Best Eco Friendly Water Cups Individually Wrapped

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1. 500 CT Disposable Beverage Ripple Design

500 CT Disposable Beverage Ripple Design

The set of 5 cups is green. The 12-oz gray paper cups alleviate the need for separate sleeves and are a great bargain. There are different types of lid sold separately. The insulated, ripple-wall design keeps the heat in while the customers' hands stay cool. These coffee and tea cups are made for recycling. The right size for coffee and tea is 12 ounces. Coffee cups are shipped in bulk in a 500 count box.

Brand: Restaurantware

👤I have added photos without a lid to show that the leaks have nothing to do with what lid you use. The leak is from the bottom seam and not from a lid. The cups leak from the paper. Sometimes you end up with a big puddle under your cup, sometimes it is just a drop or two on your coaster. You can either use or throw away the five hundred cups. Money and paper are both waste. There is a This was our second order and it is horrible. It takes two grown men to remove the cups from the smashed stack. The cups leak at the seams. All of them. We have never had a cup leak at the seam. Attached is a photo. White cups are not worth much. The box we received was heavy and we now have a knife. It's not the most convenient to ship back. The money was wasted.

👤500 of these (4oz, Red) have been used for espresso at home and work. They're well-packaged and arrive damage-free. We just bought 500 more in the gray color, and they arrived in perfect condition. The paper taste is pretty upscale. The red color is a little light, but I have some of them sitting next to a fire-engine red Nespresso machine at work, so I would prefer more of a fire-engine red than a carnival-red. Theeparating the cups is a bit of a puzzle. They're difficult to separate if you try to twist them or pull them apart. An easy pull. They come apart easily. They are like the old Chinese finger traps. You'll see what I'm talking about if you get them. We're back for more, and I can recommend them.

👤I had a chance to try these cups several times. The design is very attractive. They are easy to grasp and cool to the touch with a hot beverage. I bought them for our company use. So far, so good. We haven't experienced any leaks like with previous reviews. All seem to like the blue color. The sleeves can be difficult to separate and require a little patience. I didn't pay attention to the fact thatIDS aren't included. They can be purchased separately, but I think they are too expensive. Who expects a cup without a lid to be portable? In summary, 3 stars. I think there are other options that work just as well as the ones that work but are more economical when you add the cost of the lids. Just an update: Follow up. I had a stack of cups and they fit perfectly.

👤The cups are not 4 ounces. We have been selling chocolate drinks for nearly 10 years. The cups hold 3.5 ounces. See the attached photo. I would like this company to test the volume of this cup before trying to sell it to customers.

👤The 100 pack I reviewed today was a bit more expensive than these cups. We had to go this route because it was cheaper. The 100 batches were everything. Nice looking. This order came with the cups, unlike the 100. It was still a better price to buy the universal tops and stirrers. We need 500 cups of coffee a day. The only downside is that the cups seem to be a bit hotter to hold than the ones in the 100 batches. It's not bad enough to be a dealbreaker. They look the same as the 100. We are struggling to pull these apart. I plan to do that in advance.

2. Heavy Duty Plastic Restaurant Tumblers Ounce

Heavy Duty Plastic Restaurant Tumblers Ounce

The cup's wall is crystal clear. You'll appreciate knowing what's in the cup with a glance. Commercial Durability is designed for use in active homes. Stacking with tapered bottoms and integrated stacking lugs prevent cups from jamming when nested. It's made from high-strength plastic that's resistant to cracking and breaking and is ideal for everyday use indoors and outdoors. The dishwasher is safe. The National Sanitation Foundation is certified.

Brand: Get

👤Amazon reviews are mixed with the various models. This one is for the 32-oz tall model. The three pictures depicted at the top are from different models, one of which is far more tapered than the others. The model has a shallow taper from top to bottom. The dimensions are 3 7/8” top, 2 7/8” bottom and 7 1/4′′ tall. I have trouble finding tumblers that collect a full lake of water in their base. Many companies don't take that into account. The base is only 1/16” deep, so even if the tumbler is perfectly flat, most dishwasher drying cycles will remove the water, and if the tumbler sits at even a slight angle, there will be only a limited area where water can collect. The exterior of these tumblers is textured so that they are easier to grip. They would be a two-handed tumbler, for children, based on their circumference, but shouldn't be a problem for adults, since someone with smaller hands might need to grasp them around the middle, as opposed to grasping them near the top. There is a I think you would be happy with the choices you make if any of the things matter to you. I am happy with my decision to buy them.

👤I have a 16 year old son who is really rough on dishes and he is in a restaurant. I bought a set a little over a year ago and they have been slowly disappearing. Good quality held up really well after buying another set, the kids kept running off, but they were still happy with the original set.

👤I ordered cups. They are not blue. I don't know if someone packed the wrong set or not. These aren't blue. It's definitely purple! There are two cups that are badly scratched. Spending $20 on four plastic tumblers, I expected better quality, not to mention the color that I wanted. They are going back.

👤These are the bombs. It's finally a big durable tumbler that fits in the dishwasher. They fit well. Don't push or wiggle. They fit in as well. You know, they are wide. My 12 year old and his friends have no problem using them. They might be a little more stable because of their width. There is a They look like restaurant glasses, but we love them. I have spent a lot of money on glasses that were not good enough. I am finally satisfied with these.

👤The reviews are good. After the warranty period expired, every one of these developed cracks that ran the length of the tumbler. I have similar ones made in Houston Texas. These are made in Mexico, and there are some things made of junk. You should look for tumblers that are not made in Mexico. The Coca Cola branding is on both types. Trash.

👤I received four of them today. The parcel was damaged, but the tumblers were in good shape. Think about how long they will last when you use them. There is a They are strong, lightweight, attractive and have a textured grip to make them safe to hold. These are the best tumblers I have ever used.

3. Special Design Eco Friendly Blodegradable Compostable

Special Design Eco Friendly Blodegradable Compostable

Coffee cups made with paper are 100% recyclable. The materials are Eco-friendly. 100% food safe and made from paper. Convenient disposable for easy cleaning. It's ideal for home or office use. 50 cups in one package.

Brand: Yes!fresh

👤I used these because they claimed to be compostable and I have a vermicomposter. I pulled plastic pieces from the outside of the cups out of my compost before I could use them. It was frustrating when I researched several brands. It's Grrr...

👤I searched for plastic-free/biodegradable/wax-lined/compostable cups... These arrived inside a plastic sleeve with plastic pillows. Good grief.

👤When I placed my order, I was expecting the cups, but was pleasantly surprised to find a set that included the covers and sleeves. I don't know if the entire set is sent or not, I purchased the package of 50. We've used these on four occasions so far and have been very pleased. Even with hot liquids in them, the cups are sturdy. If the liquid is not super hot, they are comfortable to hold without the sleeves. The sleeves are a great fit if the liquid is very hot. I have put the cups in the microwave before and had no problems. The covers have not been used yet. I will update my review with that information once we do. I am happy with the purchase and will buy more once these run out.

👤I bought these as a more planet-friendly option, and they are surprisingly sturdy. The bottoms seem to give a bit when coffee is added, and you definitely need the sleeves if the drink is hot, but the lids go on easy and the seams don't show any signs of coffee leaking after an hour+. I have used one cup a day for a week and haven't had a leak. The lids don't transfer heat easily. When hot coffee hits the lid, it burns my lips because other products are so thin. That is not the case with these. I can't speak to the product's ability to stand up to either test because I haven't put it in the microwave.

👤The cups smell like perfume. I thought it was my hands or something, but they are not. I can't drink with the cups anymore. I regret buying it because I have tons of them still.

👤These are just as good as any good quality cups, but they are eco-friendly. Buy these if you can afford it.

👤I didn't want to use plastic utensils. For my birthday. I did that when I was a kid, but aren't we supposed to be past that now? I think that's correct. I used bamboo cutlerie and these cups were perfect for the cider I was serving. 5 stars. I wish they were less. A neutral color. I love green, so no complaints. That's right.

👤They say 8oz so fair that they are small. They are in a plastic sleeve that is not easily recycled. They get wet after a drink sits in there. They do work so well that they get 3 stars. I'll buy the 12oz clear ones at my local coop, they are sold in a compostable sleeve. Live and learn.

👤I like to brew my coffee at home. I want really good coffee. I like to make a few cups for my friends. It feels like we get the same quality from a coffee shop. It doesn't feel like a compromise. They have a hot jacket that keeps the coffee warm and our fingers cooler. Nothing has ever leaked out of the lids.

4. Greenchain Compostables Premium Plant Compostable

Greenchain Compostables Premium Plant Compostable

It's a certified commercial product. The cups can be composted. It's perfect for your favorite cold drinks such as iced tea, smoothie, iced coffee, freshly squeezed juices, sodas, and cocktails. The Greenchain cups are made from plants and have high quality materials. There is no use of BPA and plutonium. These cups are great for a healthy cold beverage. It's a certified commercial product. The cups can be composted.

Brand: Gc Compostables

👤These are great. If you need something disposable in a spot where you have eco guilt, this is a great option. They were given 4 stars instead of 5 because they are for people who are sensitive to the environment. I put it in a dirty diaper bag.

👤The company had great reviews and I am familiar with Eco friendly products. Composted products can bend easily when exposed to heat. I was impressed that they were unharmed. The reviews reflected this. The cups are not completely clear like you would see with plastic, but they hold up well and are guilt-free.

👤I used them for an event at a church. I wanted to serve drinks that were not made of plastic. These were what I was looking for.

👤These have been great and I am always looking for green items. They compost well and are sturdy. There is no plastic.

👤I am very happy that I bought these cups. I can feel proud of myself for not using plastic in my home because they are plant based and compostable. They work great for my breakfast drinks and smoothies. Thanks for making the world plastic free.

👤They were too bendable, but I like the environment.

👤I like the cups in principle. I wanted to have a table that was eco-friendly. These cups were ok, out of 5 products. They were sticky and didn't feel good on the hand.

👤Great product. When I have a lot of guests in my kitchen, the cups are very useful. I feel good using them, because I know they are friendly to the environment. They are a better quality than plastic and feel nice to touch. Highly recommended.

5. Dixie Beverage Assorted Designs Disposable

Dixie Beverage Assorted Designs Disposable

The top diameter is 3.58", the bottom is 2.4" and the capacity is 15 ounces. The package contains a variety of different textured designs for the cups and lids. Their snap-on lids are leak-resistant and perfect for on-the-go and convenience at home. The cups feature PerfecTouch technology, which insulates both hot and cold beverages. Most single-serve coffee brewers have datememe to go cups. One tree is planted for every tree used. The cups are made from plant-based material. Cup contain no foam.

Brand: Dixie

👤I didn't want to believe the reviews on "leaks" but sadly there are some cups that leak and some that are just fine. These cups are cute. I use these cups for my coffee in the morning but they keep leaking, so I might have to replace them. There is an update on 12/2020. I said I was not going to buy any more of them. I couldn't find any better cups when I came back. I really like these! I have not had any leaking problems. I think they listened to the reviews. There is an update on February 17/2021. So now, its 2021. I subscribe for monthly packages, I still use these cups. I have not had a leak since I bought these. We all love coffee here at home. These are used multiple times a day.

👤I had been buying different cups for a long time. I switched to the Amazon Choice cups after they switched them to be there. I've learned from my mistake of following Amazon Choice. They were just looking for the best deal. Coffee drips out of the cup and onto my shirt on my first day. I thought I put the lid on. I have to pay to have 3 shirts and two pants dry cleaned and one ruined shirt after 30 days. They don't seal well and the cups leak liquid even when the top is on. I don't know which makes me angry, that I kept using the cups, or that I assumed Amazon would have thoroughly screened these before calling them Amazon Choice.

👤You can subscribe and save on these cups. We have been ordering these cups for a long time. The first few cups have packs of holes in the bottom of them. This has led to a lot of messes because we don't always notice.

👤We have ordered these cups many times. Almost all of the cups leaked after a short time filled with coffee. The cups would leak at the bottom if they buckled at the weak point.

👤I can't give 5 stars BC because the coffee in my cup is pretty cold after an hour in the car. I'm a slow coffee drinker. I have poured coffee all over me and/or inside my car while getting in and out of my car, which really sucks, because the lids seem cheaply-made or poorly put together. I commute in the mornings. I was looking for something disposable that would keep my coffee warm for my son and I could just throw the cup away and not worry about the cops. The knock out yeti's for $8 at Walmart are amazing at leaving beverages hot for hours, so once we've used all of them, I will probably switch over to those for our daily routine and just continue to search for a better quality.

👤These are great! This particular deal is very good. I use these every morning and have not had a spill yet. Make sure the hole on the lid is opposite of the seal line on the paper cup when you put it on. The cute little messages on the coffee cups are what make them so cute.

6. 500 Pack Disposable Plastic Drinking

500 Pack Disposable Plastic Drinking

Hefty disposable plastic cups are sturdy for long-term use. The package is 9 ounces. The 500 Value Pack contains clear plastic cups that are free of the harmful effects of the B.C.A. A waved wall rim adds grip to the hand. The rolled rim at the top of each cup provides rigidity to the cup. It's an economical, yet durable option for everyday use. The cup's wall is crystal clear. You'll appreciate knowing what's in the cup with a glance.

Brand: Comfy Package

👤I use these for mixing and they are awesome. They are clear and came in a box. It's easier to store them and see how well they are mixed.

👤The cups are used to drink from the water cooler. There is a These cups are great for drinking water. There is a The price point is great and the size is perfect for our use. 3.5 cents per cup is the price. There is a They are also made from recycled materials. They don't need to be thrown in the landfill. There is a There are no negatives that I see. I wish they were not made of plastic. That works for me.

👤I had been having issues finding bathroom size cups which I use as a measurement for snacks and intended use in the bathroom since the COVID virus. The cups came in many sleeves so you only needed to open one at a time, instead of a huge box of cups. Since they are opaque, you can see how much liquid or snack is contained.

👤If I'd known they were short, I wouldn't have bought them and I'm not happy with them. It's not worth the hassle to bring them back for false advertising.

👤I wouldn't call these cups heavy duty. We use 2 at a time because we can't separate them from one another, because they are very thin, and most of the cups are stuck to the one below it. They are packed in their own bags. I don't know how many should be in each bag. These are steps below supermarket quality plastic cups. I will probably try another brand.

👤It's a treat to have a small cup for drinking, smashing up ice cream to use as a medicine carrier, mixing craft paint, short term storage or carrier for lotions and creams, and many other uses to come-- and the cup. We no longer use the little cup that comes on top of the liquid bottles to pour the medicine into the cups after measuring with the manufacturer cup. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤They stick together more than they fall apart. I tried to remove one cup from the sleeve. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, so the cups end up getting crushed and thrown away, because I'm using force to pull them apart just to use one cup.

👤The cups are good to use around the house and not having to worry about cups piling up in the sink. They are strong, not flimsy. There is a They are a little small, that's my only complaint. There is a These cups are awesome. It's a good recommendation!

👤The job was done at a local event and the glasses were a great value. Great delivery.

👤These cups are only for cold drinks and not hot tea or coffee.

👤I use them for my water machine at work.

👤It's practical and clear. There is a In case they get dropped, use in bsthroom as well.

7. EcoSmart Recycled Georgia Pacific 2342R Sleeves

EcoSmart Recycled Georgia Pacific 2342R Sleeves

This cup is designed for both parties and everyday use. The bulk size of 100 pack of cups and lids will last you a long time. America's first hot drink cup is made of post-consumer recycled fiber. It is possible to recycle and recycle after use, made from recycled corrugated containers. Paper cups make ordering and storing drinks more efficient. If you are drinking with a hot beverage, use a sleeve. The 100% Recycled Fiber Hot Cup is visually unique. appealing The same lids fit 12 and 16 ounce cups. Over half of patrons are more likely to return to an establishment that serves beverages in the ecosmart 100% recycled Fiber hot cups. The majority of consumers say it's. It's important for restaurants to use disposable packaging.

Brand: Georgia-pacific

👤Not insulated. When it's not insulated, stop advertising. The true insulated cups are the PerfecTouch. It is still hot to the touch. I bought this for my place that has a few handicap people. I will not buy this again. It's a good thing this cup is 16 ounces, because our coffee maker make 12oz max, there's a little bit of space at the top to hold the cup, still not good for handicap people.

👤They are ok if you drink water fast. While holding the cup, you can burn your hand. The cup is weak because it absorbs the contents. Coffee cups are a waste of money.

👤These slides off the stack. It's a small thing. Many other brands take a long time to tug. They are not slippery in the hand. I left a syrupy drink in the cup overnight and had no leaks. They fit well in small spaces. These cups are great value. It's perfect: recycled and recyclable.

👤Excellent value and cups are both great.

👤It is made of recycled fiber. Yeah!

👤This is a good product. Very sturdy and recycled.

👤Great cups, great value for money, but need 2 or sleeve not to burn.

👤It's like to ecology for an item to not be prepared for damaged cartons and leaking cups.

8. World Centric Compostable Ounce Count

World Centric Compostable Ounce Count

This plain paper drinking cup is perfect for cafes or coffee shops that want to personalize the cup with a customer's name or message. You can use this cup for many things, including arts and crafts, decorating, and cup stacking for kids. Cold cups are 12 ounces. Plant material is used to make the lining. The product is certified by the USDA. It is best used for beverages below 120F.

Brand: World Centric

👤Why is it so expensive to be earth conscious? The cups held up well and I don't mind the quality. They are wrapped in plastic and then there is another plastic to hold the two cups together. Wtf? Why is the plastic in my purchase?

👤I ordered 300 for a big party and they hold up great, so feel good about using them. A stack of them melted when sitting in the hot sun. We used them for shot glasses. It is good to know that they will compost.

👤When I got them, they were melted on the bottom. They are biodegrable, but that doesn't do much if they can't be used. I'm not happy. What a waste! They don't stand up.

👤These cups are eco friendly and I wanted to love them. My fault. I had an outdoor party and they melted within an hour. I was really disappointed that I had to go to the dollar store at the last minute to buy crappy plastic cups because these cups were not cheap. They come with a waiver that says keep out of heat and sun, but they were in the shade and still melted. I won't take them outside if I try again.

👤The problem with these cups was not with the manufacturer, but in the shipping process. They arrived all out of shape and could not be used. The cups are designed to be compostable and break down in landfills, but they cannot be exposed to excessive heat without getting soft and changing shape.

👤I throw a lot of family functions. I wanted something that was plant based and friendly.

👤We had to throw away some of the cups because they were cracked.

👤These cups are hardy and can be recycled. Drawback? They will melt if you leave in the sun. I had 50 plus cups that were all warped. Who knew? They are in extreme heat. It was humid and oppressive when we had the party.

9. CantaGreen Heavyduty Paper Count Beverage

CantaGreen Heavyduty Paper Count Beverage

Make your morning ecology eco-friendly. Their cups can be used with coffee makers and espresso machines. They are also great for cold drinks. Heavyduty cups are strong. It's perfect for hot and cold drinks. Food grade Polyethylene is coated for resistance to leaking.

Brand: Cantagreen

👤The below review has been updated. I contacted the seller to express my disappointment in the cups. My intentions were not to get a refund, but to get the seller's attention. The seller's response expressed an interest in customer satisfaction, and is going to implement better quality control procedures to make sure cups are not passed onto future customers. The seller decided to issue a refund after they believed my order was faulty. I did not expect this kind of courtesy from the seller. I will keep using 2 cups for each cup of coffee to keep it from leaking through. I might make another purchase after a while. Cuppa are my favorite brand of hot cups, but they have been out of stock for a long time. I tried the above for hot beverages. Within a minute or two the bottom leaks. The only positive thing about these cups is that they are good to hold. I think the Keurig machine was one of the more convenient appliances to enter the marketplace. No washing of a pot, no waiting to boil water. I don't have to wash a cup each time. The hot paper cups that I bought can be used a few times during the day. The CantaGreen cups leak, the coffee goes everywhere but where it's supposed to be, and the bottom of the cup has brown spots which is confusing to me as I drink my coffee black. The first time I used these cups, I was reading a book while waiting for the coffee to brew. I picked up the coffee and it was all over the table. The coffee needs to be used in 2 cups at a time. I have to use another k cup in order to enjoy a cup of coffee because this is wasteful, inconvenient, and costly. I thought buying a bigger quantity would last a long time. I will stay away from anything named CantaGreen.

👤These are cups. The packaging of the cups was great, I purchased 150 of them. Each row is wrapped individually in a solid box. They have hot coffee. I don't think the initial touch is hot to the touch. An excellent purchase.

👤These cups are great. A good size, no leaking, and you don't need a jacket for these. I like the fact that I don't have to pay for the lids I don't need, like I did with the other brand. I don't use lids and waste them. The white is nice.

👤They are paper cups. They're made out of paper, and they hold your liquids, so not much to say.

👤A great cup for holding little objects. They're not great for drinks. They add an industrial flavor to things. It would probably turn off party guests. They still turn my drinks into machine tea even after a few rinses. This was before I used them to hold parts. I was not tasting old radio.

👤This is the total value for money. This didn't burn the pocket for a person who is almost fully go-green.

10. Plastic Cups,Disposable Drinking Cups Party Whiskey

Plastic Cups%EF%BC%8CDisposable Drinking Cups Party Whiskey

This plain paper drinking cup is perfect for cafes or coffee shops that want to personalize the cup with a customer's name or message. You can use this cup for many things, including arts and crafts, decorating, and cup stacking for kids. Safety and Health-7 Oz Plastic Cups are made of food-grade safety plastic. The clear plastic cups are easy to clean at the end of the party. These disposable plastic cups are not harmful to the environment. Their clear plastic cups are perfect for birthday parties, wedding reception, baby showers, corporate events, or graduation. The package includes 300 Clear Plastic cups. For a low economical price, they provide high-quality items. They are great for cold drinks like ice coffee, smoothie, bubble tea, milkshakes, frozen cocktails, water, sodas, and juices. The convenience of these disposable cups is that they are easy to clean up after dinner. It's the perfect solution for elegant and convenient dining. Such as a wedding party. Life is more comfortable if you cut down on cleaning and dishwashing time. All of their products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If their product doesn't meet your standards, they will give you a full and prompt refund.

Brand: Turbo Bee

👤Flimsy. I mix paint in for pours. It was too delicate for that. The cup bottom has a raised indentation that keeps you from getting67531 up all that expensive paint. A big "nope" for me.

👤The cups are easier to use than the paper ones. They are better for people who have trouble holding small objects.

👤It's the right size for rinsing after brushing. It would make a great holder for bedside pills. For small children's drink of water.

👤It was a great value, delivered on time, and exceeded my expectations.

👤The cups are easy to use and sturdy. If you need a 5oz cup, I recommend these cups.

👤Perfect cups for multi use. They are used to put medication in for our elderly mother.

👤Not drinking cups, tiny and flimsy.

11. WANBY Unbreakable Reusable Eco Friendly Dishwasher

WANBY Unbreakable Reusable Eco Friendly Dishwasher

SAVE THE PLANET. A SIP. At a time, be eco-conscious with their easily hand-washable iced coffee cup. Wherever the party takes you, use them as ice coffee cups or smoothie cups. It is extremely durable. A good choice for every family, the tumbler cup is made of wheat straw and food grade PP, without the use of the harmful chemicalBPA. Large Capacity It is very suitable for traveling or camping and can hold 300ml liquid. It is easy to clean. The cups can be stacked to save space. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Cup color matching, coffee, tea, water, milk, juice, soda and other cups are included. It can also be a toothbrush holder for children. Purchase WANBY's product from Amazon and get a 100% guaranteed high quality service.

Brand: Wanby

👤Very small. The seller's picture is not right.

👤The fill amount is exactly 11 ounces. You'll only want to fill 9 ounces with kids. To leave a bit off the top for them to drink. We have been replacing old plastic tumblers with wheat based plastic. These are perfect for kids under 8 years of age, and older kids and adults could use them for small batches of fresh squeezed juices or apple cider. I am glad I came across them.

👤The cups are great for children who break cups. They are easy to clean. The green cup needed to be trimmed. I didn't notice any flaws or issues. I am happy with the cups. If these do not last as long as expected, I will update my review.

👤Nice cups. The cups are easy to clean. They are small in size, so they are durable and sturdy. It would not be good for entertaining, but it would be good for everyday. Cute colors.

👤My toddler will drink from these cups. I was a little worried that they would be too big for his little hands, but he has no issues drinking or picking them up. They're dishwasher safe and easy to clean. We spent the extra money on them.

👤The wheat straw cups are perfect for kids. Light and durable. They are not large, about 4 to 4.5 ounces. We use them all the time. You don't have to worry about them being broken when dropped or knocked over because they are not. Research shows that hot liquids in plastic bottle or cups can cause chemical to be released from the plastic. Apparently not the case with wheat straw. Again, that is based on what I have read and does not imply scientific data to back it up. These do well in the dish washer, so I thought it was relevant. There is a A good value to buy. Definitely recommended.

👤A few months ago I was completely unfamiliar with wheat straw products and now I own some plates in different sizes and cups and we love the style and eco friendly nature of the products made from wheat straw. It takes less energy to make wheat straw than it does to make traditional plastic. These cups are great for small kids or as a breakfast cup. Even if you just like a small glass. They are sturdy and I like the design. These are great for camping or even home use.

👤We own several of these types of "dinnerware" and love the look, build, quality, design, etc. There is a The cups are definitely no exception, and they hit all the high points. They are light weight, more durable than plastic, and have a nice overall look. The all natural design is a plus. I wouldn't have been my first guess, but you get used to it. There is a It's a better alternative to ceramic/plastic/metal cups. They are sturdy enough to take a beating, and don't look cheap. Titanium is for metals. It's great! Thumbs up.


What is the best product for eco friendly water cups individually wrapped?

Eco friendly water cups individually wrapped products from Restaurantware. In this article about eco friendly water cups individually wrapped you can see why people choose the product. Get and Yes!fresh are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly water cups individually wrapped.

What are the best brands for eco friendly water cups individually wrapped?

Restaurantware, Get and Yes!fresh are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly water cups individually wrapped. Find the detail in this article. Gc Compostables, Dixie and Comfy Package are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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