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1. Automatic Water Resistant Folding Umbrella Protection

Automatic Water Resistant Folding Umbrella Protection

The stands are 40-inches. Leave it to dry. Clean with a damp cloth. Sun protection blocks harmful UV rays, and the large canopy foldable umbrella is lightweight and auto open close. One push of the button opens the umbrella's shaft and canopy, and another pushes the button to collapse the canopy so you can repack and store. The umbrella canopy has an invisible coating that allows rain to roll right off. SunGuard protects you from 98 percent of harmful UV rays and keeps you cooler. The canopy is 43-inches and folds to 11-inches when closed. Leave it to dry. Clean with a damp cloth.

Brand: Totes

👤The Totes umbrella arrived in time for Ida, which will hit New Jersey tomorrow. Can I close it and collapse it quickly? I had to push the last umbrella against a wall to collapse it, because it was so hard to fall. It's hard when it's pouring. You're trying to get into the car. When I pushed the button, it opened to a size that would keep me dry, and when I closed it, it was a size that I could wear all day. I didn't have to use brute strength that I don't have because it collapsed easily when I pushed the bottom. This one is a winner. The New Jersey great grandmother approves.

👤The material feels like plastic, not nylon, because of the leopard print. There is a All of my other umbrellas are similar to umbrellas. This feels like a bag that will break. The ribs and button work well. Something is not right with this model. Returning it.

👤Having to use two hands to open and close an umbrella is not something that happens very often. I will never buy an umbrella that has a push button on it. It's easy to get in and out of a car in the pouring rain with other things in your hands. I can keep this unit between the drivers seat and the center console because it's so small. I can keep my back pocket in tact when I'm inside.

👤I had a lot of umbrellas in my house, but I couldn't find my mini. I got an animal print for my sister and a black one for me because I can't be without an umbrella. I like the open/ close feature.

👤It's not a good umbrella. I think Totes is the top of the line product, but I don't know why this umbrella is being sold at this price. The minute we tried it out, it broke. We had to return it. This is cheaper than my other TOTE umbrellas.

👤I gave up on my umbrella because of tiny holes from use. I bought another one on Amazon. The mechanism to open and close it broke after one year. I thought it must be a mistake to buy another. I have had an umbrella for a while. It is September. One of the spokes snapped. The parts that should be connected are shown in red circles.

👤There is an umbrella. It pops open easily, folds away easily, keeps the rain and sun off my person, and most importantly, doesn't take up a lot of space. We live in Southern California. I wanted something small and sturdy. This fit the bill. There were no issues.

👤I think this is the most beautiful umbrella I have ever owned. I haven't tried it in a storm yet, but it's strong enough for normal rain. The ladylike design makes me happy.

👤After opening the umbrella for the first time, it wouldn't close.

👤It is really functional and well designed.

👤These umbrellas are the most reliable I have ever purchased. It would be guaranteed for life.

2. Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella Handle

Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella Handle

STRESS RELIEF TOYSMochi squishy with amazing soft hand feelings, you can grab, poke, giggle, squeeze, and squishy mini squishy toys, release stress and anxiety, and get bored. The perfect gift is in the Holiday Kids Gift Book. This design is a great gift for Christmas, a birthday, or any special occasion. Mister and me enjoy the rainy days with their cute family style totes umbrellas. There are three colors available in Dots, Clear and Iridescent. For matching adult styles, check their Signature Bubble Umbrellas listed below. There is a WINDPROOF and an RAINPROOF. Kid's bubble dome umbrella with a 38 inch extended canopy keeps your little one dry. There is a clear UMBRELLA. The clear canopy with fun and unique designs makes it easy for your child to see what is ahead. Rounded tips and a pinch-proof closure keep little hands safe while opening and closing the umbrella. It makes life easier for mom and dad. The umbrella is travel-friendly and sturdy, and can be folded to store in a backpack or purse. Leave it to dry. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean. The white non-stick protection powder is in this umbrella. Before use, clean/ wipe with a damp cloth.

Brand: Totes

👤Cute to match an umbrella. The kids length is 26 inches.

👤These umbrellas are awesome! My kids used them as Easter baskets. They had a powder all over them. I had to clean it all before I could use them.

👤My kids' Halloween costumes were perfect because of these umbrellas. I've seen posts about them being dirty. They are not dirty. They are covered in a powder. When you first open them, they're good to go, but this is to keep them from sticking together and tearing.

👤This was the first part of the costume. It worked out well.

👤Love, love, love this umbrella. My daughters are completely covered by it. They can see where they are walking if they are protected from the wind. During a recent rainstorm, my 2 1/2 year old had difficulty holding onto the umbrella, but she quickly recovered, as the wind died down. I would recommend this umbrella.

👤My 5 year old son has been using the clear one for a year. I ordered the polka dot one for my daughter because she was jealous. It arrived today and looks good. Both came with a lot of dirt. I had to give the umbrellas to the kids before I wiped them down.

👤I bought the best umbrella for my second child two years later. My 1st graders backpack is in the rain and he can carry this umbrella with him. It is easy to open and close for a child. I wish I had one of these for myself, it is so easy to open and close, and it will not turn inside out with wind. The plastic is thick and resistant to child behavior.

👤I bought this for my son so he wouldn't be surprised by the El Nio season. We used it for 8 days so far this year. There is a The Pros are lightweight. My son can carry it. * It opens easily. My son can operate it on his own. * He can hold it close to his body and his face doesn't get wet when the wind blows sideways because it is clear and steep-sided. There are pros and cons. He likes to stand under water spouts to watch the water fall.

👤The item looked great for our daughter, but it was dirty and scratched in the clear plastic, so cleaning would not help. The item was stored in a way that made it hard to find, and the replacement we got was just as bad. Not worth the money.

👤This was a nice birthday gift for my two nieces, so that they wouldn't get wet during the rainy months. They were both very happy with the designs.

👤This is the perfect size for women. The regular adult size is large enough to fit 2 people. There is a This one is perfect for a single person. Definitely not a kid size. Very happy with it! I need to test it out on a windy day, but so far so good.

3. Totes Automatic Close Canopy Umbrella

Totes Automatic Close Canopy Umbrella

Leave it to dry. Clean with damp cloth. Keeping you dry and protected from the elements is what the foldable golf umbrella does. The umbrella canopy has an invisible coating that repels water for superior rain protection. The handle is premium and has a secure grip. A protective travel sleeve is included, and the wrist strap makes it easy to carry. When closed, the canopy is 15-inches. Leave it to dry. Clean with a damp cloth.

Brand: Totes

👤I purchased this umbrella about a year and a half ago, and after using it in a heavy rain last night, I felt compelled to write a review. There is a In the eighteen months I have owned this umbrella, it has kept me dry in countless rainstorms in New York, including ones with significant wind gusts, such as those found in the wind tunnels that form between the city's skyscrapers. I've watched those around me ditch their crumpled, destroyed umbrellas in sidewalk trash cans and not once has the canopy or the aluminum supports failed. This is amazing because of how big the umbrella is. It's golf-umbrella-sized, and as a 6'3'' person, it keeps me fully dry from the knees up in "raining sideways" storms, and fully dry in "vertical" rainstorms. It folds down to a very small size, which is a bit smaller than the bottle I keep in the other side of my backpack. The included sleeve is great for keeping the umbrella dry. There is a The opening and closing mechanism will be mentioned. It's great to be able to open it with one click, and not have to worry about pushing up the canopy. It is easy to click the button again as you approach your destination, as the canopy collapses. You will be as wet as you would have been had you not had an umbrella, just before you get to your destination, because you no longer have to fight to close an umbrella outside. A quick click of the tote will allow you to walk in easily.

👤The title of the review is "protects me from rain" and you are probably wondering what that means. Of course it has an umbrella. Let me explain. I've never bought an umbrella from Walmart that lasted more than a day. Really? We will learn how to make an umbrella in 2020. I had a broken umbrella before I got the totes umbrella. I had to walk in the rain to work. This umbrella definitely protects me from rain, and I had to mention that because Totes lives up to their name.

👤I replaced my previous totes umbrella that had a few small holes in the fabric with this one in August of 2019. The new umbrella has only been used a dozen times. Not by the wind. It is not easy to open or close anymore. I have cut my fingers trying to force it open or closed. The shaft part won't move up or down, and when I can force it to move, it's almost impossible to close it. I don't think Totes umbrellas are the same as the ones they earned their reputation on. The cost of shipping it to Totes and the fee to get it back in 3-6 weeks is not worth it. I will find a new preferred brand for my umbrellas and I will not let myself get fooled by Totes again.

👤It's a great umbrella for when you need a lot of coverage but don't want to carry it all the time. I decided to buy this because I was left completely soaked by the smaller umbrellas in my city. I needed something portable since I like to carry my umbrella in my bag whenever the forecast says it will rain. Most other umbrellas are in the category of "stop the water from touching you from above". This one has the advantage of being huge and being able to cover you, your personal items/bags, and one other person and their belongings comfortably. If you don't have anything, you can squeeze three people under it and not get wet. You get all that coverage, and it's in the size of a small folding umbrella. There is a It's a little weak when it comes to wind since it's that large. It's hard to hold it up straight in when the wind is more than 10 mph. I have to admit that it's not the best umbrella to bring out on a windy day because I have had it flip inside-out 4 times. I've never had an umbrella collapse on me, but I still work. It was perfect. Without any issues. Even the auto is open. It's difficult. If your city is very windy, don't buy this.

4. Totes Wooden Handle Stick Umbrella

Totes Wooden Handle Stick Umbrella

The white non-stick protection powder is in this umbrella. Before use, clean/ wipe with a damp cloth. Totescoat repels water for maximum rain protection. Stay dry with the touch of a button, it's the auto open design. The wood j-handle design is easy to carry and fits perfectly in your hand. The metal tip is impact resistant. It is possible to travel from office to home. It's great for dressy and formal occasions to keep you dry. Leave it to dry. Clean with damp cloth.

Brand: Totes

👤The Wirecutter recommended two of these. The close/release mechanism broke on one of them within a month of use. They're backed by a lifetime warranty. Right? The warranty conditions require you to pay for shipping and return shipping, but you can also deduct $5 from the cost. The warranty is useless if you just buy a new one on Amazon, because the shipping costs aren't much.

👤I bought this to replace an umbrella 15 years ago. I bought this little gem because I was pressing my luck with a $1 umbrella. I was very excited. We got some rain over the next few days. I was very excited. I walk for a while. I close it. The handle broke off on the second shake as I shake it off. It's fair to say that a Totes umbrella is better than a Dollar Tree umbrella. It's fair that the umbrella should last more than one use.

👤The umbrella is pretty large. The J hook is beautiful. I bought the spread, but stayed for the beauty. There is a No SPF rating. After buying, I realized I wanted that. I'll keep it. There is a When corona is present, activities that are suddenly outdoors, like church, prompt bringing an umbrella on a sunny day. I can still wear suntanlotion. There are a few complaints about things breaking. I don't use the 'auto open' unless I'm exiting a car. Why open something and break it over time? The feature is not worth using on an umbrella. 5 star umbrella is still earned, but 6 stars is larger. There is a I'll look for that if this continues.

👤The umbrellas are great for weddings. When the forecast was bad, I bought 6 of these. The wooden handles look very stylish. I would buy again.

👤The Totes version of the umbrella is perfect for fashion and resilience. Every young man should have a black umbrella with a wooden handle. The large, sturdy umbrella is a classic item and never goes out of style. The handle is light and cheap. You don't want something heavy. If you do, you can get a Davek NY for $350. I am going to buy more of them. The umbrella says you're a smart, financially responsible person. Trying without trying is what it's called. This is a victory.

👤This is the second one I have received. The first one worked well for a while, but it wouldn't open again. I bought a second one because I couldn't return the first one anymore. The second one only worked for a few weeks. I tried to open the umbrella but it got stuck. I don't know what's going on with these products. I'm sending these back to Totes so I can get a new one.

👤I like this umbrella. My wife got this for me because I was complaining about the design flaws in the compact counterpart. It is long enough to be used as a cane for me, and has supported me casually and frequently. The hook is easy to leave out to dry in public, and it is not embarrassing to carry around when there is a chance. We don't have high winds, so I can't tell you the rib strength. It works well in winds of 25 mph. The crux of this umbrella's value is that I don't have to hunch over and hurry from my car to a building while trying to squeeze under a flimsy compact umbrella; I open my door, press a button, the umbrella pops. --- 2 years 6 months is an update. I have had an umbrella for 2.5 years. Still works well. My two year old loves pushing the button to open it. I'm surprised I haven't had to replace it yet.

5. Totes Titan Compact Travel Umbrella

Totes Titan Compact Travel Umbrella

The canopy is 43-inches and folds to 11-inches when closed. Leave it to dry. Clean with a damp cloth. One touch auto open/ close makes the umbrella easy to use with one hand. One touch of the button will open and close the umbrella. The umbrella folds down to 11 inches and can fit into purses, golf bags, backpacks, carry-on bags and more. It's the best umbrella for rain, sun, travel, and adventure. It is a roof engine. Premium 8 rib construction is made of lightweight aluminum. Super strong winds and gusts up to 70 miles per hour can be caused by the wind resistant Titan Maximum strength technology. The lightweight construction of fiberglass foreribs prevents rib distortion due to umbrella inversion. Sun and waterproof are included. A large canopy made with 200 thread count. The neverwet canopy repels rain water and allows your umbrella to dry more quickly than other umbrellas. Sunguard sun protection blocks 98% of harmful UV sun rays. Toes guarantee. Totes are lightweight and strong, which makes them good for a lifetime of storms. There are features for CONVENIENT DESIGN. The patented wide tie strap makes it easy to store your umbrella. The travel case allows you to keep your umbrella out of the water. The handle of the wrist strap is flat and stays out of your way.

Brand: Totes

👤Don't let the pictures fool you. It is small when folded. Press the button to see a big umbrella. Press it again to collapse it. It looks and feels good. I can tell by the metal that it won't fall apart when the wind blows. I bought the black one because it looks professional and work ready, and it has a nice strap, so it is perfect for my commute to work. There is a The totes umbrella888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607- is888-607-888-607- is888-607- is Next day on Prime, you can get free! There is a Even though it is large, you won't look like a douchebag when you have it open, because it is not as big as those huge umbrellas people in New York walk around with. I think that's correct. I highly recommend this umbrella to anyone who is looking for a compact umbrella that is sturdy and can also cover their backpack. Maybe with a loved one.

👤umbrellas are the only product that changes more than car models. Not for the best. I wanted a spare Totes 22605, but I'm not a fan of their current line up. I found the Totes website to be less than helpful and I had trouble identifying the umbrella's closed shapes and proportions. I had to click on each product to view the closed configuration in their catalog. Quality close-up product photos of the handles are important, they are less long term durability, they are harder to control, and materials aren't helpful, basically enlarging/upsampling a low quality, small product photo. The totes titan compact travel umbrella is more compact than the other ones. There is a The first time I tried to close it, I let go of the handle at the first click and it punched me in the gut. I'll live, more of a surprise, but not a good first impression. I've never had this happen before. The false click made me think the umbrella was closed. I think it's due to being unaccustomed to the more compact umbrellas. I prefer a 16 inch closed umbrella and a single telescopic joint. Keep closing until you reach the second stronger click. There is a The lower joint of the umbrella's shaft has a lot of wobbliness. I've never experienced anything like that on an umbrella. I have concerns about how this will affect the umbrella's handling in strong gusts, as the wind will have a 5 degrees say on where the canopy will turn. There is a The lanyard... The old lanyards were very heavy and simple. You will never fail. The lanyards are made of junk. The new lanyards have a less reassuring elastic lanyard instead of a single shoe string. I think there's still a lifetime warranty. The bounce to carrying the umbrella is bad. The elasticity of the shoes string will fail sooner than the elastic. I don't like elastic decisions. There is a hub component with the Totes logo on it that reduces the lanyard down to a heavy dental floss diameter string. This doesn't inspire confidence. The umbrella's handle isn't designed to allow me to retrofit it with a lanyard. The lanyard has current product photos hiding it. Totes has a good lifetime warranty. I hope they will replace the lanyards for free.

6. Totes Automatic Windproof Water Resistant Foldable

Totes Automatic Windproof Water Resistant Foldable

When closed, the canopy is 15-inches. Leave it to dry. Clean with a damp cloth. The maximum strength automatic open close foldable compact umbrella has a windproof rating of 70 mph. There is rain. The umbrella canopy has a invisible coating that allows rain to roll right off for superior water repellency. The auto open close is easy to use. One push of the button opens it and one push closes it. It's convenient and economical. The wide tie strap has a metallic handle for a secure grip. The folds to a compact size of 11-inches are easy to use. Leave it to dry. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean.

Brand: Totes

👤This umbrella is small and not very large, but it does not give much coverage. It only gives for one person. I liked the fact that it opened quickly. There was a noticeable delay when the auto open button was pressed, which was an issue with my previous Totes titanium umbrella. You still need to compress the spring-powered shaft in order to load it after pressing the button again. It flipped inside-out the second time I used it. The Windward side of the island of Oahu is the windiest side of the island. I expected more from a product that claims to work in wind. The previous Totes umbrella was larger and never flipped inside out even in heavier winds. The titanium arms have razor-sharp edges and are definitely a safety concern for me. You will bleed if you touch the corners of the arms. I would not feel comfortable carrying this item through customs at the airport because it is similar to 8 switchblades as an umbrella. The ends of the arms are capped. The elastic cord at the base of the handle is attached to a matching ball in order to complete the aesthetic. It would be nice if this product did as advertised, but it doesn't. I will only give this product a star if it works. I can not recommend this product due to the safety concerns brought on by the sharpness of the titanium arms, but it does open and close with it's auto-open/close feature.

👤The advertised size is not the actual one. The multi-colored canopy is not a 43 inch canopy. It's closer to 37 inches. The umbrellas are larger than this one. There is a If you're looking for something for an adult, you should order a different color. For someone with a small body frame, this one is fine. My back would get wet if I used it.

👤The umbrella broke while walking across the bridge. The wind blew my umbrella and broke it. Since it was advertised as withstanding winds up to 70 mph, I was very disappointed.

👤This was a replacement for a larger Titan that had an inner spring. It is impossible to fix without a spring loading device. There is a manufacturers are always cutting corners They have to maintain their bottom lines without steep price increases. I bought these because they were supposed to be strong in the wind and rain. There is a The Totes name is not living up toTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia is not living up toTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia is not living up toTrademarkiaTrademarkia is not living up toTrademarkia is not living up toTrademarkiaTrademarkia is not living up toTrademarkiaTrademarkia is not living up toTrademarkiaTrademarkia is The hassle is not worth it. I have to wait until I get home to process the replacement. I expect more. This is not the first replacement for a Totes umbrella. I gave them a chance, but they're relying on a name to sell a product.

👤The umbrella was supposed to be 43 inches. The packaging says 43 inches. I already had one that was the correct size and this was a gift for my daughter. It is only 34 inches when it arrives. The package has false advertising on it.

7. Totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella

Totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella

The white non-stick protection powder is in this umbrella. Before use, clean/ wipe with a damp cloth. There is a clear linguistic abnormality. The canopy is waterproof for maximum rain coverage. There is rain and a roof. You will be protected from the wind and the rain with a 51” canopy. The Arc is 51 inches when open. Light weight construction: The aluminum shaft has a comfortable handle. It is easy and long. Leave it to dry. Clean with a damp cloth. The white non-stick protection powder is in this umbrella. Before use, clean/ wipe with a damp cloth.

Brand: Totes

👤The umbrella is cute, but it has a few flaws. It was coated in white powder on the inside and outside. I don't understand why people would give a one star review just because of this. It looked clear and glass after 10 minutes with a facecloth. Do I expect my umbrellas to be clean? I rolled with the punches. I think I understand why it was coated in powder after cleaning it. The umbrella is made of thick plastic sticks that make it hard to open when it is folded. The flaps were likely prevented from sticking together by the powder. It's difficult to wrap around the umbrella because it's made of the same material as the rest of the umbrella and doesn't slide against it. If the company wanted, I'm sure they could just give the umbrella a coating and make the strip out of a different material, but for the price. It is a great looking umbrella that can hold up to rain and wind.

👤This is a good umbrella for a big woman like me. I use a walker. I decided to use a bubble umbrella because I didn't want to hold it while I use the walker. The clear bubble was not found in any stores. After reading the dimensions, I decided it was big enough. It is. I have used it many times. I use both hands for my walker when I tuck the handle in between coat buttons. One of the great things about Totes is the lifetime guarantee. You have to wipe the plastic every now and then because of the spots from the water drying. It works for what I want.

👤The umbrellas were great. They come dusty, but being wiped off with a rag made them clear. They were used on our wedding day because it rained. It is a very good umbrella.

👤Our wedding pictures were made from these umbrella's. Highly recommended.

👤It was easy to wipe off the white dust on the plastic with a dry rag, but all the other reviews are true. I didn't know that it has a lifetime warranty, so it's definitely worth the price you pay.

👤I made the best costume ever.

👤First impression... The big umbrella has a long handle and a clear view. It feels strong. I haven't used it yet. I'm waiting for rain in Southern California. I used this in the rain and wind. Yesterday, El Nio arrived in So Cal. We haven't seen this much rain in a long time. This held up well. The bubble shade protects me. I like this idea. I feel like a horrible person because I can't protect anyone else from the rain.

👤There is a very cute UMBRELLA. It's worthy. Many people are complaining about the white powder on the outside. It's true. It's there. I spent a lot of time wiping it off with wet paper towels, but realized that it was there to prevent the sides from sticking to each other. The sides of the umbrella make it difficult to open. People need to stop giving bad reviews for having the powder on the umbrella. It's there. For. There is a reason. There is a It's nearly impossible to open a car door without getting rained on, which is the biggest "con" for me. The nature of how this umbrella opens makes it impossible to open it without stepping out into the rain. I only use it when I walk.

8. Totes Automatic Water Resistant Foldable Protection

Totes Automatic Water Resistant Foldable Protection

The folded length is 12.75-inches. Leave it to dry. Clean with a damp cloth. Sun protection blocks harmful UV rays, and the large canopy foldable umbrella is lightweight and auto open close. One push of the button opens the umbrella, and another closes it. The umbrella canopy has an invisible coating that allows rain to roll right off. SunGuard protects you from 98 percent of harmful UV rays and keeps you cooler. The canopy is 39-inches and folds to 8-1/4-inches when closed. Leave it to dry. Clean with a damp cloth.

Brand: Totes

👤5 stars for the umbrella. The blue umbrella has 3 stars. The button on the handle makes it easy to open and close it. I wanted an umbrella that was easy to use for my daughters. The canopy is closed by the close button. You need to push it down to the handle until it clicks. It is too difficult for my 7 year old to do, but it is fine for my 10 year old. I would recommend the rainbow one. The fabric is wrapped tightly around the strap. We bought the blue one and wouldn't recommend it. The fabric was stiff and thick, which made it hard to close after opening.

👤I had a Totes umbrella that was broken by an external force and this was a replacement. The automatic open/close feature of Totes is something I love. This one seemed to be malfunctioning. The fabric was wrinkled and stiff. It was nearly impossible to rewrap the umbrella because the band that held it together was not long enough. I went to a store to try out different things. The fabric was soft and easy to rewrap. The umbrella I received was not typical of Totes. I returned it.

👤It's an umbrella. I've used it in the rain and the sun. It keeps the sun out. I dislike this umbrella because it's hard to get the velcro around it when I'm trying to close it. The umbrella is slightly bulkier than a regular umbrella and it is slightly stiff. It is not easy to close it with a long piece of velcro. I have to tug and tug and tug to get it closed. It hurts my hands and takes too long when I'm rushing.

👤This is a great umbrella, but it is too big to be a travel umbrella. I should have been looking for a micro mini umbrella instead of a travel umbrella. It is a nice umbrella. I bought a micro mini for travel and kept it for everyday use.

👤I've always bought tote umbrellas. They lasted a long time. I bought this one 10 months ago. I haven't used this one much since I have many tote umbrellas. It broke today. When I left the house in the rain, I left my appointment in a heavy rain. I had to take a taxi to get home. The quality used to be the best.

👤This umbrella is awesome! My husband swore by his and will only pay for Totes, even though I thought it was an absurd price to pay for one. I need to replace my umbrella in my car. Again, I love this umbrella. The water glides off it. It folds up very nicely and is very small.

👤We took it to Europe. It broke the first time we opened it. We had no unbrella for our trip.

👤It was bought for travel. The right size seems very functional. Sturdy.

👤I was not happy with this product. I have the earlier totes isotonic SunGuard brolly and it was much stronger and had a longer canopy than this. I found the new SunGuard brollies to be much wider and less curved than the old ones, so they block out more sun on the surface, but also have more UV rays reflected into your eyes and whatever exposed region beneath the brolly. When the sun rays bounce off the ground into your eyes it hurts, so I would rather buy the one with more curved area. I'm using it as a rain umbrella and I'm hoping it spoils soon in the strong London winds, but I'd probably look for the older version or another UV umbrella, since the winds tore a hole through it. Hopefully they will change their series. There's a flatter arch instead of a flatter surface. There is a The stem of the brolly was thinner and the legs were flimsy, which is not good for workmanship.

9. Totes Automatic Windproof Water Resistant Foldable

Totes Automatic Windproof Water Resistant Foldable

There are features for CONVENIENT DESIGN. The patented wide tie strap makes it easy to store your umbrella. The travel case allows you to keep your umbrella out of the water. The handle of the wrist strap is flat and stays out of your way. The automatic open close foldable umbrella is strong enough to resist winds up to 70mph. The umbrella canopy has an invisible coating that allows rain to roll right off. One push of the button opens the umbrella, and another closes it. A wide tie strap for easy, neat storage and wood/rubber textured handle for premium style and grip. The folded length is 12.75-inches. Leave it to dry. Clean with a damp cloth.

Brand: Totes

👤The Totes 70 mph Windproof Titan Auto Open Close umbrella was purchased in September of last year. The umbrella was sturdy to handle New England weather. During several rain, wind and snow storms, the umbrella started to have problems. When I pressed the button for the release, the umbrella started to have a hard time closing. I had to shake it to get it to close. The spoke inside of the umbrella broke during a day of strong winds and the umbrella is no longer usable as it will automatically close on you during a storm. This is going to be thrown away and I will have to look for a new umbrella again.

👤I couldn't find anyone who said the canopy size was the same as this one. It is 43 for inquiring minds. Not 47. Even though the canopy says 47" coverage, you should never believe the size advertised. I'm not sure how you can cover 4 more inches. I don't believe the 70 mph claim either. I will never try that. There are bigger issues at that speed. Overall, it seems like a good product. It hasn't been field tested yet. It is snowing.

👤The umbrella is decent, but feels a bit lightweight to be able to stand up to high wind. It's not certain if it's durable. I thought the canopy would be a bit bigger, but it does the job. When the button is pushed, it opens and closes. You have to push against a strong spring to close the handle. After several uses, the hinges make a bit of creaking noises. It's doubtful it can stand up to the advertised wind speed. The handle button will close and dump water on you if you accidentally press it. You can't reopen it until you close it and reopen it. It can happen when you least expect it.

👤The umbrella broke in the first wind. I have to return to Totes and pay for the new umbrella. The product is poor and unhappy. I have to pay for a new umbrella. The inferior product that did not work as promised should be replaced by the tote. Terrible tote's umbrella and warranty. I was very dissatisfied with the Totes. I won't buy any of their products again.

👤I paid for the umbrella, and I am the first person to post a review. This is an unbiased review from someone who paid $38.16 for this umbrella, so it's not a "Vine Free Promo Reviews" review. It looks like this umbrella is a recent release. I was unable to locate the part number on the Totes website, and did not see it listed in a general view of products. The latest in the line of Totes products are "NeverWet" and "Titan". The last one was the 8755 which was available on Amazon. This is a new press and it was issued a month ago. Part# on umbrella tag is black. When open, the "rod" under the umbrella is 42 inches long. I'm too lazy to try and measure this. There are different models for comparison. The best of both worlds! It's called the Canopy NeverWet and the Titan 70Mph 7570 and the Canopy Generic. This umbrella is the Totes Auto Open/Close umbrella. The handle is a bit smaller than my previous model and looks to be made of wood rather than rubber or plastic. When the next major storm passes by, there isn't a chance to field test the umbrella, but will give it a try. I would think that it would hold up to the standard of excellence of the Totes, as it seems that one of these umbrellas needs to be replaced because it is either Left Behind or someone borrowed it. There is a I was in the process of buying a spare umbrella for emergencies when I found this product at random on Amazon. The 7570 55" Titan seemed to have a lot of negative reviews which implied it failed more often than not. To fail. The smaller 7550 47" Titan had better reviews than the larger 8755 43" Titan. I was interested in the umbrella that had both features, but the smaller size was a deal killer. I was about to buy the 7550 47" Titan when I stumbled upon this product. It had the larger canopy size, the 70mph rating, and the NeverWet. I can say that this is the umbrella to buy as it gives you A, even though it was too good to be true. Large canopy, 70mph protection, and never wet feature. This is a good one until Totes comes out with a 55" canopy version. - Someone who paid for their umbrella isn't someone who got it for free. It's a good thing.

10. Totes Automatic Vented Canopy Umbrella

Totes Automatic Vented Canopy Umbrella

The folds to a compact size of 11-inches are easy to use. Leave it to dry. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean. The golf umbrella has a maximum strength of maximum strength. The double-canopy design and hardened steel frame make your umbrella very strong. One push of the button opens the umbrella. A rubber coated stick handle with a wide tie strap and neat storage is a must. The stands are 40-inches. Leave it to dry. Clean with a damp cloth.

Brand: Totes

👤I don't like umbrellas. I wanted this purchase to be the last one. I got into a fight with my wife when I tried to buy an umbrella. I am thankful that she won. There is a The ultimate umbrella doesn't exist, so you should buy this one. It's pretty good. There is a Think again if you think I'm wrong. I've read over a hundred reviews and articles. I've researched a lot of things, including shedrains, weathermans, gustbusters, daveks, sunmoutains, and blunt umbrellas. I believe that I am an umbrella expert. I do not say that with pride. The design is flawed. Think about it: Dozens of tiny moving parts crammed into a small space, connected only by thin fabric and used exclusively in harsh weather. It's a recipe for failure. You can't hunt fish with a water pistol, you can't offroad with a toy truck, and an umbrella can't be a permanent shelter from the rain. There is a The best decision you can make is to buy this totes umbrella. Trust me.

👤The large canopy umbrella is auto- opening. The pros are (1) The canopy is large and easy to carry, it opens with a push of a button, the handle is comfortable, and it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. There is a It doesn't auto- close, and it's relatively expensive, compared to other brands. There is a I like that Tote's umbrellas mean it when they advertise "lifetime guarantee." My wife bought a large umbrella several years ago. It was used a lot before one of the metal ribs broke. I was told to cut a portion of the strap off and send the attached label with the umbrella model number. There is a I received a replacement umbrella that was much smaller than the one I was going to replace. I contacted Tote's again. They sent me a bigger umbrella for free. That is a great lifetime guarantee. Let me know if my review makes you feel useful.

👤My previous review has been updated. Several of the plastic caps that hold the fabric onto the ends of the ribs broke off after just a few weeks of use. The fabric doesn't hold on to the ribs anymore and it's less functional. The issue was not misuse of the product but the caps were made of cheap plastic and broke easily. I need to buy another umbrella because I was very disappointed in this purchase. Would not recommend it. It feels sturdy and not heavy. It is a push to open, but you have to manually close it because it is large.

👤The golf canopy that I have used for the past eight years was purchased to be replaced. The rubber hand grip has fallen and the canopy has torn off the spokes and repaired them many times. They looked high and low to find an exact replacement and settled on this one. There is a The umbrella tip used to be metal with a rubber tip, now it's plastic. The locking mechanism is plastic now as opposed to the metal clip from the previous version, and it feels more inferior, so I may have to look for another brand.


What is the best product for totes eco friendly umbrella?

Totes eco friendly umbrella products from Totes. In this article about totes eco friendly umbrella you can see why people choose the product. Totes and Totes are also good brands to look for when you are finding totes eco friendly umbrella.

What are the best brands for totes eco friendly umbrella?

Totes, Totes and Totes are some of the best brands that chosen by people for totes eco friendly umbrella. Find the detail in this article. Totes, Totes and Totes are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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