Best Wax Melt Packaging Bags Eco Friendly

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1. Biodegradable Shipping Compostable Packaging Envelopes

Biodegradable Shipping Compostable Packaging Envelopes

Provide better service. If you are tired of regular mail bags, their design mail bags are for you. They can provide 100% satisfactory service if there is a quality problem. They are committed to making better products so that their customers can get better and better. The 100% biogenic is made of PBAT and modified corn starch and complies with the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. The material is non-toxic and has a reduction in CO2 emissions. It's important to make it easy to recognize your shipments. Your brand stands out from the crowd if you use their stunning shipping supplies with custom designs. Who wouldn't want to open that package? Their 2.5 mil compostable poly mailers are unpadded and easy to use, perfect for sending out non-fragile items. Their strip is sealed so that it cannot be opened without signs of tampering. Strong packaging will deter thieves and keep your package safe. Integrity doesn't compromise biodegradability. KTOB's shipping envelopes are resistant to a number of things. You can be sure that your parcels will reach your customers in the same state they left you. They use vegetable oil as the base for ink. It is more eco-friendly than traditional ink because it doesn't include plastic orPVC.

Brand: Ktob

👤I am very happy with my purchase so far. It took 2 days to arrive. There is an 8.5” x 11” sheet of cardboard backing. Can't wait to use.

👤I am really happy I bought these. I use a rollo thermal printer for my labels and they didn't have any issues sticking or keeping the label on. I have shipped out over 20 orders and haven't had a compliant about the seal opening. Also, friendly with the environment.

👤If you are looking for an eco friendly option, these poly mailers are a great choice. I wanted eco friendly poly mailers for my small business and they have worked out great. One customer showed me that the bag ripped a little on the bottom, but their product was not damaged, so everything worked out in the end. I still love these mailers because I can fit quite a bit in them.

👤They really smell and the smell isn't going anywhere, so they wanted to love this option, but they really smell and the smell isn't going anywhere, so they wanted to love this option, but they really smell and the smell isn't going anywhere, so they wanted to It is not thick enough to ship an item on its own. Can't double up. It works for something inside a box or mailer, but not a practice or durable option to ship on its own. It was a disappointing purchase.

👤I bought to ship orders for a small side business and I don't feel confident with them. I use packaging tape to adhere the labels because I don't have a label printer. I don't feel like the tape I have is going to adhere. It could be pulled off during shipping. 3M shipping tape is what I use.

👤It made a big impression that the Poly mailers came in a small mailer. I'm looking forward to using these bags. Thank you again!

👤These are very nice. I love that they are non-toxic. I use all my packages from Amazon to ship stuff out, but sometimes I need sleeves and these are great. Well worth the money. They are thick, stretch well, and have a minimal look to them. Shipping labels stick well to them.

👤The company sent a new set of bags with the seal working well. I had issues with the shipping labels. They stick, but could be peeled off, which could be an issue on longer transits. The company sent me some other brand labels but I still have issues with them. The company was very responsive to help but be warned that the materials may have issues if you have a brand label. --- Some reviewers have stated that the glue isn't strong and can't be opened easily and the labels can peel off. Waterbased glue on labels didn't work. If you have to use non-biodegradable materials to get a label to stick, it defeats the purpose of a compostable bag. If bags can be opened in shipment and labels fall off during shipping, then it's not worth it.

2. Kingrol Resealable Zipper Transparent Window

Kingrol Resealable Zipper Transparent Window

100% SATISFACTION COMMITMENT. If the food storage bags are damaged, they will replace them for free. They value their customer satisfaction with absolute zero risk and will do what it takes to assist everyone. Please be reassured. It is made of high-quality paper with food grade PE inner membrane, which is leakproof, sturdy, waterproof and has an excellent shelf life. Stand-up design saves space. Each bag has a window that allows you to easily see what you have in it. The heat sealable feature offers complete protection for your food. Resealable zippers are strong enough to keep your food safe. It's great for small quantities of things such as herbs, spices, cereals, snacks, candy, coffee beans, nuts, dried flowers, tea, pet treats, powders, seeds, etc. The set of 300 resealable stand up pouches has a mini size. The bottom pouch design allows the product to stand on its own.

Brand: Kingrol

👤My cookies are small. I wanted to be able to package them individually. The seal on the sides of the pouch is included in the measuring. The pouch has a mouth. It is 3 inches wide. There is no way that M&Ms can fit in these. There is a I was disappointed.

👤Very small. More of a bag of candy than cookies.

👤These are very nice. There is a They are very hard to open and come completely sealed. It is hard to get the seal to open when some of them rip. I had to open all of the 800 that I had filled in a matter of days. It is very hard on fingers and nails.

👤An amazing price for this quality. I package my teas with these. You can get a pack of 50 for around $9-10) everywhere else. Less than double. I get 300 of the same item. I am sold!

👤The poly bag they were shipped in was not a box, so some of the bags have a fold in the top from being smashed. This is a major flaw for retail presentation, otherwise great bags if you need this small size. I can fit Silver Needle White Tea, but wouldn't dare try to fit anymore.

👤These bags are very good. I took one star off because I should have paid more attention to the other reviews that said they are small. I wouldn't take off for that unless they were as small as they are, and if a large portion of the bag wasn't taken up with the glue on the sides. The bag is smaller than it needs to be on the inside because the sides where the bag is sealed are wider than they need to be. I ordered more in the next size up because I can still use them for something.

👤I bought these bags to sort out and separate herbs and I am very happy with their quality. They are small but they hold an ounce. I bought another 300 of them today because I liked them so much. I hope for the same results.

👤I use them for my candy. It is possible to fit 2.5 ounces in enough space to heat seal. If you slide your hands down to fast, gloves will be a bit sharp. My husband is another story for me. Thank you for the amazing pouches.

👤The opening is so small that you can't put in as much as you normally can.

3. Biodegradable Shipping Compostable Packaging Envelopes

Biodegradable Shipping Compostable Packaging Envelopes

The perfect size for all types of products is the 3/16" air tight bubble packing wrap. They are easy to store and reuse. The 100% biogenic is made of PBAT and modified corn starch and complies with the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. The material is non-microplastics and has a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions. Leave a lasting emotional state. Your customers will be pleasantly surprised to open the bags. You will be able to communicate your sense of social responsibility and the high grade of your brand with the use of biodegradable shipping supplies. Your brand will be catapulted to the forefront by this little effort. These shipping envelopes are strong and resistant to punctures and stretching. The only way to open the packing envelope is by cutting or destory the strip. You can be sure that your parcels will reach your customers in the same state they left you. Simply peel and fold over to seal each package. This is an affordable and efficient alternative that makes your products feel more branded and like an exciting package you'd want to receive. These fully opaque mailing bags help to respect the privacy of your customers. Their 2.5 mil compostable poly mailers are perfect for sending out non-fragile items such as clothing, shoes and knitwear. Your customers will smile when they see the poly bags, they will protect your online business from water damage and other superficial blemishes.

Brand: Ktob

👤I like these. I love using them. They are a great deal for the amount that you get. They melted in a customer's mailbox during a heat wave, which forced a return. I'm nervous to use them as my primary mailer this summer. I have to use heavy-duty mailers that are going to take 1000 years to break down, so this sucks. I will be using these as my primary bag when Fall arrives. The mailer is great for shipping on eBay or Poshmark, it is non- gender, and it is strong. Overall happy. It is important to be careful with hot months that can cause the mailer to break down quicker than expected.

👤I ordered them to be more sustainable. When they arrived, I was surprised. I will be following up with customers to see how the mailer holds up. The compostability Plus side of the bag will be put through my compost bin to see if it is sticky or tough.

👤I can not say anything bad about these bags. They are fantastic. I can get 100 regular bags for the price of these. I love supporting businesses that offer products that are less harmful to the environment and I would rather spend the money on less bags that are. I ship a lot of orders out of my eBay store and an Etsy store. These bags are great for carrying things. My customer know I care about reducing, reuse and recycling because they know that the bag is compostable. The bags are great. Excellent quality. Great glue. Buy them!

👤The poly mailers are very durable and can be forgiven once the seal is placed. I don't have to worry about sending these through the mail. I found my favorite packaging. Thank you.

👤Are there cheaper options at about $0.24 a piece? Yes. Is it possible that those cheaper options do the job while making me feel less like I'm destroying the planet? I found these not very durable and the stickiness is not very good. Sometimes I wish it was less sticky because I will stick it to itself. That is a totally user error on my part. Good for small businesses. It fits 2 20oz tumblers or a couple of shirts.

👤I pride myself on being sustainable. When I needed to mail out catalogs, I wanted them to be water-proof, yet I felt like it would be hypocritical to send in traditional mailers. I was relieved to find these mailers. When you get them, I have one caution, and that is to store them flat. I put them in a box of other things and they get wrinkled. That's right!

👤It is not as thick as regular poly mailers, but it serves its purpose. I only reinforce the gap where the seal folds so that it won't tear in transit. There have been no complaints of torn packages.

👤It's easy to use and it's strong. I ship shirts out well and protect them. Resists tearing.

👤These are great! There is a This kind of packaging is appreciated by my customers.

4. Resealable Packaging Packaging 3 5 5 5

Resealable Packaging Packaging 3 5 5 5

These stand up pouch bags are designed for packaging and displaying various food and spices, including nuts, dried fruit, candy, cookies, tea, dried foods, snacks, beans, seasonings, grain, jerky, and confections. The bag is sealed on the sides and bottom, making it a perfect stand-up pouch for bulk shelf storage. These brown paper bags have a clear window and a recloseable zip. They're lightweight, fun, and easy to use. The Thick Moisture-proof Inner is a good choice for long-time food preservation. Made of the safest materials. The packaging bags for small business are made of three layers of construction, which make them air tight, and ensure that your product will be protected. Each of the stand up pouches has a zip closure and tear notch. The size is 3.5"x 5.5" and the amount of coffee beans is 0.9 oz. Their bags are lined with a heat-sealable poly material that ensures an air-tight seal. If you want to use a commercial hand held heat sealer, just press above the zip closure using an ordinary household iron. If you use this option, the tear notches are easy to open. 100% SATISFACTION COMMITMENT. If the food storage bags are damaged, they will replace them for free. They value their customer satisfaction with absolute zero risk and will do what it takes to assist everyone. Please be reassured.

Brand: Mocare

👤I read the dimensions of the products that I order. I looked at the pictures carefully, but I didn't anticipate how far in to the bag the sealed area extended. It looks very small as a percentage of the length and width. The capacity of the bag is greatly reduced by about a half inch on every side. There is a My bottoms don't have a gusset in so they won't stand up even if I stuff a lot in them. It's about 1.2 ounces of coffee. You would use 2 ounces for brew purposes if you used this coffee as a capacity coffee. I could not seal the bag with more than 1.2 ounces. It is not the outside dimensions of the bag that I have an issue with. It is the interior capacity that is much smaller than the estimate. The extra capacity would come in handy if the bottom of the bag were to expand to stand up. I put the coffee out on the scale because the bag won't close all the way and I can't seal it, Looks like I'm stuck with 50 bags that only a drug dealer.

👤The bags are great. You can get about 5.5 Oz of ground coffee if you fit it. It makes about 4-5 pots of coffee. Hope that helps.

👤I'm not going to lie and say I looked at the measurements, but the graphic and PR department did a great job of making these tiny bags look huge in the pictures. I wondered if these were bags for small animals. Don't use them to bring grinded coffee to work. Get the bigger ones. You will look ridiculous if you bring 5 bags in. They were not cheap for their size. Applause. I take some of the blame for not fully reading the description.

👤They hold less than a pound of coffee beans. You have to squeeze the beans in to get the bag to open, because it's almost impossible. You lose a bit of capacity because of the huge seams on the side, which are outside dimensions. If you put too much of a curve on the bag, it will immediately bend and the bend will be visible. I think they are cheap. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤These are great! I make bath sets with these. They are easy to open and close, and the little window makes it a great way to showcase blends.

👤It's great to work for powder detergent samples. There are some nice 2”x2” labels that I found. It is very sturdy, thick and looks nice.

👤I ordered these bags to be used as popcorn bags for my cousin's birthday treat table and they were great! They are very strong and thick. I didn't have to worry about the bag being separated from the ziplock portion of the bag. The cost was reasonable and the shipping was fast. I will be using these bags more often. It is definitely worth the money.

👤These bags are very nice. I roast them for coffee. The bottom doesn't expand as much as I would like, and they're a bit wide. I was able to get more than 1 lbs. You can still close the bag with coffee. My friends were impressed by the look of my coffee in the bags, so I'll be buying more for my coffee business.

5. Adhesive Plastic Transparent Reclosable Packaging

Adhesive Plastic Transparent Reclosable Packaging

The Multipurpose Mini wooden spoon can be used in a variety of dishes. A high quality plastic bag with a white polka dot is 4 x 4 inches. There are 200 bags. 2 mils is the material. The plastic is thick. Virgin materials were used for USDA approved applications. There is a multi- function. It's ideal for party packaging cookies, snack nuts, candy, chocolate,biscuits, marriage gifts, and gift cards. The quality is high. The bags are suitable for a variety of uses. It's waterproof, durable, portable, and friendly. Best gift is suitable for birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year gift and etc. It's perfect for daily or commercial use. It's ideal for cookies, biscuits, desserts, candy, chocolate, any snacks, or dried flower. Your customers will be impressed with a unique design.

Brand: Aootoosport

👤They were billed as if they would fit a regular cookie. They are very small and would not fit two oreo cookies. If the treats weren't inserted right, the seams would split easily. I wish I could have returned them.

👤It was cute, but I thought it would be bigger. I looked at the size prior to buying, but it doesn't work like that since it puffs up when put in a taller bakery. The part is sticky. Along with the strength. The design is too large. Not enough. It was hard to tell the design and wording of my mooncakes from the bags. I had to move the bag to avoid the design. This would be good if you want to wrap plain things.

👤I baked cookies for a benefit and put them in one of the bags. In the past I let guests choose a cookie and hand someone their donation, but with Covid the individual bags were a must. It was easy and fast to assemble with the help of the glue. The bags made the display look a little more professional and I think individual packaging will be required for some time. I will buy again.

👤These bags are perfect for giving out small snacks. My son was going to use these for his treats on February 14th, but after dipping them in chocolate, they no longer fit. I plan to give out sugar cookies before school ends. They seal perfectly and do not have any sticky messes. Very smart. The finish is matt type. It is a nice touch.

👤These bags are cute, but they tear easily when you put small things inside. I use them for craft items that are small and do not weigh a lot, and before I can put the item in, it tears on the side. I will not buy these again.

👤Baggies did not hold a cookie without it falling apart.

👤It's a shame that almost every bag opens at the seams. I had to use a few to put a cookie in a bag, otherwise I would have returned the whole lot. It's a waste of money.

👤I love the ones that stay seamed. That's not so cute. The seams are easy to pull apart. I wondered about the side seam, so I ordered double. You need two hands and patience to take the plastic strip off the seal. They are really cute. I might order more, but I need to order double of what I need.

6. AIRSUNNY Resealable Cellophane Bakery Candle

AIRSUNNY Resealable Cellophane Bakery Candle

The food grade is 100 per cent. The bags are made from a non-toxic and eco-friendly material. The transparent material of these bags makes them clean and attractive, while keeping out dust and humidity. These bags are 6 inches by 4 inches and are strong enough to keep your treats fresh. You can get a set of 100 pieces of these bags to help save money on your business supplies. Multi-functional high quality 1.2mil thick cello bags are perfect to wrap party favors. They're great for storing arts and crafts materials.

Brand: Airsunny

👤I thought I was buying a 4x6 card. They don't. Not even close. I put the cards in the mail to protect the artwork from being smudged. We are using them like a book. I should have looked at the measurement more closely.

👤The product was in good condition and sturdy. I was worried about the bags breaking when I put my soaps in because of some reviews that said they would be small. They are a great size and in great condition.

👤The spices are used in golden milk. It works so. I am making them with all the spices enclosed and the recipe on the front to give to my friends.

👤I put individual cookies in each bag. They were a perfect size and easy to fill, so the next person could get the cookie out.

👤These are what I was looking for. They are a great value. The ideal thickness for stickers. The sheerness of the glue is something I like.

👤This is the 5th time I have bought this product.

👤It's snug enough and seals tight for freshness.

👤I'm used to working with cellos that have a little more hold. The product is almost soft like a plastic grocery bag, instead of being sleek and holding shape. I like my cello bags to be a little stronger.

👤If you use them to put in cards that are 4”x6” they will not fit.

👤The bags are large. The little strip works. I've opened and closed many times. There is a Good for vaccine cards, health certificates, and other things mentioned in the ad. The price for 100 cello bags was reasonably priced. Happy with the purchase.

👤What a rip off. These are not baggies and do not seal. They are paper thin and flimsy. I don't know what they could be used for. They are going to get away with it as you have to go to the hassle of returning them.

👤I use these to seal the order. They're strong in that they don't tear and are nice and clear, unlike some other bags that have a blue tint to them or are cloudy. The bag stays shut once you seal it. Will continue to order from this supplier.

👤I have to put inside 4x6 cards, but this is a tad smaller. I have to trim the edges. The price of these is not very high.

7. BakeBaking Wow06 Adhesive Christmas Decorative

BakeBaking Wow06 Adhesive Christmas Decorative

Multi-functional high quality 1.4mil thick cello bags are perfect to wrap party favors. They're great for storing arts and crafts materials. Food grade safe cello bags are made from 100% new Oriented Polypropylene (OPP), non-toxic, odorless, and eco-friendly. 3x5 inches, not a flap, and not a Gusseted bottom, mean that the bags have excellent quality, keeping the food and treats fresh and tasty for longer. Resealable self seal and no need for twist ties are some of the benefits of Widened Ashoka Sealing Strip. A pack of 200 Cello bags is needed to keep the store fresh and convenient. Home and Kitchen must-haves include gift wrapping, bakery package, wedding party favor, and home and kitchen. They are confident that you will love their plastic clear cello bags and that you will be happy with their service. They want to keep you happy.

Brand: Bakebaking

👤I've been purchasing these bags from Amazon for almost a year and they've always been the same high quality cello bags. The last time I ordered these, I just clicked the Reorder button, and this time I received a bag from Bion Now, which was terrible. The bags are not 11x14. They are 11x12 I'm stuck using them until I can get better ones. I don't understand why the Reorder button is linked to another seller and product that I have never ordered from before. It felt like a bait and switch. I hope this is fixed by Amazon.

👤The product is consistent. I have ordered it 4 times. The first time it was great. The product description matched what I expected. The second time I increased the amount I purchased. The bags were made of plastic and had strips on them. Very low quality. I decreased the amount I ordered to match the first time because I thought they might not have them in stock for a larger purchase. The product was the same as the first time. I received my fourth order of the same product. High quality again. I was charged 200 for the 50 I was sent. The company is the same every time.

👤The bag is perfect for my baked goods. I need a high quality bag for presentation of my cookies. My cookies fit perfectly in the bag. This product is very good and I would highly recommend it.

👤I don't know how this is called accessible. This is not. It doesn't have a seal to open and close. I don't understand how many good reviews it has if the advertised item doesn't work out. I'm returning a cheap item. I will have to buy Xoom 100 pictures before I make my next purchase. I don't waste time buying an item I'm going to have to return. Garbage bags that are non-resealable!

👤Exactly what I needed. My daughter had a Harry Potter themed party and we gave her treat bags with various Honey Dukes inspired candy including Chocolate Frog and whizzbees. We have to get these out of the bag with all the other candy or it will melt. I bought the smaller bags to put the frog and bees in. They were put in the larger treat mag. It was perfect.

👤The product is cheap, but the material they use to cover the glue is terrible. The piece of plastic you have to peal off is cheap and static, and it comes with the cheap material. After just a few, you can see my glove. It covered my gloves, hands, table, and pants after I peaked at 50 or so. This makes it incredibly difficult to do high quantities. I think it's a good idea to go for a slightly more expensive product that invests more in the covering. It will allow you to spend more time with your team.

👤These were perfect for the kids' party. The 5x7 size was purchased by me. They'd be perfect for a lot of cookies. I am pleased with the quality.

8. Stand Pouch Window Sealable Storage

Stand Pouch Window Sealable Storage

A great value pack of 100 6x9 inch sealed bags helps you save money while staying more organized and you can share the great value with your family or friends as well. Stand up pouches are helpful for multiple types of food, or anything you want to protect from odor, water, or humidity, because of their convenient size of 6 x 9. The 50 pieces of zip lock bags are made from food grade paper and PE, which is odorless, moist and safe to use. The U-shaped notch on the top makes it easy to tear, and the zip lock is convenient to open and close. Stand up bags can be sealed by heat healing machine. The customer can see the products through the strong window. The structure and material are hard to break. It can be used to store nuts, oats, cookies, candy, coffee beans, grain, bath bomb, pet treats and more. It can be used to store nuts, oats, cookies, candy, coffee beans, grain, bath bomb, pet treats and more.

Brand: Blisstime

👤These are used for party favors. I put coffee in them. They hold 1.5 ounces of coffee. I didn't bother to heat seal it, but the zip seal worked well. Everyone was asking where I got them.

👤Once filled to capacity, they begin to slouch a little, but will still buy again.

👤It holds the perfect amount of dry herbs and tea mixes. I use a Flat iron to heat seal my top. The herbs in the experiment bag have the same quality as those bought off the shelf. There is a Sharpie/markers can't be used, but labels stick well.

👤I bought a set to see how they would fare at my wedding. I bought more because I loved them. They came in a different color. The brown paper color was more appealing to me than the orange Manila folder color. I have to find a match for my favors now. Consistency is important in a brand. The seller should be able to guarantee the proper color.

👤I wanted to gift a product in a box. I was looking for something that was reasonable in price, but would work. I was able to fit a good amount of salt in them. This worked out great.

👤The look and feel of these bags made me very happy. If you want to fit 100g of product into a small bag, you'll need to expand it by 50% or more. If you want to put more than 2oz inside, suggest going with a larger size.

👤The bags can fit in my hand. I was going off the reviews for being too small. They are very small. I was expecting to use for my Carmel's, but it was not big enough. They are durable and cute. These are for people who need to put something small in them.

👤Disappointed. Does not hold more than 3.5 ounces. It was useless for my needs.

9. MoloTAR Resealable Cellophane Bakery Adhesive

MoloTAR Resealable Cellophane Bakery Adhesive

Quality Assurance: Their plastic bags are made with high quality material that does not tear orwrinkle, and are great for long term storage. They are archival safe and acid free. They meet the requirements of the FDA. Food grade safe is 100% new Oriented Polypropylene (OPP), non-toxic, odorless, eco-friendly and clear than PP plastic bags. The strip protects the contents from dust, bugs, moisture, and mildew. The cello bags have excellent vapor blocking properties, keeping the food and treats fresh, extends the shelf life, and can't fit in a bag. There is a pack of 200. Multi-functional high quality 1.4mil thick cello bags are perfect to wrap party favors. They're great for storing arts and crafts materials.

Brand: Molotar

👤These are perfect for individually packaged sugar cookies, even though I don't know where they have been all my cookie life. They are thick and easy to seal. My life has been made easier by these. The price for 200 bags is very low.

👤I make note cards from my oil paintings. The 5x7 packages are perfect for note cards. I plan to eventually sell them. There is a It only holds the 2folded note cards and won't hold 2 envelopes with them.

👤The bags are too large for me to pack my soap in. Why mark on the top bag with a permanent marker? There was a dirt spit on a big plastic container. There were straps if the trash was left inside. The packaging was very sloppy. They are not good because they are easy to put in. The strip of tape sticks well. I won't use these, I will buy more and correct size elsewhere.

👤I purchased these and another set from a different vendor. Some of them were not cut right. The other brand is thinner. I would have come back. I needed the ones I had ordered for the event. Highly disappointed. Most will not order again.

👤The color is not clear. There is a yellow tint to it. The material is very thin. I wanted to place fabric masks in for shipping. I am not happy with them. It pains me to use them, but I would have to throw them away. My masks look bad. I would not recommend them.

👤Absolutely terrible! The package I received was not put together with care, it had a messy strip left over from the removal of the glue, and when opened more than half of the bags had damaged edges. It makes sense that the sku label says "from China". The sheets themselves were very thin and flimsy. I don't think a presentation for greeting cards is good. I didn't count them to see if there was 200 or not, but they were definitely not worth the cost. Promptly returned. A mistake!

👤At a birthday party, I bought this size in hopes of using it for cut-out cookies and chocolate covered pretzel sticks. The bags are too long to use with other brands of pretzel rods. The bags can't close. There is a The glue works well, was able to open and close it.

👤The bags have an irritative strip that is hard to get off at times and then you have a clear strip of debris to deal with which is highly statically charged. They make a mess when they do many bags. They are not air tight. They are folded and sealed. So they are okay... Unless you have a product that will be used quickly and won't dry out with air, I wouldn't use it.

👤It is literally perfect. Will purchase time and time again. I make 6oz stuffed cookies. The seal is sticky and does everything it is supposed to. I haven't wrecked a bag yet.

10. Moretoes Cupcake 4x4x2 5 Pastries Cookies

Moretoes Cupcake 4x4x2 5 Pastries Cookies

If you have any questions in the purchases, do not hesitate to contact them, they will be able to solve your problems one-on-one. 50 baking gift boxes and Jute twine are all you need to make your gifts full of love. The perfect size for baked goods is 4x4x 2.5 inches. Jute twine, stickers, ribbons, and other adornments can be used to decorate them. These cute boxes are perfect for your family, friends or customers. The transparent windows are simple and elegant, and the twine and stickers included in the package can be used to make your own baking box. Paper materials are strong and Eco-friendly. Pre-folded products are easy to assemble. These boxes can be used as creative gift boxes for holiday gifts, and can also be used to sell and display your baked biscuit creations. It is a great partner for weddings, birthdays, parties, bridal showers, and festive celebrations. You can use brushes and stickers to make your own gift box.

Brand: Moretoes

👤The product description says it includes 50 boxes. I got 18. There were no stickers. Don't buy!

👤The boxes for variety packs were perfect for our soap business. The sheet is too small to run through a printer, but otherwise it was a great purchase for a great price. The sturdy material and plastic window made it easy to fold together. Stayed closed until sticker was put on. Exactly, 4(L)4(W)2(H) exactly. There is a The product is what it is described as.

👤I need a bigger box, but it's too small for cookies, so I'm using this for a cup cake or other small pastry.

👤The picture shows where I made a hot cocoa bomb and gave it to someone. I was able to move it safely because the box fit it perfectly. The boxes could have been a bit more sturdy, but with the twine tied around them, it took care of that issue. I highly recommend these because they are a great value and easy to assemble.

👤I was very happy with the boxes. They were the perfect size for my treats and the perfect size for my Hot Cocoa Bombs. I will save the twine and labels for other projects. I bought other labels on Amazon.

👤These small boxes are great for a single cupcake or a small amount of cookies. They have a sticker on the boxes to close them. The brown boxes are easy to assemble and you can write a nice message on the box.

👤I put one box together to see if it works. I didn't want to build all of the boxes far out from the wedding because they will be for our wedding favors. It's pretty sturdy and looks like the advertised picture. They are cute and will work well with us. I didn't have to purchase the twine and label stickers separately because they are included. Excited to see how everything comes together.

👤Excellent quality. It took a bit of ingenuity to get it. I had to use a piece of Scotch tape because removing the protective cover was impossible. Maybe another design is in order. I will re-order them.

👤Me encant, las cajas son perfectas. 2 das de lo previsto. Amigos, lo Cul fue.

👤Caja pequea pero linda, caben 12 galletas de tamao mediano. Fcil de armar.

👤Las cajas estan preciosas, tienen amigos. There is a No vienej enceradas, por lo Cual tuve.

👤Muy detalle es una de las muestrans, pero ya venan con el logo.

👤Me encantan y la presentacin final de es hermosa, son de buena calidad, etiquetas y listones para cerrarlas.

11. Uline Mini Glassine Paper Bags

Uline Mini Glassine Paper Bags

Multi-functional high quality 1.2mil thick cello bags are perfect to wrap party favors. They're great for storing arts and crafts materials. Grease is resistant to glassine. It's good for bags. It's good for candy and seeds.

Brand: Uline

👤I love using these for seed swaps. Some seeds will escape from the coin envelopes I have used in the past. The contents cannot escape from the well sealed envelopes. There is a They are strong enough to open and close without fear of tearing, but sheer enough to see how much is in each envelope. There is a It is possible to apply wash tape or even blue painter's tape and lift it off with no tearing.

👤These envelopes are not good to look at. I thought they were a mistake when I opened them. The tabs on the top of the envelope are not normal. They are ragged around the top and sides, like a deckle edge. Tabs are cut and short on one edge. Some tabs are cut poorly. The bottom seam was ripped very jaggedly with a problem to one of the sides. They do perform the function of being an envelope. The vertical seam is tight and neat. Despite the edge problems, the glue joint seems to be secure. I think that these envelopes are not suited for customer contact because of their cosmetic problems. I've purchased many items from Uline in the past and have enjoyed complete satisfaction until now. Even though they were a couple of bux higher, they were still the #1 vendor for shipping and handling goods. They were always worth it. I don't know what they're thinking.

👤I received my order. They are small, but they match the measurements given in the product description. Some reviewers reported that bags were stuck together. All of my bags are in great shape. I will buy more of these in the future.

👤I ordered these small bags for seeds and they are working out great. There is a You can write on the envelope with a pen or marker. They are semi transparent, so you can see the seeds inside. The seeds can easily slide out of the bag when you are ready to plant them, because the bags do not create static electricity.

👤I like the bags. They are affordable and cute. The only thing I don't like is the lip of the bag that folds in a way that I don't want it to. My stamp is barely working on them. It's great for seeds. I like small bags. It's a good thing.

👤These are perfect for Foxglove seeds. They are small enough to fit in a larger paper envelope and easy to separate at the top.

👤I've bought them before and they were great. A lot of them are closed from top to bottom with glue. Since they are mini's, it's hard to get them open to put something in. Making them useless.

👤Needed for old coins to be taken to the dealer. Wanted to take in. They arrived very quickly. It works perfectly. Sturdy for coins with a lot of weight. Can write with the bag.

👤I write a description on the seeds I save so they can be given away. The price is high for what you get. You get 5 times more bags for the same price if you buy the smaller size. Not as much room for a description. The blanks can be filled in by the search engine.


What is the best product for wax melt packaging bags eco friendly?

Wax melt packaging bags eco friendly products from Ktob. In this article about wax melt packaging bags eco friendly you can see why people choose the product. Kingrol and Ktob are also good brands to look for when you are finding wax melt packaging bags eco friendly.

What are the best brands for wax melt packaging bags eco friendly?

Ktob, Kingrol and Ktob are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wax melt packaging bags eco friendly. Find the detail in this article. Mocare, Aootoosport and Airsunny are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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