doesn't affect it functionally. There is a There is a warning. The 2 pack only has one cup with 2 kids. It is not obvious when you select the option.

👤I would have given this cup a 5, but I didn't like the lid. It is not as thick as I thought it would be. I was not expecting it to be as strong as the ones in the Yeti, but it is cheap and thin. There are problems with sliding it from open to close position. It isn't a smooth motion. My 6 year old would have to ask me to open it. My 2 year old doesn't like using the cup with the lid. It is easy to wash. I wouldn't put it in the dishwasher. It's not advisable for the microwave since it's made of stainless steel. The design is bold and bright and the bottom of the cup has a thick layer that prevents it from sliding. The mug is good, but I wish the lid was better.

👤I bought this mug for my daughter, so she can have a warm drink outside on cold days, but I can't speak to how well this mug performs at keeping drinks warm or preventing leaks because the decorative rubbery part emits a chemical odor so strong that my daughter refuses to drink out I washed the mug twice and let it off-gas outside for a full day, but it didn't work. I bought the blue dolphin version of the mug for my other daughter, and the smell is much milder, so I don't know if the problem is our particular mug or the pink unicorn version. There is a I have never been so disappointed by a product. I don't feel good about returning a product that we've washed and tried to use, but we've been letting this mug release its fumes for weeks with no improvement, so I can't recommend it to anyone.

9. Reduce WaterWeek Reusable Bottle Fridge

Reduce WaterWeek Reusable Bottle Fridge

100% SATISFACTION is the #1 LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Greens Steel Products come with a lifetime guarantee. If you want your money back, you have to be 100% satisfied. Put them to the test by ordering now. Don't settle for less. The Reduce water bottle set includes 5 water bottles that can be used as replacements for disposable bottled water or juice bottles. CONVENIENT means fill, chill, and go. The handy to-go bottles are ideal for keeping your family hydrated at school, practice, in the classroom, and on the road. Place them in backpacks and sports bags. Store each 14 ounce water bottle in the refrigerator with the leak-free cap on. They are perfect for travel or as a school lunch box bottle. A handy fridge tray is included. Cupholder friendly, it's perfect for car seats, strollers, any standard cup holder, backpacks, lunch boxes and gym bags. It is easy to use and clean a dishwasher. They're better for the environment.

Brand: Reduce

👤I only use the water from the pitcher. It is easier to keep clean with a wide-mouth bottle. Small-mouth bottles are easier to drink from. I don't put them in the dishwasher. I'm happy with my purchase so far. Since I haven't used them long enough, I don't know how well they will last.

👤The irony is that bottles are held together for packaging by a wide strip of plastic that can't be recycled and will kill sea life in our oceans. Very disappointing.

👤I bought these for my kids. My parents used disposable water bottles when they came to visit and the kids wanted to drink from them. The kids love these. One reviewer complained that the packaging was not eco friendly, but this is more eco friendly than throwing away water bottles. This is the only water bottle I have purchased that has not leaked in my children's backpacks.

👤We decided to let the kid take water with lunch after a lot of arguments about milk and chocolate. We wash them by hand each night, set them on the counter to dry, and then we put them in the fridge for him all week. The designs are colorful. I recommend these to friends a lot, but I am not sure if they got them.

👤The old Reduce bottles were 10oz. Old caps are not compatible and there is no sport cap currently available. The new price point is larger. I'll probably look for something else when we need bottles again. The kids will drink more water if they are kept full of cold water in the fridge.

👤I use these bottles for my son's lunch. He is a teenager with a disability and he likes a small bottle of water with his lunch. They are enough to use for a couple days. These bottles are great and have a screw top. It would be great for little kids.

👤Excellent well water is what we are fortunate to have. I put the water from the tap in the refrigerator. It is easy, convenient and will save you money. I bought the 8 oz bottles when the kid was younger. The eight year-old loves the colorful bottles. I bought these for families who are conscientious about their carbon foot prints. The gifts were received well.

👤I use these travel water bottles for my 5 year old. I have a toddler with a cup that we take everywhere and my older child complains about not having something to drink on the go, enter these bottles. When I found the transparent ones, I returned the opaque ones. The designs are cute and I like that you can see what's in the bottle, plus I think they are bigger so I am really happy with this purchase. They are leak proof and seem very durable. The fridge container is a nice bonus and they fit perfectly in his carseat cupholder. Great purchase.

10. Embrava 40oz Water Bottle Heavy Duty

Embrava 40oz Water Bottle Heavy Duty

If you are not 100% satisfied with their water bottle, they will give you a full refund or a replacement. All-purpose large water bottle. The large water bottle from Embrava is a smart choice for hydration, as well as being a good choice for working out, going to a coffee shop, camping, hiking, or just staying hydrated at home. The 40 ounce bottle is made for active lifestyles. The bottle can hold up to 50 ounces. This drinking water bottle is made from recycled materials and can help you embrace a more natural lifestyle. Its shape is patent pending and reflects the rough elements of the outdoors. The bottles have a specific theme in nature. Their leak proof cap and wider drink spout make it easier to take big gulps of water and seal it back up quickly for no mess. Their drink bottles are strong and rugged and are made with Tritan copolyester. The new design helps it avoid cracks even when dropped. TRENDY, EASY-CARRY STEEL RING, is a movie. It's easier to take to work, the gym, yoga, or anywhere else you need fresh water when you have a portable carry ring around your neck.

Brand: Embrava

👤I love my new water bottle. One of my new year's resolutions was to drink more water. It has a grey finish on the outside and an interior screen to hold back fruit or ice, it is very light and I love the detailed ounce measurement. Love is love.

👤I gave this to my roommate because she needed a large bottle. She was thrilled with the frosted look and the lanyard. I highly recommend adding it to your collection because she takes it everywhere.

👤I wanted a water bottle to monitor my water intake. I paid $24 to make a new friend in Embrava Bottle because a regular old water bottle wouldn't do. This is my confession, after partnering up with Bottle for a week. The jaunty little screw down hat was what drew me to Bottle. He cares about beverage security, which is important to me as Bottle gets chunked in my gym bag lots. I wanted to be completely honest, Bottle wasn't my first choice. I don't care for the flip tops on some of the bottles. Let's put that in the win column because the bottle has yet to leak and soil my headband. The jaunty lil hat has a plastic arm that allows it to roll left or right. Right out of your way. I have concerns about how long the plastic arm will hold up, but Bottle is good at it. The bottle is trendy. I am not sure why the bottle has a silver ring on it. Bottle is not married. The bottle is not a cow. You wouldn't hang Bottle from anything as he's fully loaded. You could. The bottle is a game. The bottle is made of strong materials. I dropped Bottle from my frame. The bottle fell on the concrete. I apologized profusely and snatched Bottle back up. The bottle was undamaged, laughed, shook it off, and continued to provide me delicious liquid refreshment. The bottle doesn't care. The bottle lives to serve. Pressures don't get to Bottle on a day to day basis. The bottle doesn't sweat much. Every morning, bottle takes ice and water, and never has a condensation issue. 6 months later, Bottle sweat some. You should know that bottle is large. I have big hands, so it doesn't bother me. I like a bit of heft. You should know that bottle will not be contained. I knew the bottle couldn't fit a cup holder. The bottle likes to give gifts. Bottle brings a bracelet to the party. The bracelet slides right on your wrist to help you carry bottle. The bottle is being used. The bottle cares. I am glad I met Bottle. He is available in several appealing colors, but I decided I like grey the best. If you are looking at bottles in this size and price range, you will be happy. I would have another bottle on the way if Bottle were to be kidnapped tomorrow. Is this where we say that we are a real customer who bought a product and not a paid Russian reviewer? Are the Russians hiring reviewers? Does it make sense? Asking for a friend. The bottle is not dishwasher safe. Someone here, whom I adore, threw Bottle in the dishwasher. His smoke grey surface is stippled in places after he was sanitized to a high degree. Bottle and I continue to do what we do. You can grab a bottle today.

11. Zak Designs 6827 T351 Riverside Bottles

Zak Designs 6827 T351 Riverside Bottles

It is time to move away from the regular kids plastic bottles and by doing so help protect the future of their planet and oceans by reducing plastic waste. The set contains two Zak water bottles with a 16-ounce capacity, each measuring 7.27 inches tall and 3.88 inches wide. The water bottles are recommended for children. The plastic used in these travel water bottles is break-resistant and free of the harmful chemical brominatedominated flame retardants. They should not be microwaved. There is a flip-up skirmish. When it's closed, the spout won't leak and can easily be flipped up when it's time to drink. It has a cover that helps keep it clean when not being used. Features: The screw-on lid on the leak-proof water bottle prevents splashes and messes, and it fits in most car cup holders for convenient travel. The drinking straw can be cleaned. Life style. Staying hydrated is important for your health. Zak Designs' innovative water bottles help make it easy for grown-ups and fun for kids. Life style. Staying hydrated is important for your health. Zak Designs' innovative water bottles help make it easy for grown-ups and fun for kids.

Brand: Zak Designs

👤We used to use contigo bottles, but now use these. I love them! It's much easier to use these. The straws don't need to be adjusted at all. The air hole does leak when the bottle tips over, but this is only a downside. It is surely not possible to spill proof like the contigo. It's worth it for the value.

👤Do you want to ruin your car, clothes, or floor? Buy these! They called it LeAK. The hole in the center of each lid is a game with my kids. Within half an hour, these are completely empty, or onto Mom's $100 sandals. There is a The prints are bad. When you buy laptop stickers from Amazon, the company doesn't have to adhere to copyright policies, but also just uses cooy&paste, and doesn't bother to check for the correct color before printing thousands of a certain image. These are not good. Stay away. If they are closed and stored upright, it's okay for preteens or older. I think Zak! They owe me a refund on all the cups and carafes I bought. It's so cheap.

👤I got these for my kids and they loved them. The button to pop the straw is easy to push for my kids to do on their own. When my kids get home, they have a habit of throwing their stuff down when they come in, so these bottles have been found upside down, but no spills. I hope they come out with other sizes as these are great, but my kids need more refill as they are big water drinkers at school. There is a I wish these had a specific spot to add your child's name as they have gotten left at school a few times.

👤These bottles are cute. I love both designs. Twins need daily water bottles. One of them had a fit because her bottle was leaking. Not a week or two later the others were also. The plastic is not the best. We had less than a month and both were trashed. I was glad I waited to review it. I can't say they were the most careful with their belongings because their stuff is always everywhere when I pick them up. I don't think they should have been that bad in 30 days.

👤These were hard to clean. We took the straws out to make sure they were clean. The mouthguard won't go back in. Toddler life. Something leak proof was what I wanted. I don't like sticky juice on everything. I could have saved myself time and headaches by pouring bottles of juice all over. I know what you are thinking, you will just use them for water. If you spray the hose from the outside, you can let your kid jump in the puddle and get the only thing that will come from it. I thought they were supposed to be made for kids. Unless your kids are perfect angels and never drop anything or have a meltdown and throw themselves on the ground while holding their water bottle, thedurability of these is joke. Wrap it in bubble wrap and give it to your child. It might be able to hold up. There is a The design is cute.


What is the best product for eco friendly water bottles kids?

Eco friendly water bottles kids products from Zorri. In this article about eco friendly water bottles kids you can see why people choose the product. Zorri and Mountop are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly water bottles kids.

What are the best brands for eco friendly water bottles kids?

Zorri, Zorri and Mountop are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly water bottles kids. Find the detail in this article. Fimibuke, Stacegeele and Iron °flask are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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