Best Iphone 13 Pro Max Case Eco Friendly

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1. LifeProof SEE Case IPhone Pro

LifeProof SEE Case IPhone Pro

Survives drops from 2 meters. The back of your phone is clear. It is made with at least 50% recycled plastic. There is a limited lifetime warranty on LifeProof.

Brand: Lifeproof

👤This case doesn't provide any protection at all. The back of my phone shattered when I dropped it. Don't waste your money.

👤If you want to protect your phone, don't buy this case. You have been warned.

2. Woodcessories Compatible IPhone Ecofriendly Plants

Woodcessories Compatible IPhone Ecofriendly Plants

Stop using plastic at the source. Their cases are made of wheat and straw and contain organic and non toxic ingredients that comply with the EU Reach regulations. They are working on solutions to combat the global plastic pollution using recycled paper packaging, too. High quality and protection. Their cases meet high quality standards for a longer life cycle and certified Drop- Down Protection to shield your phone from drops/scratches, they are living in a throw away society. Both Magsafe and Wireless Charging are compatible. Without a connection. They will give you 30% on your new case if you turn your old case into new. Their goal is to act sustainable in every process. A tree. They plant a tree for every product sold. They act sustainable.

Brand: Woodcessories

👤The cases here on Amazon are better than the others.

3. Xeber Case IPhone Pro Max

Xeber Case IPhone Pro Max

Plastic has caused great harm to the environment on which they live. The phone cases on the market are made of plastic. This green phone case was designed for environmentalists. 100% Biodegradable Plant Material The wheat straw used in this phone case is naturally biodeficiency. If you want to nourish the soil after you dispose of the phone case, place it in an industrial composting facility or backyard compost pit. Within 2 years, it is able to break down into carbon dioxide and water. The packaging box of their iPhone 13 Pro Max slim case is made of recycled paper, which is pollution-free and recyclable. A simple mobile phone holder can be cut into. There is a cutting instruction at the back of the box. Four-corner airbags make the iPhone 13 Pro Max case extremely resistant to drop and shock, and lightweight and slim. The camera and the screen can be protected with the edges of the screen. It is compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro Max 5G 6.7-Inch. Without removing the phone case, you can charge with wireless charging.

Brand: Xeber

👤Scuffs are very easy to put on corners and front. It is cute and worth the price, but I will not buy another one in the future.

4. LifeProof WAKE Case IPhone Pro

LifeProof WAKE Case IPhone Pro

MicroPel Protection is built-in. Survives drops from 2 meters. Made with recycled plastic. A low-profile fit is achieved with a sleek one-piece design. The installation of a LifeProof product is important to successful use so please review the installation video and check the user manual to ensure correct installation.

Brand: Lifeproof

👤The case is made of recycled plastic. The case is hard plastic and has no grip on the concrete. Not worth any money.

5. TORRAS IPhone Pro Max 6 7

TORRAS IPhone Pro Max 6 7

The X-SHOCK Patent was certified to meet drop test standards. The "X" shape of the four corners of the iPhone 13 pro max case is designed to protect your phone from being hit by a car. There is aROOFBACKPLANE The iPhone 13 pro max shockproof case is made of tough Acrylic back to protect against the roughest drops, scratches, and dust. 1.5 MM raised bezels above the camera and screen help prevent damage when the phone is lying flat and during drops. The screen protectors are compatible with the protective case for the phone. Show off the beauty of your phone without a barrier. The DE Bayer material is upgraded to protect against UV light. They will replace a new clear case if it doesn't. The grip and gun fit. The one-piece design offers enhanced ergonomics and a secure grip. All diamond iPhone 13 pro max clear cases are designed to fit the phone perfectly. The clear case for the Pro Max was released in 2021.

Brand: Torras

👤Don't be afraid, I have an iPhone 12 max pro and it says 13 If you want to see the color of your phone, this is the case for you. The texture of the case is not smooth like glass just because it is see through. It has a grip on it. It sticks to your hands. I had their other see through case before and it turned out to be yellowish. I hope they fixed that with this upgraded version. It will protect your phone if it is the same as the other one. The amount of times I dropped mine is ridiculous.

👤I am happy to use his products. You will be happy about that. The case is nice.

👤The sleek design and reliable quality of the Torras cases has made them our preferred choice for all our upgrades. I used their clear case for my phone last year and have not been hesitant to give my wife the same case for her phone upgrade this year. Terras improves on the case. Good protection to the phone is provided by the quality. The phone is wrapped right. The case buttons are more responsive. The phone's design is improved by removing the edges at the back and making the case even better. I think the case is perfect now.

👤I have owned several cases from the Torras brand and they became my go to brand for budget products. The case is light and portable. My previous clear cases did not turn yellow, so I expect this one not to as well. It works well in the new phone.

👤This fits my new phone like a glove. It is easy to hold onto and not let go. I think it is a reasonable level of protection. I have never broken a phone. If you are one of the people who break phones, this case should work for you as long as you own the phone. It will be a winner if it stays clear. There is a It works great with the MagSafe charge.

👤This is a great case with a great customer service support team behind it. The case is sleek and clear, which will allow me to show off my phone after I get my new one. Just as described, slim and easy to hold. If you're looking for a clear case for your phone, that's it.

👤I want my phone to fit like a glove. Sturdy material. The case was great.

👤The case made by Torras is very strong. I've used other ones and never had a problem. They are comfortable to hold. Don't add too much weight to the phone. Highly recommended.

6. LifeProof SEE Case MagSafe IPhone

LifeProof SEE Case MagSafe IPhone

Survives drops from 2 meters. Works with Apple MagSafecharging system. It is made with at least 45% recycled plastic. There is a limited lifetime warranty on LifeProof.

Brand: Lifeproof

👤The best case I've tried for my phone. It has a raised lip on the front to protect the screen and a raised lip on the back to protect the cameras. The fit is perfect, and it offers a lot of protection. The texture in your hand is amazing. It has a bit of added grip on the back and doesn't feel like a bar of soap waiting to launch out of your hands like the clear cases do. I tried many different cases before getting this one. The anchor's away color is grayish blue and the pop of color on the buttons is awesome. The buttons have a nice clicky feel.

👤The lifeproof cases were always too thick. They finally made one that doesn't look like you have a pool noodle wrapped around your phone. It looks and feels better than the otterbox symetry series.

👤This is my favorite Lifeproof case to date. The case is sturdy and slim. I like the color of the case and how it meshes with my phone. The buttons are soft. I like the raised bezel around the camera lens and the MagSafe backing is pretty secure. An amazing case.

7. ECO94 Case Mate IPhone Friendly Protection

ECO94 Case Mate IPhone Friendly Protection

It is designed to fit the Iphone 12 / 12 Pro only. Does not fit the Iphone 12 Pro Max or the Iphone 12 Mini. Does not fit the series. This case uses material from plants. The Nature Conservancy's Plant a Billion Trees initiative is supported by each case purchased. MicroPel Protection is built-in. It is compatible with wireless charging.

Brand: Case-mate

👤The case is good, but the edges are not raised up to protect the camera which is something I am more concerned about. When I ordered the 12 pro max, I didn't know the camera was sticking out more than the 11 pro max.

👤The case did not provide protection for the cameras on the back of the phone. When you lay the phone down, it allows them to stay where they are. The case I found is a little deeper and it keeps the cameras from touching the smooth surfaces.

👤There was no camera protection. Go with a small case. This is not a good one for me.

👤I dropped my phone and it hasn't cracked.

8. Case Mate ECO94 Friendly IPhone Protection

Case Mate ECO94 Friendly IPhone Protection

It was constructed using plant based materials. The Nature Conservancy's Plant a Billion Trees initiative is supported by each case purchased. The materials have a cushion for enhanced grip. MicroPel Protection is built-in.

Brand: Case-mate

👤I am a huge fan of alternative plastics. This case is amazing. I would buy again and recommend it to others.

👤It was very much satisfy! And its economy!

9. Pela IPhone Eco Friendly Plants Classic

Pela IPhone Eco Friendly Plants Classic

The pli cases are made from plants. If you no longer need your case, you can send it back to them and they will turn it into a new Pela product or compost. Protect your phone and the environment. Your Pela Phone Case protects your phone from scratches and drops. Protect your phone. They are working to create a waste free future just like you. They use recycled paper and no plastic for their packaging. The design of this case is light and airy. It is also flexible without adding bulk to your phone. There is a guarantee of success. Do you want to change your mind? They do that as well. They offer a guarantee return if you don't like your choice.

Brand: Pela

👤I was excited to get a clear Pela case on Amazon so I could protect my phone right out of the box, because I've had a few Pela cases and they've held up great. I love the flat ridge of my phone and the fact that it can stand up, I loved being able to see my gold phone. It protects the phone well, but there are 2 things. I think through the camera square to see how little things get inside the case. I put it on my phone holder that sits in my car vent, so that it doesn't wrap around now that it's on low heat. I'll get one of the color ones instead for longevity, and I love that I can put them in my compost bin instead of throwing them away. At least it can be composted.

👤I love Pela cases. I regret updating my phone, but I am happy I got a new one because I no longer use my old pela case. The case fits my phone perfectly. I don't think this case is as strong as it could be as I have not dropped this new phone nor do I plan to, but my old phone was dropped multiple times on multiple surfaces and the only damage was to the screen protectors, my phone was great. I love that the Pela case is eco-friendly.

👤I did something that was perhaps the most airheaded thing I have ever done with my phone. I had to cook dinner with a million things to think about and I had my phone on the stove. I forgot to put my phone on the stove and put my pan down on the stove grate, so I turned on the flame. I smell a burning smell. I realize what I have done. I thought my phone was dead. I grabbed my phone when I turned off the flame. The phone case was melted. I took it off. There was my phone, in perfect condition. My neighbors use a compost service so I dumped it in their pail. From now on, I will use a Pela case.

👤This is my second Pela case. I love the quality. I was worried that the camera lens on my new phone would hit the surfaces I laid it on. I was happy to see that they did not use a phone case. The clear back is slippery but the sides are not. I hope this will help you in your quest for a green phone case.

👤I like the touch and feel of the product in my hands, it's not a snap to your phone case, it's more flexible on the sides because of the material, but I'm not rough on my phone. I have dropped it a few times and it seems to absorb a good amount and doesn't make a loud sound, because the material is softer than a plastic case. I bought a strap for the back to hold the stand. The style, color, texture, and all the other eco friendly things I love.

10. SteepLab Warrior Case IPhone Screen

SteepLab Warrior Case IPhone Screen

Fight the StatUS Quo - choose a case that makes a statement about your contribution to the future. There is no plastic in 100% of the product. Feel good about your purchase. Carry it with ease because it is only 0.05” (1.35mm) in diameter. It's thin enough to allow most wireless and magnetic charging. Every case is different, just like them. It is a great gift because it is hand wrapped in 100% recycled paper. Unwrapping was guilt-free. Feel free to reach out, they are Texas based and have 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Brand: Steeplab

11. LifeProof Case MagSafe IPhone SOFISHTICATED

LifeProof Case MagSafe IPhone SOFISHTICATED

Survives drops from 2 meters. Works with Apple MagSafecharging system. It is made with at least 45% recycled plastic. There is a limited lifetime warranty on LifeProof.

Brand: Lifeproof

👤It does what it says. These last longer than most cheaper cases.

👤This case protects my phone.

👤This case is wonderful. It was the best one purchased to date.

👤I have to remove the charging pad from the case.

👤It will keep my phone out of harms way.


What is the best product for iphone 13 pro max case eco friendly?

Iphone 13 pro max case eco friendly products from Lifeproof. In this article about iphone 13 pro max case eco friendly you can see why people choose the product. Woodcessories and Xeber are also good brands to look for when you are finding iphone 13 pro max case eco friendly.

What are the best brands for iphone 13 pro max case eco friendly?

Lifeproof, Woodcessories and Xeber are some of the best brands that chosen by people for iphone 13 pro max case eco friendly. Find the detail in this article. Lifeproof, Torras and Lifeproof are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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