Best Reusable Utensils Set with Case Eco Friendly

Set 6 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Cutlery Portable Tableware Camping Eco Friendly

Cutlery Portable Tableware Camping Eco Friendly

When you open the box, you will smell a faint scent of wheat. The box is strong. It is light and convenient, but it may not be very strong. It is enough to meet your needs, but please treat the cute knife, fork, spoon and chopsticks with care. The package includes a set of portable cutlery with pink, blue, green, and beige colors. The spoon length is 6.3 inch, thefork is 5.9 inch, and theKnife is 7.3 inch. The travel utensil is made of natural wheat straw and can be used for a long time. The dishwasher is safe. There is a tip. The cutlery should be kept far away from fire. Portable and stylish, portable and stylish, portable and stylish, portable and stylish, portable and stylish, portable and stylish, portable and stylish, portable and stylish, portable and stylish, portable and stylish, portable and stylish, portable and stylish, portable and stylish, portable and stylish, Take out with the case for school, work lunch or travel is a multifunctional use. It's a perfect gift for your family or friends. It's healthy and eco-friendly. A healthy Flatware set is needed for a healthy life.

Brand: Jnnzzggu

👤The product is very good for the price. After you wash and dry the items, the only thing left is a smell. If you can, leave it open. I have tried two different detergents and the same thing.

👤These pop up when you are looking for bariatric utensils. They say that they are small. They aren't the small kind that would help with portion control. The tag needs to be removed.

👤The box does not snap closed firmly. It's not suitable for packed lunches.

👤I brought these to work in my lunch bag. They are portable and light. They are easy to clean. The price is great with a 4 pack.

👤These are good for kids lunches. It's easy to put their lunch bags in. I wash them at the end of the day. These are better than bamboo we have tried before. The food was cut rather than being torn apart by the knives. They should last a long time after being used regularly for a few months.

👤The case they come in is the same material as the cutlery and it is very sturdy. Well worth it.

👤The set is neutral and cute. They took a while for me to get used to them because they are not flat. I use them for myself at home and on the go. The case that this product comes in is sturdy and they always clean the first time in the dishwasher.

👤These are much stronger than disposable utensils. I take them with my lunch so I have clean utensils to use.

2. Portable Utensils Stainless Flatware Neoprene

Portable Utensils Stainless Flatware Neoprene

Perfect Gifts are perfect gifts to give to your friends or family on a number of occasions. Please contact them if you have any questions. There is a lifetime warranty and a 60-days replacement. CARRY and use it wherever you please. The specially designed pouch keeps your silverware clean and free of dust. Each set has the right size to fit all hand sizes. Refer to their washing recommendations for dishwasher safe. You can easily spot your utensils in the drawer or dishwasher with the black and rose gold shiny finishes. The 4 pieces of cutlery are snug in the neoprene pouch. The pouch has an easy access to the inside of it. Strong. And resilience. The fork and spoons are made from high-quality 18/10 STAINLESS STEEL. The knife has small teeth and is made of 13/10 steel. The pouch is machine washed. You need to reuse as many times as you need. These sets are a great gift for your family and friends because of their modern design and original colors. Show your care for the environment by spreading some love. By using these sets every day, you help protect the environment. They made their sets strong so that you won't think of plastic silverware again. You can still feel at home when you eat with their combo, even if you are not in the office.

Brand: Think Earth First

👤I bought this product to stop buying plastic utensils. I can't find a fork to eat with in two schools. I ordered the rose gold and black set. Each school has one set. The utensils are tinted. The rose gold utensil is a little duller than I expected. The black set has a metallic look. They are easy to clean. Have not seen anything yet. These were bought a few weeks ago. I am glad I bought them.

👤To avoid using single-use plastic utensils, I was looking for utensils that were made from 304 steel. I wanted a small amount of yogurt to eat. I found many seven-piece sets on Amazon that included a large serving spoon, a fork, a knife, chopsticks, a cleaning brush, and a case to store everything. I don't use the chopsticks or the straw. This was the only set I found that was what I wanted, just a knife, fork, and small spoon in a case, with the addition of a larger serving spoon that I might use occasionally for pot-lucks at work. Even if I don't wash them or bring them back to the case, I'll be able to identify them as mine because no one else at work has them. I was very pleased with the Customer Support at Think Earth First, who issued a refund within hours of my reporting the problem, and I was able to order a replacement set at my convenience. They didn't require me to return the set because they were conscious of the environment.

👤The first impression was how heavy each set is. The knife will cut through meat. The case is very nice. There is another set for traveling.

👤July 6 was delivered. The finish is peeling off.

👤It's a perfect gift for people who take their lunch to work. It encourages a green environment with a personal touch. It's convenient to keep the utensils clean inside the desk or lunch box by storing them in a pouch.

👤Excellent product. A set is kept in our vehicles. Some restaurants focus more on their food than their utensils.

👤These are gorgeous and have a nice weight to them. The pink and black ones have small scratches on them, but they fit in my lunch bag. They're nice for something I already have, but I won't buy them again.

👤It is very sturdy and perfect for use at work. The case is large enough to fit the knife, which has caused it to tear a small hole. Would have liked it a bit longer so this wouldn't happen.

3. Portable Utensils Flatware Stainless Dishwasher

Portable Utensils Flatware Stainless Dishwasher

Their travel set is perfect to take with you anywhere, thanks to the thick and durable canvas travel bag. It is perfect for taking to BBQ's, camping, hiking, the office, festivals, and more. The set consists of 1 Dinner Forks, 1 Dinner Spoons and 1 Knives. The case is easy to carry. It's easy to clean. This set is dishwasher safe and made of heavy-duty 18/8 304stainless steel, which is healthy for daily use and easy to clean. The Travel Utensils Set has a simple appearance, smooth edges and no weight to hold. It fits any style of kitchen ware and provides a fine dining experience. Function is a classic design to fit any style kitchen tableware. If you have a problem with their product or service, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Lanskyware

👤The set is huge, I can tell it wasn't tested by an Asian person, the spoon is almost the size of a ladle. They need to shrink this down to a smaller size. It helps finish a meal quicker. I use it at work. I didn't want to take the silverware to work.

👤Love at first sight and use. These are a nice size and sturdy. I'm tempted to take and use when eating out. The utensils fit nicely in my large hands. The spoon and fork angles are perfect. Only stamped and not a brand name. Hope the finish lasts for a long time. A cheap case.

👤It is perfect for its purpose, but not high quality, it could last for a long time there, but not high quality.

👤I bought them to take to work. Our breakroom is closed due to COVID regulations, but we used to have communal silverware in it. This set is perfect for personal use. The design is stylish and the quality is sturdy. I might get another set to keep in my car.

👤These are much bigger than I anticipated. My wife takes silverware to work so I got these for her. I wanted to get her a decent set that was portable and easy to clean. Not quite.

👤The size of the utensils and serving spoons is not practical to use as standard meal utensils. The pack a lunch bag has some issues due to the long utensils and container setup.

👤The case does not close properly, which is the main reason I bought this set. I needed a case for my utensils. Very disappointed.

👤It's bigger than I expected but it's the job I needed them for. I think it is my mistake to not check the measurements because I would have liked them to be more compact.

4. Coolleya Silverware Chopsticks Tableware Eco Friendly

Coolleya Silverware Chopsticks Tableware Eco Friendly

There is a concierge service. They will provide a solution within 24 hours if you are not happy with the set. All In One ReusableUtensils Set With Case is an Eco-friendly knife, spoon, chopsticks, and a portable travel case. These silverware sets are easy to carry and store. They're great for travelling, camping, picnicking, school, office and any other outdoor activities. The Morden design has 4 beautiful colors. Their wheat straw utensils are made of PP and are Environmental Friendly. Replacing the single use cutlery with their wheat straw utensils will save their planet. These Utensils are great for bento box, school, office or party use, great gifts for friends and family.

Brand: Coolleya

5. Bamboo Chopsticks Straw Cleaning Carabiner Excellent

Bamboo Chopsticks Straw Cleaning Carabiner Excellent

You will love this look. The kitchen accessories set is made from beautiful color and wood that looks great. Looking for a unique gift? You have found it. You can upgrade your kitchen in an instant with your set. Eco-friendly and food safe. They use a top grade, Natural, vegan, Food-safe sealant on the bamboo travel utensil set to further ensure their durability, finished with a top grade, food safe wood oil, put an end to disposable plastic utensils, Save the planet one meal at a time with their natural bamboo travel Light weight, strong and long lasting. These bamboo travel utensil sets are dishwasher safe, they are beautiful, durable, and comfortable to use, and they won't stain or absorb flavors. It is easy to carry with you, the pouch is 9 inches by 2 inches, and it is not messy when you put the utensils back inside. For home or travel. The bamboo travel utensil set is secured with a hook-and-loop closure, which keeps them clean while traveling, and should be fine to bring with you when you go to work or play. The set includes a bamboo fork, bamboo spoon, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo straws, a Straw-cleaning brush, and a travel pouch and carabiner.

Brand: Bamboo Essentials

👤I use them with food that is moist and they splinter every time I wash them. Even after rinsing, they have a faint taste. I wanted to love them, but they didn't do it for me.

👤The quality of the set was very good. I bought them as a travel set, but have used them at work as well. I wasn't looking for a set with a straw because I was fond of the straw. It is very sturdy, easy to use, and I am comfortable using it again when it is cleaned with the included brush. I have used my dishwasher to wash the utensils. It will be nice to have a light weight when travelling.

👤The set was difficult to clean, but I wanted to love it, but it was difficult to do. I decided this set was too inconvenient after trying out a different brand. I wouldn't recommend it. The straw was a nice add on and the container was sturdy.

👤I need a new set of bamboo lunch utensils because my others are in storage. This set is very nice. I like that the knife can cut into vegetables. There are no weird smells or splintering. A picture of the sizes compared to regular cutlery is included. I would like to address the comments about them splintering. It's a good idea to massage a little olive, vegetable, or whatever cooking oil on the bamboo utensils once every few washes. This is a good way to cut boards. It helps keep the wood clean.

👤I got this for my husband. I bought another brand a long time ago. My review will compare. The way this is built is great. It has a straw with it. When I'm out, I shove the glass ones in there because mine didn't have a straw. The straw cleaner is in there as well. Well done! I like the shape of the fork more than the one I use. The other implements are just as good as mine. The case is the same as mine. I'm fond of the fact that these are not as smooth. Mineral oil has helped them. They should be protected so they last longer. People think it's great to have your own chopsticks to eat Asian food. It's a good thing. I recommend that you buy these. Since we bought these, the number of straws, forks, and spoons we put in the landfill has gone down. I would like everyone to buy a set and carry them around so they can use them when they eat out or just get a drink on the go. Good product for you, good product for the Earth!

👤I like this set. I was expecting smooth bamboo since it is coated in plastic or the like, but I was surprised when I had to file down a few places to avoid splinters. They work well. I plan to take it with me on all the traveling I will be doing this year.

6. DYRICH Reusable Utensils Eco Friendly Tableware

DYRICH Reusable Utensils Eco Friendly Tableware

We can't wait to add you to their long list of people who love their Bamboo King eco cutlery. Do you have a problem with your purchase? Don't worry! Your order is backed by a 100% guarantee. They will make it right if you contact them. Their utensil set is made of natural wheat straw and food PP, lightweight but durable, chip resistance, and dishwasher safe. There is a tip. Keep the wheat straw utensils away from the fire. The camping utensils case box is small. It's portable size and light-weight make it great for travel. You can easily put wheat straw in bento box, backpacks and other bags because it is lightweight. The utensils are perfect for camping, travel, picnic and working lunch. Simple and modern design, smooth texture, pastels. A travel utensil set with case is a perfect gift. You will get a set of portable utensils in different colors. The case has a fork, spoon, and knife. It's enough for a day's use. If there is a problem, please contact them so they can provide lifelong replacement service for you.

Brand: Dyrich

👤I use them more than travel because I like them so much. My new best friend is the spork.

7. YDYTOP Reusable Utensils Tableware Eco Friendly

YDYTOP Reusable Utensils Tableware Eco Friendly

Four eco forks and spoons, four blue eco forks and spoons, and four white eco forks and spoons. You will get 1 sets of disposable utensils with a blue case. The case has a fork, spoon, and knife. It's enough for a day's use. ECO-FRIENDLY. Their travel utensils are made of natural wheat straw and food PP, lightweight but durable, chip resistance, and dishwasher safe. There is a tip. The wheat straw should be kept far away from fire. The wheat straw utensils case box is small. It's portable size and light-weight make it great for camping. You can easily put wheat straw in bento box, backpacks and other bags because it is lightweight. The utensils are perfect for camping, travel, picnic and working lunch. Simple and modern design, smooth texture, pastels. A travel utensil set with case is a perfect gift. If there is a problem, please contact them so they can provide lifelong replacement service for you.

Brand: Ydytop

👤I gave these to my adult son for his birthday and he loved that it came in boxes that he could take with him when he went out to eat. He had dental work done that made it difficult to use regular utensils. I noticed that he uses more forks than spoons and that you can get individual spoons, but not forks.

👤Reusable utensils. It is easy to carry.

👤I use it for breakfast and lunch at work. It's easy to clean and store in between meals.

👤I love these! If you pack a lunch, they are very nice.

👤Good material and easy to pack.

8. Reusable Utensils Portable Tableware Eco Friendly

Reusable Utensils Portable Tableware Eco Friendly

The knife is either 16.5 cm or 6.5in, the spoon is either 16.9 cm or 6.7in, and the fork is either 16 cm or 6.3in. Four sets of portable combination cutlery with pink, blue,green, and beige colors are included. Each set includes a Wheat Straw Cutlery Set, which can be split into a fork, spoon, and knife. The travel utensils set is made of natural wheat straw, which is a healthy material. The dishwasher and microwave are dishwasher safe. Single use cutlery can be used to reduce plastic waste. The utensils set is designed for easy transportation and storage. The portable 3 in 1 combination design saves space. A variety of colors can add interest to your food. The camping utensil set is widely used for school lunch boxes, camping, travelling, party, school, office and other indoor activities. Being on the go is what you need for your lifestyle. It's a perfect gift for your family or friends. The spoon, fork, and knife have lengths of 6 and 6.5 inch, respectively. They offer a Lifetime Money Back or Replacement Guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

Brand: Hdiiaoz

👤These fit together so that the knife blade won't get stuck in my lunch bag, and they hold up well in the dishwasher.

9. Silverware Reusable Absorption Stainless Eco Friendly

Silverware Reusable Absorption Stainless Eco Friendly

Customer service is the best. Their shop became a high quality home store. They have a very supportive service team that will be happy to help. There are options for a refund or product replacement. The travel utensils have a magnetically attachable case, which is the most unique design. You only need to align the lid with the box, and it will not fall, because there are 4 powerful magnets inside. The anti-shaking flatware slot inside the box holds your travel cutlery set tight so you don't have to deal with clatter noise when moving. The bottle opener and dinner knife are both in the same set and are inspired by the shark's mouth. If you can't open a bottle of beer during lunch, this table knife can help. The knife body is thicker. You can have lunch easily with its help. Say no to single-use plastic utensils. The utensils are made of food grade 18/10 fineststainless steel which is rust resistant, safe and strong for daily use, and the one-piece structure is easy to clean, dishwasher safe. The set of portable set includes spoon, knife, fork, carrying case, and bag. The travel cutlery set is light in weight and small in size, making it easy to carry around and meet most of your needs. It's a must-have for daily use. The EIUbuie disposable travel flatware helps to keep your meal healthy wherever you are. The portable silverware set with case uses mirror polishing technology to smooth the surface and is worry-free. It is more suitable for teens and adults. A great gift for someone. Purchase it for your family or friends and let them have their own set of exclusive spoons and forks. They want to satisfy your purchase. They will provide you with a solution that will satisfy you if you contact them.

Brand: Eiubuie

👤I bring my own utensils to restaurants. This set is great for traveling, camping, or any time you need your own silverware. There is a The knife can be used as a bottle opener. The form and spoon work well. There is a These are 18/10 steel and can be placed in the dishwasher for sanitization. There is a The travel utensil set is well made.

👤I needed to add some utensils to my lunch bag. I want to limit my waste. I will be able to help the earth with this utensil set. I like the way it is done. The utensils are large enough to eat a delicious dish.

👤I will definitely use this set. Very strong. I like the magnetic case. It was priced just right. These will last. A person that travels a lot.

👤These will last a lifetime, good quality, well made, and a nice case.

10. Portable Utensils Silverware Eco Friendly Stainless

Portable Utensils Silverware Eco Friendly Stainless

Heavy Duty and 3D Design. The utensils have a curvy grip. Bamboware utensils are made out of bamboo and are top rated. High quality food grade 430stainless steel and natural wood cutlery/flatware set are good for your health. The knife fork and spoon are included. It's ideal for eating noodles, soups, dessert,cake and so on. It is convenient to carry the case in your bag, backpack or rucksack, and it is food grade PP Plastic, which is durable and stylish. It's ideal for multi situation where you can use it in the car, camping, scouts, lunch box, caravan, holidaying and more. It is an environmental protection way to use disposables. The upgraded case is made of more sturdy material. The lip of the case was improved. They need to ship thousands of utensil set to Amazon so there is a chance that 1 might be broken in transit. They will send you a new case if you contact them. They hope that every customer leaves a review to help others. It was a really good choice.

Brand: Hicorfe

👤I take my lunch to work in an office building that does not have a cafeteria. I wanted to keep a set of disposables at my desk so I searched for a set that could be cleaned in the break room. The wooden handles, slim case and size of the utensils made me choose this set. They are larger than most disposables. The slim box is a perfect fit for them because it takes little space in a desk drawer and the lid snaps shut so they don't spill into the drawer. There is a I wanted to show that the knife is sharp enough to cut meat. It's great for leftovers. We have a microwave that warms food. There is a The wooden handles fit my hand well. No splinters. I would recommend these for anyone who is looking for a set of utensils.

👤The best thing about these is that they have their own storage container. The container is dishwasher safe and there is two sets. We have used them for a week now and they seem to be sturdy, we use them six days a week in our lunch bags for work. Since I have been looking for lunch utensils, I hope so. I am hoping to have these for a long time since they are different from others that are plastic. The knife is a mix between a steak and a butter knife. Being able to cut chicken or pork chops makes you feel good. I will update if something changes.

👤I finally realized that I needed to have my own silverware at work. Maybe better than the utensils I use at home. There is a I work in a retail store that sells camping gear and there was nothing comparable to the quality that I was looking for at such a good price. I use it at home, but it is nicer. There is a The spoon is a good size for eating soups and chili. The knife has a sharp edge. The wooden handles are very sturdy. The plastic case is a plus. There is a My co-workers are jealous. Don't hesitate to buy.

👤This set is very nice and cheap. The knife cuts very well, which was my biggest concern. The case makes it easy to carry dirty utensils without getting anything else touched.

👤The product description mentioned it was a full size utensils, but I didn't see any of the other comments. After I received the product, I noticed it was a little bigger than I had expected. The spoon, fork, and knife are all functional and come with a sturdy case. I hope wooden hand pieces don't fall off after being washed. I can replace the entire utensil set if the wooden piece falls apart since the case is large enough for a regular spoon and fork. The seller advised a customer not to put it in a dishwasher, even though the description said it was dishwasher safe. More to come.

👤The silverware sets are great for packing. They are stored in a nice container so they are not lost in your bag. It's really heavy duty too. Don't break while trying to eat. 2 sets too! My daughter and I are going somewhere.

11. Reusable Utensils Stainless Including Chopsticks

Reusable Utensils Stainless Including Chopsticks

It's safe. The materials are tested to the strictest standards. Palate free as well as fda regulation compliant. The travel utensils are in a bag. The product is dishwasher safe and made of high quality food grade steel. The carrying case is easy to carry and will keep the travel utensil from making noise. The set is small in size and light in weight, and is a must-have for daily use. It's suitable for taveling, working, school, flight, workplace, eating on the go, camping, etc. Easy and eco-friendly. To clean. Say no to disposable or single-use plastic utensils. It is a great way to use the Reusuable travel flatware. The travel cutlery sets have a waterproof lining made of aluminum foil. Their priority is your satisfaction. The travel set is a great gift for people of all ages.

Brand: Bumaco

👤I bought this after I started bringing my lunch to work. I didn't want to ruin my set by bringing a fork from home. I bought a pack of disposable utensils for convenience. I noticed that one of my co-workers used this set everyday and then purchased disposable utensils that felt wasteful. After using the set for weeks now, I can say that it's easy to pay for itself, and that I enjoy my meals more when I use real utensils. I was tempted to give it 4 out of 5 stars because I would prefer Silicone to protect my teeth, and I am not a big fan of metal straws. I bumped it up to five stars because I think about the money that I'm saving over time by not buying disposable forks and such, and I'm proud of all the disposable forks that I'm not throwing in the trash.

👤Plastic utensils, wooden chopsticks, and disposable straws are all eco-friendly but I don't like their overall flimsiness. I had to buy them because another nurse at my job had them. I no longer lose pieces of my silverware. It also encourages me to bring healthier food to work and reduces the germs that I may inadvertently ingest from a sandwich or hummus and carrots when I'm in the hospital.

👤The inside of the bag doesn't have a way to hold the utensils. The straw cleaners are a big help, as the cutlery is very sturdy. There is a The plastic ones you get from the store have cut ends intended to pierce the plastic film on bubble tea lids, while the Boba star has a blunt end. My backpack matches perfectly.

👤Looks nice. Complete set. The price was decent. The fork prongs came very bent, and the case doesn't work well. The reflective nature of the black makes it hard to clean. It's probably not an issue with other metal finishes. I bought this set to stop looking for plastic. I always have a set of real flatware for my breakfast and lunch. It works as expected.

👤I take these to work everyday and I get a lot of praise for them. They have everything I need to eat. I have these portable utensils when I'm on a plane or a hotel. I don't have to ask for room service when I have these. They fit in my luggage. I like my colorful utensils.

👤This is a good set with everything you need for most occasions. It's got a good case, the brushes are in two sizes, and they're as solid as any other brushes I have for straws. But... I like smaller pieces of cutlery and hoped this set had them, but they are large. If it's not a soup spoon like you're given at a Chinese takeout here, it will be a "table spoon" and not what we call a "tea spoon". There is a spoon that is used for tea. I just hoped. This is a good choice for the price. I can live with having a big spoon at dinner. You won't feel cheated because the chopsticks are a decent length. The main reason I bought this set was that I kept getting my lunch set of utensils for work with the main utensils of our kitchen. It was annoying, but now someone did it on purpose. I should still be able to find it quickly even if I run out the door. The pieces were washed up nicely. The pieces are light in weight and feel good in your hand.


What is the best product for reusable utensils set with case eco friendly?

Reusable utensils set with case eco friendly products from Jnnzzggu. In this article about reusable utensils set with case eco friendly you can see why people choose the product. Think Earth First and Lanskyware are also good brands to look for when you are finding reusable utensils set with case eco friendly.

What are the best brands for reusable utensils set with case eco friendly?

Jnnzzggu, Think Earth First and Lanskyware are some of the best brands that chosen by people for reusable utensils set with case eco friendly. Find the detail in this article. Coolleya, Bamboo Essentials and Dyrich are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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