Best Eco Friendly Wipes for Adults

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1. Green Cleaning Wipes Lavender Eucalyptus

Green Cleaning Wipes Lavender Eucalyptus

It's tough on dirt, grease, and grime. 98% of the formula is derived from nature. It's safe for sensitive skin. Safe around kids and pets. You will get 3 packs of Art of Green Cleaning wipes. There are108 wipes of lavender eucalyptus.

Brand: Art Of Green

👤My favorite things to clean are the countertop and stovetop. It can be difficult to remove gunk from your stove. Not anymore. This removes gunk, oiliness, and more with a quick rinse. I bought these in a larger pack for $1 because they were on sale. I got about 3-4 tubs. I went to Amazon to continue my search after running out, and I found them! They will be a regular sight under my cabinet. If you have a surface that shows streaks easily, you need to go back over it with a paper towel. I usually use these once, rinse out, use again, and then do a final wipe. When I finish my stove, I use a paper towel.

👤The wipes were delivered in a pack. The wipes smell great and the packaging is beautiful. I want to use products that are safe for my family. These wipes are made from plants. They clean up well and left my kitchen smelling lavender. I will definitely buy them again.

👤The scent is ok, but the wipes are foamy.

👤I love these! The smell is great and the wipe is better than paper towels. I was worried about streaking but it dries beautifully.

👤I have never experienced a scent like these with wipes. They work well. It is nice to know the formula is non toxic. I recommend.

👤They are great for cleaning and wipes, but I wish they were antibacterial.

👤It's perfect for gym bag, car, train, bus, etc.

👤It leaves a great scent. It was a good purchase for touching up.

2. Amazon Elements Wipes Fresh Flip Top

Amazon Elements Wipes Fresh Flip Top

There are 9 flip-top packs of wipes. A fresh scent is what you should cleanse with. Alcohol, bronopol, dyes, and parabens are not allowed. It can be used on the face, hands and bottom. It is made with naturally derived ingredients and water. Do not toss wipes in the trash receptacle.

Brand: Amazon Elements

👤I didn't think I would be writing a long review for baby wipes. I have used a lot of big name brands for my sensitive babies, and came across these. I mistakenly ordered the scented ones. It was a mistake. The scent did not bother either of my kids or myself, who are all sensitive to smells and touch to the skin. I have tried other brands and they seem to be much softer and thicker than these. I use less of my usual two brands with diaper changes. I've tried a few different shipments of them to make sure they weren't a one-off experience and now I recommend them to everyone I know who uses wipes. I can't speak for the other scents or formulas, but this particular one is fantastic and I will use them for as long as they stay this way. This was life-changing with two littles and one on the way.

👤I'm not sure what to think of these reviews. There is a Buying wipes from Amazon would be convenient and save me a trip to the local store, but I wanted to compare favorably. There is a I immediately asked for a refund after comparing the wipes from Amazon and Kirkland. They are a bit more fragile and tend to stretch. It is not possible to keep the wipe in a presentable shape when it is folded in half because the fibers slide against each other, making it messy to use and less cost effective. The fibers leave strands of fluff on the skin. They don't seem to be woven in place. There is less tendency to strand by the wipes. - The wipes are wet. I have never had issues with dry feeling wipes, but I think they don't clean up as well as the moister wipes. This is the case when I'm wiping down a counter top, it just seems to give out too quickly. I store the wipes upside down but they are still wet. I like the Amazon wipes because they are soft and gentle on the skin, and the Fresh scent is pleasant, but not overpowering, like the Kirkland wipes. There is a I cannot recommend these wipes because of the above reasons, but I will stick with the Kirkland brand.

👤I ordered the same product last year. The packaging has changed in a bad way. The package has a flip top cover to keep the wipes from drying out, but the plastic is thinner now. It's not a big deal, but the wipe itself has changed. It used to be thick, like a paper towel. Each wipe reminds me of a damp dryer sheet. Like the clorox wipes. It's still better than cheaper ones where the threads come off. The thickness of last year's product made me like it more.

👤I have been using brand name wipes for almost 4 years and recently switched to generic after realizing how much money we were wasting. These wipes are amazing. They smell clean but not overly perfumed. They come out of the package in one or two steps. When you have a 20 month old, diaper changes are more difficult. It's important to have an easy to use wipe. They clean the worst messes. I think my kid eats tar and poops it into his diaper. It took so many wipes to get it all off. These wipes take care of it quickly and efficiently with a few wipes. Is that a word? They are very flexible and make it easy to get into small cracks. I use them for everything, not just bottoms, and I will never use another wipe again.

3. WaterWipes Textured Unscented Hypoallergenic Toddlers

WaterWipes Textured Unscented Hypoallergenic Toddlers

The packing may be a little bit tricky. WaterWipes are in every package. The same water-based wipes are in Textured Clean. There is a new bio-diesel that has the same form and purity. The Textured Clean baby wipes are clinically proven to clean and help protect baby's delicate skin with just 3 ingredients: water, fruit and berry extract. As babies grow, so do the messes. The soft, textured surface of water wipes makes them perfect for growing babies and toddlers. 100% bio-sourced and plastic-free materials. Their Textured Clean wipes are plant-based and are better for the planet. They have no artificial fragrances, parabens or sulfates. Trusted by DERMATOLOGISTS. WaterWipes are accepted by the National Eczema Association of America, the Skin Health Alliance and the vegan society. There are more daily uses. Adults and pets can use WaterWipes. To refresh skin in warmer weather, keep them in your gym bag or car to clean on-the-go and use them to wipe your dog's paws after a walk outdoors.

Brand: Waterwipes

👤I only use these on my toddler's face and hands when I'm crafting, and wiping a snotty nose. I use a different brand of wipes for diaper changes. There is a What is a SOAPBERRY? The old Water Wipes had just a touch of grapefruit extract. I was skeptical as a first-time mom. It can be found by searching it... It's exactly what it sounds like, the berries from which soap is made. I used the new formula with caution because the old one was free of harsh chemicals. My daughter's skin has had no adverse reactions after using half a package. She had developed a habit of chewing on the old Water Wipes, which was not a problem to me when they did not include soap. She doesn't mind me taking them away from her when she chews on them. Is that correct? I like the new texture and the new packaging, but it's a little bumpy and the sticker on the pack used to come off if you got it to wet. I like the new way they are folding them. It was hard to separate just one wipe from the rest of the bundle when you got to the last wipes. They come out one time all the time. That's a nice improvement.

👤These seem to be baby wipes, but serve the purpose for adults too. Doctors told me not to use the wipes sold for adults as they are toxic. I brought the package of wipes to the colorectal surgeon when I heard about them from my daughter in law. He was happy to learn that they exist and that they are safe to use. I think they work well.

👤I used these for my baby for a year. They changed the ingredients to include soapberry. I am not sure if it is the added ingredient, but I was horrified to find mold in one of the packages. Make sure that nothing smells or looks like mold.

👤I have been using the original waterwipes for over two years with my toddler. When I saw this new formula with soapberry, I was excited to try it. His hands are fine. He gets a red rash if I wipe his body. It isn't an allergic reaction as it's not raised, itchy, bumpy, etc and doesn't bother him; it just irritates his skin. He doesn't have any allergies or sensitive skin so it's strange. I thought it might have been a bad pack, but after trial and error it is just this formula. I broke out with the same rash after wiping my chest with one. Would not recommend it.

👤I have been buying these wipes for years and I don't like them. No use them for baby's. They are great and I have used them for personal use. I like to clean my purses with this one. It works well for Saffiano leather. They are used on my dogs when they need eye/face cleaning.

👤The new version of this product is bad for my baby's body.

4. Happy Little Camper Flushable Toddler

Happy Little Camper Flushable Toddler

We love natural wipes, they are the cleanest, greenest. The pure ingredients for their products are selected from the pure ingredients for their clean solution. Hypodermic is a gentle formula with skin conditioning ingredients designed to reduce the risk of irritation or allergic reaction. Their wipes feature rapid disintegration and are very strong when wet. The system is safe. Protect your baby's sensitive skin with ultra- soft wipes enriched with soothing aloe Vera. Their products are free from harmful chemicals. They are committed to sustainable manufacturing practices and packaging made from 40% recycled materials. They use cotton that is completely free of chlorine and optical brighteners.

Brand: Happy Little Camper

👤I don't think I'm thrilled with the wipes. I ordered them because the product I normally buy for my family is no longer available, and this seemed like the healthiest choice. I opened the pack and noticed that there was a reaction between the contents of the wipe and the glue on the seal, which is off-putting, but I am sure that is due to the oxygen exposure. I don't want to have to figure that out and I don't want to give this product to my family. The cloth is large and feels thicker than other wipes we have used. It won't be flushed down the toilet in my house because I can tell plumbing problems will follow. The wipes are on the dry side, and once opened, it seems that they will dry out quickly. If we don't flush them, I don't see myself buying a better wipe that isn't flushable and throwing them away.

👤They have options that are not flushable. These wipes have blue writing and are flushable. My family and I all have sensitive skin. The wipes do not cause burning sensation after use, and they are not harsh on the skin. It is easy to get out of the package. They don't have continuous feed like some baby wipes, but it's nice when a two-year-old is after them. They're perfect to put in my purse or diaper bag. They are used by my husband and I at events. I didn't get any perks for writing this review. I have spent a lot of money on wipes. I want to help other parents save money.

👤These are the only wipes that are flushable. I used to use the Honest Co. wipes, but I thought they weren't supposed to be flushed, even though nothing on the package stated otherwise. I decided to stop using my sewage system and try Happy Little Camper, and I have completely switched over to these wipes. There is a I have never had issues with them tearing in either situation, they are a good size for adult and dog-paw use. The peace of mind for my system is worth it even if they were a little more wet.

👤I love these wipes, they are flushable, and I feel safer to use than other wipes because of the safer ingredients.

👤My son has sensitive skin and when he used diapers we used an expensive organic wetwipe, it was the only one that did not cause rash and met my standards, now that he is potty trained, I need a flushable wipe with similar ingredients as the wet one. My only complaint is that I wish these were not used. The baby wipes we use are so wet that I add some water to the pack to get them more moist.

👤You can't pull out all of them. There is no easy way to pull one out of these. I am pinching with my fingers and pulling out a few at a time. Absolutely unacceptable and lacking in practical design. I might throw these away so I don't have to deal with it. It's so frustrating!

5. WaterWipes Sensitive Wipes Count Packs

WaterWipes Sensitive Wipes Count Packs

The packing may be a little bit tricky. WaterWipes Original wipes still contain the same pure and trusted water-based wipes. There is a new bio-diesel that has the same form and purity. The Original baby wipes are fragrance-free and made with only 2 ingredients: water and fruit extract. It's ideal for mature and new skin. The skin is the most pure in the world. Their water wipes are gentle enough for premature infants. 100% bio-sourced and plastic-free materials. The Original baby wipes are plant-based and are better for the planet. They have no artificial fragrances, parabens or sulfates. Trusted by DERMATOLOGISTS. WaterWipes are accepted by the National Eczema Association of America, the Skin Health Alliance and the vegan society.

Brand: Waterwipes

👤I would have written a five star review if I had first tried Water Wipes. I no longer purchase these wipes because they are now a 1 star product. There is a The idea of water wipes is simple. Most of the time, you can't pronounce half the ingredients in a baby wipes package. Water wipes appealed to us because we had 2 sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and no children. Water, Grapefruit Seed Extract, and Benzalkonium Chloride are some of the ingredients in Water Wipes. I used to only purchase water and a fruit extract. There is a The wipes were thick and held up. Water wipes were used to clean spills in the car, to get spots out of clothing on the go, and in the bathroom. We were a loyal user of the wipes until the end of the year. The wipes package was small when the last case arrived. The price of Water Wipes has always been a premium compared to other brands. We were hoping that the wipes would be the same as we've come to know them for. The new wipes were thinner, not as durable, and 888-282-0465 888-282-0465 888-282-0465. There were no holes or damage to the packaging of the 3 packs that had mold. We store them the same as we usually do. I experienced irritation from using Water Wipes for the first time, which was the most disturbing part of the new wipes. It was enough to stop using water wipes. There is a When I complained, the manufacturer decided to give back the purchase price for the final case of wipes. They said parents wanted less bulky wipes. I think parents wanted smaller packs for travel, pack sizes of 15-20 wipes in a pack, rather than actually wanting wipes that were smaller in size. We tried to find a replacement for the brands Seventh Generation, Caboo, Baby Ganics, Jackson Reece, and Happy Little Camper. They all had too many ingredients. There is a We decided to make our own. Paper towels are cut in half. One roll filled a plastic container. Add some organic grape seed extract. Push down on the stack to flatten them and remove the excess grape seed extract. Put 4 ounces of warm water in the stack and flip it over. They were ready to use when the lid was put on. They were good for a week without mold. There is a Water wipes are to thank for changing your product. We now make our own wipes for $7, which is less expensive than you charge.

👤There are chemicals in it! These are not the same wipes, they are fakes all around. These wipes are not chemical free and have a different ingredients list than the other ones. Please review my pictures before you do. Doesn't deserve a 1 star rating. I had to submit something.

👤I wish I'd done my research before buying and I wish I'd read the reviews instead of just seeing the stars. These water wipes are not labeled chemical free because they contain..002% Benzalkolium chloride. I pay a little more for just the 2 ingredients of real water wipes because I want to avoid chemicals. I bought the bulk pack of 720 wipes because I love water wipes. I will no longer buy bulk on Amazon. I am concerned that people with serious skin conditions are using these and could have a reaction to the small amount of chloride. My kid did not have an allergic reaction. I listed the differences between the real wipes I purchased from target and the ones I ordered here. The top and bottom of the box I bought from Amazon are the ones I purchased from target.

6. Honest Company Baby Wipes Plant Based

Honest Company Baby Wipes Plant Based

100% Plant-Based Wipes are made with water. Extra large, thick and soft are hypo-allergenic. It is made without alcohol, parabens, chlorine and fragrances. Not tested on animals.

Brand: Honest

👤I like these. Honest wipes are the best brand we have purchased. They stay wet and do not irritate my son's skin. We will use them as long as my son is wearing them. The price per wipe is $0.06/per wipe, which is the same as the price per wipe from the 576 to the 720. There is a I try to provide honest reviews with products I purchase online and add clear photos of the item. I always look at the reviews and photos posted on the internet to see if I purchase the item or not. If you have found a review or photos that are helpful, please hit the helpful button. I like receiving feedback.

👤Would love to know what this is. This was on every pack of wipes.

👤The wipes are great, but I think they have changed over the last couple years. I end up using a lot of wipes for messy diapers because they don't stay wet enough. I don't plan on buying them again.

👤A 10 year old special needs child is medically fragile. The wipes from Honest Co are amazing. They are water and plant based. It has cut back on irritation and will not harm the environment. I need the Honest Co to start making size 7 diapers.

👤The first couple of packages were okay. There was a fuzzy growth on the packages. We refused to use on our daughter as she has sensitive skin and who knows what the heck it is, we buy Honest. The product is not old. Reached out to Amazon customer service and was given a lecture about the return window. Who opens the first 10 packages of wipes? Honest should be held accountable for the integrity of the product and to make sure they are good through the expiration date. I was very disappointed in the product and the way they handled the complaint.

👤I have been buying these for a long time because honest is the only brand I trust for my babies. I ordered this massive box because it isn't cheap. It came missing three packs. I am very disappointed.

👤With a baby on the way, it's only getting worse, I have used baby wipes for 5 years. My son is sensitive. He doesn't get rash from wipes. I am careful with what I use. The level of wet is correct and these don't give off a strong odor. Not too soft. The lid is my only complaint. The shape and use of opening makes it too bulky to close, but I like the fact that a wipe is sticking out so you can't snap the lid without shoving a wipe back on the hole. I have only opened one package so far. They haven't been tested yet. I'll update if they are yellow or dry. Just put it in my car for my child. I'll know more soon.

👤My daughter had an allergic reaction to these and they were dry. We couldn't return them so it was a waste of money. The water wipes should be all the way.

7. Eco Naty Hypoallergenic Biodegradable Compostable

Eco Naty Hypoallergenic Biodegradable Compostable

Their wipes are easy to use and can be dissolved in water. You can easily wipe, toss, and flush their wipes. Eco by Naty is a company that makes organic baby wipes that are free of synthetics and plastics, and are chemical-free. The plant-based fibers are soft to the touch, which is better for newborn sensitive skin. Plants are natural, plant base vegetation. Ecocert Cosmos has independently certified their baby diaper wipes. They are certified for bio degradation in freshwater and composting with a pure water content and natural plant fibers. RenewABLE PACKAGING is a new type of packaging. The packaging of the baby wipes pack is made from sustainable, renewable materials. Good for baby, good for nature. Eco by Naty was started in Sweden. Their goal is to create products that are safe for their bodies and also good for the environment. The High-Tech Eco Products are made from nature and backed by independent certifications. Good for baby, good for nature. Eco by Naty was started in Sweden. Their goal is to create products that are safe for their bodies and also good for the environment. The High-Tech Eco Products are made from nature and backed by independent certifications.

Brand: Eco By Naty

👤I used to use these on my toddler for a long time without ever seeing a problem, until I used them on myself and noticed a burning on my bottom. I thought I was the only one who had the wipes, but after a few different packs I realized something was wrong. My mom pointed out that my little girl's butt area was all red, bright red and I thought it was the soap we were using. I eliminated everything and it was still red. I stopped using the wipes on her and the redness was gone. I think there is an ingredient in them. I will not be using them again.

👤I have never written a review for a product, but I must write one now. I am very happy with most things I buy from Amazon, but I don't want to buy these pantyhose. They burn your skin. When my daughter was able to articulate her issues with the wipes, she told us that they hurt her butt. After I understood her issues, I tried them. I don't have sensitive skin. I used them on her for so long that I didn't understand the problem. I threw them out because they went to waste when they were bought in bulk. The company should be embarrassed.

👤These are not flushable so I'm taking a star off. I have never flushed baby wipes. I flushed them after buying them. My husband found a flood in our first floor. They "took care of the works" so to speak. We had to call an emergency plumbing company to pump our tank and then snake the wipes out. I talked to about 10 plumbing people and they all said that wipes are not flushable. They said wipes are their biggest money making item. They call them college funds. I don't flush them, but I still use them. They're better at wiping my son's hands when we're out of the house. If you want to pay $1200 for a plumbing job at 3 am, flush these. Don't flush! Our tank is a year old, so it was not the issue. They're natural and non toxic. I trust the brand. The issue is that no one knows whether or not a piece of furniture is fireproof.

👤These are smaller than other wipes. There is a They perform. They are both strong and soft. They are easy to get from my OXO dispensers. They are not scented. I only have to use a single wipe with big poops. They are cheaper than most wipes. There is a My daughter has a sensitive skin. There is a The only problem is the size. The package is small and there is a lot of plastic. The manufacturer has resolved issues in the past. Someone was selling wipes. Who knows? If you want disposable wipes that degrade faster and are more eco-friendly, it's worth a try.

👤These wipes seemed to be the more responsible option since they claimed to be more eco-friendly. They caused contact dermatitis and burned my skin. The first one was fine but the new one is very skin reactive. Your sensitive parts will be on fire if you are careless with these.

8. Nice Clean Baby Wipes Plant Based

Nice Clean Baby Wipes Plant Based

Water-based baby wipes are formulated with 100% water. Plant-BASED FIBERS are ultra-SOFT. Their baby wipes are made with Tencel, a strong, ultra- soft, plant-based fiber that gives the wipes a soft feeling yet is strong enough to clean the messes of your baby. Hypoallergenic wipes that are free of plastic, alcohol, dyes, and other chemicals are ideal for cleaning delicate objects. The skin is lustrous and hydrated. Each diaper wipe has ingredients to help protect and soothe your baby or toddler's skin. There will be mammals. The wipes can be kept from drying out. The offer includes 12 packs. There are 64 wipes in each pack.

Brand: Nice 'n Clean

👤These wipes are a good size and pull out one at a time. My main complaint is that they sting me. I can't imagine what a baby is feeling. Tencel and purified water are included in the main ordering page. It seems like a good deal until you realize that the full list of ingredients includes a lot of chemicals and is rated by the EWG as a "4" for high skin irritation. It's linked to allergic contact and dermatitis. The chemical is used as a solvent and is also known as glycol ether. There are better options for baby wipes.

👤I've been using Honest Co., which I thought was great, but wanted something with a touch of "safe" scent for the summer months. These are great! Good size, strong scent, not like baby powder or oil. What is the bottom line? They get the job done, from hands to feet, with no coconut or palm, and no nasty chemicals. Did I mention the price per wipe? These are my best friends.

👤There are many nasty ingredients. I wouldn't use these on my babies. They don't cleanse well without rubbing hard. The product was bad.

👤I use it to clean my dog. These wipes are a tad more expensive than the ones I usually get, but they are still fresh and clean. Instead of flowers.

👤These wipes are perfect for baby wipes.

👤The best wipes have no cost to the arm or leg. The wipes are thick enough that they don't fall apart in your hands. The scent is soft and not overpowering. The feel of cloth is soft. All 5 stars!

👤There was nothing to dislake.

👤The scent is natural and not overly done for sensitive skin. 12 pack baby wipes for the money, who doesn't love to save money and time.

9. Seventh Generation Wipes Dispenser Clear

Seventh Generation Wipes Dispenser Clear

Seventh generation free and clear wipes are made for sensitive skin. The wipes are safe for baby, hands, and face. These wipes are dermatologist tested and are perfect for your baby. The Free & Clear Baby wipes are made from a blend of wood fiber, polypropylene and polyethylene and are easy to open. For the next seven generations, use Seventh Generation baby wipes.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤I have been using Seventh Generation wipes for a long time. The past few shipments I have received have been less than they used to be. I use the pill to wipe my baby's butt. What is the purpose of a wipe if I have to clean a few bits after using it? It was very disappointing in Seventh Generation. I will update when I find a good replacement.

👤I am very disappointed in Seventh Generations. I wanted to love these wipes as they are supposed to be a company that cares about the environment while using materials that are safe and sensitive for your baby. We've used Honest and Babyganics and have not had any issues. All of my daughters private parts were red and sore when we started using these. When I looked at other wipes, I didn't see this ingredient in any of them, even though another reviewer mentioned it in these. This ingredient is linked to contact dermatitis. I will never use these wipes again. So disappointed! Back to babyganics and honesty! I preferred it in the first place.

👤I will only use these wipes for my kids. I've tried them all, and these are the best. Here's why. 1. They are completely unifier. My children and I both have sensitive skin. We've never had a sensitivity issue with these wipes after using them for almost 3 years. 2. It's easy to pull out a wipe. It's frustrating when you just want one wipe and they all pull out in clumps. What a waste of money. These wipes are important to this budget conscious mama because they are easy to pull out at a time. 3. It's super thick! It's the same as the wipes. They have a quilted pattern which provides traction when wiping.

👤I have been using these religiously since I had my first child almost 3 years ago and now they all stick together. I get 7 stuck together when I go for one wipe. I have never had a problem with wipes before. It is a horrible hassle. I want to find a better wipe out there.

👤Terrible. The bits and pieces are everywhere. I have never used these wipes before. I wish I had not bought this large box because they are the worst wipes I have ever used.

👤I was expecting the same quality as anything else, but I was disappointed in the price. After I use a wipe to clean my baby's bottom, I find myself wiping something off his bottom. It's like lint from the wipes. It's inconvenient. If you pull too hard the whole lid will come off, leaving the bag exposed to air and drying up.

👤I've been buying these wipes for almost a year and they were always great, until now. Something changed when we received the last package. The wipes used to be very easy to separate from the packaging. You get a clump of wipes instead of a single wipe if you stick every 5th wipe to the next one. It's hard to change a baby that is not comfortable. I'm about to order again and I'm hoping that this was a one time occurrence and not a permanent change by the company. If the next package is good, I will return and remove this review.

10. Flushable Dispenser Unscented Vitamin At Home

Flushable Dispenser Unscented Vitamin At Home

Friends don't let friends ruin their butt with toilet paper. Wet wipes are designed to give your butt a clean, more refreshing finish, and are individually wrapped or in their at- home dispensers. DUDE wipes are 25 percent larger than the average flushable wet wipes and they're made with plastic free and plantsourced fibers, so they're more resistant to skidmarks and irritation. No aluminum. Get your wiping needs delivered to your door with their easy-to-use at- home dispensers, and upgrade your throne: no more searching aisles and hauling bulky toilet paper home. DUDE wipes are made of 99 percent water and plant based ingredients and are alcohol and paraben free, so you'll never look at an empty toilet paper roll the same way again. When they quit using toilet paper for baby wipes in their Chicago apartment, they created the DUDE wipes revolution, which is still going strong today.

Brand: Dude Products

👤Not feasible. Don't believe anything that says these products are fireproof. My basement was flooded due to wipes blocking the main drain. It cost me 700 dollars to snake the line clean, and I had to call a plumbing company. The pictures I have attached are from when the plumbing person was in the house. A huge area of a perfectly fine drain was blocked by them. I will never use these products again because they can false advertise on Amazon.

👤False advertising! Your description on Amazon says it's safe. These aren't safe for use in the kitchen. I have had to call my people twice because of backups. Take that shit down!

👤They are not flushable and cost me $600.00 to have a plumbing professional remove them.

👤These do feel great on the BH, but they are not fireproof and won't hold up in the wind. Don't buy them, save yourself some headaches.

👤I wish I'd found these sooner. It was very soft and moist. I added a couple of ounces of Witch Hazel to help with hemorrhoids, and it really enhanced the effectiveness of Dude Wipes. There is a The first few sheets seem to tear when trying to get them out of the package. I lift the bag to make sure there is enough room for the wipes. There is a They are not safe for sewage systems. I had our tanks cleaned and the wipes never broke down. If they get into the tile lines, it will be a disaster. I'm careful with them at the farm.

👤I only use them at other people's homes or businesses because I've seen how they can cause sewer line problems. I won't use them in my home, let someone else pay the plumbing bill, otherwise it's a great product. After a dump, no more chaffing.

👤I love the product. I have been using them for a long time. It would be great if they had an option for a more conservative packaging for my bath. The wife is always reluctant to have them in the guest bath when we have company because of the "as she puts it, sophomoric name and black package", but she loves to use them and we will continue to do so.

👤DUDE wipes were a life saver for my son who has sensitive skin. We had another brand of wipes where he used to refuse to poop. It was hard for him to concentrate in school. No amount of persuasion worked. He wouldn't use a baggie of his butt wipes because he was afraid the other kids would tease him if they saw him carrying it to the bathroom. There is a I was looking for a single-pack type of wipe that my son could take to school. I found DUDE wipes there. The individually packed ones were the first ones we started with. My son hid a few in his backpack and was able to discreetly carry one with him to the bathroom. He was more comfortable with the packaging if anyone saw it. That's an issue for a grade school child. There is a He likes the individually wrapped ones more than any others we've had. I was thrilled to find a pack of at- home packs. I no longer have to reconcile my eco-conscience with the wrappers in the trash. The size of the wipes is larger than most, and they're great for sensitive bottoms. My son can poop in practically any bathroom thanks to DUDE products. Ps. He uses the single-packs to get rid of some of the funk that comes with being older.

11. Kandoo Flushable Training Cleansing Sensitive

Kandoo Flushable Training Cleansing Sensitive

The wipes are soft and gentle because they are moistened with lotion. The wipes are roughly the size of two sheets of toilet paper and cleans up to 30% better than toilet paper alone. The pop-up dispensers are ideal for the little hands of kids and toddlers. Kandoo's disposable wipes are free of drying alcohols, sulfates, and Parabens so they are safe to use on sensitive areas. It is bio-degradable. It is possible that packaging may vary. Only flush one or two wipes at a time. Only in well-maintained toilets, drain lines, sewer lines, and septic systems can you use.

Brand: Kandoo

👤I have used Kandoo wipes for a long time but didn't know how good they were until the swine flu hit. I ran away. Cottonelle wipes were available at the local market. I thought I was protected. Not. It felt like using a tool. A new box of Kandoos was sent to me. What difference? You and your kids's behinds will be grateful. The wipes are easy to tear in half and have no issues with flushing. They break apart quickly.

👤I have already purchased 2 cases of this product. The wipes are not nested so after pulling up one wipe from the container, another doesn't pop up. This is important to my blind husband since he can't see the next one. I thought it might be just one pack. The entire case was bad when I got to the 3rd pack. By the time I got to the third pack, my return window was closed. I think the case would have been replaced for free by the shipper. I didn't have an option to contact them. I wrote this review to let them know that I was aware of the problem. 18 packages of wipes are worth writing about.

👤They help with potty training. They are gentle and soft. The fact that they are wet helps to make sure that everything is clean and tidy. They are a bit pricey, but I think they are worth it. They seem to be flushable so far. I am not sure if they should be in a tank. If you have a tank and field, you might want to check with a professional.

👤These are refill packs for a specific box. I don't know what the box is. It is almost impossible to get just one wipe. They do the job well. It gets annoying very fast when you have to stuff 2, 3, 4 sheets back into the bag. I wouldn't recommend them without their proper container, that would help with just pulling one at a time. These are fine if the box exists and works correctly.

👤Great product. It doesn't come apart as you pull out the container. I am sensitive to the skin and would buy again.

👤There are two problems with this wipe that will deter me from buying again. First of all, they rip too easily, and who wants a wipe that hurts? The hole that you pull through is small enough to not allow wipes to pass through.

👤In a time of crisis, arrived on time. The day was saved by no TP due to COVID-19.

👤These wipes are the go to for our family. They are in every bathroom in our house. They are large enough for good coverage for kids or adults, and have not caused any problems in our toilets. The best part about them is that they are completely unpolluted. Kandoo dispensers keep the wipes fresh and moist and we have had a few different versions in the past. It's a must-have in my house.


What is the best product for eco friendly wipes for adults?

Eco friendly wipes for adults products from Art Of Green. In this article about eco friendly wipes for adults you can see why people choose the product. Amazon Elements and Waterwipes are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly wipes for adults.

What are the best brands for eco friendly wipes for adults?

Art Of Green, Amazon Elements and Waterwipes are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly wipes for adults. Find the detail in this article. Happy Little Camper, Waterwipes and Honest are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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