Best Eco Friendly Water Bottles with Straw

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1. Opard Non Toxic Leak Proof Container Outdoors

Opard Non Toxic Leak Proof Container Outdoors

We are confident that their motivational glass water bottles will be loved, utilized, and admired for its quality, but if for any reason within 90 days it gets broken or its lid gets faulty, get in touch for a full replacement. What are you waiting for? You can get a 32 Ounce Time Marked Water Bottle today. Eco-friendly Material The 20-ounce water bottle is made of non-toxic Tritan plastic and is friendly to the environment. A food grade PP material lid and a silicone seal ring are preventing liquid from leaking. One handed drinking. It has an innovative thumbs release and locking system that helps one hand push opening/locking and keeps the cap open while drinking. Fruitinfusing Recipes brochure with bottle helps you pick the right fruits for mixed flavors. You can contact their support if you want an e-book version. Carrying loop makes it easy to carry a full bottle with two fingers. It's a must-have for a gym, fitness, camping, cycling, running, yoga and travel. The Fast Flow Drinking Spout. The mouth opening helps you drink more water. It's easy to drink and fill with ice cubes with a wide mouth.

Brand: Opard

👤I bought 2 of them. They are a nice size. After the first time through the dishwasher, one leaked and the other wouldn't clip, there was a problem. One of these completely warped after the second run through the dishwasher. There is a The sales site doesn't say that the bottles are dishwasher proof, but buyers said that they are. The insert doesn't say to keep them out of the dishwasher.

👤The update was used for four days and now leaks. I made sure that the washer was pushed down all the way. It's not clear what happened and it leaks from the top. Sad! I will not be buying. The water bottle is really nice. Needed one for my daughter to take to school. I was looking for more than 16 ounces. She has a side pocket in her backpack. It's easy for her to open the lock.

👤There is a small metal pin that allows the top to open and close, and another that locks the front in place. Both of them started coming loose after a couple of months of use. The back one is in constant use, even though I rarely use the front one. I have to push it back into place with a screwdriver every day. I knocked the bottle over while sleeping and it didn't close completely, so I ended up with water all over my nightstand. I replaced this bottle with one that costs less than $8. If a bottle is only going to last a couple of months, I should buy the cheap one.

👤I got my first one a few months ago and it was perfect, so I had to have another one for my husband. I use mine for hiking and exercising. It doesn't leak. It has a safety mechanism so it won't open in my bag. It fits the equipment at the gym and the cup holder in my car. The wide mouth can accept ice cubes. I dropped it on the floor and it didn't crack. It is the best in every way.

👤I really liked the features of this water bottles, but sadly it leaks beyond control and I have to throw it away. I made sure the top was screwed on correctly by checking and rechecking the seal. The bottle has a slow leak if it is sideways. I have learned this the hard way after opening another suitcase. I had a bottle in my gym bag and came back to find all my clothes soaked. I threw the bottle away since it was beyond the return time frame. I'm looking for a leak proof bottle.

👤The water bottle is easy to clean. I bought this water bottle because it holds a decent volume (20oz) but also has a small diameter so it fits in my kid's car seat cup holder. I am glad I bought it because it fits nicely in her lunch bag. It doesn't leak, that's a plus! I wish it came in a straw format so she could drink in the car without spilling.

2. Motivational Water Bottle Marker Straw

Motivational Water Bottle Marker Straw

It's easy to keep track of how much you're drinking each day. It is suitable for both warm and cold beverages. ZORRI Premium plastic water bottles are a great gift. It's suitable for all genders. The Fimibuke water bottle is designed to help you stay motivated to drink water throughout the day. The translucent appearance of the scale makes it easy to measure your daily intake of water. It's a great choice for workouts, running, hiking, cycling, biking, camping, yoga, or any other sports at home, the gym, the office or outside. Functional design. The top of the water bottle has a food grade silicone O-ring that is 100% leak-proof and has convenient hourly time markers to help you increase your water intake. The leakproof lid has a pop-up silicone straw that you can open with one hand, and it's spill-proof. The dust cap can prevent dust from entering your bottle. The large water bottle is made of eco-friendly food grade Tritan material and is leakproof. The sports water bottle has a wide-mouth opening that makes it easy to fill with ice cubes and fruits, and a reflective frosted body that makes the life you like more enjoyable. It is convenient and easy to clean. The nylon strap design and lightweight design make it easy to carry the bottle around. The gym water bottle is easy to clean, just use baking soda and vinaigrette. Also, note: Drop the bottle! Not for the dishwasher! Not for hot liquid. Fimibuke water bottle comes in a variety of vibrant colors and is a good gift for you and your loved ones. If you're not completely satisfied with their product, you can send them your issues.

Brand: Fimibuke

👤The water bottle is perfect. It works great, looks exactly like the product picture shown, and has zero defects. I use mine to work out. It can hold two bottles of water. The straw works well and I can hang it on my wrist. It goes with my gym bag. They're the same color. This water bottle is very good. If helpful, please click 'Helpful'.

👤I love this bottle. I needed a bottle that was touch free and this is it. I am a bartender, and with everything going on right now, the running around is insane because of everything being spread out outside. We're not allowed to have beverages out/have twist top bottles/etc so this was my loophole, it was amazing, I had a girl pass out from dehydration a few weeks ago. Thanks for coming to my talk, be safe out there!

👤The description says it's easy to clean, but they don't say how to disassemble the bottle for thorough cleaning. It doesn't have paper instructions for disassemble. This bottle is not dishwasher safe, which is a big problem. Let me tell you what you need to know. It's not easy to clean if something isn't dishwasher safe. Anyone who has owned a water bottle like this before knows that gunk and mold can build up and grow in places you can't reach. This is why thorough cleaning is so important. The bottle can't do that. The bottle is nice, until it starts to smell bad from mold growth.

👤The most important part of being an overall great water bottle is the mouthpiece. Why did they make it like this? It's awkward. If you try to drink from it, your chin will hit the locking mechanism. If you reverse it to drink the other way, you have to tilt the bottle at a weird angle. I just pushed the mouth back further and over the nubs that keep the mouth tilted. It's a little awkward to drink from now. I hope the design team takes it back to the drawing board and tries again, because a bottle with a more intuitive mouth would be perfect.

👤I love this water container. The water bottle has a straw in it. I like to bite straws. I can bite and naw with this straw. The water gage on the side of the bottle is definitely a plus. I bought a different bottle and I love it. Come to find out. My son and husband both like my bottle. I had to get them their own bottles. My package arrived on time. Thank you so much! Will post pics later.

👤I bought two of these in different colors for my kids to encourage them to drink more water. These bottles are great. My kids have dropped them and they don't leak. You can't tell they were dropped. There were no scratches! My goal to get my kids to drink more has been a huge success, because they have made a game out of who makes it to which line first. I would give 10 stars if I could only give them for the quality of the bottles.

3. Gallon Bottle Motivational Bottles Handles

Gallon Bottle Motivational Bottles Handles

Motivational bottle Motivational quotes and times, measured water bottles with times and ounces, and embossed oz/ml markers always inspire drink more water. The cups have a mark on them that says times 1 gallon meet water needs all day. One gallon of water. What a jug! Water bottles with straw for adults are very convenient with a straw, the biggest bottle must drink with a straw, which is easy to drink with, no plastic smell, no noise, no air get in, and equal to 8. They can deal with any straw issues. A huge water bottle has two handles that are easy to carry. A 128 ounce water bottle must have a big built-in handle that is more durable than ordinary for better grip or hold large weight. It's ideal for sport, work out, and office. The hydration liter water bottle lid is connected with a handle. Fall resistant and portable. Two caps double stop leaking water bottle with lid is 100% dust/leakproof The tritan water bottles have a top lid to prevent dust from entering and leaking. The wide mouth water bottles have straws to drink liquid easily. The water bottle is very light. It's easy to carry a water bottle on the go. Large Capacity 128OZ and Lifetime. A gallon a day keeps the doctor away. A giant water bottle holds 4 liters of water, no need to refill. The bottle is a reminder to drink water. The more you drink, the better you are. It's ideal for hiking, camping, cycling, gym, office, etc. They will issue you a full refund or exchange if you have any issues. They will upgrade it and tell you.

Brand: Vitscan

👤The cap popped off after the second day of use. The bottle is half full but still has some weight. A video has been included.

👤I am always leery of buying things from no name brands. Who knows what you will get when it arrives. When this bottle arrived, I was surprised. It is a sturdy plastic and has been dropped a few times. The straw is easy to use. I don't have to worry about leaking when the spout is rolling around on the floor in my car because it seals great when you put it down. The handle is comfortable to hold. The white handle on the top is super thin and I think it will become a problem. I feel like one swift hit will break it off. It is a great bottle for those who need to carry around a gallon of water. There is a The top marking says 120oz. If you look just north of that, there is a 1 Gal mark, and if you fill it up to the lid, you have 136 ounces of water. Those people who want to say it is not a gallon can buy it.

👤There are water bottles in my cupboard. For whatever reason, I was drawn to this one, even though I was mad at myself for buying another. There is a I have a daily goal of holding a gallon of water. Adding ice requires a wide mouth opening. The straw has a cover for comfort. I don't fall behind because of the times and sayings. There is a It is hard for me to get the flip top straw back up after it is closed. I don't know if it's faulty or not. Your coworkers think you are weird because you are carrying a water baby all day. Everyone will comment on your water bottle being huge. I have successfully drank a gallon of water a day since I received it.

👤This is the best gallon bottle I have ever had. My 2 year old dropped it and it didn't crack and it rolled out of my car and didn't crack at all. The straw is very strong. I would give this 100 stars. Don't think twice, just buy it. The bottle gives me motivation to drink more.

👤The idea of it is awesome. It is common to find overly feminine styles, Graphics, colors and wording in the basic design and wording. I don't want super manly and I don't do "girlie" either. Basic work. The concept and color are good. The size of the lid opening is a problem that I didn't like. Nothing more than lemon juice and water isn't going to wash the interior. The placement of the opening isn't good for getting the last drop as the straw can't finish it off. The design is in center versus offset so it is hard to un cap and drink. The bottle's lid threads are weak and the twist pattern is weak. The straw and sucker design with the cap guard is what I love the most about the lid. The loop on the lid is useless as you don't want to trust holding a bottle full by this as the threading of the bottle will allow the bottle to fall out of the lid. It is very unpredictable when it comes to latching well. I have had many instances of messes due to the lid not securing properly. When strongly threaded for the first 5 times or so, it didn't look secure as the make is a bit off so it's cockeyed a bit. The lazy part of me won't bother buying another right now because I hate it. I am sure it is past return possibilities. It became impossible to secure after those initial times. The lid would start to get tight and then spin easily. It's not happening on some days. Sometimes I can get it once but don't think about trying to refill it and have it work again. There is a I went crazy with the gallon jug. I think I should have just picked 1/2 gallon size as carrying around a full gallon can be taxing, and having to balance it precariously so it won't leak everywhere, is something I should have picked 1/2 gallon size for.

4. ZORRI Sport Water Bottle 500ml

ZORRI Sport Water Bottle 500ml

Non-toxic tritan leak proof is free of BPA. The doubled leAK roof was designed. There is a locked pop open. New features include 100% leak proof, a flip cap, and a practical nozzle. A unique design to fit your hand. A curve will help you hold the water bottle. It has a nylon carry handle that you can put on your wrist to make it easier to hold your water. The ZORRI Premium Sports Bottle has a Food Grade PP material lid and Silicone seal ring. The best water bottle is eco-friendly and does not harm their body. The bottle body size is easy to take anywhere. It's a must have for the Gym, Yoga, Runners, Athletes, Crossfit, Travel, Hiking, Cycling, Tennis, Camping, Work Office, School, work. One click open and bleed filter welder: Open this portable bottle and start drinking. If you give it as a gift, it will be funnier. The button on the pop top lid is tight enough to prevent leaking. The flip-top is safe and secure. It has a replaceable filter on top. It is perfect for fruit infused drinks. It has a wide mouth to make it easier to clean. It's easy to keep track of how much you're drinking each day. It is suitable for both warm and cold beverages. ZORRI Premium plastic water bottles are a great gift. It's suitable for all genders.

Brand: Zorri

👤I bought this for my daughter in elementary school because she has a hard time opening tightly closed bottles and it takes too long for her to drink out of it. There is a The water bottle is perfect for many reasons. It's slim so my children don't have a problem holding it with one hand, and it's easy to open the cap by pressing a button. It's leak proof and easy to close, so we don't have to worry about spills inside her bag. The bottom line is 5 out of 5 stars. I like this water bottle because I can open it, drink water out of it, and close it with one hand. My daughter has to use two hands since she's in elementary school, but she doesn't have a problem opening and closing the cap, it's easy and quick for her. There is a We had this bottle for over a year and it took a lot of beating, but it's still working great and leak proof. This water bottle is perfect for any age. If the video and photos were useful, please click on the button below. Thank you!

👤I bought 2 of these because our child will not be allowed to have plastic bottles in school. I bought a bigger one for myself. I got mine first. The fruit/ice filter is something I like. I was able to pop the top and close it up after driving around. The device is nice. The bottle is easy to clean. I will post more once we get the others. I got a total of 3. They are working out. My 5 year old knows how to lock andunlock. I would recommend them. tilt back and drink, it is too hard to squeeze the bottle. The smallest bottle does not have a cleaning wand. Great sizes and colors. I thought the tops would be broken by now, but they are not. Our son will remove it. As long as you lock it, it is leak proof. The top will open if you forget. These products are still very popular with us.

👤My husband likes this bottle. Our kids drop it everywhere, so we should know it's sturdy. There is a It's nice to add fruit to the water with the carry strap and filter cage on top. The selling point was that it was leak proof. It comes with a bottle brush and replacement pieces to keep the bottle from leaking. I will buy the smaller sizes for my children.

👤If you're looking for a new bottle or container for your liquids, Zorri is the best company. Zorri has proven to me many times that they can keep their word and provide me with replacements when I need them. The new design of their packaging and water bottle feels more premium than before and I can't wait to use it. Thank you Zorri for the great product and great customer service.

👤I've been on the hunt for a water bottle since I made the goal of drinking a gallon of water a day. The search is over. There are two things that put this bottle above the others. It has a filter to stop you from swallowing ice cubes, as you can see in the photo I've attached. It's a game change! I take a lot of vitamins and have eaten ice cubes in the process. I wanted a water bottle that fit in the cup holder of my car. I buy the 32 ounce ones because they fit better in cup holders. This one does. I came back to buy another one. There are many pretty colors. It comes with a bottle scrubber and replacement parts. I would love to give this 10 stars.

5. Vmini Bottle Insulated Stainless Gradient

Vmini Bottle Insulated Stainless Gradient

Vmini Water Bottle can keep beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 8 hours. It's perfect for outdoor activities, like camping, driving, beach and so on. 18/8 steel. The Vmini Water Bottle is made from high grade 18/8stainless steel which is fully resistant to oxidation and corrosion. It is suitable for adults and children. 32oz of frosted powder coat with various colors. There are 2 straws and a straw brush. Vmini Water Bottle has different sizes, colors, and accessories. The patent design is new. The new straw lid has a wide rotating handle and makes drinking easier. This universal lid is compatible with many other things. Vmini Water Bottle and replacement lids are leak-proof. All materials in contact with beverages are food safe.

Brand: Vmini

👤I prefer drinking my water through a straw so I have been looking for an insulated water bottle with a straw lid. The bottle was perfect. The color pattern kept my ice water cold all day. The handle on top of the lid makes it easy to carry, especially when I have my hands full. I need to get some smaller ones for my kids. Definitely recommend.

👤I like my water bottle. The wide mouth is perfect for adding ice and fruits to my water infusions. It's perfect for keeping my coffee hot, with the temp lock feature. I went to the store for 2 hours in a very hot day, when my water was cold, I left it inside my car. It doesn't leak! It is easy to clean. I ordered a separate silicone accessorie. Don't hesitate, order it!

👤It keeps the water cold for a long time. No, you can put a strap carrier on it. It comes with a brush and two straws so you can clean them. I have no problem with it so far.

👤A beautiful bottle. I bought this for my daughter, she loved the colors. It keeps her drink cold. The tip is easy to drink from. I put it in the dishwasher and it came out beautiful. Comes with two straws. It is the right side to keep a cold drink. I want one now.

👤I am very happy with this bottle. I bought it for my son to use. It kept his drink nice and cold under the weather. My son likes it because he doesn't have a hard time drinking from the straw. The brush and straws make it easy to clean. It is cheaper than the other brands, but it does the job.

👤I have had this bottle for a day. I was so excited to write a review. I had the ice in there for 24 hours. I have had Yeti cups and they don't last very long. It is heavy when it is filled. I need a lot of water all the time. It is perfect for me. This bottle was recommended by me.

👤The water bottle is amazing. The design of the lid is sleek and functional and the colors are very vibrant. The handle makes it easy to carry, though I took one star off of the easy to hold category because the bottle is too wide for my cup holders. The bottle doesn't leak if the spout is closed, as you can see from my video. My previous water bottles have leaked, so this was positive for me. I have had issues with other bottles, including Camelbak, which shoots water out of the spout/straw when it's sitting in a hot car. Getting splashed in the face when trying to take a sip of water is just... It's fun. I haven't experienced that yet with this bottle. There is a The bottle is leak proof and well insulated. It is 11am right now. I put ice water in this bottle last night. The water is still very cold even though the ice has melted. The bottle is keeping ice water cold for 24 hours as it has been 14 hours so far and the temperature of the water hasn't changed much at all. I have only had it for a few days, but I have dropped it a few times and there is not much damage to the bottle. I am very clumsy so that is a huge plus for me. There is a If you are looking for a new water bottle and are worried about spending more than 20 bucks, I want to assure you that it is well worth it. I am very happy I made this purchase.

6. Zak Designs 6827 T351 Riverside Bottles

Zak Designs 6827 T351 Riverside Bottles

It is time to move away from the regular kids plastic bottles and by doing so help protect the future of their planet and oceans by reducing plastic waste. The set contains two Zak water bottles with a 16-ounce capacity, each measuring 7.27 inches tall and 3.88 inches wide. The water bottles are recommended for children. The plastic used in these travel water bottles is break-resistant and free of the harmful chemical brominatedominated flame retardants. They should not be microwaved. There is a flip-up skirmish. When it's closed, the spout won't leak and can easily be flipped up when it's time to drink. It has a cover that helps keep it clean when not being used. Features: The screw-on lid on the leak-proof water bottle prevents splashes and messes, and it fits in most car cup holders for convenient travel. The drinking straw can be cleaned. Life style. Staying hydrated is important for your health. Zak Designs' innovative water bottles help make it easy for grown-ups and fun for kids. Life style. Staying hydrated is important for your health. Zak Designs' innovative water bottles help make it easy for grown-ups and fun for kids.

Brand: Zak Designs

👤We used to use contigo bottles, but now use these. I love them! It's much easier to use these. The straws don't need to be adjusted at all. The air hole does leak when the bottle tips over, but this is only a downside. It is surely not possible to spill proof like the contigo. It's worth it for the value.

👤Do you want to ruin your car, clothes, or floor? Buy these! They called it LeAK. The hole in the center of each lid is a game with my kids. Within half an hour, these are completely empty, or onto Mom's $100 sandals. There is a The prints are bad. When you buy laptop stickers from Amazon, the company doesn't have to adhere to copyright policies, but also just uses cooy&paste, and doesn't bother to check for the correct color before printing thousands of a certain image. These are not good. Stay away. If they are closed and stored upright, it's okay for preteens or older. I think Zak! They owe me a refund on all the cups and carafes I bought. It's so cheap.

👤I got these for my kids and they loved them. The button to pop the straw is easy to push for my kids to do on their own. When my kids get home, they have a habit of throwing their stuff down when they come in, so these bottles have been found upside down, but no spills. I hope they come out with other sizes as these are great, but my kids need more refill as they are big water drinkers at school. There is a I wish these had a specific spot to add your child's name as they have gotten left at school a few times.

👤These bottles are cute. I love both designs. Twins need daily water bottles. One of them had a fit because her bottle was leaking. Not a week or two later the others were also. The plastic is not the best. We had less than a month and both were trashed. I was glad I waited to review it. I can't say they were the most careful with their belongings because their stuff is always everywhere when I pick them up. I don't think they should have been that bad in 30 days.

👤These were hard to clean. We took the straws out to make sure they were clean. The mouthguard won't go back in. Toddler life. Something leak proof was what I wanted. I don't like sticky juice on everything. I could have saved myself time and headaches by pouring bottles of juice all over. I know what you are thinking, you will just use them for water. If you spray the hose from the outside, you can let your kid jump in the puddle and get the only thing that will come from it. I thought they were supposed to be made for kids. Unless your kids are perfect angels and never drop anything or have a meltdown and throw themselves on the ground while holding their water bottle, thedurability of these is joke. Wrap it in bubble wrap and give it to your child. It might be able to hold up. There is a The design is cute.

7. Insulated Ecofriendly Leakproof Stealth Black

Insulated Ecofriendly Leakproof Stealth Black

There is a 90-dayLID GUARANTEE. If your bamboo lid breaks, they will replace it immediately. Their plastic drink bottles hold a huge 2.2 litres of water, more than standard bottled water, and support a healthy life and all-day hydration for optimum fitness. The gym water bottle is built with 40% more plastic than standard plastic water bottles and is made withnsulating sleeve for Fortified Durability. The Gym Keg can be used as a water cooler. The Gym Keg is the perfect partner for you if you are doing a workout indoors or outdoors. Their half gallon water bottle comes in a lot of different designs for men, women and women. Check out their designs, which include pink, black, grey and other colors. It's easier to take your half gallon water bottle with you to work, the gym, or outdoor sports with their built-in carry handle and leakproof pop- cap. Every gym bottle is made with lightweight, BPA-free plastic that won't affect water taste or impact your health. Your body can stay hydrated with a 2 liter water bottle. If you have an issue with your lid or flask, just let them know and they will fix it for you as part of their 12 month guarantee. If you have an issue with your lid or flask, just let them know and they will fix it for you as part of their 12 month guarantee.

Brand: The Gym Keg

👤I was looking forward to using this water bottle at the gym because it seemed to have everything I wanted: large capacity, leak-proof, and aesthetically pleasing. It appears that the air pressure hole emits a high-pitched noise that resembles a mouse screaming because it witnessed its family getting murdered. I make sure to drink it right next to the buffest dude at the gym to assert my dominance.

👤I decided to drink at least 2 liters of water per day, one of my health and fitness goals, during the COVID quark, because I wanted to make the most of the time. It has been difficult for me to keep track of how much water I drink because I just take drinks out of smaller bottles. It is simple; fill it up at the star of the day and drain it by the end. I am not going to the bathroom all night. The bottle itself is awesome, because it has simplified my goal and kept me on track since I had it. It looks cool and chic and is light weight, which is great because the water weighs enough all on its own. The water stays colder longer thanks to its own personal little wetsuit, the spout is the perfect size for drinking, and it isn't made of a material that's too big. The strap is very convenient and the handle is great. The easiest way to get my bottle out of my fridge door is to grab the strap. I have already taken it with me to run around the park and drive around town, even though I will be taking this with me to the gym. I haven't experienced any issues with the quality of the materials used as others have mentioned, but I will update if I do. If you tip it back too far, you will get splashed in the face by the air hole, which is a con if you are too aggressive with your drinking. It is not a con because the bottle has to have an air hole so the flow will be smooth, but because of where it is placed, you have to be careful not to tip it back too far or too fast. Adding water enhancing drops to my keg will make drinking this much water a little more enjoyable. It tastes great if you just add 2 squirts to the jug. The difference between keeping my water goals and not and looking cool doing it has been the water bottle. I paid full price for it, and I can't recommend it enough. There is a Has this review helped you? I hope so! You can ask me questions in the comments. There is a method for this.

👤The strap is solid and the jug is great. Quality control on the lid is the reason for the low review. There were rough spots all over. It makes me sad when I take a drink and scratch my lips. I am going to use a dremel to fix the issue, but that is not a step you should have to take on a product that is advertised as a premium product. The vendor sent me two lids to make up for my issues. The jug was made 100x better by the lack of sharp edges on the lids. It has been updated to 5 stars as it is what I need.

8. Clear Glass Water Bottles Set

Clear Glass Water Bottles Set

The Fast Flow Drinking Spout. The mouth opening helps you drink more water. It's easy to drink and fill with ice cubes with a wide mouth. Fresh juice won't give you the blues, but there are lots of sealed-in goodness for fresh juices, smoothie, infused waters, summer lemonade, and nut milks. It's perfect for filling with ice, making fruit & herb infused waters, and adding smoothie from the blender, without spills, and a pure natural drinking experience. No bottle brush is needed to wash the caps. Manufacturing facilities have high standards. Their water bottles set is durable, so you can ditch the plastic, and their glass is clear, so you can see. Chemicals are not found in their water bottles, so you know what you're drinking. The bottles are tall and wide at the bottom. The cups are 2.25" wide with the lid removed.

Brand: All About Juicing

👤There are cushions under the jar caps. After only my second juicing, I kept these out to prevent the growth ofbacteria. I believe the caps will keep the container safe.

👤I was looking for an on-the-go storage solution for my cold brew coffee, and I saw some of the critical reviews, so I decided to go with it anyways, a big mistake. There is a The caps have a paper gasket that you need to remove to clean the bottle correctly. The paper gasket is destroyed when you remove it. I tried to tighten the cap as hard as possible without breaking it, but it still leaks despite my efforts. There is a It is a bad experience to drink from it. After every sip you need to wipe the bottle clean because the fluid gets caught in the screws of the lip of the bottle and runs down the side. The fluid in the cap will run down the side of the bottle even if you wipe it clean. There is a A bottle that isn't sanitary, doesn't seal properly, leaks everywhere, and the user experience to drink from it is bad is what you have. There is no upside to this bottle. There is a Poor design, poor engineering and poor execution are what this is. What a terrible product. I took the unhygienic gasket out and now I can't return it. You have been warned to stay away.

👤Thank you! It is easy to clean a glass bottle. I use my Voss water bottles for my smoothies and tea. Silicone sleeves made them easier to carry. I had the cut sleeves. These are well worth the price for me as I drink and transport smoothie everyday. The mouth is wide. There was an update on Thursday, April 19th. I have been using them for almost a year. I fill it the same way. The straws and silicone sleeves are my new favorites. The bottles are easy to clean, they don't impact the taste of your smoothie or juice, they keep the smoothie fresh if you make them in advance, and the best part is that they are dishwasher safe. They don't stink! There is a I like to support women owned businesses and they are made in the USA.

👤Wow! I would have liked to have found these glass bottles sooner. They seem to be of very high quality. The plastic seal on the lids will probably last a long time. They don't leak even when shaking the bottle hard. There is a These can be used for many things. I drink apple cider vinegar 3X per day as a healthy drink and buy it by the gallon. I used to buy it in a 16-oz. container. There are bottles with a narrow opening. I kept two bottles at home and one at the office. It was hard to refill it with the jug. I use the new glass jars for this purpose. I can also clean them with a bottle brush. I couldn't clean the bottles with the narrow opening. I buy herbal teas in 1 lbs. There are bags. It was difficult to carry those bags to and from work. I keep one at home and one at work, and now I'm storing the tea in glass bottles. I ordered two more 6-packs because I will be storing many other things in them. I love these bottles. They keep my food items organized and the size is convenient. I'll be buying more soon.

9. Embrava 40oz Water Bottle Heavy Duty

Embrava 40oz Water Bottle Heavy Duty

If you are not 100% satisfied with their water bottle, they will give you a full refund or a replacement. All-purpose large water bottle. The large water bottle from Embrava is a smart choice for hydration, as well as being a good choice for working out, going to a coffee shop, camping, hiking, or just staying hydrated at home. The 40 ounce bottle is made for active lifestyles. The bottle can hold up to 50 ounces. This drinking water bottle is made from recycled materials and can help you embrace a more natural lifestyle. Its shape is patent pending and reflects the rough elements of the outdoors. The bottles have a specific theme in nature. Their leak proof cap and wider drink spout make it easier to take big gulps of water and seal it back up quickly for no mess. Their drink bottles are strong and rugged and are made with Tritan copolyester. The new design helps it avoid cracks even when dropped. TRENDY, EASY-CARRY STEEL RING, is a movie. It's easier to take to work, the gym, yoga, or anywhere else you need fresh water when you have a portable carry ring around your neck.

Brand: Embrava

👤I love my new water bottle. One of my new year's resolutions was to drink more water. It has a grey finish on the outside and an interior screen to hold back fruit or ice, it is very light and I love the detailed ounce measurement. Love is love.

👤I gave this to my roommate because she needed a large bottle. She was thrilled with the frosted look and the lanyard. I highly recommend adding it to your collection because she takes it everywhere.

👤I wanted a water bottle to monitor my water intake. I paid $24 to make a new friend in Embrava Bottle because a regular old water bottle wouldn't do. This is my confession, after partnering up with Bottle for a week. The jaunty little screw down hat was what drew me to Bottle. He cares about beverage security, which is important to me as Bottle gets chunked in my gym bag lots. I wanted to be completely honest, Bottle wasn't my first choice. I don't care for the flip tops on some of the bottles. Let's put that in the win column because the bottle has yet to leak and soil my headband. The jaunty lil hat has a plastic arm that allows it to roll left or right. Right out of your way. I have concerns about how long the plastic arm will hold up, but Bottle is good at it. The bottle is trendy. I am not sure why the bottle has a silver ring on it. Bottle is not married. The bottle is not a cow. You wouldn't hang Bottle from anything as he's fully loaded. You could. The bottle is a game. The bottle is made of strong materials. I dropped Bottle from my frame. The bottle fell on the concrete. I apologized profusely and snatched Bottle back up. The bottle was undamaged, laughed, shook it off, and continued to provide me delicious liquid refreshment. The bottle doesn't care. The bottle lives to serve. Pressures don't get to Bottle on a day to day basis. The bottle doesn't sweat much. Every morning, bottle takes ice and water, and never has a condensation issue. 6 months later, Bottle sweat some. You should know that bottle is large. I have big hands, so it doesn't bother me. I like a bit of heft. You should know that bottle will not be contained. I knew the bottle couldn't fit a cup holder. The bottle likes to give gifts. Bottle brings a bracelet to the party. The bracelet slides right on your wrist to help you carry bottle. The bottle is being used. The bottle cares. I am glad I met Bottle. He is available in several appealing colors, but I decided I like grey the best. If you are looking at bottles in this size and price range, you will be happy. I would have another bottle on the way if Bottle were to be kidnapped tomorrow. Is this where we say that we are a real customer who bought a product and not a paid Russian reviewer? Are the Russians hiring reviewers? Does it make sense? Asking for a friend. The bottle is not dishwasher safe. Someone here, whom I adore, threw Bottle in the dishwasher. His smoke grey surface is stippled in places after he was sanitized to a high degree. Bottle and I continue to do what we do. You can grab a bottle today.

10. H2O Capsule Gallon Insulated Storage

H2O Capsule Gallon Insulated Storage

Vmini Water Bottle and replacement lids are leak-proof. All materials in contact with beverages are food safe. No more wrestling with your keys, or leaving your phone on the dirty gym floor. The H2O capsule is the only sports water bottle with a protective sleeve that can be used for storage. Hold your phone, keys, and cards while you work out. The extra large plastic jug holds all the water you need to stay hydrated while you exercise. The covered straw lid helps protect the mouth and flips open with a click of a button. The straw-lid is sealed from the air. The H2O capsule bottle has a bonus straw cleaning brush. There is a unique story cloak. The large jug handle allows for a patent-pendingremovable thermal sleeve that holds your cards and cell phone, and is finished with an in-built key chain and shoulder strap for hands free carrying. It is the only encased water jug that holds your things. New and improved. The H2O capsule is made with 30% thicker plastic to make it more heavy duty and durable. The fitness water bottle is lightweight and leakproof. Pick one that matches your gym style. It is not dishwasher safe to wash your bottle. The plastic hydro jug is large enough to hold all the water you need to stay hydrated. ECO-FRIENDLY INNOVATION. The H2O capsule makes every water bottle a superhero, from reducing plastic waste to providing inspiration, keeping you hydrated or simply stopping things from going missing. Thanks for your help in saving their planet, one capsule at a time!

Brand: H2o Capsule

👤I have a handle on the pros and cons of this bottle. There is a I like the resilience of the bottle. It is very strong and does not break when pressed on or dropped. The bottle is very strong and I pick it up by the lid because it has never broken or loosened. There is a The sleeve option stops the condensation and leaves no rings on my desk or table. If you can get them before they sell out, there are some nice patterns. The handles and straps are a plus. There is a There are pros and cons. I had hoped for a bigger opening and larger ice cubes in the top, but I don't like the small opening. There is no straw included. You can buy a straw separately, but they sell out fast. I have been using my own straws with an improvised stop to keep them from falling into the jug, but that means the lid doesn't close. I have spilled many times. I am done with it. There is a The sleeve does not keep water cold. To get rid of the staining, an entire wash is required. It dries over night so that is good. I wouldn't buy another H2O Capusle, but I would buy another sleeve for the bottle I already have. The HydroBear jug is a great price and includes a straw. I will get a sleeve from them to take care of the condensation problem and add the handiness of straps and handles because the make is very similar to HydroJug. I changed it to: I lied. It's a good thing. Since buying the OG, I have bought two more H2O capsules. I have seen the integrity of the bottle be better than other bottles and the company is stepping it up with new sleeves and top cap options. The sippy-lid style bottle that comes with the straw attached is not very good because the amount of work it takes to get any water through the straw is crazy and sometimes the tops just don't work at all.

👤I liked that this bottle held a lot of water and it kept it cold, and I also liked that it had a handle and a carrying strap, and I could put my work ID in there. I drank my water from the bottle I had for three or four weeks. I got a lot of air. I dismantled it and the picture you see shows the straw connecting the contraption to the actual nipple part. I was okay with no big deal. Maybe I pinched it or I got in the wrong spot, I will just order a new one, this company does not have the straw that they have on their product available for purchase. I bought the only straw that they offer, but it didn't fit into the bottle that came with it. Just a sum up. They don't sell extra replacement lid for a bottle that they sell and they don't sell the replacement straw that comes with the bottle that they sell. I like this bottle. I really wanted it to work out so that I can get a new lid or a replacement straw if someone from H2O capsule wants to message me or tell me how to get a new lid. If you have yet to purchase this bottle, you should look for one that has all the replacement parts you could possibly need.

11. ZORRI Eco Friendly Bottles 1 Click Camping

ZORRI Eco Friendly Bottles 1 Click Camping

The man is free of BPA. The best Tritan water bottles are free of the harmful chemical brominatedominated flame retardants and are certified by the US FDA. The ZORRI sport lightweight drink bottles looks and works better than any other portable sport water bottles. Double protection to upgrade the leak-proof effect has been designed to make sure that there is no drop of water. The water bladders are perfect. If you want to prevent ice from entering your mouth, you can make it smaller, use it as a fruit infuser, and add your favorite fruit. The portable sports water bottle is easy to carry. It's a perfect bottle for a gym, running, camping, yoga, travel, biking, cycling, hiking, tennis, workout, office, kids school. There is an added free bonus with the gift box and the trinket box. Most car cup holders and bike bottle cages have standard cycling bottle body sizes. It is easy to fill ice and fruit with a wide mouth opening, and it comes with a cleaning brush.

Brand: Zorri

👤I have been using the bottle for a week. It is easy to use. The large size doesn't make it awkward. There are dents in your hand. The cord can be used to carry it. It's my new favorite. There are no weird parts to harvest mold or catch dust. I had used camelbaks for a long time but they started getting mold and gunk in the bite valves. The screw on cap camelbak chute takes more time to get to your water than this. I think this is a great idea. There is a This is my go to bottle and it has been 1.5 months. I use it daily. It is the one I pack for all my adventures. I had it on the couch and it didn't leak. It is easy to clean. I can't say enough good about this bottle.

👤The sports bottle has a 1,200 liter capacity and is marked on the outside. The bottle is empty or 175 g. The bottle is not designed for hot liquids. It has a screen that blocks ice cubes and fruit juices from flowing out of the mouth piece. The mouth piece cap has a tight fit which will prevent spills. It has a handy carrying strap. A sponge brush is included to clean the inside of the bottle. It is difficult to remove and insert the bottle back into the mesh pocket of the backpack because it is large. I recommend this bottle for outdoor adventures.

👤I like this water bottle, but I am picky when it comes to water bottles. It had a brush to clean it. To carry it with, you need a handle. I would recommend this product to others. I'm going to have to buy another one.

👤I put ice on the bottle and added water. I took it out in the sun to watch my daughter compete. The water was still cold three hours later. I use a water bottle for my cycling, but this is better than the ice that melted. They only stay cold for an hour. The bottle has condensation on it. It is a nice rubber material and it grips your palm. I use to drink from my desk and bought this to take to work. I try to drink 100 ounces of water a day and this helps me measure my consumption, it's a 32 ounce container. It keeps my water cold and the cap tight so that I don't spill it on my desk. It has a strainer at the top that I can use to add lemon to my water. Lemons help burn calories. The soap brush that came with this bottle was a bonus that my wife was happy about. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I like this water bottle. When my son goes back to middle school, he was able to use it because they required a clear water bottle, but I bought it for him. I took it because he couldn't use it. It is fantastic. I am clumsy and it has taken my drops. I like the size measurements. I know how much I drink. It has times when you should drink to that level. It came with a bottle cleaner and a small filter for fruit infused water. This is huge. I already had a few, but not this one. The bottle cleaner works. Thanks to this brush, I have had no issues cleaning it. My son is upset that he can't use it. I would definitely buy again.


What is the best product for eco friendly water bottles with straw?

Eco friendly water bottles with straw products from Opard. In this article about eco friendly water bottles with straw you can see why people choose the product. Fimibuke and Vitscan are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly water bottles with straw.

What are the best brands for eco friendly water bottles with straw?

Opard, Fimibuke and Vitscan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly water bottles with straw. Find the detail in this article. Zorri, Vmini and Zak Designs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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