Best Eco Friendly Yarn for Knitting Clearance

Yarn 29 Mar 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Mira Handcrafts Assorted Colors Acrylic

Mira Handcrafts Assorted Colors Acrylic

Care: The machine wash is delicate. Dry delicate cycle. Approx. 40 ACRYLIC YARNS. 22 yards. Mini balls are excellent for accent works, amigurumi, craft projects, granny squares, pompoms, crochet, and are included in the yarn bundle. This rainbow yarn has 24 different colors and 16 duplicate of the most common ones, perfect for projects requiring multicolor yarn. There are 7 e-books with crochet yarn that include step by step guides and photos in PDF. The crochet knitting craft kit is ideal for beginners and kids because it is soft, strong and not that thick. It's suitable for beginners who want to get on the path of crafts. It's easy to learn crochet and knit small yarn projects and use yarn skeins for loom knitting and mini projects.

Brand: Mira Handcrafts

👤I had to laugh at it. They make it sound like you're getting a good deal. It's funny. These are the smallest yarn balls I have ever seen. Smaller than my balls. I should have paid more attention to the yardage. They got me on this one. I'm not sending them back because they will work for my granny squares, and the yarn is ok, but just know that what you're getting is not what you're expecting.

👤I expected the yarn to be in larger rolls. The packet of yarn is next to my woman's size 7 slipper. The colors weren't consistent. I received two of the most colors, but four of others.

👤Not all are the same size.

👤It takes 7 balls to make a hat.

👤These are Akeems of yarn. Go for it if you need tiny bits for small projects. I was expecting double this size per Akeem and I am very disappointed that I wasted so much money on a small batches. Will not be ordering again. I posted a photo with a ruler so you can see how small these are.

👤This is a great set of clothes. The colors are not labeled. It seems to be a more generic set. I bought another assortment from another company and the skein colors are the same. I plan to use mine to make tiny baby hats to donate to hospitals for families who babies are born too soon to survive, so it is perfect for what I need it for. Bonbons are small and not meant for big projects if you are not familiar with them. The yarn is very soft. I will be ordering again.

👤Great for making small items. I made the amigurumi figures adorable. I need to make another order soon.

👤I wanted to use the yarn first on a small project for myself, so I purchased this bundle with some gift projects in mind. I looked through the books and found the owl. The yarn was soft and easy to use, and the colors are beautiful, even though the instructions were well written. The owl was a great first project for this yarn. I am confident that this yarn will work well for all of them, and I am excited to make the gifts I was planning now. I'm planning to purchase another bundle soon. There are just small amounts of certain colors needed for small amigurumi patterns. When I only need a few yards of different colors, I don't have to purchase a huge skein.

👤40 x 10g balls of yarn. I bought 2x packs of amigurami yarn which is ideal for crocheting. There is a They are adorable. The colors are bright and gorgeous. Excellent quality yarn. It was easy to work with. No breaking or splitting. There is a It's perfect for children, small craft projects or knitting and crochet items. I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely be buying more in the future, I loved these yarns and was about to subscribe and save them, but I realized the price had increased by nearly a 100%. I will not be buying them at this increased price as they are not worth the money. There is a They were a great value pack of mini yarns. There is a The quality of the yarn is not worth a double increase in cost. The ratings and comments in my original review were based on the purchase of these yarns, so I have not changed them.

2. Crochet Multi Colored Acrylic Knitting Multicolor

Crochet Multi Colored Acrylic Knitting Multicolor

The package includes 6 skeins of crochet yarns in 6 different colors, 50 g per roll, which can meet your various knitting needs, great for beginners, experienced knitters, children and knitting groups. Pink, Yellow Green Pink, Multilor, colorful, Yellow Blue Pink are rich colors that are suitable for knitting and are eye-catching. The combination of bright colors adds a summery vibe to your life. The weaving yarn can be used for many things, from making plush balls, handmade bags, sweaters, shoes, hats, dolls, table mats, bibs, scarves, and more. The wool yarns are suitable for a variety of occasions, such as handmade lessons for children, leisure time for adults to gather together, gender revealing parties as gifts, weaving activities, and a variety of other yarn craft projects, daily, Halloween, Christmas, birthday parties and so on. The crochet threads are soft and comfortable to touch, non-fading and durable, widely applied for crocheting and various hand sewing crafts.

Brand: Willbond

👤If you want to complete the project, don't order these. The quality is not great and these are small. The colors are pretty.

👤I didn't like the yarn. It was not of good quality. The yarn was made in Turkey. That was not true. I will never order yarn that is poor quality. I would not be comfortable knitting a hat for cancer patients.

👤All 6 of these came in a vacuum sealed bag and fit in a prime bag with lots of extra room. I wouldn't call the yarn but a thread. If I could rate them with a zero star, I would never buy from them. It's not a good company or person to buy from because they make it look like something else.

👤This description is repeated many times. When it arrives, the label says in large letters Milk Cotton, then in small letters farther along it says 100% acrylic. This should have been mentioned in the description. I really wanted cotton.

👤There's no way to tell. It was packed so flat that it was air tight.

👤Within an inch of its life, this yarn camed smooshed. I show in the picture that it is coming apart. I can't use yarn that is fraying because I have this to make cancer hats. I have to cut out a lot. I am losing yarn because I am cutting it off. The colors are gorgeous. I wouldn't recommend this yarn to anyone.

👤I like to make hats for children. I bought this set because it was a good price, but I am really impressed by the quality. The yarn is strong and bright. The hats look great for kids and it has the right amount of stretch.

👤Picked the package up off my doorstep less than 5 minutes ago, so this review is based on sight and touch. The package was flatter and harder than I expected, and I was convinced that I had received the wrong item. The package was quickly sealed after all of the air was vacuumed out. It spread out when it was opened. I made this purchase to see if the product could be used to replace a purchase I made a year ago. The weight of the cotton yarn is determined by the weight of the yarn. This yarn is similar to what I had already purchased, but some of the colors aren't the same and this company doesn't offer any solid colors in this weight. I bought a package of the worsted weight to see what the difference in size will be when made up. Size is not important except in pricing for most of the grandmother's favorite washcloths. I will revise this review if there is a noticeable difference in the finished product from what I originally purchased.

👤I was disappointed when I received my wool pack. I thought the colors would be perfect for christmas. The wool is not very good. If you want to save money, avoid buying this wool. Poor value for money.

3. Craftiss Acrylic Perfect Knitting Crochet

Craftiss Acrylic Perfect Knitting Crochet

Machine wash cold/tumble dry low is what the instructions say to do. The 30 skeins of acrylic yarn are easy to work with. The multipack of 3 dk yarn supplies is perfect for an assortment of crafts, knitting, and crochet. The crochet kit is perfect for beginners as the mini yarn skeins are suitable for beginner projects. Granny squares, amigurumi, or a temperature blanket are ideas. Knitting. The multi-color yarn is perfect for beginners. Kids and adults can learn to knit with the yarn pack. This is the perfect crafting starter set that includes amigurumi, yarn for pom making, and more. The mini skeins are an ideal size and the bulk yarn skeins are colorful. Each skein of yarn is 40 m long. There are over 1300 colored yards in 30 colors. The skeins have a plastic bag for easy storage.

Brand: Craftiss

👤I bought 2 similar kits, but this one was the better choice because I am a professional crocheter. Correct number of yards. The yarn is consistent. The skeins are wound uniformly. The weight is a 3. This would make a nice starter kit for a beginner. It works well with a 3.5 hook and could be smaller or larger. There is a good selection of colors. The skeins are supposed to be small. It's great to work for small projects. This yarn can be used to make afghans, sweaters, hats, dishcloths, and pot holders. It would not wash well. Get some and make a project.

👤It is small batches of cheap yarn. You can have fun with it. It's a good thing. I like to crochet and am making this for my grandsons to cuddle in the back of the car when traveling in cold weather. It was 46" across.

👤This set has yarn skies. Wow! Great value! The colors are very bright. I got it so I can make a granny square blanket. It is easy to work with and it is made out of good quality yarn. I love crocheting, it's relaxing.

👤I think it will work well for small projects in the pattern books I just purchased, even though I haven't used any of this yarn yet. The yarn feels right for a sport weight. There are 30 different colors, 44 yards in each skein, and the colors are bright. The skeins were not unraveling when I took them out of the pouch. I will use different size crochet hooks and knitting needles to get the right gauge. I would recommend these for small projects or a multi-colored scarf. Someone has suggested an afghan.

👤There is a nice selection of colors. I have added them to my collection for those few yards of color on stuffed animals. When the time comes, they will be valuable. They come in a plastic bag which is great, except that the bag mine came in was ripped at the edge and rendered useless. The price is good and I would recommend this purchase to anyone who needs just a little yarn in lots of different colors.

👤The picture shows a basic skein of yarn in multiple colors. It is very good for the price because it is not completely consistent. It is still very acceptable softness for the price. The yarn was used to make pom- poms. I was happy with the variety of colors.

👤The skeins are small and some of the yarn is damaged in the middle. The material is easy to work with and it's not very soft. I'm happy.

👤The yarn arrived on time. The yarn is cheap and does not hold up well. I ordered this for my wife as a starter pack of yarn because she is just learning and it is a small amount of yarn compared to what it looks like. I wouldn't recommend a lot of other things.

👤I thought I'd give this a more wordy review as it's worth mentioning a few things about this yarn kit. This is a good price for a lot of yarn if you're just starting out with crochet or knitting. If you want to do a small project, be warned that you will run out of particular colors half way through the project so be warned or buy two kits. There's a lot of scope to make Amigurumi or pom poms with this kit. It comes in a bag that can be used again. If you're a neat freak, you should know that some of the skeins are not continuous lengths, but are knotted together. I only found 3 skeins that were knotted together, so it didn't bother me at all. There is a The yarn is soft, some skeins are a bit stiff, but overall it was easy to use for a beginner and the kit I bought when I first started learning crochet was still the same. The seller has good customer service.

4. Lion Brand Yarn 756 098 Whipped

Lion Brand Yarn 756 098 Whipped

The thickness of the yarn can be different and it's a thin yarn, but the whole color of the yarn is the same. The bright color will appear inside if it isn't seen outside. A 50% cotton, 50% polyester yarn with subtle flecks of color against a natural base is what Comfy Cotton Blend is. This yarn is perfect for shawls, tops, shrugs and baby gifts. 50% cotton, 50% Polyester. The weight is 7oz/200g and the length is 358m.

Brand: Lion Brand Yarn

👤There was an update on August. The year 2019. * Lion Brand has two solid colors, a rich silver grey and deep cherry red, available at my local discount store. I'm looking forward to more saturated jewel tones like these, as the multicolored colors left me uninspired. I like the yarn in the Whipped Cream color. I saw the other colors at Walmart, but I didn't like how they were. I would have ordered the saturated cottony shades. Unless you're looking for really muted colors, you'll be disappointed with the actual yarn, because the photos I've seen here by Lion Brand are not accurate. I have used this yarn to knit, crochet and weave, and I have some pros and cons. There are 1 positives. Very soft. It's more plush than silky soft because it has a matt finish. 2. The Whipped Cream color is gorgeous. This slight tint has a rich effect and is a bit warmer than an off-white with a grey base. 3. There are lots of yards (200 grams or 7 ounces, 358 meters or ) 4. I prefer a worsted (#4) weight when knitting color work or lacy stitch patterns. 4. Even though you're a blend, you can block your work with a spray bottle or wet bottle. If you use 100% cotton, your finished object will be much heavier than if you use the polyester content. There are 1. It's not perfect. That's the way it is in the fiber community. The four plies are only lightly twisted, so crocheting will untwist them and lead to splitting. 2. You can feel the material. The synthetic is silkier than the fiber blends. bamboo can be much more silky- soft than nylon, superfine acrylic, and viscose. There is a I think it's a good value and a quality yarn.

👤I used a size 5 needle to knit several swatch from my first cake. I had a flat of 19 to 4” and a round one. The yarn is great for cable, stockinette is smooth and can be a little split with needles. I used a double point. Hiya and then Square Addi rockets. They both did well, but I watch my stitches more than I usually do. When I was presented with a super awesome price on this yarn, I didn't snap up as much as I should have. When you go back, the price increases double or more. It would work well for scarves, baby clothes, and slippers. It washes up well.

👤This yarn is very easy to work with and it is aided by the help of Clover Hooks. The most recent item I have made with this is a wrap. It is very soft and has a beautiful sheen. I washed one of the items and it did not shrink. Excellent!

👤I ordered enough yarn to make a blanket, so I am giving this one star. I received three different dye lots. It's ridiculous. Lion Brand is known for tying knots in broken strands of yarn. I used one of the skeins that had broken spots. That is not right. I will never buy yarn online again because it was not cheap. It is better to buy from a retail store.

5. Mira Handcrafts Acrylic Ounce Skeins

Mira Handcrafts Acrylic Ounce Skeins

Birthdays, Mother's Day, and Christmas are some of the times when their big multi-packs of colorful yarn are the ideal gift. A child who wants to learn knitting and crafts should use this yarn. 600g of yarn for crochet and knitting, total of 1312 yards, is in a bundle. These skeins are perfect for accent work or yarn work requiring multiple colors, and are ideal for crochet flowers, granny squares, amigurumi, hats, shoes, pom pom, loom, knitting and many more. The e-book link is found on the insert note of each pack, so you can download the PDF files and start working immediately. It's easy to work with and great for beginners and advanced users because it's soft and not that thick yarn. The yarn would suit both larger and smaller craft projects.

Brand: Mira Handcrafts

👤I'm getting better at knitting as a therapy activity. I bought this yarn in the hopes of making something warm for my kids but they would rather receive designer presents from their grateful clients who give them free name brand clothing. There is a My time isn't as valuable as it used to be. They can pretend to be excited for pot holders. Daddy made himself with his own hands. Lots of yarn.

👤Save your money. I didn't know anything about yarn when I first started crocheting. Lesson learned. This yarn is terrible and I have never tried it before. I gave up trying to use it because it is so rough and splits so badly. It is dirty in spots. The title of the project is misleading because it is less than half the size of a skein of yarn. You can buy a Yarn Bee mini maker at the store for 99 cents.

👤This was in perfect condition and came far sooner than expected. The yarn is soft and bold. I've crocheted about two feet into a scarf that I'm making and the yarn is holding up well and looks really good. The skeins seem to be lasting a long time. This is the product that I purchased as a new crocheter and it is very easy to back up on my work if I mess up a row. It holds its shape very well.

👤The pack had all the colors I wanted. It was perfect for my amigurumi projects.

👤It's good for beginners. The yarn is soft at times. I'm happy, but I wish the skeins were bigger.

👤This yarn is great for making stuffed animals. It is a good size skein. I have made a number of amigurumi projects. I will purchase this yarn again.

👤I wasn't expecting much from this yarn, other than to get some colors to build up my amigurumi collection. Wow! The yarn is very strong. The yarn is soft and very vivid. I will be buying this again since it comes in other color packs.

👤I think it is great for my first crochet project. The bright colors make it easy to see your stitches, and the yarn holds up well when you inevitably mess up and have to try again. I found it too rough for my liking, but once I got the basics, I used Bernat Blanket yarn for my next 3 projects, which is soft and wonderful, and I couldn't use something like that again. When you first start, it can be hard to see your work. For the amount of yarn you get for the price, it is very good.

👤The bright colors except the brown are a bit thready, but not soft, so you can make a blanket and it sheds.

👤I picked up a crochet needle for the first time. I bought this wool because it was cheap and had good reviews. There is a I am enjoying learning the craft and the colors are lovely. The yarn has been good. I like the color. It splits occasionally, but it could be due to my lack of practice. Would buy again.

6. TYH Supplies Acrylic Assorted Colors

TYH Supplies Acrylic Assorted Colors

There is a 5-mm knitting needle and a 5.5-Mm crochet hook. 100% Acrylic Yarn. Yard Mini Skeins come in 20 different colors and are perfect for all your knitting, crocheting, and crafts projects. The weight is soft and lightweight. Light Worsted Yarn has no double. Each Skein is 22 yards long and has a total of 822 yd. Children love these small, stuffed yarn creatures. They are easy to knit or crochet with their many bright colors. It is easy to wash and care for the durable yarn in their large selection of colors. You can wash and tumble dry. Do not Bleach or Iron. Creating clothing and decorative items will look good for a long time. Birthdays, Mother's Day, and Christmas are some of the times when their big multi-packs of colorful yarn are the ideal gift. A child who wants to learn knitting and crafts should use this yarn.

Brand: Tyh Supplies

👤I only received 14 bundles of yarn. Light blue, navy blue, lilac, cream, dark red, black, and magenta were all shorted by me from the picture. grey is not one of the colors shown.

👤These are the smallest skeins of yarn I have ever seen. I put them next to other skeins of yarn to see the difference. The skein on the left is 175 yards and the one on the right is 210 yards. The cost to ship them back is almost the same as the price of the yarn, even though they are too small for a small project. I didn't read the details when I added it to another product. I will not make that mistake again. It was a rip off for over $7. I received all 20, but I am not impressed.

👤The yarn is only 20 yards when it is measured out. We were shorted 1600 yards because we bought 200. We were going to make scarves for needy children with this yarn.

👤The pictures I received and the advertisement they showed are completely different types of skeins. I was expecting a wonderful surprise for my wife. I only found out that I was ripped off. There is a It is definitely a hard lesson to learn. My wife knows that I was trying my best to help her. That looks like a cheap husband.

👤The yarn arrived quickly. As expected, they were small. It's perfect for crafts with kids. The colors were not labeled at all, just a generic label. In case I wanted to order more of a specific color from the company, I would have a more formal label, including a specter and color.

👤It's really sad... A quarter of a small minion head can be turned into one skein of yellow yarn. The yarn is too short and I am surprised to see how little work the yarns can do. This is expected for the price and 20 skeins.

👤I make beanies for the kids in Mexico. I do not charge. I wash the beanies in warm water. I made a part of a beanie from the yarn you gave me. I picked out the beanies that I had been washing. I had to throw out the beanie because the yellow yarn ended up in one big chunk. I should have taken a photo, but I didn't. I won't use the others. The yarn should be what the seller says it is. There was no alcohol in the yarn. The beanie would be with a young Mexican girl.

👤I needed more light weight yarn to complete all the projects after I picked up some amrimiigu kits. I ordered the 20 pack of Bons and the 8 pack from TYH Supplies because I wanted to use them for larger amigurimi figurines. I feel like you can't beat the variety and convenience of these Bons, they are perfect for providing a variety of colors to work on smaller and/or multi colored amigurimi, and at $0.50 a piece. I tried to complete one of the larger figurines with a Bon and ran out of yarn. I want to finish the arms with this green color.

7. Red Heart Super Yarn Favorite Stripe

Red Heart Super Yarn Favorite Stripe

It was made in the USA. Super Saver yarn has been used by many knitters and crocheters over the years. Red Heart Super Saver yarn will stand the test of time. There is a 5-mm knitting needle and a 5.5-Mm crochet hook.

Brand: Red Heart

👤I use Red Heart yarn for all of my projects. I have been a crocheter for a long time. I have been making afghans and baby blankets with Red Heart yarn for over 50 years. I wanted to make a blanket for a young child. The end product was not soft according to one reviewer. Try a bigger hook. There is a There were knots in the yarn. It happens. Keep an eye out. There is a A person complained about a discolored skin. It happens, but this is extremely rare. As you work, keep an eye on your project.

👤I would be upset if I had paid full price. It is acceptable for $3 per skein. After washing, it may be soft but not at all. I had to cut out one small section because it was all separated and some strands were bunching up. So far, no knots, just one continuous yarn. I wanted to try self-striping yarn for my socks, which are more adult than socks. I bought it because it was available at a great price.

👤The finished project cost $10 but I love the way it looks. I wanted to sell them next month, but my price was too high for the people I know. The price is too high for the amount I received, and this is a good yarn. Most projects would take 2 or 3 skeins. There is a variegated should be available in larger rolls. It is difficult to find Jumbo rolls of different colors. Where is the variegated one pounders?

👤The yarn works up into stripes. There are places in the skein that are stiff, but that washed out nicely. Your piece will be beautiful.

👤The yarn is not supposed to come out. The first roll was so annoying.

👤I learned to crochet when I was in my 20s and have been using Red Heart yarn for the rest of my life. The yarn never fails me. The skein is not tangled and the colors remain true. I'm using this skein to crochet a "fidget sleeve" for my mother who has dementia. I'm hoping it will keep her from picking at her nails. She should be able to see the bright colors very clearly.

👤I bought this yarn because of its price and color. I was not disappointed by either of those, but keep in mind this is not a soft yarn. The different colors of dye changed the way the skein felt. The texture and thickness were different because of the dyes. I used it to make a hat. I will never wear or gift that hat. It's too soft. The colors are great, but I want to suggest that you look for projects with yarn that won't make you feel like you're wearing something. It would work well to use this as a toy, a craft item, or a decoration.

👤I've only used half of the four skeins I bought. The beautiful color transition was ruined by this job, as pictured, while I was winding up the second skein into a ball. I guess that means a small portion of this skein is wasted, since it won't look as good with a bad color transition. I'm worried that I will find more evidence of wasted money when I wind up the remaining 2 skeins. Will update later.

8. Skein 24 Cotton® Yarn Ecru

Skein 24 Cotton%C2%AE Yarn Ecru

Machine wash cold/tumble. A worsted weight yarn made from 100% mercerized cotton. The yarn will last through multiple wash cycles thanks to the mercerization process. 100% cotton is the fiber content. Instructions for washing and dry. Each skein weighs 3.5 ounces and measures 186 yd/170 m.

Brand: Lion Brand Yarn

👤This yarn is very soft. High quality, easy to work with. There is a If you are looking for something similar to sugar 'n cream, it will not be that way. It leans toward a strand of yarn. This is the case with any brand of cotton yarn. Sugar 'n cream isn't mercerized. Amazon doesn't understand the need to send out multiple skeins of the same dye lot so don't expect to receive 4 skeins of the same dye lot when you order 4 skeins. 3 skeins of tangerine will be slightly different colors when they are of 3 different dye lots. This is not a quality issue for Lion Brand Yarns. Lion Brand makes high quality yarn. If you want to get the same color in every skein, you should buy yarn from companies that make it that way. Traditional, high quality yarn makers will make their colors of yarn by dye lots because that is how it was in the beginning and they are not going to change. They don't have a reason to. I have been crocheting for many years and have seen a lot of variation in the color of yarn and dye. When I was a teenager, I learned about dye lots. If you need skeins of the same dye lot in order to complete a project, you can either purchase them from a yarn or craft store or play Russian roulette on Amazon. Once a store runs out of a specific dye lot, there won't be any more, so you need to purchase enough yarn for your project in the beginning. I am not sure if the 3-pack of yarn that Amazon has available is all of one dye lot or not. Lion Brand Yarns does not have a quality issue with a knot in a skein. The skein is not going to be sold as an "imperfect" skein. Most skeins will not have a knot somewhere, but it is not wrong to find one in a skein. Makers of yarn don't want to waste it. When a huge piece of yarn comes to an end and they have more of the same dye lot, they will just keep going. No one tied the yarn back together after cutting it. Anyone who knows how to knit or crochet will know how to deal with a knot. The yarn has always been sold by weight. A certain number of grams will make a skein which is small or large. Pictures can be deceiving. How the different prices are determined remains a mystery to me. Some that would be used frequently are not very expensive. Whatever. If you watch your price, you will get what you want for a good price. The same way prices change at retail stores, expect them to change as well. There is a If you understand Amazon, you will be able to purchase this yarn.

👤Great yarn! I like that my dishcloth looks like ramen noodles.

👤The yarn is good, but I see that my roll has been cut in multiple places and tied together, even though I like the color. It would have been fine if I had known I was ordering it with such flaws. It's difficult to work around these knots.

9. Caron Simply Soft Party Yarn

Caron Simply Soft Party Yarn

Time to party with a party. The yarn is soft to the touch and shiny with a hint of metallic. The content is 99% acrylic and 1% polyester. The ball is composed of 85g / 3oz, 150 meters /164 yards. Machine wash and dry. The knitting gauge is 18 sts and 24 rows. 13 sc and 14 rows with a 5mm crochet hook. Knit and crochet baby garments, accessories, and home decor projects can be used.

Brand: Caron

👤Very small, but pretty. Next time, I have to look at sizes. I thought I was getting a regular skein of yarn, but it was only half the size. You expect more when you pay over $7 for yarn. It is beautiful and shiny and what I wanted for my project. It is soft and nice, but the price and size are a complete rip off.

👤2.5 is rounded down. I gave this a lower review because of a few reasons. When I ordered this yarn, I was expecting it to be delivered by 8PM, but it was not, and I had no package. I thought I'd checked Amazon. Amazon told me that my package was delayed and hadn't even been shipped yet. There is a Amazon said it would arrive after 8PM. In a rush to finish my project, I decided to buy yarn somewhere else and try to cancel the yarn. I assumed this yarn would go through, as it hadn't even been shipped yet, but Amazon said cancellation aren't guaranteed and don't always go through. You've predicted that Amazon would not allow me to cancel, but I'm sure you're correct. I tried to contact Amazon about the purchase, but there was no way to do so, so I waited until it arrived on the 20th. The yarn is okay. It's pretty, purple and shiny. It's soft and squishy. It is small. I knew it was 3 ounces, but I didn't know how small it was. I assumed it would be bigger because of the price I was paying. The bundle of yarn I got from Wal-mart was $6.44 cheaper than the yarn I got from the other store. The disparity in sizes is not captured in the pictures. The Red Heart yarn is 10 ounces. I didn't think this yarn would be as large, but maybe half the size? The yarn is too small for the purpose I intended it to be used for, and it is softer than I thought. There is a The value of a small roll of yarn is low. I won't be ordering this again because of the shipping debacle.

👤It took me a long time to decide if I would buy this yarn. Some of the reviews said that it wasn't the color it was suppose to be, and that it was over priced. I agree with that one. The price is per hank. I'm in the hospital. I needed the color. I didn't think it would be so soft. It's so soft. I am making a bat wing sweater but I don't like the heavy and heat of a sweater. I wanted to make one that was colorful. The yarn is vivid. If you decide to get it, buy a lot. This lot is teal. It was dark and beautiful. I would buy it again.

👤I was making head bands and bought this for a woman. I like how pretty it is. It's very soft. The metallic strip is not the most comfortable while working, but it is not noticeable for wearing or in the doll. The metallic strip sometimes gets tangled on my hook, but that could be user error. It was really pretty worked up.

10. Skeins Rainbow Gradient Crocheting 196yds×2

Skeins Rainbow Gradient Crocheting 196yds%C3%972

There are 2 skeins of rainbow wool yarn in a package. Each skein is about 50g. 100% wool yarn and eco-friendly dyes. The yarn is warm and soft. It won't fade,shrink or pill after washing them. It's easy to work with and suitable for crocheting or knitting. It's perfect for crochet knitting. The wool yarn is bright and beautiful. It can form a stripe when knitting with long segment dyeing. The thickness of the yarn can be different and it's a thin yarn, but the whole color of the yarn is the same. The bright color will appear inside if it isn't seen outside.

Brand: Niceec

👤This yarn is amazing. I'm not crazy for wool. It's hard to find a good quality yarn that's consistent. This one blew my mind because it was completely consistent from the one to the other. I've crocheted my whole life, even as a child, and I have never seen a yarn that does that. Maybe I got lucky and the two packs I got ended and started on the same colors. I will be buying this again. The nice thing is that I don't have to worry about my lines being straight or even bulky because of the thickness. I'll include close ups of the areas that go from thick to nearly thread like so you can see how amazing this yarn is. Even though I don't like wool, I'm completely crazy about it. There is a It's not soft like other wools and it's not like some kind of soft wool, that's the thing I disagree with. I'm not a wool person. I don't have as much experience as people who use it exclusively. If possible! The company and employees did a great job.

👤The yarn can be difficult to work with. There is a The thickness varies quite a bit and at some points it was as thick as a hair from my head. There is a It shreds very quickly. There is a The yarn was shredded apart a couple of times, but it wasn't the end of the world. There is a The skein is relatively small but the yardage is still there.

👤I'm very impressed with this yarn. The skeins are smaller than I thought. Since the yardage is still there, I'm finding that it goes a lot farther than I thought. The product description was clear about how the width might be different. When it's knit up, it looks really nice. The color gradients were very nice from scarf width to blanket width. It was definitely pleased with it.

👤I made a very soft hat. I doubled up with another brand of yarn because it was thin. I would double this yarn for a less structured hat. I used both skeins.

👤This is the worst spun wool I have ever used. This is an unacceptable product according to the information in the newsletter. This yarn is a total waste of time and money.

👤The yarn is not even thickness. A very thin wool yarn requires a crochet hook or knitting needles. The thickness of the yarn is obvious due to it being so thin. Small balls for the money. The colors are not as vibrant as pictures. There is hardly any of the reddish/pinkish range. It looks dull and unbalanced. Don't waste your money.

👤Not as pictures. Lable is in Asian Kon-gees. The balls were in a small baggie. Not soft has a similar feel to the yarn and weight. It was very fine and an odd twist. I wouldn't recommend beginners to needle work. The fibers are easy to split.

👤The yarn is a good value. A ball is less than $6. I can use a single ball to knit mittens. It is not apparent if there are thicker or thinner spots when the mittens are washed and blocked. It is easy to break the yarn if the areas are unpleasing. I break the colors apart so I can use stranded mittens.

11. Red Heart Super Heather E302C 0400

Red Heart Super Heather E302C 0400

Each skein of yarn is 40 m long. There are over 1300 colored yards in 30 colors. The skeins have a plastic bag for easy storage.

Brand: Red Heart

👤I like Redheart yarn. The color description for Heather Grey was misleading. "Jumbo" skeins can be used in solid colors and multicolored. Heather Grey appears to be a solid color, but it is considered multicolored. You have to read the label of each color. The cost of your project could be doubled by the color descriptions.

👤Solid colors are 744 yard. The grey heather is just 482 yards. Deceptive to customers.

👤I only use this type of yarn because it is thicker and softer than the other ones, so I don't think it's fair to give it 5 stars for softness. The color was lovely and rich. When jumbo packs are not available, this is my go to seller for all of my yarn. Highly recommended.

👤I bought a skein of yarn a few weeks ago and started on a project, but when I ordered another to finish the project, it was a completely different color. They claimed that they didn't have variation between dye lots.

👤I have been using this brand of yarn for a long time. It is very soft after it is washed and dried. I live in a small rural town with slim pickings of yarn. I can find what I need on Amazon and get it within a couple of days. I made a blanket for my oldest grandson at Christmas.

👤I made striped accessories with the purchase of the grey and red. The yarn is very easy to work with and the grey came immediately to the house. Even though the overall large label on the SuperSaver Jumbo was 10 ounces grey and 14 ounces red, be sure to read the yardage carefully. The yarn is beautiful.

👤Red Heart is my favorite brand to use. It's easy to use and it's great value. It's soft and durable. There are so many colors to choose from.

👤I am a member of the local Warm Up America. We make lap blankets for senior citizens. Each month I make a lap blanket. I like to use multicolor yarns. I used the gray last month. It was perfect for my purpose and went well with the yarn. I think the gray is perfect because men use these blankets. I like the texture of the yarn and know that it will keep users warm.

👤This yarn is easy to work with and washes well.

👤I have excellent result from the delivery of great yarn.

👤A skein of wool!


What is the best product for eco friendly yarn for knitting clearance?

Eco friendly yarn for knitting clearance products from Mira Handcrafts. In this article about eco friendly yarn for knitting clearance you can see why people choose the product. Willbond and Craftiss are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly yarn for knitting clearance.

What are the best brands for eco friendly yarn for knitting clearance?

Mira Handcrafts, Willbond and Craftiss are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly yarn for knitting clearance. Find the detail in this article. Lion Brand Yarn, Mira Handcrafts and Tyh Supplies are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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