Best Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper All Occasion

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1. Birthday Wrapping Recycled Multipack Stickers

Birthday Wrapping Recycled Multipack Stickers

It's suitable for different ages and occasions like birthday Parties, kids crafts, and more. Make your gifts stand out at the party. The Happy Birthday WRAPPING PAPER has a classy design with plain brown kraft paper on the reverse and is available in 7 different colors. Each pack contains seven sheets. The sheets are 20 x 28 inch. There are 27 square feet in total. The folding shipments will produce creases. The Great Value Pack includes Gift tags, 33 feet Jute Twine, and "Happy Birthday" Stickers. Eco friendly gift wrap paper for birthday gifts. The BSCI FSC was approved. Premium quality brown paper. Birthday Parties, Kids Crafts, and more are used a lot.

Brand: Geluode

👤It doesn't seem like much at first. After wrapping 9 gifts, I only had 3 sheets left. There are 1/3rds of the paper sheets left. I think I can get 30 medium size gifts. The paper is thick and strong. Will purchase more because of the quality and value. I followed up with the Twine that comes with it or some colorful Ribbon.

👤The paper is well written. I prefer a roll over folded sheets. It was my mistake to not read the description. The paper is too small for a package. I don't know what to wrap it with, but not the shoes I planned. The writing is large for small packages, so it may be fine if you have small packages.

👤It was difficult to tie the packages up because the string would break if you were tired. It was very frustrating. The paper was very thin and easy to tour. I want a refund so I am trying to contact the seller. I need to use the wrapping paper for my grandson's birthday.

👤The paper size is too small for most presents. If you have small to very small packages to wrap, buy this.

👤The b-day wrapping paper is a good size for shirt boxes and includes tags and twine. Great product.

👤I was pleased with how heavy duty this paper is. I will buy again.

👤The complete set is used to wrap a gift. The paper is strong.

👤Not rolls of wrapping paper. Good quality and looks nice.

👤The sheet is of good quality. The size of the sheet doesn't allow for much to be covered. It's great for small gifts.

👤The paper can be placed into the black bin for paper recycling. The package arrived intact, and the paper, twine, and birthday labels worked perfectly. There is a It was difficult to wrap the packages according to another review. I don't think the wrapping paper is to blame for the challenge of wrapping a paper package. I didn't see any damage. It cuts well. I don't have a problem with it. The price is the reason I am withholding 2 stars. That is some really expensive printed paper sheets. I buy big plain kraft paper pads for drawing warm ups, and they are the same size or larger, with 50 sheets, for a few dollars. I could buy a nice long roll of wrapping paper for half the price. I would only purchase these if I was really in a bind to get gift wrapping for someone, and this was my only option. It's cute, but too much money for what you get.

👤The wrapping paper is perfect for birthdays. There are 7 sheets in the package. The sheets are 20 x 28 inch. There is a The paper can be cut nicely and doesn't tear. There is a It is nice to have string and stickers with you. All in all, nice kit. The price for 27 square feet of wrapping paper is quite expensive.

2. Hallmark Silver Wrapping Reverse 3 Pack

Hallmark Silver Wrapping Reverse 3 Pack

ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly wrapping paper is made from well-managed forests. Each roll in this 3-pack of wrapping paper measures 30 inches wide by 14 feet long for 35 square feet per roll. There are three classic designs in the bundle of metallic gift wrap: silver polka dots, diagonal silver stripes and silver geometric pattern. Premium wrapping paper has grid lines on the reverse side for straight cutting and perfectly wrapped presents. Birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, Christmas, Hanukkah, and more are all occasions where shiny, versatile designs can elevate any gift. ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly wrapping paper is made with paper from well-managed forests in the USA.

Brand: Hallmark

👤This was a great purchase. The paper has guide lines on the reverse. I used this to wrap several anniversary presents for my wife, and they ended up looking really classy once I added silver bows as the finishing touch. I don't like the polka-dot pattern, but the stripes and the hexagon pattern are really cool.

👤The design is simple. The paper is pretty and doesn't rip easily.

👤I like the look and feel of this paper. It does tear when wrapped.

👤The wrapping paper is gorgeous. It is sturdy but can be folded. I can use it for my anniversary, birthdays, and upcoming holidays. I love it!

👤It is easy to cut a straight line with the grid on the underside.

👤Great paper! It is easy to work with. Very pretty. There were lots of nice things to say.

👤Wife used it to wrap gifts.

👤The wrapping papers are beautiful. The photo is pretty, but so much prettier. Can't wait to use them next Christmas.

3. Hallmark Occasion Wrapping Bundle Reverse

Hallmark Occasion Wrapping Bundle Reverse

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Customer service and high-standard wrapping paper are what they are committed to. If you have a problem with your purchase, please contact them. Each roll in this 3-pack of premium wrapping paper measures 30 inches wide by 14 feet long and 35 square feet per roll. There are three metallic designs: silver hearts on blush pink, small silver stars on aqua, and silver cross-hatch diamond pattern on mint. The grid lines on the reverse side of the gift wrap make it easy to cut and wrap presents. Birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, Mother's Day and more are all celebrated with beautiful, versatile designs. The eco friendly gift wrap is made with paper from well-managed forests in the USA.

Brand: Hallmark

👤I would be getting decent paper at this price. I would have done better at the dollar store. The gifts could be seen through the paper. The quality was terrible. I tried to use it, but it was so thin and soft that I couldn't do anything with it. My gifts looked terrible but I can wrap a gift. I can't believe they would sell this.

👤The name of this shit is premium. It will hold up better if you just use newspaper.

👤Really good product. I needed this for my grandson's baby shower because it was hard to find different colors at the stores. The quality was very good.

👤It is very pretty and durable. It is easy to fold and cut straight.

👤My daughter and I found this on Amazon and she picked it up for her birthday presents. She kept talking about how pretty the paper was. Would buy again.

👤The wrapping paper was a good buy. The paper is very east to wrap presents. The variety of patterns is nice.

👤The paper is not very strong. I ripped it while taping it down.

👤Great colors and great quality. The wrap is easy to cut.

4. RUSPEPA Kraft Gift Wrapping Paper

RUSPEPA Kraft Gift Wrapping Paper

High quality. The wrapping paper is thick and is great for holiday gifts. The size is. The rolls are 30 inch wide and 10 feet long. There were 4 rolls. If you don't like it, return it and they'll replace it or refund you the cost. Tired of using the same pattern wrapping paper over and over again? There are 4 different patterns, 1 rolls of each pattern, with this assorted set of wrapping paper rolls. It's perfect for gift wrap, but also great for craft projects, table coverings, and other artistic inspiration. Do not store in the sun.

Brand: Ruspepa

👤Great paper! It is very thick. It was thick enough for me to use the scraps to make bows, and the strips stood up to scissors. The patterns are stylish. Great purchase!

👤I was looking for eco friendly wrapping paper and it came up in the results. It is just like regular wrapping paper and I thought it was more eco friendly. The design was nice, but the rolls were wrapped in plastic. The packaging was not good. I will not be buying this brand again. I would like to see the Amazon search exclude non eco friendly products. I think Amazon's search feature and lack of product information is to blame for the misleading result over RUSPERA. There isn't enough product information to judge what you get until you get it delivered and then the environmental cost to return it makes me sad. There needs to be a better way.

👤This paper is gorgeous. It is incredibly cute. I have received positive feedback on this paper for every gift I have wrapped. The Alpaca is perfect with the rolls. This pack is great. There is a It makes me feel better for having spent $25 on wrapping paper, because it is better for the environment. I always reply with "Thanks, it's recycled paper" when I get the consistent "I love this wrapping paper". I read reviews about people finding this paper difficult to wrap their heads around. Maybe they are used to fancy paper. I am not sure. I didn't find this paper very easy to wrap with. This wasn't one of the thin and tore ones I've used before. There were no complaints on that end. Will buy more designs from this company.

👤I loved this purchase. The designs are suitable for a lot of different occasions. It is thick enough to wrap a variety of things and not too flimsy that it will tear while trying to wrap something. It's affordable too!

👤It made a beautiful presentation with the funky polka dot ribbon.

👤One whole roll was used to pack the second pic. Pink and green are my favorite colors. The price is great.

👤Paper is not good for such a high price. It was late. I won't return it because I need it for my daughter's birthday, but at more than $7 per roll, this is a joke!

👤If that makes sense, this is not a flimsy wrapping paper but rather thick and hard to work with. The design was simple and versatile. It has nice squares inside the paper that make it easy to cut straight lines. I plan on buying again.

👤The gift wrapping paper is very nice. It's easy to use, thick and tough. I recommend!

5. Wrapping Paper Biodegradable Recycled Multi Use

Wrapping Paper Biodegradable Recycled Multi Use

ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly wrapping paper is made from well-managed forests. ECO-FRIENDLY: This jumbo roll is made in the United States of America. It is a roll of paper that can be recycled if not contaminated. Help keep the world green. The large canvas are large. Tired of buying a lot of cheap wrapping paper? When a single jumbo roll is the most cost effective option, the answer should be yes. The 100 feet wide by 1200 feet long, 30 inch wide, and 30 inch wide, and 1200 inch long, and 100 feet long, and 30 inch wide, and 1200 inch long, and 100 feet long, and 30 inch wide, and 1200 inch long, and 1200 inch long, That is enough paper to get you through the whole season. Perfect tacky is anything from butcher paper to mailing paper. It is the perfect thickness for wrapping, packing, crafting any thicker you will need a lot of tape to hold your paper in place. Not too thin and not too thick! This is the traditional brown craft paper you remember as a kid, both unwaxed and uncoated. It is perfect, medium-brown paper with plastic-free packaging. It is the perfect wrapping paper to use when you are going for a trendy look. Functional: Are you looking for a perfect roll? There are many uses for a mega roll of paper. Table cover can be spread out to protect the floor for kids projects, use it as wrapping paper, make custom art, cover books or packages and gifts, and it is cheap.

Brand: Paper Farm

👤I bought this product for its eco-friendly qualities. The paper is sturdy and has a good weight. I was surprised when the paper roll came in a plastic bag. The 12 inches of paper that they use to hold the paper together is useless and wasted because of the stickers they use to hold the paper together. I think the silver lining in all this is that I won't feel guilty about throwing out the waste since it is bio-degradable...

👤I am not good at math. I buy this type of paper every year for gift wrap and put a bow or stamps on it to "cute it up!" The roll came with a lot of paper. I only used a quarter of the roll for my presents. I have a large family. I'm happy that I won't have to spend money on paper for Christmas in 2021. When my roll runs out, I will buy this again.

👤The craft roll was delivered in a box and had a logo sticker on it. There was no plastic used to package the item. I took the first photo. There is a The second photo shows all the stickers have been peeled. The third photo shows that all four of the glues had been peeled and only a small area of the roll had been damaged. As I read some reviews that said the stickers ruined several feet of the roll, I thought this was important to note. The quality of brown craft paper is as expected, but I wanted a heavier feel so I gave the sturdiness a 4/5. Overall, a great product that serves its purpose without being wasteful.

👤I decided to wrap my gifts in brown paper. My boyfriend thought it was crazy, until he saw it. This roll will be used every year. It's very strong and doesn't rip easily. Will be buying this for a long time. Can be used for more holidays.

👤I live in a village that is very strict on recycling and printed gift wrap is not recycled. There is a This makes a great alternate that you can modify for any holiday or birthday. You can stamp on the paper with no bleeding through. There is a You get a lot for your money. This huge roll of paper will last me for the rest of my life. There is a It is possible to have a personal touch and love with the endless options.

👤This is a cage lining for our beardie. It is perfect! The width is right because we just cut the length to fit. The paper has a shiny side and a matt side. We put the side that contains beardie poop up because it seems to contain better poop. If you try to put the paper in a side up position, it will want to curl up. You can put a heavy cage on it to hold it in place. It's a better solution than anything else we tried.

6. Hallmark Premium Wrapping Bundle Reverse

Hallmark Premium Wrapping Bundle Reverse

All of the above can be done with all of the following: Wrapping, packaging, Decor, Mailing, Holiday Gifts,Cover Table for Parties, Gift Wrapping Roll, Brown Gift Wrapping Paper Roll Christmas, Kids Art and Craft, Projects Protection of Furniture and Floors, Writing, Drawing, Painting, The wrapping paper is 30 inches wide. White marble and antiqued marigolds are 30 square feet each. 25 square feet is equal to 10 feet of black and gold holographic. There are 85 square feet in the set. There are three designs on premium paper stock, all of which have gold geometric outlines on white marble. The grid lines on the reverse side of the gift wrap make it easy to cut and wrap presents. Birthdays, weddings, graduations, bridal showers, and more can be elevated with bold and versatile designs. The eco-friendly gift wrap is made from high-quality paper from well-managed forests. European paper is made in the USA.

Brand: Hallmark

👤The products from the company are always excellent. I would have liked to have had the option to purchase the paper as a trio. The black/gold is elegant and gorgeous. The gold paper is fine. The geometric design of the white paper was cool, but it had some odd smudges that looked like I spilled something on it. My preferences may not match yours, so keep that in mind. There is nothing wrong with the paper. It's heavy enough to not tear on corners of boxes but thin enough to fold easily.

👤The ad displays were pretty, but 2 out of 3 were not. I can still use them, but they are very thin. It is easy to torn and crack. If you are careful, they do the job for gift wrapping. It is expected that more will come from the company. My mistake.

👤I had high hopes for this paper. I pride myself in wrapping gifts. It is my favorite part of gift giving. The paper was overpriced for its quality. The paper felt cheap.

👤Good for the price, but beware of color differences. The stock photos made it seem like they would be perfect for Christmas wrapping. Not the case! The gold roll looks like old lady wallpaper and the black roll looks like Halloween wrapping paper.

👤I don't like wrapping gifts but this paper stood up to my incorrect folds. I will definitely be ordering more for next year.

👤My kids gifts were wrapped in these wrapping papers.

👤The packages looked pretty and I was happy with the wrapping paper. I had a few more than I anticipated, which was frustrating. The result was great.

👤The wrapping paper was easy to use and not too thin, which made it easy to tear.

👤It can't wait to wrap more.

7. Birthday Wrapping Recycled Inches Sheets

Birthday Wrapping Recycled Inches Sheets

ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly wrapping paper is made from well-managed forests. European paper is made in the USA. 12 large sheets in 6 designs of happy birthday wrapping papers are included in the great value set. The set contains 47 total square feet of wrapping paper. There is also a gold happy birthday sticker, two gold ribbon pull bows, and two rolls of 33 feet jute strings. Each gift wrapping paper has "happy birthday" lettering on one side. After use, it is 100% recyclable. It is environmental friendly. The sheets are folded into a quarter size for shipping. The birthday wrapping paper rolls are perfect to wrap a wide variety of gift boxes and packages. Happy birthday design printed in 6 colors: Rose Red,Champagne gold, and others. 2 sheets for each color. Fit for all occasions. The multicolor choice is great for birthday gifts. The quality was approved. Premium quality brown paper 80GSM will ensure that you can wrap gifts quickly and efficiently, without worrying about tears or rips.

Brand: Apol

👤The wrapping paper is cute, but I don't understand why they posted photos of it. There are a few sections of wrapping paper in this. If you are ok with combining multiple styles of wrapping paper to cover one present, this would work.

👤There are rolls of paper in the second picture. It isn't rolls. It is sheets.

👤This is not a wrapping paper roll. They can only wrap small items. The product description describes the size. The ribbon bows were made with cheap material that tore. The twine was difficult to untangle. The paper is easy to use, but they should have given instructions on how to add the other decorations.

👤The paper is heavy for small to medium size packages. I am not particularly sensitive to odors and the smell of a tire shop in the paper was really unpleasant while I was wrapping gifts. The smell seems to have dissipated a day after the gifts are wrapped, and hopefully won't be noticed when I present them in two days! The paper is attractive and of good quality, but I had to add my own ribbon as the bows and raffia that come with it are pretty useless. Also, note: I bumped my rating up to 4 because when I gifted my packages several days after wrapping them, the odor was completely gone, so if you have time to air out the paper prior to wrapping or at least have the time to wrap them a couple days before giving them, then you should get

👤The paper was very simple. It is not the best for wrapping a large shoe box. I would purchase it again just to have on hand for my birthday, because it is not a roll of paper I was expecting.

👤I thought I would get more than what was in the small bag because I had multiple items that needed to be wrapped. I tried to save some areas that were cut off, but it made the wrapping on new items look bad, so I ended up trashing it. The paper is thick. I don't think I'll buy this again.

👤The wrapping paper is as expected. I took it out of the plastic wrap and it smelled terrible. I have never noticed the smell or lack of smell of wrapping paper before, but this one is awful. I don't have time to buy more so I'm hoping the smell goes away before I give the gift.

👤Don't. BUY. Carefully read the reviews. The paper is a joke. They make it look like you are getting a folded sheet. Wrong! You are getting bad folded thin sheets. No rolling at all. They are charging a fee of fifteen dollars for two bags of garbage. I got better gift wrap from the dollar store. Uuuhhhh!

👤This was like a bait video. I thought I was getting a lot of paper when I bought this. It was a small amount. Don't order this product.

8. Hallmark Occasion Reversible Wrapping Bundle

Hallmark Occasion Reversible Wrapping Bundle

The eco friendly gift wrap is made with paper from well-managed forests in the USA. 25 square feet per roll is the average width of each roll in this 3-pack of wrapping paper. 75 square feet is in the set. Premium wrapping paper has 2 vibrant designs: Lime green diamonds / solid yellow; White polka dots on teal / solid orange; Black and white triangles / solid blue. Birthdays, baby showers, fathers day, graduations, retirements and more can be brightened with six colorful designs. It's a shame: VARIETY: Multipack of gift wrap in bold colors and designs makes it easy to wrap presents. ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly wrapping paper is made from well-managed forests.

Brand: Hallmark

👤The colors are not as pictured. The orange and blue are very different. There is no way that the color is lighting. The patterns are the same, but the solids are different. I am planning for colors as shown in the picture.

👤I thought the colors were great for wrapping a gift, and the reverse-able aspect was an interesting option, but I completely underestimated the amount of each roll. Is the total of all three rolls? Not the individual rolls. Not worth the price for something bought with the intention of being ripped up and thrown away, but having purchased color coordinated ribbons to complete the look, precludes returning these, but a note to self, read the fine print!

👤You get 4 rolls and 8 patterns of wrapping paper. I only have Christmas or Birthday wrapping paper on hand. I don't have any wrapping paper for any occasion. Quality paper is not cheap.

👤The paper was cheap. We tried to hide it with glitter card stock paper. Not enough of each option. We only had to cover two boxes for each role. I had to buy an extra roll from Walmart. The blue paper option in the pic was not what we received.

👤I bought this for my son's birthday and it was very colorful orange and had a cute polka dot design, but I wish there was more in the role, but overall I was very pleased and will be buying from this company again.

👤I love the double sided option. I needed to be able to coordinate the paper for each person because a lot of people opened the paper to save it. Great stuff! Will be ordering more.

👤The paper is sturdy and has a variety of colors and patterns.

👤I've never seen this paper before. This was my first. The grid paper was familiar to me. I couldn't resist the colors on this. It's perfect for many different occasions.

👤I like the fact that this paper is double sided, but it is very thin and hard to see through. It is dollar store quality.

9. RUSPEPA Wrapping Paper Kraft Colorful

RUSPEPA Wrapping Paper Kraft Colorful

Each roll is 30 inches x 10 feet, equal to 25 sq.ft, and can wrap many gifts. Adding a colorful touch to any gift is possible with the design of the wrapping paper, balloons, and candles. The material is made from high-quality paper. There is a grid cutting line on the reverse side, which is convenient for cutting when wrapping gifts. The wrapping paper can be used to add a splash of color to your gifts. It's great for Showers, Weddings, Events, and any of your other seasonal needs. Do not store in the sun.

Brand: Ruspepa

👤The colors are festive and all of the rolls have pretty designs. The paper quality is good and not too flimsy, so it's great for wrapping non-boxed items. The rolls don't have a lot of paper on them, but you can get four different styles.

👤The paper has a grid on the backside. The packages look good when they are wrapped. Good value for quantity and quality. Would buy it again.

👤The paper is very sturdy and I love the designs. A good amount of paper is on the roll.

👤The wrapping paper worked well for me. It took a bit of a learning curve, but overall wrapped well, cut well, and the folds were neat.

👤This paper is great. It was packaged well and as described. The paper is well-made and has good folds. This paper is very good.

👤The designs of these for birthday gifts are fun and can be appropriate for any age group. The paper is heavier than traditional printing paper but not as thick. There are grid lines on the back of the house. The individual rolls are long in the photo attached. It was still worth it even though I wish I could have provided a little more.

10. Hallmark Occasion Reversible Wrapping Bundle

Hallmark Occasion Reversible Wrapping Bundle

Use all of the consequences. It's perfect for birthday, holiday, baby shower, wedding, gifts wrap. Wrap gifts in paper that is cute. Each roll in the set is 30 inches wide by 10 feet long and 25 square feet in size. Three rolls of premium wrapping paper, each with 2 colorful designs: pastels stripes including blush, buttercream, mint, aqua and lavender with gold accents, solid pink, and jewel-toned stripes including navy, indigo, turquoise, and magenta with gold accents. Six cheerful designs are perfect for birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, Easter, Mother's Day and more. Multipack of gift wrap in beautiful colors and designs makes wrapping presents quick and easy. The eco friendly gift wrap is made with paper from well-managed forests in the USA.

Brand: Hallmark

👤The paper is beautiful. All three rolls are beautiful. The paper is very thin and very soft. If you are wrapping a big gift, the rolls don't have much on them, so there are no second chances. I took a lot of care with the gift and ended up with 2 holes. The gift is for my 1 year old. We want it to be easy for him to open it. I hope nothing happens before he does.

👤The wrapping paper is thin in person and can rip easily. I couldn't wrap a book without the paper ripping in the corners. Everything comes out wrinkled because it is so flimsy. Do not recommend.

👤The paper quality was disappointing. The first gift I wrapped was destroyed on the corner of the gift box. I have been a fan of this paper for a long time and couldn't believe how flimsy it is. Would not recommend it.

👤It's Pathetic. If you are a professional gift wrapper. I think dollar store have better quality than MaY B can manage. There is a I was angry that I ordered this paper, even an infant nail scratch will appear on it. If it's a simple square rectangle gift, that's fine.

👤I was looking for colored paper that would make my daughter want to get presents for her if she finished her chores and did homework. The paper was gone very fast and I used this for bribe. I regret the purchase because it was too expensive. The paper is pretty but not much for how much I paid.

👤Why would you not like the wrapping paper delivered to your door? The paper is high quality. It was delivered to me on the eve of Christmas. I appreciated it so much. The colors are double sided. Excellent quality with all wrapping paper.

👤You get what you pay for. It is durable and vibrant. You get a good amount for your money. I used less than 2 rolls of paper when wrapping large and small presents for one of my children, because I usually get more paper for the same amount.

👤This paper is perfect for gift giving outside of Christmas. It is not thin at all and not thick, it is that perfect thickness that hides and changes at the same time. Even came in handy for wrapping a wand handle. There is a The colors look good. There is a The two colors are very similar and the pink stripes are pretty.

👤It was easy to work with, not sheer. The paper is beautiful.

👤Para forrar regalos.

👤Todo de acuerdo a lo.

11. IDL Packaging HexcelWrap Cushioning Self Dispensed

IDL Packaging HexcelWrap Cushioning Self Dispensed

They have surprising strength. The bottom is seamless and the side seams resist splitting. The first and only paper of its kind. The original HexcelWrap honeycomb packing paper is the only authentic one. It is made in the US. The color is brown. A self-dispensed box made from recycled cardboard holds a 50# paper roll that is 15.25 inches wide and 300 feet long. The weight is 5 pounds. The only proven slit paper technology is here. The HexcelWrap was developed over 30 years ago. Five years ago, the technology was improved and a new interlocking design system was added to create even better packing material. As you pull and wrap items in the honeycomb, the hexagonal cells allow it to expand, creating an interlocking web trap. The achieved three-dimensional product is a replacement for traditional plastic, bubble, and other paper-based packaging products. It is used by the USA's leading retailers. If you want to get the expected protection for your products, choose the proven one. The leader in sustainable packaging has a solution for them. It has been approved by leading e-commerce retailers. It's important to protect glassware, crockery, and all glassware. The most reliable and effective packaging for shipping and moving fragile items such as glassware, electronics, perfumes, ceramics, paintings, toys, etc. It is easy to hand torn and no tools are needed. The cell geometry self-seals so that no tape is needed. This easy-to-use packing material can be used to wrap larger items. Eco-friendly alternatives to all plastic packaging are available. For the longest time, you have had to use bubble plastic wraps, air pillows, or peanuts to protect your valuables during shipping. The alternative to plastic wraps and void fillers is presented here. HexcelWrap is the best material for your products' packaging and wrapping, and HexaFil is the most popular option that provides efficient void filling in the box. HexcelWrap is made from 100% natural material that does not harm the environment. It is a cost-effective and versatile packaging material. The key principle of their service is responsible approach to all customer needs. Their packaging experts carefully chose the packaging products that they offer. They use these products ourselves. The key principle of their service is responsible approach to all customer needs. Their packaging experts carefully chose the packaging products that they offer. They use these products ourselves.

Brand: Idl Packaging

👤Thepensing box is useless. It's too expensive to use a product for my business. There are cheaper alternatives. I won't buy again.

👤I can't recommend this product. It is terrible. I received an item by mail that was similar to this. It was a lot thicker than this, providing better protection. This product is no better at protecting your breakable items than wrinkled up paper, and no better than used newspaper. It is expensive. Don't buy this product.

👤I am moving to Connecticut in three weeks. I couldn't use the wrapping material that I saved for my treasures. It was not safe to wrap my glass items. Maybe it's not for those treasures. I used very little because I didn't think it was safe to wrap things. I wish I hadn't bought it. I can't return it. It was a waste of money for me.

👤You need to attach the box to a flat surface or it will be difficult to get it off the roll. If you choose to do that, it has sticky feet. I like the material that is recycled.

👤I was sent the wrong product, and I ordered a better product, which is what I found when I looked at my order. The white version is a waste of money. The roll does not stop as shown in the video. The paper is so flimsy that if you tug on it to get it through the slot, it will rip off in your hands. The roll is too heavy to roll when you pull on it. The weight of the roll prevents it from turning, so I tried to flip the box over so that the paper was coming off the top of the roll rather than the bottom, but that didn't help. The paper is so lightweight and flimsy that it would take a lot to really protect an item. Bubble wrap may be less eco-friendly, but it's re-usable and costs less.

👤There is a lot of it and it is much easier than fighting bubbles. The dispenser is easy to tear. There is a I wrapped everything and it made it through many states in a moving truck. Only one con. It wouldn't deter me from using it again. It is dusty. I had to wash and wipe my items down after unpacking because the dust left behind by tearing it left the same dust on my items. The reason for 5 stars is that it was great.

👤We are moving our household and have a lot of delicate items to pack. The material is good for protecting items. I will order a second box for Christmas and other items as needed. This material takes up very little space, unlike peanuts or bubble wrap. I like to watch tv and I am a fan.


What is the best product for eco friendly wrapping paper all occasion?

Eco friendly wrapping paper all occasion products from Geluode. In this article about eco friendly wrapping paper all occasion you can see why people choose the product. Hallmark and Ruspepa are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly wrapping paper all occasion.

What are the best brands for eco friendly wrapping paper all occasion?

Geluode, Hallmark and Ruspepa are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly wrapping paper all occasion. Find the detail in this article. Paper Farm, Apol and Ruspepa are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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