Best Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper Rolls

Paper 6 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Christmas Multipack Recyclable Doodle Factory

Christmas Multipack Recyclable Doodle Factory

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Buy with confidence and no return policy. They are so sure that you will love these that you will make the purchase now. Click "add to cart" to buy these. There are 10 sheets of Christmas themed gift wrapping paper. Professionally printed. 100% recycled paper. 50 cm x 70 cm 100 cm is the size of the sheets folded into a quarter for shipping. It's perfect for Christmas gifts. Match their cards with gift bags. 100% recycled paper is used in the production of this paper. The plastic wrap is made from a substitute for plastic. Independent Small Businesses produced the professionally designed in London, UK.

Brand: The Doodle Factory

👤These are small sheets that are not big enough for a standard size gift, but only for small items. This is not worth anything. I feel cheated!

👤The paper is all folded.

👤I was expecting a lot more than the package that was left on my doorstep. You can get three or four rolls of wrapping paper for 20 dollars at most stores. The design is cute, but I would need more than 3 or 4 times this amount to wrap my Christmas gifts.

👤The paper was thick and the prints were great. I didn't know they wouldn't come folded, and I didn't like how there was a crease in my wrapping.

👤The design is thick and easy to bend. I wish the sheets were bigger for the larger gifts. I love these!

👤The paper is gorgeous. I felt good giving gifts.

👤I bought this wrapping paper because I asked my friend where she got the gift I received. The designs and colors are stunning and I was happy to receive mine. The paper is really luxurious and will enhance the gift experience. It shows you have made an extra effort. I'm looking forward to wrapping my gifts.

👤Needed a few sheets in a hurry after running out of wrapping paper. The paper is better quality and more expensive. I wouldn't normally buy that much. There is a The package appeared to have suffered some water damage before it was shipped. I was able to wrap what I needed.

👤Good quality paper, easy to use. I wrapped everything I needed to. The quality of the paper meant that it wasn't highly visible, so I was happy with the look.

👤Not big enough to hold a gift. It is not a roll. A waste of money and a rip off. Paperchase wouldn't charge that much. Unless you are wrapping small presents, don't buy.

👤sheets are shipped folded You can't unfold them correctly. The folds are visible whenwrapping a present. There is a The paper is too thick. It's hard to shape around a gift.

2. Hallmark Recyclable Wrapping Cutlines Reverse

Hallmark Recyclable Wrapping Cutlines Reverse

Birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and any of your daily needs can be covered with these wrapping paper. Do not store in the sun. 60 square feet is the total area of each roll in this 3-pack of wrapping paper. There are three fun designs in the bundle of brown kraft wrapping paper, which include retro icons like roller skates, skateboards, rainbows, lightning bolts, sunglasses and "Happy Birthday" lettering. Premium wrapping paper has grid lines on the reverse side for straight cutting and perfectly wrapped presents. ReCYCLABLE: Give a gift to the environment with sustainable wrapping paper that can be recycled. ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly wrapping paper is made from well-managed forests.

Brand: Hallmark

👤Nice thickness. It was easy to use. I love this pack, but it isn't as vibrant as pictured. Very cute. Would buy again.

👤Really like this paper. It is a joy to cut since it has a ruler line on the back side. I can cut straight.

👤It wasn't much paper for the price, but should have read the specifications more.

👤I thought the wrapping paper would have a gold background. It is like a brown paper bag. It is sturdy, but not easy to fold.

👤Cute designs for children's gifts, but very little paper on each roll.

👤It's perfect in so many ways. There are 3 different designs, one boy, one girl and one general bday designs. The paper is not shiny. The gender prints are perfect for a wide age group of kids. The rolls were big. Highly recommended.

👤The paper is thick. And came on a roll.

👤I love this paper. It is not a full roll like I expected.

3. Note Card Cafe Minimalist Biodegradable

Note Card Cafe Minimalist Biodegradable

Look great! The traditional brown craft color makes it look elegant and neat. They have a wide range of colors and patterns. The patterns include a mixture of red, green, black and brown colors. Use it all year long. Birthday, Christmas, holiday, boy, and shower gifts are all possible with their versatile paper. It has the right thickness for a variety of crafts. You should always have a 6 roll bundle set in your possession. The gift wrap paper roll is 30' wide and 10' long. Excellent quality. The roll is high quality. The stock has colorful patterned prints. Resist humidity well. Their paper is easy to fold. ECO-FRIENDLY: 100% of the paper is recycled.

Brand: Note Card Cafe

👤The paper is pretty, but it is an epic fail. What do you do with wrapping paper? You wrap presents with it. The paper repels sticky things like bows and gift tags. Repels! The bows and tags fell off as the gifts opened. I tried different types of tape and different brands of gift tags, but the tape wouldn't stick. This paper is not cheap, so save yourself a trip to the store.

👤The pattern was skewed and missing in parts when opened up.

👤The label says Made in China, despite the fact that the paper is cute but it wouldn't stick to the tape. Chinese made wrapping Paper can be purchased for less elsewhere. The point of buying 100% recycled paper was not for the sake of the environment. If it is made on the other side of the world and then shipped here using non-renewable resources, it is not a big deal. I would not recommend or buy again.

👤My sister also bought this paper. She thought we stole it from her. Everyone in my family liked this. It looks better if you pair it with some string and name tags.

👤I got my hopes up because these were so cute. If that is even possible, they are too thick. We had a hard time wrapping the boxes because tape wouldn't stick to the paper. The presents would come apart under the tree and we had to keep taping them.

👤This is the second or third time I've purchased it, and I love it for a rustic look.

👤Every year I buy gift wrapping and it arrives on time and is perfect. It gives the Christmas gifts a nostalgic look. You'll probably need a lot of sticky tape, generic office tape or cheap wrapping tape, and they won't work with this product.

👤I made a point to purchase recycled paper gift wrap that doesn't have glitter, so it can be recycled again. What is the point of using recycled materials if they are wrapped in plastic and then grouped together? I was really disappointed in that.

4. Wrapping Paper Biodegradable Recycled Multi Use

Wrapping Paper Biodegradable Recycled Multi Use

ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly wrapping paper is made from well-managed forests. ECO-FRIENDLY: This jumbo roll is made in the United States of America. It is a roll of paper that can be recycled if not contaminated. Help keep the world green. The large canvas are large. Tired of buying a lot of cheap wrapping paper? When a single jumbo roll is the most cost effective option, the answer should be yes. The 100 feet wide by 1200 feet long, 30 inch wide, and 30 inch wide, and 1200 inch long, and 100 feet long, and 30 inch wide, and 1200 inch long, and 100 feet long, and 30 inch wide, and 1200 inch long, and 1200 inch long, That is enough paper to get you through the whole season. Perfect tacky is anything from butcher paper to mailing paper. It is the perfect thickness for wrapping, packing, crafting any thicker you will need a lot of tape to hold your paper in place. Not too thin and not too thick! This is the traditional brown craft paper you remember as a kid, both unwaxed and uncoated. It is perfect, medium-brown paper with plastic-free packaging. It is the perfect wrapping paper to use when you are going for a trendy look. Functional: Are you looking for a perfect roll? There are many uses for a mega roll of paper. Table cover can be spread out to protect the floor for kids projects, use it as wrapping paper, make custom art, cover books or packages and gifts, and it is cheap.

Brand: Paper Farm

👤I bought this product for its eco-friendly qualities. The paper is sturdy and has a good weight. I was surprised when the paper roll came in a plastic bag. The 12 inches of paper that they use to hold the paper together is useless and wasted because of the stickers they use to hold the paper together. I think the silver lining in all this is that I won't feel guilty about throwing out the waste since it is bio-degradable...

👤I am not good at math. I buy this type of paper every year for gift wrap and put a bow or stamps on it to "cute it up!" The roll came with a lot of paper. I only used a quarter of the roll for my presents. I have a large family. I'm happy that I won't have to spend money on paper for Christmas in 2021. When my roll runs out, I will buy this again.

👤The craft roll was delivered in a box and had a logo sticker on it. There was no plastic used to package the item. I took the first photo. There is a The second photo shows all the stickers have been peeled. The third photo shows that all four of the glues had been peeled and only a small area of the roll had been damaged. As I read some reviews that said the stickers ruined several feet of the roll, I thought this was important to note. The quality of brown craft paper is as expected, but I wanted a heavier feel so I gave the sturdiness a 4/5. Overall, a great product that serves its purpose without being wasteful.

👤I decided to wrap my gifts in brown paper. My boyfriend thought it was crazy, until he saw it. This roll will be used every year. It's very strong and doesn't rip easily. Will be buying this for a long time. Can be used for more holidays.

👤I live in a village that is very strict on recycling and printed gift wrap is not recycled. There is a This makes a great alternate that you can modify for any holiday or birthday. You can stamp on the paper with no bleeding through. There is a You get a lot for your money. This huge roll of paper will last me for the rest of my life. There is a It is possible to have a personal touch and love with the endless options.

👤This is a cage lining for our beardie. It is perfect! The width is right because we just cut the length to fit. The paper has a shiny side and a matt side. We put the side that contains beardie poop up because it seems to contain better poop. If you try to put the paper in a side up position, it will want to curl up. You can put a heavy cage on it to hold it in place. It's a better solution than anything else we tried.

5. RUSPEPA Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper

RUSPEPA Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper

There is a resurrection. You can get two designs for the price of one with their gift wrap. High quality. KRAFT HOLIDAY KNIT, KRAFT SWEATER KNIT, KRAFT REINDEER, KRAFT RED ORNAMENTS, KRAFT HOLIDAY TREE, KRAFT WOOD CUT design are all wrapped in pretty thick wrapping paper. The size is. Each roll has a width of 76 cm and a length of 10 feet. There are 6 rolls of wrapping paper. 25 sq.ft/roll, total of 150 sq.ft. If you don't like it, just return it, and they'll replace it if there is a problem. The roll form consists of 6 separate individually wrapped in plastic, not folded, so no crease! It's perfect for gift wrap, but also great for craft projects, table coverings, and other artistic inspiration. Do not store in the sun.

Brand: Ruspepa

👤If you are using magic tape, you might find that it doesn't stick. I like to use double sided tape when I wrap. There is a I got the paper because I thought I'd be able to reuse the leftovers for crafts. I will reuse this paper for crafts, tags and cards next year because it's so thick and sturdy and the regular tape releases really well. There is a I had researched paper for a while and found it to be a good value, as well as offering a good amount of paper without being plastic. It was nice to find a paper that was at least recyclable as it was wrapped all together.

👤I don't like wrapping paper that tears when you cut it. You can have dull scissors, but you still get a clean line of cut wrapping paper. The sturdiness is what makes this stuff appealing to me. It also comes with grid lines that are helpful when cutting your paper to size, but wouldn't mind having those a little bit darker for my aging eye sight to see better while I'm wrapping this stuff in the dark of winter. A lot of this "holiday" paper can fall into because the designs on the paper are simple and classic. Nothing goes to waste from tears or rips.

👤The wrapping paper is very sturdy and beautiful. We had a hard time using it. The thickness made it very difficult to work with, making it almost impossible to cry in the paper. It doesn't fold easily and regular tape barely holds it. We used more tape than usual and still had some seams under the tree. I will not purchase this again because of the beauty and ecofriendliness.

👤There are 6 different wrap designs. The grid pattern inside the wrapping is my favorite part. The paper is beautiful and durable.

👤It was really good. I liked these. I used them for all of my Christmas gifts. They are colorful and eco-friendly. They are difficult to work with because there is no cutting grid and they are thicker than non-recyclable. I had to tape it down. I will buy more next year.

👤The paper is nice, but they use cheap tape to secure the roll ends, and it tears the paper when removed. This adds an unnecessary cut to the roll.

👤The paper dreams are made of. It was so easy to wrap gifts with this. There is a It is a deep brown paper. I like this set more than the other one because it is more yellow. There is a The paper is so thick that it didn't crease when I folded it. There is a The prints are bright. There are no complaints about this purchase. I had to settle for the thin, yellow wrapping paper because they were sold out.

👤I like to wrap presents for Christmas. I don't buy cheap wrapping paper, and I usually don't spend a lot on wrapping paper, ribbons and trim. The paper is high quality. It has a good thickness for wrapping paper and won't tear like cheap brands. The back side of it has a gid for precise cutting and measuring. The designs are very cute. I will buy this paper again.

6. Hallmark Bright Wrapping Cutlines Reverse

Hallmark Bright Wrapping Cutlines Reverse

ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly wrapping paper is made from well-managed forests. 75 square feet is the total area of each roll in the three-pack of pastel wrapping paper. There are two colors on each roll, and they are Teal and Purple, Pink and Yellow, Blue and Orange. This unique wrapping paper has a variety of options. If you want to set your gifts apart, you can either wrap them in a single color or show where the two colors meet. Premium wrapping paper has grid lines on the reverse side for straight cutting and perfectly wrapped presents for birthdays, baby showers, gender reveals and more. ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly wrapping paper is made from well-managed forests.

Brand: Hallmark

👤The paper is pretty. It is see through. I wrapped the book and read it through the paper. The paper was easy to rip. It looked like it would be good quality at first. There was not much paper on the rolls. Lesson learned.

👤It doesn't fit on normal size gifts.

👤I only got this paper for the shade of green. The Christmas gifts looked bright and colorful because my family used the rest of it. The gift text could be seen through the yellow wrapping. There is a There were no complaints.

👤I put it with some cute tape because I love the colors. My family knows I like to stand out and they don't mind that I'm not very Christmas colored. It's a thing.

👤It looks like the picture, but it was damaged. I did not want it to be bent up, but I made do with it. Great product, other than that.

👤The same pattern is printed on them. Both are getting the same review. I like the minimalist design and the matching colors of these ones. It's a theory of color. I've used thicker wrapping paper and thinner wrapping paper, but this stuff is somewhere in the middle. It has a nice grid of cut lines on the back and it doesn't tear too easily. The printing is accurate. There was no weird bleed or anything like that. Before buying, compare the roll lengths. These are 10 feet long. Rolls used to be longer. They might be selling short rolls so they can sell them at the same price as the old ones.

7. Birthday Wrapping Adults Recycled Sheets

Birthday Wrapping Adults Recycled Sheets

The wrapping paper can be used to add a splash of color to your gifts. It's great for Showers, Weddings, Events, and any of your other seasonal needs. Do not store in the sun. Happy Birthday Theme Wrapping Paper Sheets, Gift Tags, 66 feet Jute Twines, and "Just for you" Stickers are included in the value set. The gift wrapping paper set includes elements like a happy birthday word,cake,star,musical note, balloon,plaid and stripe. Premium quality-BSCI was approved. It is made of premium quality brown paper that will ensure you can wrap gifts quickly and efficiently. The sheet is 20 x 28 inches. 45 square feet. There are different packages in different sizes. It's suitable for different ages and occasions like birthday Parties, kids crafts, and more. Make your gifts stand out at the party.

Brand: Boerni

👤I was expecting it to take a while, but it did. The quality seems very high. It was difficult for my two-year-old to tear up, but maybe that's a benefit if the presents are going to sit out for a couple of weeks.

👤I was expecting a lot of paper. It was necessary to tape the paper together to wrap the gift.

👤The paper was bright and cheerful and came in many different patterns.

👤Beautiful! Convenient! It's easy to use and store. Love it!

👤There are many options for print and size. Storage is easy because they are folded.

👤The Gift Wrap is great for kids and adults. There is a The pack was well shipped. There were no strange smells. I am happy that no items were missing or damaged. I received 12 Happy Birthday Theme Wrapping Paper Sheets, 6 Gift Tags, 66 feet Jute Twines, and 13 "Just for you" Stickers. There is a The size of the wrapping paper is 20x28". There will be some wrinkling when it is folded for shipping. There are 2 of each pattern for a total of 12. The size is best for small to medium-sized gifts. It is between thin and thick and it is easy to fold and tape into place with the tape given. I like the look and style of this paper, as well as the string, stickers, and tags. It is great for people of all ages. I like having it on hand because it's easier to store large roll types. I like this set and feel it's a good price for the quality and the fact it's eco-friendly. I like keeping generic papers because I am prone to keep more themed than character-based papers. Highly recommended.

👤The gift paper looks very good and is in a nice package. If you want a good premium quality gift paper regardless of the price, then go for it. There is a The product is sturdy and feels strong, and it comes in the premium category, which is very nice. The package is reasonably priced and there are no negatives.

👤Are you looking for paper to cover things? This is it. It covers a lot of things.

👤It is cute and pre-cut, but can't fit larger gifts, and it's not convenient to add another paper. Overall, it is good.

👤Fast shipping. Sturdy paper that doesn't need to be adjusted. Scissors, paper, tape, string, gift tags, and fun stickers are all you could want.

👤The little do dads are going to decorate your parcels.

8. Larcenciel Birthday Multicolor Christmas 27 5x19 6inch

Larcenciel Birthday Multicolor Christmas 27 5x19 6inch

There is a resurrection. You can get two designs for the price of one with their gift wrap. 6 sheets, 10 gift tags, and 2 ribbons are included in the value pack. All sheets are in one roll. Happy Birthday. This birthday-themed wrapping paper comes in 3 fashion and colorful patterns - stars, stripes and Happy Birthday - the vibrant colors will make your gift more special and eye-catching than others. Exclusive Custom Their original design is used to make this wrapping paper birthday. Soft touch, bright colors, high quality and exquisite appearance. It's a great gift for kids and adults. The paper is thick. The gift wrapping paper roll is made of great quality, thick, and eco-friendly, not easy to tear, and it is easy to use. It's perfect for a birthday. Their gift wrap paper is perfect for birthdays. It's great for baby showers and party decorations. It can add a splash of color to your gifts.

Brand: Larcenciel

👤I thought I was getting some wrapping paper. They are just tiny squares, so don't wrap anything big. The string is cheap. The double sided tape was the best part.

👤5 pedazos de papel, demasiado pequeos para Poder envolver una caja mediana, es demasiado caro. No recomiendo.

👤I bought this to wrap gifts for a surprise party for 3 people. The family came in to town and we were able to use the wrapping paper on about 10 gifts. The paper is very sturdy and thick, there is a variety of paper to choose from, and the gold ribbon is very easy to use. It has double-sided tape that can be used with ribbons and tags. Two of the four cardboard tags were for birthdays, the other two were for a shower and something else I can't remember. I would recommend this bundle to anyone.

👤When my daughter saw the wrapping paper, she said it was cute. It is very strong. You don't have to worry about that. I made a boo boo when I removed the tape to start over.

👤I loved this paper. It is very high quality. It has tags and gold string. I have used this paper for a long time. I highly recommend it.

👤The birthday wrap kit is made of paper. The gift will stand out. The inclusion of labels, cord and tape is added. The tape would have been easier to use if it was in a dispensers.

👤I was worried that the paper would be too thin and tear if it was touched. It is not skimpy. The paper is very sturdy and my husband loved that his birthday presents were beautifully wrapped.

👤I never know what size bag to buy for my nieces and nephews, but this wrapping paper was perfect, it came in a variety of colors, and I will definitely be buying it again.

9. BIOBROWN Shower Wrapping Paper Birthday

BIOBROWN Shower Wrapping Paper Birthday

The perfect gift for a baby shower is a baby bear gift wrap. 2 sheets of different design wrapping paper, 2 gift tags, and a great gift wrap sets are included in the package. The wrapping paper has a crease, which means it will be folded flat. Premium quality is created with thick paper materials that are not easy to tear or rip. Use all of the consequences. It's perfect for birthday, holiday, baby shower, wedding, gifts wrap. Wrap gifts in paper that is cute.

Brand: Biobrown

👤I used a sheet to wrap the gift box. It was strong and attractive.

👤The paper is really strong. No tags or bags were included.

👤It is thicker than traditional wrapping paper, but I loved it for my daughters party. It was not hard to open.

👤There are wrapped halloween presents. It was easier to wrap the gifts because they were strong.

👤The two sheets of wrapping paper are 27 1/2 inches wide and 39 1/3 inches long. There are different designs on each sheet. There is a white sheet with pink hearts. There is a white sheet with flowers in various shades of pink and gray. There is a pink Flamingo in the middle of the flowers. The effect is artistic and beautiful. It makes me feel peaceful and serene. There is a blank back where a message can be written on the sheets that have a matching gift tag. There is a hole at the top of each tag where a ribbon or string can be threaded through, or it can be left intact and taped to the present. The heart pattern is cute, but I think the Flamingo pattern is the better one and it's a good value at the current list price of $6.99.

👤The paper is pretty. I attended a birthday party with pink paper. The paper has a nice thickness so it didn't rip when folding around the corners of the box. The paper is bright and shiny. I hid the mark where the paper was folded when I wrapped the gift, but added a white ribbon and a bow. This is a high end paper with a coordinating gift tag, and it is less expensive than two high quality gift bags.

10. Hallmark Wrapping Paper Bundle Christmas

Hallmark Wrapping Paper Bundle Christmas

The eco-friendly gift wrap is made from high-quality paper from well-managed forests. European paper is made in the USA. Each roll in this 4-pack of wrapping paper measures 30 inches by 8.8 feet and has a total of 22 sq. per roll. There were 88 total. sq. The set is over a thousand square feet. There are four designs on the brown paper: blue diagonal stripes, white polka dots, red zig zags and black dotted scroll. The reverse side of each roll is plain paper, perfect for wrapping classic brown paper packages or making kids crafts. A multi-pack of designed kraft wrapping paper is great to have on hand for birthdays, holidays, baby showers, graduations and everyday special occasions throughout the year. The eco-friendly gift wrap is made from high-quality paper from well-managed forests.

Brand: Hallmark

👤I was a bit excited when I ordered this paper. I was disappointed by its arrival. The paper's designs are okay. I wouldn't say they are lovely. Some of it reminds me of butcher type paper. I wouldn't say it is elegant, classy or sets a special tone. When I looked at the small amount of paper on these 4 rolls, I thought, "Oh, one roll of wrapping paper from "c..." would probably have at least one roll." I give it 3 stars for being sturdy and ordinary.

👤I was really excited to get these but they were really beat up. I tried to get a replacement from Amazon. They did not help. I am really disappointed. The Amazon employee was named Raghunath.

👤I love the paper, but it's not always easy to cut it with this brand, and it doesn't always have marking on the back to show where to cut it. I used extra tape on my gifts because of the tears, but it looks nice. I've bought paper on Amazon before and it was thick. Not this time.

👤These rolls fit my favorite style of wrapping paper. The paper is very cute and sturdy. I use gift tags that go well with this paper. The designs are simple and perfect for a birthday. It's basic but cute and works for everyone. This brand's wrapping paper is worth the purchase and will be bought again.

👤The paper they use at the butchers counter is very similar to this one. It is very sturdy and easy to use, even though the designs are not as fancy as other wrapping paper. I used all the paper and it didn't rip on a single package. I like the minimal designs, but I would suggest that you don't buy bows or ribbon because the quality is really good.

👤Paper bag type material has colorful bits. The scissors don't slice through the big fan. All of these papers are overpriced.

👤All the gift wraps are well packaged. Amazon also packed this in another box because of the solid gift box. These gift wraps can be protected with 2 boxes. There is a You can't beat the price. There is a The design of the gift wrapping papers are for all occasions. I'm going to buy again after I run out. It's good to give thanks to Hallmark!

👤I'm happy with my purchase. This is how many presents you can wrap.

👤Illegaron 4 rollos, pero estoy contenta con el producto en general.

👤Me gust that los diseos estn bien impresos.

👤The prints are great for mailing and wrapping my packages. Aaa+.

👤I love gift wrapping papers. They don't break, rip or stretch. They are gorgeous! Great purchase.

👤Terrible wrapping paper. It's hard to try and tape up.

11. Note Card Cafe Recyclable Biodegradable

Note Card Cafe Recyclable Biodegradable

Look great! The traditional brown craft color makes it look elegant and neat. They have a wide range of colors and patterns. The patterns include large polka dots in a mixture of blue and cream colors. Use it all year long. Their paper is great for birthday, Christmas, holiday, wedding, boy, shower gifts. It has the right thickness for a variety of crafts. You should always have a 6 roll bundle set in your possession. The gift wrap paper roll is 30' wide and 10' long. Excellent quality. The roll is high quality. The stock has colorful patterned prints. Resist humidity well. Their paper is easy to fold. ECO-FRIENDLY: 100% of the paper is recycled.

Brand: Note Card Cafe

👤I always find myself getting Holiday wrapping paper and then come June when I realize there's a birthday or another event coming up quickly and I'm scrambling in the closet for some wrapping paper I can only find mistletoe. I rush to the nearest shop and buy some ho-hum wrapping paper to get me out of the pinch. It's not very nice. I end up throwing it away after a couple of uses. There is a I thought about it this year. I'm glad I did. I like the neutral style and finish. Most local retailers have high-gloss front and white back wrapping paper. There's enough flexibility in the designs to cover all kinds of recipients. It's sturdy, folds easily, and doesn't crinkle or tear at the corners like most options I've used, it's also quite sturdy. You get a decent amount of each. There is a It's nice that the paper has a matt finish, which makes it great for writing the recipients name and a fun doodle on the paper itself. It saves the hassle of labels. I don't think it's a bad price for wrapping paper, but I think it's reasonable. This will be my go-to wrapping paper option in the future, I'm very pleased.

👤I used some of the patterns in the gift wrap to wrap gifts for Father's Day. The floral one had a masculine vibe and they all coordinate well with one another. I bought a black and brown ribbon and a black curling ribbon and they all looked great. I bought an assortment of different feathers with complimentary colors and put them into the bows. My father said the gifts were too pretty to open. The paper is thick and nice to look at. I have plenty left to use even though I wrapped all the gifts in the photos. The paper is a winner.

👤I am a loyal customer of the company and have purchased similar gift wrapping products before, but when I opened the package today I was completely disappointed. The colors are dull and ugly and I wish I had paid more for different wrapping paper. The cheap craft paper feels like it tears easily when you try to fold it. I tried to contact them, but they didn't reply.

👤I was trying to find a thick and stylish wrapping paper. It wasn't fun. I took a risk ordering this. There is a lot of wrapping paper in this picture. It's a perfect balance of sturdy and not too thick. There is a Stop and get this if you're looking for wrapping paper. The story is over. I will probably buy this set for the rest of my life.

👤The paper is pretty, but the pink is a little more subdued than pictured. The paper is strong and won't fall apart. I guess you could say that there are no cutting grids. Why a one-star review? I want to pay more for a quality product. The paper is substantial and made from 100% recycled paper. I've purchased a lot of this paper. I discovered large areas of paint when I untended the dotted paper. The paper is not usable. It's understandable that Amazon doesn't want to give me a refund. I've included pictures of the bad wrapping paper. I'm pretty angry.


What is the best product for eco friendly wrapping paper rolls?

Eco friendly wrapping paper rolls products from The Doodle Factory. In this article about eco friendly wrapping paper rolls you can see why people choose the product. Hallmark and Note Card Cafe are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly wrapping paper rolls.

What are the best brands for eco friendly wrapping paper rolls?

The Doodle Factory, Hallmark and Note Card Cafe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly wrapping paper rolls. Find the detail in this article. Paper Farm, Ruspepa and Boerni are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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